Trump Goes on Vacation While His Team Debuts So-Called "Real News": A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Trump team's effort to ramp up attacks on the Russia probe and news media despite the President being on vacation.
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Trump Goes on Vacation While His Team Debuts So-Called "Real News": A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • Black Omega X

    So, Trump has his own fake news, while calling other news outlets fake. sigh

  • marty704

    I gave Trump a chance but he's proven himself to be nothing but a giant fraud. After seeing the clips of him saying he will never take vacations and criticizing Obama for playing golf meanwhile he's nearly taken more time off in 8 months than Obama did in 8 years how can anyone still support him?

  • Northern_acorn

    I try to respect trump supports , I try to think like them but I just don't understand how anyone can be so dumb!😬

  • TheDarkNStormyKnight

    Trump's, straight from Trump Tower, "Real News" is the same thing Russia does with their state-run, propaganda newspaper, "Pravda" (i.e. "Truth").

  • Cambria Weeden

    But Hillary isn't the president

  • Get Rekt

    *Seth jokes about Trump*Trump supporters: THIS IS PROPAGANDA!*Trump creates literal fake news to mislead people while saying you can't trust media that says something negative about him*Trump supporters: This is great MAGA!


    The real news looks like a North Korean propaganda video

  • Patiphan Arsanam

    Don't go back to White House, please.

  • jester man

    Things Trump supporters say.1. Whatever you say libtard, stop listening to CNN.2. Trump has done more than Obama has ever done.3. I bet you voted for Hillary

  • Heracross X

    I just adore the sheer irony of the Trump Cult's accusations of "you libtards need a safespace lol" when their own God-Senpai frequently goes to his own safe space in Florida.

  • The Average Humanist

    Seth, you are the best!

  • Asdfghjkl Skabka

    I hate looking behind trump in his speeches at the people behind him, it reminds me that real people believe the things he says and support him fully :(

  • Layla jarrah

    Hope Americans are happy their president is the laughing stock of the world

  • nutmeg dc


  • Meri May

    I feel like Seth does more work than Trump ever did in his entire presidency so far

  • alex koty

    real news looks like north korean news

  • Markus Dice

    Obama did a lot in his presidency, and Trump has done nothing. thats why job growth continues. bc Obama's policies havent changed. bc Trump has done almost nothing but change healthcare and fire federal agents

  • Renowned Ramen

    Other country's are looking at us and laughing.

  • Orange Tarantula

    If Trump were a fascist, he would shut down all media that opposes him.

  • RJ Originator

    Can anybody provide me specific evidence of policies and actions Trump has taken to improve the economy?

  • GeForce

    "Wedding Crasher" part 2 ;)

  • Gus Woodrow

    The people who still cheer at a Trump rally are a new breed of stupid.

  • Akshat Desai

    209,000 jobs.. wow okay...5 months isn't enough to accomplish any of that... so much bs

  • Chandler Steelflex

    The Trending section is aids

  • TheLoreSeeker

    WHY is he still peddling his "Lock her up!" spiel?! Hillary Clinton is nothing now. Shes an unemployed grandmother. Why are we going to specially investigate her? She has no power.

  • Scientific Machine

    Can any Trump supporter out there give me one damn good reason to trust a president that lies?And don't dare say he doesn't lie because the internet has more than enough proof to make anyone that says otherwise look very ignorant.(And I am not talking media)

  • Bodelicious

    I agree with Donald Trump ideals, but he needs to shut his mouth, and execute them better.

  • xxxRadarxxx

    "Where's the bride?" You know what he wants: primae noctis!

  • Marie Jane

    Mueller! American Hero!

  • Sean Rector

    You ever notice how the Trumpanzees behind Little Donnie at his Hitler Youth rallies never close their mouths? Lol

  • Lorenzo von Matterhorn

    Guys relax, it's a fcking comedy

  • Dr. Op

    Donald Trump is the type of guy to pay to have people to play golf with him

  • Savage Monkey

    "A certain chart and a certain graph" 😂😂😂😂😂 This mans idiocy knows no bounds

  • Jonathan Mora

    How many vacations is it now? like 3 or 4? good to know that my taxes are going not to better our country but for him to relax for the 3rd or 4th time.

