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Chris Stuckmann reviews Hereditary, starring Toni Collette, Milly Shapiro, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, Ann Dowd. Directed by Ari Aster.
  • Rita Jean Smith

    I have to agree with Chris. I also love horror movies AND I work at a haunted house so I tend to be desensitized to it a little. But this movie....this movie got me too. Got me looking in corners and running and jumping in my bed and laughing at what an idiot I am. Ari Aster is an amazing director. Bravo!

  • Wafa Rumane

    PIHU is one of the most unsettling movie i ve ever seen

  • wilber reyes

    Hmmm this movie was boring for me until the last 10 minutes

  • Damin Wise

    My God! You just perfectly articulated everything I thought and felt about this movie! I thought about it for almost 3 or 4 months after watching it. Just whenever I wasn't doing anything I found my mind just drifting back to it. It shocked me in such a way that I was absolutely enveloped by it, but couldn't watch it again for a little while. It touches on Mental Health but also something deeper... Darker. No horror movie has ever done for me what this movie did. I am changed and so is my view of what horror is. True fear it's subtle and creeping. It's the not knowing, but having a Feeling. This movie didn't scare me as much as it Disturbed me instead. It made me feel uneasy for quite some time which is so much better because you can only be afraid for so long but you can be disturbed and unsettled for years. And so I shall. Masterpiece

  • Matthew Rzepecki

    The mom looks like willem dafoe as a woman.

  • Matthew Rzepecki

    For some reason whenever I watch a horror movie and there's a little sibling or several of them who are just a little annoying, I want them to get killed first.Spoiler warning:I hated the daughter from the instance she was drawing super loudly during the wake and wanted her to die asap. She does. Wanna know how? By letting her head outside of a car window while driving to the hospital (she's allergic to nuts and accidentally ate a cake with them) and gets her head decapitated by a wooden pole on the side of the street. Thankfully she was a demon possessing that child's body and spent it's time cutting the heads off of dead birds that she found. Don't say I'm evil. She was. :/

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