Trump's Disturbing Week - Russia, Military Parade, Rob Porter: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Trump White House as they peddle conspiracy theories, attack immigrants and defend an aide accused of domestic violence.
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Trump's Disturbing Week - Russia, Military Parade, Rob Porter: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • KingOfMadCows

    I'm also a member of a secret society. We meet every week under the command of a "dungeon master." We take on the role of fictitious characters we make up. We go on quests to gather ancient artifacts. And we perform dark rituals by throwing dice and cast magic spells.

  • YTfancol

    "You are only half right", LOL

  • Christian O. Holz

    "Unrelated, but still related"...and the lunacy of this wanna-be banana republic dictator continues. It's also a bit rich that Trump is attacking Pelosi (who I personally don't like like most other corporate Democrats) for being rich. Trump, buddy, you fly around in your own 757 and have a trophy wife. Oh, the irony

  • Lesley Allinson

    The people behind him had blank faces they are still waiting to find out what?

  • Joshua Price

    Who's betting that Trump only knows the word "sleuth" because he briefly picked up a Miss Marple novel thinking it was the name of a porn star.

  • Jonathan Crain

    The people behind Trump during his "speeches" are finally looking like his base actually do.

  • poopypants terevanakere

    my god, those poor simpletons behind trump, most of them don't know what on earth is he prattling on about, just peering around nervously not to miss the blinking applaude signs :P

  • stheday1

    Trump is the most corrupt public official in U.S. history. He is lowering all standards of decency.

  • 8alot4t

    Sorry - but just look at those supporters standing behind him! Looks like the entire cast of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest in full makeup. :)

  • Eckhart of the Cygnus Knights

    Of all the late night hosts' impersonation of Trump, Seth's is my favorite. 🤣

  • Jan N

    God, if only there was a secret society plotting to get us out of this mess!!

  • Malte

    Is there anyone normal in this administration??

  • Pete Gromov

    Your paychecks are going way up. All the way up to the 1 %...

  • Jeremy

    Did everyone forget that right after the election, there was a story that Trump wanted to have a old-school Soviet-style military parade at the inauguration. When that story came out, all the people in the Trump administration were all "Fake News! FAKE NEWS!!" So I guess they dropped that who "fake news" line after they couldn't prevent Trump from demanding it. I guess if they can prevent Trump from forcing the soldiers to carry giant posters with his face, it should be considered a win for the administration.

  • Jim's videos

    Having an open day at the local armory/dockyard/air base so the kids can come by and climb on a big green truck etc? Great idea. Tying up DC - I mean making an almighty mess of traffic - for the sake of a Communist style spectacle? Trump idea.

  • Paul Jacinto

    All those morons applauding for trump don't seem to understand that their taxes will not be lowered and their pay checks will not be higher because they don't make enough money for FICA deductions. Social security and state deductions will stay the same. All they will see is less services because the government will have less money, an increase in the national debt because the government needs to borrow more money to pay for the functions that we as Americans expect the government to provide, and the rich fat cats that bribe our elected leaders with more loose money to keep bribing our elected leaders. Thank you, Citizens United.

  • Becca Isanerd

    Trump sounds like a guy at the bar who is just drunk enough that he seems just on the edge of falling asleep mid sentence

  • amarsven

    I just want to point out the map in the background shows Ukraine as a part of Russia. This isn't true (, yet).

  • blondwiththewind

    Trump is making Nixon look like a choir boy.

  • Docktor Jim

    The secret society is REAL! It's called the government of the United States of America. YOU Donald Trump, won a weird contest and got a walk-on part.

  • doustana

    Why everyone keeps saying that melania want to “escape”. She is a gold digger and has freely chosen for trump once.

  • ZergrushEddie

    Ready for the scarier thing than just "Trump is clearly an authoritarian misogynist"? He has like a 90% approval rating among Republicans. This means Trump is exactly what the majority party wants.

  • Curmudgeon

    6:50. ...the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious.Joseph Goebbels

  • Ann Nee

    "The Democrats don't want safety. They want all of you to die. They'd set fire to you themselves if it wasn't too exhausting!" How is anyone buying any of this crap?

  • mdudegamer

    Fox news not supporting one of Trump's ideas, it's a miracle!

  • Chelsea Slade

    I 100% do not understand what is happening in the states anymore. -confused but apologetic Canadian

  • Dale Cox

    18 wheeler trucks are limited to 40 tons for a reason.  How much damage would a single 70-ton tank do to a city street?  A lot.  How much would a whole company of American 70-ton tanks do to the city streets of Washington?  A whole lot more.

  • Vicky Mc

    He just wants shut downs because he never wants to do work. He dose get that meens lots people don't get paid right?

  • anita clarke

    Drumpf hates women ! Lmao

  • michael mangan

    What about the Clintons uranium 1 deal. What about the billions stolen by the Clintons from Haiti.What about the Clinton body count.What about the murder of Seth Rich by Debbie Waserman Schultz.What about the FISA Memo.What about the Clintons involvement in rescuing the people accused of child trafficking in Haiti.

  • Jason Nysa Cleomedes

    A lot of these congressmen need to be voted out for competent people.

