Max on Fox News host criticism of LeBron James: I'm not surprised by it | First Take | ESPN

First Take's Max Kellerman comments on Fox News host criticism of LeBron James saying I'm not surprised by it.

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  • AvionTheVCKing

    "Shut and Dribble" Lol so all he does is dribble??

  • LawsonRespawn

    Shut up and fix the Country!

  • TheRealHijack

    Ok Laura, shut up and read off the TelePrompTer. People don’t want political advice from you either, you’re told what to say and when to say it + Lebron has accomplished 10x more than she has.

  • Brian Cheng

    CNN might be fake news but Fox News is the worst news network in the media right now. It's bullshit news.

  • CJ Chewjore

    If she disagrees with what they have to say about Trump, she has every right to state her opinion. To look down her nose on Kevin Durant and Lebron James, as though their professions disqualified them from having a political opinion is a disgusting confirmation of the racism that these players have been talking about. What has she done that qualifies her to look down at them? These players have given millions of dollars to help people in need, trying to use their platform for good. They are not wrong for speaking their honest opinions about what Trump has done and said. If she feels differently, make a factual argument against the points they have given, instead of acting as though understanding politics is above them due to their profession.Twitter: ChewjoreInstagram: Chewjore

  • cool reg

    I'm not a LeBron fan but this woman was out of line and ignorant. She so stupid she doesn't even know you can't drop out of high school and play for the NBA.

  • maortega15

    Stephen A should've taken the day off. He looks mad groggy man

  • TitanKiller

    I’m sure she wouldn’t tell Brady to shut up and throw a football, but then again he is more conservative so why would she do that, he spreading her point of view, it’s fine though most people just want it there way all the time, not equal or fair.

  • Pickle Farts

    Fox News = North Korean TV

  • Ballout1997

    Celebrities shouldn't talk politicsBut defends DONALD TRUMP as the president everyday.

  • Stephen A Smith

    They tell athletes to just stick to sports but then bring athletes, tv/movie actors and celebrities that are right wing to their show as “guest experts”. Fox News is just trump news and just spews propaganda.

  • SirBokChoySr

    I wonder why she hasn't told Coach Pop and Steve Kerr to "just shut up and coach?"

  • Nekaneka15

    And they say rascism doesnt exist...

  • Chris Jones

    Steven A look hung over today lol

  • Clips 36

    Freedom of speech, everybody is entitled to speak on any matter if they choose to good or bad, bias or unbiase, doesn't matter about your position in the world

  • mikeframbo ig

    If Laura wants Lebron to shut up and dribble then Laura needs to shut up and get back in the kitchen

  • Quelgdatnigga Smith

    Max Kellerman Always think he right all the time💯

  • Tá Ligado ?!

    Max is a intelectual and smart guys

  • Mike

    "Yeah they love me (in Japan) - they're still a**holes. These people they don't know what life is. I don't have a following, they need me; they don't like me they need me ... Foreigners are a**holes; foreigners are scum; I don't like 'em; I don't want 'em in this country; I don't want 'em selling me doughnuts; I don't want 'em pumping my gas; I don't want 'em downwind of my life-OK? So anyhow-and I'm dead serious" -- Ted Nugent. But did Laura tell Nugent to 'Shut up and sing"? Didn't think so. Did she call his White southern vernacular "Inarticulate" or "Ungrammatical"? Nope. I don't think the "shut up and dribble" is necessarily racist but this double standard and the way she attacked them is what makes me think - she is a racist POS.

  • Mustang 10

    Only problem I have with her statement "shut up and dribble " is lebron doesn't dribble he is traveling...:)

  • Stoned JR

    Can someone tell me a legit reason why trump is a bad president. (Dont give me bullshit reasons like hes rude he speaks about grabbing women etc. Those are reasons why you dont like him)Ps im not a trump supporter or a trump hater im a forigner and i wonder why yall hate him when every single stat shows that citizens of usa are having a better life since he got into office.

