North Korean athletes under 24-hour watch at Olympics

While most Olympic athletes will be mingling throughout the Games, North Korean athletes will be separate, under 24-hour watch, closely monitored wherever they go. A system of watching each other, as they do back home in the North, amid inevitable fears of defections from athletes of other members of the delegation.

  • DarkLight

    While all this happens, Russia is coming up with a new game "National Russian Olympian Roulette"

  • Ciz

    Super glad I wasn't born in such a country, must be hell

  • Jcurvs99

    And Liberals were praising Kim Jong Un sister a few days ago and trashing their own Vice Presidents. Can they ever be on the right side of even the easiest issues.

  • Kap_DP

    Why are we holding up this farce while we watch hostages perform like everything is fine. This world is sick.

  • neth

    There needs to be a drone strike on all north korean officials, and then an invasian to save their citizens

  • Miguel Villeda

    sounds like my girlfriend should work for the north korens, she's good at keeping a tab on me........shit I gotta go now it was nice being YouTube for few minutes see you guys next year.

  • Sephora Boutley

    If they leave, the N Korean government would probably murder their whole families.


    Secret agents STAY WOKE

  • Joshua Yeo

    How can we free these people T-T

  • Sebastian Gagliardi

    All of North Koreans high command needs to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

  • Iqbal Halani

    CNN=Fake news and spin !!

  • ashgidds

    I want to rescue these people

  • betterdays when

    What a joke Kim is laughing in your faces but the show must go on right? There's no place in this world for communism so what's the point?

  • FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    If they fail at the Olympics, kim will kill them anyway..

  • Dutch Plays Games

    does it really shock anyone that they would do this!

  • Nathan Tesfaye

    US is also under 24 Hour Watch But without people knowing it

  • DarkLight

    If only i was able to watch this in another news channel.

  • MrMetonicus

    I'm not sure if CNN is reporting this as a negative. They seem to admire the steps taken to prevent defection. I bet if a North Korean athlete runs to a CNN reporter, the reporter would turn them over to DPRK officials.

  • M

    Do Americans even realize that North Korea's standard practice is to hold family members hostage. If they defect their family members will disappear.

  • MEDiAgamer

    Russia isnt allowed to attend, but North Korea is? They’re a way worse country than Russia.

  • Austin Harmon

    North Korea as a whole is just a gigantic prison. No human rights or privacy.

  • Lynne Bryan

    Sounds like prisoners and not athletes

  • sophie bridgers

    Nice save after the "Kim Jong Un's sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics" CNN. You people are a disgrace to actual news.

  • Al Cd

    What a bunch paranoid lunatics.

  • Soochul Song

    i wonder if the north koreans that went to south korea and was like wtf... this place is awesome. wtf is up with our ppl

  • Sleeve Of Wizard

    It appears as though CNN is reporting on something real for a change. Just think for a second, if USA was really the moral World Police they would step in and overthrow that guy. But there's no oil over there.

  • Whyinem

    Very sad that this goes on in 2018

  • Rogue Male

    Great to see CNN focusing on the sport and goodwill generated by the olympics.

  • Daniel Ramsey

    Here is hoping there won't be a tyrannical North Korea for the next Olympics.

  • mia53095

    That moron, South Korea President, Moon needs to be get rid of. Moon is well used by Kim Jung En and he will continue to support the brutal North Korea regime . It is more important and urgent to remove Moon in S. Korean first. Otherwise, he will turn S.Korea to another communist country.

  • Bernardino Battad

    Why would they even come I thought that they hated everyone or did they just want to one up people

  • Darth KillsAll

    Desperation over athletes indicates weakness by north korea

  • GameretteWeirdo

    Are you shitting me? They should have access to do whatever the hell they want. They're in South Korea for goodness sake.I feel bad for them. Like for real.

  • Doug Ballou

    The fact they are there says a lot. Not that CNN cares about the anything while Donald Trump is in office. Darkness can not conquer darkness, only light can do that.

  • Sergiu H

    So sad. They should try to save them and not let them return to north korea

  • Edward Deal

    Freedom!? Never heard of it...

  • Elton Joel

    North Korea is the socialist paradise CNN is dreaming of.

  • AHellReign

    Stop treating them like babies ITS A COUNRTY LET IT DO WHAT IT WANTS

  • Vinil Set

    CNN doing their job: FAKE NEWS!