  • promeitheus

    At this point only the ignorants like trump

  • John Fu

    Child Trump wanted to play soldier

  • MegaLaidback

    The con man who wanted to be emperor.

  • 5%LowBattery

    🎶 Three White People On A Couch, It’s Fox & Friends 🎶Brian Kilmeade might be detracting 😱 “a part of my brain is telling me all of this is wrong” Cartoon President

  • dakariszulu

    I wonder if his hair is trying to escape impeachment?

  • Tadicuslegion78

    Apparently the GOP thinks the FBI is Rocksy and Mugsy from those old Bugs Bunny Cartoons

  • Mordolap

    Heeeey!! Why is Ukraine shown as a part of Russia on the map? Not cool

  • Joann Pasco

    Is the "genius, really smart person" going to claim it was his idea to have a military parade to show our weapons arsenal to the world! Oops, I think he might have stolen the idea from another despot!!

  • Christ Complex

    Wow how far we have sunk, that we cannot see their deception. There is no Republican party or Democratic party, it's a ploy to divide you as much as possible. They're all puppets of a much sinister group of people. People like Seth Meyers and every other major Media source are just there to make sure you never see beyond your own judgemental behavior based on political affiliation. Take it from someone with no political party affiliation, you're being lied to. How else do you explain journalist ignoring major world events to talk about a tweet? They do this knowing they can play off your fears and love for drama. It's extremely silly once you wake up and see every lie that got us here by both parties involved.

  • Tim Ohail

    not for nothing, but who are those people behind him when he's claiming that they caught them? I'm talking about with the black hats, the double chins, the goofy-looking expressions

  • tamcon72

    Sen. Ron Johnson[Moron-Wisconsin] needs to have an MRI. This would provide evidence of the behind-the-barn trepanning he must have undergone as a child, rendering him barely able to read simple sentences, thus explaining his behaving like a hyper Scots Terrier every time he sees a text message.

  • Chris McPole

    Your russiastan map included Ukraine...

  • harvey sp

    seth looks like a little goblin

  • a Washington

    White House:" We stand for good family values!!"Porter accused of domestic violence of his 2 ex wivesWhite House:" FAKE NEWS!!!"

  • KingOfMadCows

    Trump is more of a great sloth.

  • Nolann Vidal

    Auto honest route freshman office meet invisible travel.

  • Jon Krueger

    10:45 Umm, You Forgot About The Car Driver! But Maybe She's Next.

  • Robert Curtin

    T Rump,The biggest Douchbag EVER.

  • CheeseReaper22

    Everytime Dotard Trump makes a stupid attempt to take down Mueller, the Republican Party gets one step closer to eating itself alive.

  • 什么他妈的

    Just get rid of him... it's an embarrassment for the whole world... and still 4 out of 10 Americans support him, unbelievable!

  • William H. Baird

    The FBI is not embarrassed The American people are, having such a poor example of a leader

  • smokeythehobo

    Fox news and trump are both FAKE NEWS!!! Cheers to the Democrats for being honest and open!!!!!!Mueller will prove to the world that trump is a liar and is in bed with the russians (which we all know to be true).

  • Ali Kiwifruit

    Are those weird people behind Trump rented?

  • Casey Heidt

    It looked like the people behind Trump during his speech had nooo idea what he was talking about. Even they knew no one caught anybody.

  • MRah

    Trump the sort of guy to try committing suicide by putting chilli powder onto paper, rolling it up and smoking it

  • Tyler Hensley

    A military parade isn't about showing other countries what we have it's about showing the people of that country how much power their leader has over them.

  • 7islander

    Our pay check are going way up... Reality..After inflation wages rose 4 cents an hour, $1.60 a week and Ryan thinks that's a fortune and should be grateful to Trump. 2 percent got a one time bonus, Not a wage increase. Walmart, AT&T, GE and Pfizer are laying off thousands of workers and Kimberly Clark said it's using it's tax cut to restructure and close 10 plants, Laying off 5000 workers. Under Trump's first 11months 254,000 fewer jobs were created than the previous 11 months. On the other hand, the 3 richest people in America saw their wealth increase by $68 billion since March.

  • Jay kahlon

    Fake hair,fake teeth,fake skin tone,fake bone spurs ,fake taxes,fake uni,fake plastic wives and daughters, fake President 💩

  • Ray Lewis

    It's amazing what people think is entertaining this is mindless crap

  • Alexis K

    'Shutdown' ..his sentences are limited. He'll repeat his words because he lacks a vocabulary of words in his brain. Watch him speak and respond to reporters everytime..LOL!

  • GoldenState

    How long before our soldiers are goose stepping.It's happening right before our eyes.

  • J Myers-Basinger

    Trump said Pelosi is a "rich woman" that lives in a "big, beautiful house"?!? He's not exactly poor, and Trump Tower is no Cabrini Green. I think the biggest, cleverest coup the GOP has pulled off is making his poor voters believe that he's one of them.

  • Flame Beats

    Please stop highlighting Ukraine in your Russia graphics. They are a separate country.

  • alpha beta

    That guy to the left of 45 in the background looks like he takes his food taster responsibilities WAY too seriously.

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