Max on Fox News host criticism of LeBron James: I'm not surprised by it | First Take | ESPN

First Take's Max Kellerman comments on Fox News host criticism of LeBron James saying I'm not surprised by it.

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  • Jose Semino

    Kellerman looking pale as shit white people don't age good at 20 they loose their hairline at 25 they already losing they hair and at 30 they already bald at 40 they look like zombies

  • Dell Roberson


  • ro he

    Max saying something smart.

  • Marvin Phoenix

    Well when somebody like her comes from a long line of slave owners is very hard for her to see black people speaking their minds because in her mind she just thinking about rope and tree

  • Brent Studer

    How do we feel about Tigers comments now?You libtard lefties are so predictably stupid. Not ignorant.You are blind and stupid people.

  • m.l. morgan

    tone a is a peter eater and poor trailer park trash...

  • DRUMNICOdotcom

    HA....She just bitter cuz she dont get no cock.

  • Victor Fanai

    Lebron Lebron Lebron, outside from the USA you have not IDEA how little influence you have. And when you say things like these it makes you look stupid and uneducated.I daresay more people in Mexico know who - Lionel Messi, CR 7, Paul Pogba, Theirry Henry etc.....are as compared to you.The world is pretty racist, this is a fact, and football is its sport, also a fact. And people who are not from African or Non black countries care very little what 6 ft + black people play as sport in the USA. My brother knows who Tim Howard is, but he doesn't know who YOU are even though I bought your shoes for him. In my office I'm the only one who can name 5 NBA players from any era.So, what I mean to say is.."Stay in yo' lane"

  • Prestonw

    Smh First Take losing ratings bad to other shows so they gotta show their obvious bias

  • Terry Knight

    Sad little attention seeking nobody jealous of successful smart celebrities like Lebron and Kevin so she uses the opportunity to express that by pouncing on them for what they said about Trump. Plus she stated in her first response to Lebron and Kevin something to the effect of "You 'smack' people they can 'smack' back." In her second response she stated that when people make comments then they shouldn't be surprised by the responses from other people and "they can dish it out but they can't take it." The door swings both ways Laura. By the way, if Laura were to make comments about Obama or whoever and Lebron or Kevin or another male were to tell her to shut up and host a talk show they would be called sexists. They would catch so much flack for being disrespectful to a female it wouldn't be funny, and that would be the least of their problems because they would lose their jobs. Just saying.

  • Reginald Jeanmarie

    Will Cain is a Fox news trainee. He is gratuitously rude on another level. Will mistakes a discussion for a fist fight. He thinks a difference of opinion makes an enemy. His brand of faux-aggressive-anger is the opposite of righteousness, truth or honor.

  • Abdul Quddus Muhammad

    I thought all Americans had freedom of speech. LeBron James pays more tax money and makes more money than that broke bigot. So he actually has more say so in this country than she does. More people follow him than hear. He affects more lives in the positive sense than she does

  • The drunken owl HOOT

    Max she has a book called shut up and sing.

  • Carlyle Tom

    Max gave some good examples of the bias that Laura Ingram and her co-fox cronies hold dear to their hearts.

  • Firestorm Omega

    Seriously, Laura gave LeBron sage advice. Too bad he didn't take it.

  • Mahmut Cakal

    Stephen and Max = Two clowns. I cannot see these guys anymore.. You should talk about sports and not about politics.

  • Dynamic

    2:21 thats funny because thats literally every libtard

  • Zachary Raizon

  • walt penny

    always bring race in it when you can't win the argument libitards always do so weak

  • seldonlives19

    lets just say fuck sreggin and leave it at that.

  • Paul Tello

    Shut up and Do some research , then talk. She did the same to white people .

  • Freezebog Plays

    James for president 😂?

  • Ralex 11

    A girl in my class is Laura Ingrahams daughter

  • hawjsta

    It's not the words that hurt, but the intention behind those words.

  • Jack Doyle

    I want LeBron to poster her ass

  • realist bob

    nice try Max...james sounded dumb and ignorant ,,,great basketball player,,,he is not a free thinker....He just goes along with the black race card ...thank god trump won

  • WC Evangelista

    Max Kellerman is ALWAYS on point.

  • Paul Tello

    Shuts and do some research, then talk

  • Chris Yu

    Shut up and keep sucking

  • Francelee Paris

    Has this guy just been released from an institution?? He has that vacant look in his eyes because his brain is also vacant ...

  • Scott Hale

    She wrote a book about it Kellerman. Do a little research. Geez.

  • to501453

    I'm a King James fan, but LeBron plz watch this!!

  • Ennis Whalen

    Laura Who? Is she on TV?

  • realist bob

    Laura tells it like it is....Lebron is my fav. basketball in the world.....To bad he showed how dumb and ignorant he is,,,,,,

  • Rodolfo Jarvis

    She should just shut up....and swallow!!!

  • Perception Is reality

    Jail Time For Trumpski and his Klan. this includes the corrupt GOP and Fake Fox as well!!!!!! American Greed!!! Trumpski and His Klan!!!!

  • Londell Coleman

    Wtf is he talking about...just say it mf that bitch is racist...

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