  • ProleCenter

    The DPRK Institute of International Studies on Jan. 30 released the "White Paper on Human Rights Violations in U.S. in 2017".According to the white paper, soon after being inaugurated as president, Trump filled the important posts of his administration with billionaires, who had "contributed" to his election campaign, and their mouthpieces.Secretary of State Tillerson, Secretary of Commerce Ross and also the secretaries of Treasury and Defense are all billionaires from conglomerates. The total assets of public servants at the level of deputy secretary and above of the current administration are worth of 14 billion US$.The anti-popular policies the Trump administration pursued openly in one year were, without exception, for the interests of a handful of the rich circles.In the U.S., where genuine freedom of the press and expression does not exist, intervention in and crackdown on the press grew more intensified over the past one year.In 2017 the cases of searching and confiscation against journalists accounted for 12 and the cases of violation against them for 11. Moreover, 19 persons in the domestic press circles and four foreign journalists were arrested or detained.Racial discrimination and misanthropy are serious maladies inherent to the social system of the U.S., and they have been aggravated since Trump took office.The racial violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12 is a typical example of the acme of the current administration's policy of racism.In the U.S. the absolute majority of the working masses, deprived of elementary rights to survival, are hovering in the abyss of nightmare.As a result, during the first week of March, 241 000 persons joined the large contingent of the unemployed; in May 9 000 public servants were fired from governmental agencies; in September the number of the unemployed increased by 33 000 as compared to that of the previous month.In particular, unemployment of young people has become a matter of serious social concern; currently the unemployment rate of young people under 25 is 7.9%, and 31% of graduates from high schools do not have proper jobs.According to what the U.S. administration made public, in 2017 the homeless numbered 554 000, about 10% increase as compared to that two years ago, and number of the poor families, living in rented rooms devoid of elementary facilities for living, is on the steady rise.The soaring school expenses are plunging the students into the hell of loans.Those who are diagnosed with a disease but cannot afford to pay their medical fees total 50 million. Flu, lung diseases and asthma cause 36 000, 40 000 and 150 000 deaths, respectively, on an annual average.On the other hand, health-hazardous disqualified products are on sale across the country, which often leads to an outbreak of infectious diseases.The U.S. is one of the world's two countries that have yet to embrace paid maternity leave.Over the past decade the proportion of American women who live below the poverty line has risen from 12.1% to 14.5%, and they usually receive 25% less salary than their male colleagues of the same post.A woman is sexually abused every 89 seconds.According to basic statistics, about 61 100 gun-related crimes took place in the U.S. last year, leaving 15 488 dead and 31 058 wounded.According to data, the number of marijuana users in the U.S. was more than 20 million, a 3% increase as compared with that a decade ago; and over 90 people lose their lives on a daily average from drug abuse.In the U.S. where crimes and evil are rampant, the number of imprisoned criminals tops 2.3 million and 70 million are ex-offenders.The U.S., "guardian of democracy" and "human rights champion", is kicking up the human rights racket but it can never camouflage its true identity as the gross violator of human rights, the white paper said.Rodong News Team

  • ashgidds

    I hope Kim Jon unn chokes to death on a hand grenade

  • lynn henkel

    This is 2018, wake up N. Korea. Let your people live .

  • Hamze galool

    CNN fake news Dumpo Trumpo......... Long life North-Korea

  • Mr. Tactical

    These people are literally hostages and we're just watching.

  • Elias J.

    Good for the DPRK! Everyone needs to mind there own business & let all these athletes regardless of where there from enjoy there moment.

  • Kyota Tsushima

    Being a North Korean person sounds hard..

  • Vermont Independent-Newsroom

    I thought this was a peace games? Peace between North and south Korea?

  • Gene I

    What a wonderful life under Kim Jong ill (in the head) 2

  • Lil Student Loan Debt

    They are treated like prisoners in NK, give them some freedom in SK.

  • Daniel Prusak

    Americans do exactly the same.

  • Joshua Long

    Yet Kim Juan Un sister is receiving praise from all the media! CNN and others have gave raving reviews of this woman and has even posted articles about her as if she was an Angel and has so much class... lmao I can’t make this stuff up. MSM are the problem with civilized worlds.. They used to be about telling the truth and exposing the corruption.. now they praise KILLERS and Beat on the president of the United States every single day.. SICK MFS!!

  • James Dillion

    And to think that the American left is lauding over NK.

  • S A

    The media glorified this nation last week; crazy.

  • Kagiso Edward

    Kim Yo Jong and her moronic evil brother are starving their people to death, sending all opposition to gulag concentration camps where the innocent are worked to death, starved to death, fed to the dogs. A big eff u to Kim Yo Jong!

  • zagashow

    yeah 24 hr watch by CIA sure . They are looking real close for any other Propaganda Opotunity against North Korea .

  • Jaco Jordaan

    They forgot to put in the part where they call Kim a Saint and Donald Satan. Lol 😂

  • mlgwaffle666

    so my country fights terrorists in the middle east but not in korea.....

  • Car los Villanueva

    what a country people are like puppets.

  • John D Rodriguez Isaac

    lol look at it thid way... They are special

  • SuperBigblue19

    Social media users lashed out at CNN on Saturday after the network published a story declaring that Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, is "stealing the show at the Winter Olympics."The article centers on North Korea's surprise decision to send Kim Yo Jong as part of its delegation to the games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the "diplomatic dance" she's performed at the Olympics thus far.But critics on Twitter took issue with CNN's story, accusing the network of glossing over North Korea and the Kim family's brutal human rights record and "whitewashing" the government's atrocities.CNN calls it "providing security " LOL what scumbags. They are being oppressed, fools. The N. Koreans don't need any security, only freedom. Clown News Network at it again.

  • Chioma Grace Ijomah

    Wow, I am proud to be a Nigerian... Freedom is Life 👌

  • Nick Naks

    This kind of reporting is off, sensationalism. Let the two korea pave their way for the peace in the peninsula, the north already gave a good gesture towards south. It's too hypocrite for the US to keep their noses at them

  • xXxGamesTearxXx

    what will they do kill them in South Korea do that and it will be war

  • Jimbo Jub

    I’m like TTJust like TT

  • 세웅 Se Woong

    We paid all of their expenses and more for their joining Pyeongchang Winter Olympic. We(and China for a different reason) gave them the oil to fly to Pyeongchang. We gave them foods and clothes as always. For that, North Korea kindly ignored hundreds of North Korean defections in Korea. Do you think we Korean want reunification that desperately? or we think they are one of us? Yes, only when the Kim's regime brought down completely. Only when after we kill him. Look at them they look just like us lol Still without demolition of communism we choose not to reunite.

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