Relaxing Spring Hygge at Home | 2018

Here are some simple ways to cozy up for springtime hygge at home. This is my last video for the foreseeable future so please be sure to follow along on Instagram for more: and check out my blog for plenty of free resources.



+ White Vases:
+ Faux Sheepskin:
+ Marble Cutting Board:
+ Pink Sands Candle:
+ Cream Throw Pillow (similar):

+ Fairy Lights on Bookcase:
+ Pink Sands Candle:
+ Globe String Lights:

+ The Little Book of Hygge:
+ The Little Book of Lykke:
+ All of my book recommendations:

+ My Vlogging Camera:



+ My First Video About Hygge:

+ Adding Hygge to Your Morning Routine:

+ A Relaxing Hygge Montage:

+ My 2018 Apartment Tour | Mid-Century Modern Meets Scandinavian Hygge:


→ F O L L O W:



→ R E S O U R C E S:




MUSIC // Psalms by Miguel Johnson - Composer

Some of the above links may be affiliate links which may give me a small amount of money that helps me create more content :)
  • Michelle

    Came across your channel today and have been loving your videos! Would love to see more on how to de-stress and relax during a busy time in your life!

  • Szilvia Bodi

    I love this video - so relaxing!

  • Analu Gomez

    In love with the video! I'll mis them! Come back soon Chels xoxo <3

  • Maleficent

    Your videos are always so beautifully shot and edited. I always look forward to watching them not only for the amazing content but also for their quality. A big part of spring hygge for me would probably be spring cleaning because once I declutter, I'm able to let go and make room for more important things in my life (both physically and metaphorically).

  • Kinga Piotrowiak-Junkiert

    Beautiful, Chelsea! Thank you!

  • Sharon Rubens

    I really think you should start doing ASMR videos because you have such a calming voice and your videos are always beautiful to watch. Keep up the great work! Are you moving out of state or just moving to a different city?

  • Sandra Sequeira

    What a beautifull video... So inspiring! Loved it!!!

  • Beth 59

    Consciously cozy is so life changing and is my new mantra. Love it!💕

  • Tenderly so

    I just discovered your channel and i love your videos ,it's so soothing . It makes me feel good to listen to you I hope you will make more videos

  • Joanna T

    Beautiful, calming video! Fresh flowers and a deep cleanse of the house are essential to my spring routine. I love the first days I can finally open the windows and let the fresh air in. It’s going to snow in Vermont again this Friday but I’m optimistic it’ll really be spring soon!

  • Giba Ricciotti

    Hello Chelsea !! I love your videos...

  • eyascapes

    Super love this video!! Super inspiring! Love your channel!!

  • mildreck86

    Loved this video 🌸my spring hygge routine is definitive fresh flowers, open more my windows so I can get that spring air inn and also listen to the birds. I love also putting flowers outside of my door/house. 😊

  • M Drummond

    I agree, Lovely, Beautiful, Calming. Another Great Video from Chelsea!

  • Aamir Afzal

    for me Chelsea you are Hygge are an epitome of calmness, stoicism, harmony, peace, love, light, soothness, softness, serenity.... you are like a WHOLESOME of so many things. you resonate so much from your videos. I feel all of it. I catch it all.. Keep doing the great work you do... I never miss a single video of yours.. Stay bless...Stay beautiful. Stay happy.. I always pray for the best of you. Loads of respect and love from one of your fans from Pakistan!!

  • Samantha Nelson

    Are you still making videos? They are so fun!

  • Serge Brocteur

    Thank you Chelsea for this moment ! Peaceful

  • pushpendra tiwari

    hy chelsea how are you. i am pushpendra tiwari. mam i following you on twitter please follow me. i am crazy about books and i want to find someone else who interest in motivation and books like the mirical morning. now i am reading think and grow rich book. mam please follow me i want to start a private conversation with you about books and motivated things. and if my english is weak sorry because i am a indian so i speak please please please follow me i want to find a good friend like you. because. thanku you and when you come visit in india i see you jaipur

  • julie devon

    lovely, an element of goodbye & hello in this video

  • Stacy Lamb

    Beautiful. Changing curtains from heavy drapes to flowing sheer curtains that puddle at the floor. Plant tomato s in containers for my porch. Place a spring floral wreath on the doors in pastel green, yellow, pink. Plant flowers seeds to plant in June.

  • Mejuliegram

    Hahaha, I simply can't get over that Hygge is becoming a thing :D- everybody everywhere knows how to do it, even if you don't have a direct word for it.Lots of love here from Denmark :D

  • lyriclover810

    This video is such a beautiful breath of fresh air. So calm and peaceful. Loved it so much! I wish you well in your new adventure and will be patiently awaiting your next video. ☺️💛 xo Amber

  • Mademoiselle Nomad

    Those blooms are so beautiful. Spring brings such joy to my heart. What a great video :)

  • Sage Garden

    You are an amazing person n very inspiring . Thanks for sharing about Hygge. I subscribed because we all can use your positivity.

  • Heather Glasgow

    Chelsea, your videos are so well-made and beautiful - you deserve more views!

  • Carrie Spracklen

    Sooo peaceful and I love how you said Spring is the time to soften and expand!  Happy Spring to you!!

  • fillah saidin

    In Asia, with tropical climate, I enjoy hygge when the weather is rainy or cloudy or at nights. Great video Chelsea. Thanks so much :)

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