On a Quest for 'Hygge' | Exploring My Danish Home

What exactly is 'hygge' and how can you create a 'hyggelig' atmosphere at home?

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  • Joann Oriol

    Love your home, Helen. Zeus is so beautiful. I subscribed today, hi.❤️

  • Elly's Place

    Lol...I didn't know there was such thing. I am always making sure those cozy areas and items are always available to me....I'm not Danish....😂😂😂😂

  • Born In 62

    Great video - I think Hygge is in the mind - I have tried to explain it using different models - but Hygge is elusive!!

  • Sapphire Blue

    Loved your tour!! I also have a couple of Hyggekrog(ge: plural? ) in my home. Love to sit and read, or just sit with a cat on my lap.

  • Baroness Fredericks

    We make Toscakaka sometimes. However, I like it without almonds on top. http://domesticgothess.com/blog/2014/09/07/toscakaka-swedish-caramel-almond-vanilla-cake/

  • Mark Williams

    Thanks for the nice video, Helene. Love your accent. I love the Danish aesthetic very much and find myself building furniture with that influence. I was lucky enough to travel to Copenhagen when I was young. The people were very nice. And yes, so were the cakes! Hey, you may think you do have so much wood furniture, but you have all those lovely floors at 6:39!

  • spudinmud

    I dont get hygge. Is it just sitting down and having a hot chocolate?

  • Cheryl Carlson

    Hmm,Swedish american here. Have cats,doves, dogs, books,electric fireplace, knit my socks while drinking lavender earl grey tea or home dried mint watching squirrels in mulberry tree.Just didn't know there was a name.

  • Cottage Gardener

    I believe that the concept of being cozy or Hygge is not just a Danish thing, but a theme that is common to most cultures. Having never heard of Hygge, I could tour my home and find everything that you listed. I live in California and we like to be as cozy as anyone else. What we have is a marketing campaign to sell a "Danish" lifestyle and brand. But alas, there nothing new under the son, but there's always a new marketing ploy to re-sell a universal and old concept.

  • Violets Inspring

    southern girl from Atlanta, Georgia and I definitely have hygge! cozy home (winter is my favorite time of the year but never enough if it here:(. cats, a dog, lots of candles every night, fireplace, woolen socks, blankets, tea) just need more cold, grey weather!! loved your vlog! thanks, Violet

  • GracefulDemon

    So, basically, I'm a Portuguese who lives like a Danish.I'm moving.

  • Joy Larink

    Looking for wood? Look at your floors! Beautiful!

  • Jackie teaspoons

    This was so wonderful! I think I need this book to feel even more comfy.

  • Amber's Adventures

    I didn’t realise how hygge my life was until I read this book and then I realised it was perfectly written as if for me

  • Judi Martin

    Thank you Helene - I enjoyed your HYGGE video. You are very HYGGE, and I also love your friendly, cozy looking cat! So cute!I hope that I can find The Little Book of Hygge, by Meike Wiking. I'm partly Danish on both my parent's sides (UK other). In 1990, I visited Scandinavia via a tour, and I bought four Danish sweaters for my family members and me for Christmas. I hope to visit longer in each country, but, especially Denmark where my great, great grand-parents came from. I now live in Southern California. I'm on Facebook.

  • Sapphire Blue

    That was a very hyggelig tour of your home! Thank you!

  • Daphne Myst

    Well it seems my life is full of Hygge and I didn't even know it! Maybe I should move to Denmark.

  • Aussie Organiser

    Cool. I only just heard about this a few days ago from Flylady Diane. Sheep skin. Yes lovely wood. Like from Ikea from the natural Scandinavian trees. Books - no - I can't stand looking at books on a shelf. I keep mine in draws. Yeah I have almost the same woollen socks...hand made from when I was in Finland 12 years ago. ..I cannot buy them in Australia but ever few years I wear them when it's very cold! ! Cake...that's me!

  • Watermelon Tea Time

    This was so cute! I love the drawer full of emergency socks 😁

  • papermason

    You definitely have a lovely hygge apartment. I read the book -- I have a hygge house too. Greetings from Canada

  • ladywharton

    I loved this. I am American and I have my cozy spots. I love to hunker down on snowy or rainy days. I think all cultures have this, they just haven't made an art of it as you have. Did you mention Music? That is a major part of my husband's and my life. I think this book will make great gifts for the coming year. Thank you.

