Zeitgeist Addendum [Full Movie]

winner Artivist´s Film Festival 2008

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  • Amber Carrotheers

    like all things if you want all of the facts DO HOME WORK the best way to lie is with 80 to 90% truth not saying that this is lies but if anyone wants to know the truth look everywhere

  • Richard Hebert Jr

    turn evil to good. use scarcity to overcome scarcity. brilliant. go.

  • Top Kek

    I wish the world bank got firebombed.

  • Winner TV

    и сказал змей нет не умрете будете как боги знающие добро и зло эти люди обманывают с е б я и других как бы люди комфортно и развито не жили они никогда не будут праведниками а каждый неправедный у м и р а е т Христос сказал верующий в меня если и умрет оживет верующий в меня не увидит смерти вовек а этим людям не нужна праведность они любят могилу смысл их проповеди хорошо живи и умри так с ними и будет только после смерти будут гореть с сатаной их слова грубая махровая ложь кто они такие чтобы им верить бедные смертные людишки а Христос из гроба воскрес

  • ossam El ahmad

    قبل ماتنام اشرب اللبن

  • The High Minds C

    Nothing is perfect and as one shouldn't live by this video it should provoke a lot of thought. Nothing will be a cure-all for society but it is very valuable to acknowledge the errors in our world and be motivated to try and change them. I think it is our duty now as people to spread the knowledge that we have received to others so we can actually make a difference in the world. Learn to think critically and do your part for the good of others and lose the self interest most people have been taught to possess.

  • Dael Ceja

    Please! Sign this to destroy the monetary system:Por favor firmen esta petición hermanos, para destruir el Corrupto Sistema Monetario y las corruptas bases sobre las que se funda nuestra sociedad!http://www.thepetitionsite.com/576/357/913/planetary-liberation-now/

  • Miguel Castillo

    real money in the world is the gold that's all

  • Skibum Willy

    Inheriting an Abundant Earth wouldn't an inheritance cap fix everything?

  • Texas Mann

    No money to pay interest... What about grants, subsidies- food stamps- does that not inject money into the system? Why can't the USA just pass a law that nullifies all moneys owed to the Federal Reserve...??? Let us just not pay!!! Make it illegal to pay this unconstitutional entity. Why not?

  • Peter Walker

    Monetary-Market System leads to #Warhttp://aspius.deviantart.com/art/CONCENTRATION-CAMP-53934063 #ECONOMIC #GENOCIDE #MONETARY #MARKET #SYSTEM #CRISIS #WAR

  • thedarkmoonman

    welcome to the machine...

  • RandomWalker

    The author's comments on religion are from his point of view that you have to get something out of it for it to have value. In Christianity, it is what you give (giving your life to Christ) without expecting any "good feeling" in return since Jesus gave His life for us on the cross.

  • Ryan Troft

    It's NOW time to move forward, and it starts with YOU --> go to TruthContest[[.]]com and read >The Present<

  • Faris Al Raisi

    whats United Fruit ?!?! :s


    The federal reserve is the biggest lie of the global bankers, they are a bunch of evil worshippers to make everyone a slave to the system of theirs!

  • terry hubbard

    submit to employment??? cmon

  • Tixu Oty

    If you are watching this video, you are probably a truth seeker ~~► I suggest you to read "The Present" at TruthContest◙com.

  • Rayner Millard

    So... Vodafone have blocked access to thezeitgeistmovement.com web page. Wow.

  • soapboxearth

    you will LOVE this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;Fr. Robert Barron on "Zeitgeist: The Movie"

  • Mike Trout

    My favorite part of the Fractional Reserve System is how they sell us (through school and elsewhere) the idea that the bank is actually doing what we would thin rational: saving and lending only that money that's in the bank.  So they create this neurotic system while maintaining the appearance of rationality.  That's some catch that Catch-22!

  • N1H1L9

    Until we as individuals take responsibility for our breeding, we're screwed and we will have our weaknesses and stupidity exploited.

  • Layne Barocela

    zeitgeist is the greatest movie/documentary ever (i feel).it makes perfect sense of the events/phenomena that happen(ed) around us.


    who is the guy at start abiout 2 mins in making a speech

  • Artem Valynkin

    Как зовут оратора в самом начале фильма? кто знает? очень интересно его узнать

  • Francis

    if i begin studying political science i would study this because as of now its boring

  • Todd Sloan

    To make a long story short, my thoughts are clear to me to know that this program slants reality for amusement purposes. The confusion over material opinion is so rampant that I will avoid a brainwash and wish you luck today!

  • Ricardo Jurado

    it sall documentaries , smart asses being interviewed and no radical change being made starting with oneself . because no one really knows, REALLY knows , where to start.

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