  • MG23

    That woman has spoken that way about White celebrities who talk ignorance about politics for years. She targets a Black man and all of a sudden she's racist. So she can't roast LeBron the way she roasts white people?

  • Benjamin Iliff

    If you call Fox News propaganda then CNN is also propaganda

  • suki kang

    Am I the only one who doesn't understand what Max is talking about??????

  • DJ Williams

    people all up in they're feelings lol

  • Kenneth Corbett

    max SJW would have a comment im sure

  • Sanctimonious Max

    Do black folks really enjoy being pandered to by people like Max?

  • Kingslayer

    All Barack and Hillary did was have their celebrity friends' money 💵 in their pockets. With 95% of Hollywood and New York being a Democrat, they are puppets to the Jews who run these studios.

  • Haydengotjukes

    Don’t let this detract you from the fact that the warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals.

  • krion of Laguna

    The end of NBA is near.

  • CME

    He’s a basketball player that clearly didn’t take school very seriously growing up. So when he takes advantage of his platform and spews political beliefs which probably aren’t even his own to a wide array of numb skulls that believe anything he says, I too get annoyed. He’s an intelligent ball player, but that’s it. Probably couldn’t give me the answer to 9*6 without a calculator. Leave the politics to those who study it on a daily basis, Lebron, and stick to basketball. However, he does have a right to an opinion, but he needs to learn to express them during thanksgiving dinner like the rest of us. Besides, how is anything he said important? Does he have legitimate proof or is he just talking out of his ass? I’d say the latter. The guy hasn’t given Trump a fair shot since day one nor has he even attempted to reach out. He simply hides behind the many false labels that trump has been given. Sorry Lebron, but our current president isn’t going to kiss your ass like the previous one did. You’re a basketball player. The electrician that came to my house last week has a more important profession than you. Having said all that, GO CAVS!!!

  • MrGenexxx

    Laura and Lavar - worst Laker parents EVER.

  • Blade BlazerLazer

    Tell me who opened his or her mouth first. LeBron on politics or Ingraham on sports? - there's your answer to who should shut up and do his/her job. LeBron doesn't know shit about politics and Ingraham doesn't know shit about sports

  • kendrick Mccoy

    Ladies and gentlemen this is her hustle....This was a plot to improve her rating...I can't blame a woman for trying to eat...However so let's stop the free meal ticket and Fox...Now we know..

  • Lanai

    lol these guys wont let it go. Fox covered it for 45 seconds and sports networks have been talking about it for days. these guys just take the bait every time such idiots

  • Harvey Ford

    I can’t believe Laura didn’t know the rule about if you criticize a black then you are a racist. It’s 2018 you are suppose to know that by now. Blacks are untouchable!

  • JustLouIt

    How many black people did Max beat up with his trapper keeper in high school to have this much white guilt.

  • roberto3196

    But if a woman was told something like this it'd be a global catastrophe.

  • Angel pe

    cant bolieve in to wat espn have turn to no is all about race politics

  • Isiah Dalton

    Up until now, I never liked LeBron being that I'm from Chicago and the whole Jordan argument. After years of being just good on and off the court, I noticed how much of a positive force and he is for youth and I have to give it up for his big heart. It takes a lot of heart and guts to be out spoken as a sports athlete especially nowadays. Mr. James if you see this, much respect to you sir. You're bigger than any other athlete to me right now and I have the up most respect for you. Peace and love.

  • WE do it all TV

    Ok im black im from florida and i honestly don't think she was being racist its like shut up and drive are shut up and flip them burgers she basically saying worry about what you do and dont cross over to my side it was just a lil jab but not a racist one relax people

  • Ben Harding

    deadass trump hasnt done anything wrong

  • Kingslayer

    Since when did ESPN become CNN? Since they're both owned by Jews who run Hollywood. Nobody cares about your political opinions, Max and LeBron.

