North Korean athletes under 24-hour watch at Olympics

While most Olympic athletes will be mingling throughout the Games, North Korean athletes will be separate, under 24-hour watch, closely monitored wherever they go. A system of watching each other, as they do back home in the North, amid inevitable fears of defections from athletes of other members of the delegation.
  • Damus Ravenwood

    by punished she means publicly executed.

  • Mohd Arif Bin Ismail

    what i see in comment section literaly were just others people opinion who arent from north korean, seem just like an one sided judgemental slur.

  • Win Cent

    And North Korea calls itself Democratic and People's Republic!!!

  • bluewater454

    Who watches the guards?


    smells like western propaganda again

  • Crystal Studios

    They wouldn’t be able to do this in America

  • Pineapple

    Wow....she's so beautiful

  • Le Huy-Anh

    Saudi and Gulf Arab women are shackled with security tags and *aren't allowed*to engage with the outside world:do a story on that, hypocrites!

  • Alfa Painting

    So ?> what wrong with that.Hollywood morons did not pay for there trip!

  • triple v 101

    And people think they're such a great country

  • SKS black cat

    american propaganda ( cnn and other chanelles) making american dumb stuffing their mind with load of shit about other countries ..... americans are living in Island and having their ideas about the world from media.

  • Kuroneko

    It's just like the Handmaid's Tale.

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