  • perspectives

    Where do u buy the socks

  • bruna minetti

    You are hygge !! Loved your vids

  • Usha Shah

    I love the way of danish living. The idea of this Hygge amazes me he ard first time. It is something that we Indians need to follow in our on way. Secondly because of this I always wanted to immigrate to Nordic countries or western country and take my parents with me as Standard of living is best in this countries compared to mine. I love to migrate there if still given a chance

  • Courtney Manning

    29?? You look fantastic

  • iwhosee TV

    After emptying my space of all junk with the Konmari method, I will now fill it up with the Hygge philosophy (lights, wood, cake I'm sold)

  • Karen Koutsoumbaris

    Oh Helene , thankyou for sharing Hygge. I loved it but I still don't know how you Hygge.

  • Baroness Fredericks

    I find some foods to be quite Hygge, actually.

  • Maura Noonan

    I purchased this book because I suffer from SAD in Winter. You would not think living in the Southeastern US it would affect me, but the darkness, even on just cloudy days is oppressive.

  • Karen Koutsoumbaris

    I just realized I am doing Hygge and my Scandinavian background is doing that. Also I love being in my home

  • MsRazno

    Hei! This is a typical danish home :) I <3 DK and I am hoping for a viking baby in the sommer!Klem!

  • Chiara Assi

    what a great video! and your cat is awesome, he looks a lot like my cats... and yes, while I was reading the book I kept thinking that there is nothing more hygge than a cat :)

  • Joann Oriol

    Love you, Zeus, your home and hygge!!!!!

  • Phyllis Coppolino

    Thanks for the information. This is definitely an attitude and lifestyle that people everywhere should incorporate into their lives. It's all about being warm and cozy. Obviously for cold climates, but I live where temperatures are over 100° F for most of the year. You don't really feel like wearing socks or snuggling under a blanket when it's 120°! I'll just have to adapt it.

  • SarahTheBookGeek

    This was an awesome video! I am yet to read/learn much about hygge, though I've heard of it. Maybe I'll look into it :) I see lots of blankets and warm things ... yes, I can see the appeal!

  • Elle OnAir

    Hi! I love your home it's really cozy and warm ✨

  • Brenda Leyva Amaya

    Today i found out about this "Hygge" thing and even tho I am a mexican living in Mexico and have never ever been to Demark all of the things on the list apply to my home.... so... yeah... i don´t think this should be exclusive to a culture, I think this can match many many homes around the world and it´s funny it even has a name lol

  • Delma JQ

    I just finished reading that book yesterday. It was very interesting to see it in practice.

  • Gale Memee of 6

    We are also Danish and this all looked so cozy. I'll have to show my dad Gene Andersen. Have you ever been to Solvang, CA. It's supposed to be a replica or sister city to Denmark. I'd love to take my dad there. Thanks for the video.

  • maria johansson

    dont ever stop reading helene. :-)

  • Anne Brandly

    All these things sound like “cozy” in Canada! Great video

  • Guadalupe Barrera

    Thank You, for Your sharing this with us!

  • Susan Ovington

    I've just started reading this. Now I understand how to finally say it!

  • Philippe Shane

    THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! Thank you for sharing!I'm not quite sure why, but this made me laugh more than most things I have watched on youtube in a long time. Might be a mix of the accent which comes accross as flawlessly casual and sarcastic though super friendly, and the sock scene. As a Canadian I am not sure why I do not have big warm comfy socks. Gotta get on that...

  • Dona Linn

    Hi Helene and greetings from Missouri, USA! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your video. My maiden name was Jensen so I'm very curious about Denmark and her people. I love the idea of hygge and actually have some hygge going on in my house. I too love cats, books and hot drinks like coffee/hot chocolate. Did I mention cake?!! Thanks so much for posting such an entertaining and informative video! :)

  • K Bhogal

    You have appliance cables everywhere! Hide them. Your bedroom can be cozier. It looks like a closet. Hide the clothes racks. Buy some beautiful bedsheets. I suggest an interior designer for you. Your place Needs furniture and it needs charm. Looks empty Your Apartment design is so so-so -- very very basic. No nice touches. No feminine touch. Please learn.

  • Frosty Girl

    I'm an American, read that book in one evening. Both my husband and I have decided i must have been been born in Denmark and adopted! Thanks to your country for describing in one word what I have spent my lifetime trying to create in my surroundings!

  • Arwa Chopdawala

    I read it in the newspapers that cycling is also a very 'hygge' thing out there ..true??

  • Olivia G.

    Hi, Helene! I actually love your windows! Really, what a dream to live in an apartment so full of beautiful big windows. =)

  • BJPDesigns

    Hygge seems so pleasant. You’re bookcase is made out of wood too...

  • entropicentity

    Your wool socks!! What kind are they, and where can we find them, please??

  • max breg

    Hygge is a life style just to spend the winter?

  • Apple Phillips

    Loved this! Thank you. :)

  • Faye Inoue

    This was so delightful to watch! I lived in Denmark for a short time when I was 13, now i'm over 30 and i'm thinking about moving back because I remember it as one of the happiest times in my life.

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