  • sadu622

    Authoritarianism 101: Undermine the free press so that your supporters turn a blind ear to it. Then those supporters can never be warned. I think the press has done well in the face of such challenges however some people will never believe them. I think distrusting everything on mainstream media is very dangerous for the country and for the world.

  • 李金轩

    Mr. Trump Hello, I am from China, why does the United States not criticize India for invading China's territory?

  • Stitch Kitzinger

    Does this guy ever make a video that isn't about Donald trump? The only thing he talks about is Trumps flaws because it's easy for him and he's a typical hollywood liberal

  • Stevie

    Another "trending" video on YouTube I see.


    But Hillary! But, but Hillary! Don't look here, look over there! But but but but

  • Xelbuad

    "I'm gonna be in the White House a lot, I'm not leaving" 😂👌

  • HB Stone

    Really, no comment about how he literally lifted this bit DIRECTLY from Colbert's show? Couldn't have been more obvious unless "Kayleigh Mcenany" was named "Jill Newslady"

  • Leon Barnard

    Ha ha, there is a lot of Trump trolls running on this show... the truth hurts... and 70% of America and basically ALL American Allies want Trump gone... He is a Putin puppet... for those that can not see this... grow a brain... it has become beyond the point of too obvious... November the 2nd... will be the end of Trump's presidency... and him and his family will be prosecuted...

  • Jackie Martin

    Gotta love it... the jobs numbers were fake when Obama was president... now they're true and all because of Trump...

  • NatesNotions

    He honestly has some sort of super power, he says he is going to do something without presenting any shred of a plan on how is will do it and for some reason people actually believe him.

  • usa usa

    if you don't like trumpp get out of the usa

  • Thunderfro

    All Seth does is make fun of Trump, it's pretty easy. Deep down he likes that he's president Seth will never run out of material.

  • Fawn

    He said he would never have time for breaks but now he's taking a break -.- stfu

  • Chante Farsht

    ANOTHER vacation? How many breaks does this guy need, it's not like he does much work.

  • DPowered Smith

    basically trump is like "Unlike obama i won't be taking vacations" just about every weekend he went to his golf courses and now a 17 day vacation."The economy is booming and its because of me even though i haven't made any legislation or and stopped companies from moving over seas that were already staying and oh not to forget the tread of unemployment has been going that way sense obama but thats how great i am compared to him"

  • David Friesen

    lol that one guy standing behind Trump when he promised to not take vacations... just yawning.

  • PeePaw

    you people know that the WH is under construction. get all of the fax minions

  • Sun Rise

    A lot of triggered trumpers in the comments. They need a 17 day vacation paid for by taxpayers. Too much "winning" by 3rd grade brain donny crime boss.

  • Matt

    I love when Fake news tries to tell us what real news is

  • Alleta Freeman

    Seth, I Love You, man! Such Cajones!😄😂

  • Neita Ment

    Lmao a bunch of republicans are going to get triggered, like they always do, so why tf do you click on the video. Republicans just love to hate lmao and they don't know when to stop ✋ 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Matt Dougherty

    “Donald Trump has been saying that he’ll run for president as a Republican, which is surprising, since I just assumed he was running as a joke.”

  • Drake Heitman

    Kakistocracy. Trump supporters should look it up.

  • Andrei Padlan

    When Obama took many vacations while many terrorist attacks happened smh

  • antonio olvera

    Mr. Obama was way better president of US this administration is bad

  • Drake Alexander

    Hillary lost nothings going to change it

  • Israel Valdivia

    Why do I get the feeling that this "real news" program is starting to correlate to Orwellian 1984's telescreen announcer where it would announce supposedly good things/news to Oceania when it in fact was the complete opposite.Trump is making 1984 a reality sooner than expected.

  • Anthony de Fex

    Rump was just demanding jus primae noctis

  • minniemee99

    "Trump real news" reminds me of Stalinist newsreels... or 1984 news

  • Shane Castle

    Seth Meyers has never been funny, or entertaining.

  • Carol Jamieson

    Good grief! Trump is NOT on vacation!!! He is working off-site during the west wing renovation that Obama refused to allow during his tenure!! Please stop it with the lies from this media information war! Americans are not as stupid as the media thinks!

  • These Eyes See Darkness Clearly

    That Trump news thing looks like something you would see in North Korea lol

  • Elijah O'Connell

    You will believe what we tell you. This has been real news

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