  • King Ali


  • A Real Good Guy

    How would LeBron be in the NBA if he didn't graduate high school? lol

  • Mind of the North Star

    Isn't she the same lowlife that awkwardly tried to sneak in a nazi salute in her wave at the GOP convention?

  • Clorox Bleach

    She should shut up and cook

  • Lit101 - Games and Good Vibes

    She didn't say they're not qualified to talk about politics because They're Black. She said they're not qualified because they're Athletes

  • Ken Thompson

    Well....LBJ should shut up and dribble, and sign the check and be quiet too. This dude literally said he's the voice of people who can't speak. Get the hell out of here with that self appointed messianic crap. In a world full of people yelling and screaming about the pettiest of things, HE appoints himself the Lord of the flies? That's no different than Farrakhan saying he's Lord of the black people, sent by God himself.....pssssst please!LBJ is brown noseing the white liberal progressives so deep, he doesnt realize it's against his own cause. Everybody has an opinion, but at least know what you're talking about when you voice it. Repeating what everybody says and expressing how you FEEL is not an opinion, it's an emotional reaction in my book. So, if that was all he could offer, then yes, get over yourself, shut the hell up and dribble.

  • Salvador Mejia

    I'm going to be very honest here. Stephen A. And Max are very good at what they do. LeBron is AMAZING at what he does, and I admire him in that aspect. He has also given Millions if Dollars to people that are in need and want to get ahead. But where I draw the line in the sand is when all of them start speaking politics. Because frankly, they don't know what they are talking about.

  • Freezebog Plays

    James for president 😂?

  • J. Roberts

    It’s Amazing this has been made about LeBron like KD wasn’t there at all.. Media is wild. They are defending one person lol. Js

  • Deangelo Hall

    UNF GANG ent🎤🎧🎼Instagram@unfdollaTwitter@hallunfgang23

  • Vincent Luciano

    ''Shut up and be gone'' - Stephen A's hairline

  • Vern Norris

    Max needs to shut and and talk boxing!! He is way off

  • Brandon4Bulletz

    Why is LeBron isolating himself? If he wants to have more fans and make more money he should just stay away from politics. It is not a good look for NBA when their most popular star is isolating himself from half of the country.

  • Adam Akan

    LeBron should to what he gets paid to do, dribble and shoot.

  • Willie Thomas

    Racist ..basically just sit back and play ur basketball..if it wasn't for a ball LBJ wouldn't have a voice ..a lot of black atlethes wouldn't.

  • Mc Thruthseeker

    Laura is totally right...I don't care for Lebron his political opinions. I like him as a basketbal player. And what would you expect from Max Kellerman....that guy is a cultural marxist.

  • zero

    i have no problem with what she said. other the dribble part, she has an opinion just like everyone else. still trying to figure out why people think a different opinion means racism

  • FMR393

    Multiple issues here. Lebron shouldnt be talking about politics as if his opinion is the word of god,l. To add to it, he fuckin said “i mean too much to society” like cmon, he aint Ghandi or MLK. Laura should have just talked about Lebrons opinions with facts instead of attacking his intellect and character. So Lebron started it by bashing Trump wrongly, and Laura made it worse by insulting him instead of giving an analysis of his comments. Both need to just “shut up and dribble”

  • Commanderikillu

    Funny, how her show is propaganda but CNN is not. What she said was stupid but Max is retarded I'm sorry. Max thinks that everyone agrees with him and I'm sick of this blind acceptance of that.

  • WC Evangelista

    Max Kellerman is ALWAYS on point.

  • A Friendly Hobo

    Don't let this distract you from the fact she did a nazi salute when praising Trump in one of her speeches. She clearly does these sort of things for views.

  • Anesu 32

    I just think it's hilarious that this is the same comment section that tells ESPN to shut up and cover sports when Stephen, Molly and Max mix sports and politics. Don't defend LeBron James being told to shut up and dribble when you get so sensetive when Molly, SAS and Max pass a comment on social political issues. Y'all are no different to FOX

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