Zeitgeist Addendum [Full Movie]

winner Artivist´s Film Festival 2008

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  • Layne Barocela

    zeitgeist is the greatest movie/documentary ever (i feel).it makes perfect sense of the events/phenomena that happen(ed) around us.

  • thedarkmoonman

    welcome to the machine...

  • Top Kek

    I wish the world bank got firebombed.

  • Miguel Castillo

    real money in the world is the gold that's all

  • The High Minds C

    Nothing is perfect and as one shouldn't live by this video it should provoke a lot of thought. Nothing will be a cure-all for society but it is very valuable to acknowledge the errors in our world and be motivated to try and change them. I think it is our duty now as people to spread the knowledge that we have received to others so we can actually make a difference in the world. Learn to think critically and do your part for the good of others and lose the self interest most people have been taught to possess.

  • Richard Hebert Jr

    turn evil to good. use scarcity to overcome scarcity. brilliant. go.

  • Amber Carrotheers

    like all things if you want all of the facts DO HOME WORK the best way to lie is with 80 to 90% truth not saying that this is lies but if anyone wants to know the truth look everywhere

  • soapboxearth

    you will LOVE this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;Fr. Robert Barron on "Zeitgeist: The Movie"

  • Cody Frost

    i ve always know x i have dreams i will be left i will try to help u x

  • redrik11

    ..................... Zionist Luciferism .............. search for their video where David Rothschild is invited to give a speech to them.. you have been warned.

  • michaelnew1962

    I noticed about 1/8 have been dislikes, how is that possible, how could anyone not like this incredible video?

  • thaipodman

    You can't suggest getting rid of oil and still having cars. You need oil to make tires, paint, plastic. You need it to make your toothbrush. The Venus project is not well thought out. We will still need labor. To build this stuff. Robots and Computers are not that yet advanced. Thinking it will be in the future could prove wishful, but there is alot to be done with labor to achieve this dream. Watch the movie called "Collapse" available on youtube. These movie's have good points, not solutions.

  • regulatorzone

    Brb, getting tin foil hat to watch this.

  • FalkoJ89

    I watched this "movie" and this doesn't mean I have to agree with everything that is said in it. Do you know the word debate? We are all educated so we're fit for the world we live in. I DON'T see why religion would be the exception. It's not something you born with, otherwise Jesus would never have existed. If god exists, he gave us a conscious. Which mean he was aware some would not trust in what he once said through his son.

  • FalkoJ89

    If Jesus is good why would he throw fools in a lake of fire? Can't he understand ignorance and so forth forgive? Sounds like a criminal... Why would Jesus be better than anyone if he rejects people that don't believe in him?! What tell you that your lack of acceptance isn't wrong and therefore that god will decide to punish you? Well, you're so lucky he revealed himself to you in person... you're privileged! You're using that to scare people, like a terrorist.

  • sunbecomesea

    Its deception, dis info, not what you think. Saturn worship, really, it is.

  • Silveonis Ioan

    Zeitgeist is a MASONIC movie, with purpose of fear inducing in souls. Maybe they says some truths, but what use if I take a cup of 99% truth + 1% poison, just enough to corrupt or even kill you. Since few years, masonery isn’t secret anymore, now came the time for revealing on surface, so the humans will slowly accept and finaly get conquered by the ocults. The main target of masonery is to kill the orthodoxy, the only unchanged religion leaved by our God! God gives us one religion, nor 2 or 100

  • OFCLREALMinistries

    LMBO! Very weak and old arguments against Christianity... This is not anything new at all... People have brought these arguments up for centuries..

  • MarqueseScottNonStop

    hey thank you much. ive known about thse movies for so long just never knew they were even on youtube..newayz thanks for telling me thye order glad i didnt watch this one first...is the last one way forward on youtube as well? i know obvious the first 2 are..

  • JayGatzVFXsk8r

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

  • Wyte Rook

    Ok people, this movie has been debunked, and then undebunked. Watch all three and then think critically. Don't take first source as truth. Always look at the other side of the issue as well. Do your own research.

  • Sabreen Syeed

    What an awesome documentary...Thank you so much for this..

  • yamahonkawazuki

    i think left wing is as evil as right wing. there is no GOOD group. theyve all got some trick and want to screw someone over in some form

  • Truth

    "Revolution of Consciousness" To all my brothers and sisters...try and focus on this thought at least once a day. Result - the symbiotic universe with which we're all connected will hear our thoughts and help to reinforce it into existence. Regardless of our personal beliefs, all humans share the same fundamental needs for survival and spiritual happiness. We all ultimately arrived at this video for the common goal of recognizing that society must evolve. thumbs up to spread the love =)

  • Truth

    @routermen Science & Technology, instead of flagrantly corruptible, unsubstantiated opinion-makers i.e politicians and bankers. The scientific method for conducting analyses/hypotheses does not carry the burden of subjectivity. It provides nothing more than the endeavour to extract the most accurate results based on indisputable natural law and advanced methods of critical analyses of data of how the planet works and how best to utilize and manage the planet's resources for REAL sustainability.

  • Vivienne Koo

    You think we can achieve "progress" at its highest level with nuclear missiles and secret societies around us? Can you not see the Illuminati symbolism at the very beginning of this documentary?

  • OFCLREALMinistries

    Faith is faith... I cannot make you believe what I believe, nor can you make me put my faith in these conspiracy theories (some of which may have some validity) but alot of them are just far fetched & ridiculous IMHO, but if you choose to believe in this humanistic worldview that makes you accountable only to yourself rather than to God....well I would say that is pretty darn convenient but that is just me..

  • heevksain

    будущее в котором технологии ставятся выше человеческих ценностей перестаёт быть настоящим будущем..потому что находясь в будущем под властью технических возможностей мы становимся страшнее прошлого,и совсем по другому видится будущее в котором имея полное развитие технологий человек не подвластен этим технологиям..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • enticed2zeitgeist

    I'm not sure you understand what Sustainability is. Do you want to discuss it?

  • enticed2zeitgeist

    Yup. Wait till climate change really kicks in and then they'll have be forced to admit that something is wrong.

  • enticed2zeitgeist

    Pull up a seat. Lots of us around the fire already.

  • Veganic ♾

    If you enjoy the Zeitgeist series, I recommend the video library at Lucid Tree dot com - specially the Universe and Consciousness sections.

  • Radha Madhava Das

    The problems discussed are accurate, the solutions presented are speculative

  • Powertampa

    @Erfolgskanal fick dich ins Knie

  • Allan Northern

    Mind Blown....to pieces!!!

  • DaemonovEarth

    @routermen No-one Decisions are arrived at or discovered. We find the best course of action based on the present day knowledge of the time,as opposed to making decisions based on opinions. Of ourse it´s impossible to answer to your question in one sentence.I recommend you to go to thezeitgeistmovement . com to find more about a RBE :)

  • DaemonovEarth

    Well,truth is lots of things have changed since it came out.Coincidence?Maybe? oh and btw,this movie isn´t telling how people should live their lives,is just giving some sugestions.

  • djsher1

    Ok, here's the deal. As a person who graduated with honors in economics, I can tell you that the beginning part of this movie, while fascinating, is just not true. There is not always inflation, and in fact most of us have experienced deflation in our lifetimes. There does not have to always be debt because money is derived from the goods and services we produce, not borrow. As to the money supply, it is typically expanded by selling bonds with interests to private investors, not the fed.

  • Clay Knoll

    it's been VIEWED around 2 million times I've watched this a bunch of times I would say maybe 1-2 Million have seen/heard zeitgeist in general. Power is in numbers when the all have the same drive and most people can't construct scentances of how they feel/think of the world because they just cant. people learn, act, think different ways when subjected to any stimulous, but we are all one organism and we must start acting like it. That is the goal.

  • Clay Knoll

    OOOH Doo you know of the similarites of canada to the American System? Like I wanted to know How much of this relates to us aswell, I am 100% interested in american system because we are same peice of fucking land(some people forget that) and we can be affected easily by the actions that take place.

  • QUATR00

    I wonder if the UK still owns its own money... On the bills I see nothing about debts, just the old "I promise to pay the bearer on demand X pounds", much like on the original US dollars prior to 1930...

  • jmintube

    yup there is a barbie doll in the sky somewhere that has some sort of magical wand and hocus pocus everything is as it is.....

  • B1itZKr3iGC4

    it was ppl who made this this way it has never been just about money

  • EnorusLoL

    You take the name of one of the brightest men ever to live on this planet and use it to spread malicious misinformation written by someone so scared of death (or maybe just very stupid) he misunderstood even the most basic physical properties of our world to support his view of how the world should be, not how it is. Absolutely disgusting.

  • EnorusLoL

    It's "you're".

  • 777saroja

    Thank you. What an amazing clarifying snippet of education. It makes so much sense. Now I need to think. There is a lot to absorb.

  • dom b

    If everyone were to know about jacque fresco...shit,this world would be sooo much better in all fields.

  • TheMeisterManuel

    @mittellink I have watched it

  • spoonman73

    Opening quote by the beloved late great Carl Sagan.:)

  • Ante Lauc

    Technology is only part od the solution. Without human beings, without economics and law, technology is impotent. Only through interaction with these disciplines technology can Solve probleme.

  • FuManBoobs

    Yes, I was generalizing. Intelligent design? I'll argue there's no evidence for it regardless of who claims it's true. I need evidence, not an appeal to authority.

  • FuManBoobs

    I said I was special? Science says it's god??? You're clearly mistaken. Science doesn't act like god because science doesn't act. Science gives us information about the nature of the reality we find ourselves in. Thats it. It even adapts and improves over time. Science NEVER claims to know it all. It freely admits when it doesn't know something. Unexplained does not = fail. Unexplained = interesting. History + Science = Read it!

  • FuManBoobs

    Thanks for taking the time to write all that. I read most of it and I agree with a lot of what you said. Not all...but I don't want to turn this into a 10 comments each reply. I'm not saying there is no god. I'm saying there is no evidence for god, and that is why I do not believe in one. My point was how can you disprove the existence of something? Can you prove my man eating banana doesn't exist somewhere in the universe? Can you prove there is no planet full of them?

  • FuManBoobs

    In a system with no profit and the greatest minds working together without restrictions or trade secrets imagine the potential. Money creates stagnation. When there's a recession often people don't invest and so new technology can end up being shelved or totally forgotten. Then you have planned obsolescence and instrinsic obsolescence. The best breakthroughs more often come from people using technology to improve living standards of everyone, not from profit motive.

  • FuManBoobs

    Wow, you convinced me by posting the same comment over and over again. Or maybe one of is slightly delusional and the other one is rational critical thinker...hmmmmm.

  • FuManBoobs

    1st. I'm not saying there is no such thing as god. 2nd. For me, and many others, meaning doesn't come from a god. I can't speak for others on that point but personally I find it meaningful to try to make the world a better place for those around me. I find it highly rewarding and uplifting when I help someone unexpectedly or give them indirect or direct help in a time of need. But I don't do that because of a belief in a supernatural being. In the long run it helps everyone to help everyone.

  • FuManBoobs

    A lot of technology is created without the goal of money in mind. Or at least the science that allows that technology. Money actually holds back the advancement of technology in a lot of cases by creating such a high cost to consumers that it becomes just a pipe dream for many years until everything becomes old and cheap. And even then manufacturers still try to cut corners to save money and maximise profit.

  • FuManBoobs

    "How can someone reject the supremacy of the one and only Creator of heavens and earth!" Proof? No. Thank you.

  • FuManBoobs

    What facts and sources are wrong here? Did you check out the companion guide? It's your opinion it's a terrible argument. Are you saying if what he says is true then he'd be shut down? Or are you saying it's not true because he hasn't been shut down?

  • FuManBoobs

    Again, science will admit its mistakes and improve. It uses evidence. Belief is lack of evidence. Can you prove flying unicorns didn't create your god that you so truly believe in? Well, then don't you dare say you can. I admit that science doesn't offer certainty. But it does offer 99.9% probability thats very useful in the reality we find ourselves. It doesn't say god doesn't exist, it simply says that there is NO PROOF of any gods existance. If science finds it, then that will change.

  • FuManBoobs

    Ideas do shape the world. Science turns an idea into a provable, workable model. Ideas shape the world, science builds it. The illogic of atheism...not believing in something because there is no proof is illogical? Right.

  • FuManBoobs

    You blatantly didn't watch this. And your spamming is pretty sickening. A classic example of how religion holds onto the past and clings to faith without allowing logic, reason, or science to progress society to a more humane level. These "theories" actually have evidence. Unlike your religion.

  • FuManBoobs

    Lazy is not human nature. How many toddlers do you know are lazy and just sit around "conserving energy"? If that was human nature we'd never have gotten anything done. People will do things because it's a joy and pleasure to do them. Millions of people volunteer their time even in THIS system. They enjoy the happiness they get from helping others and creating a better society. If you enjoy science you can help research. If you enjoy fixing cars you can help engineer etc.

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