Il Volo - Grande Amore (Italy) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015 Grand Final

Live performance in the Grand Final of Grande Amore by Il Volo representing Italy at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

  • LU39

    remove the Jury system

  • M

    The REAL winner of 2015. Wonderful voices! ^^

  • Inge De Vries!

    Italian is the most beautfiul language in the world

  • Naeira K

    even as a swede i think this song should had won

  • Maria Kout

    2000 people don't have a taste in music! That's terrible

  • Carina Rosner

    Italy was the best.👌 ❤🔝

  • PortugalDisneyLyrics

    I love this song and I love Italian so freaking much! This should have won that year. Ahh It's amazing that even not speaking Italian I'm able to understand 70% of what they say :) <3 Latin/Romance Languages <3

  • IL Volo Performances

    IL VOLO won the public televote (the higher public televote in ESC history) with a song fully in Italian,SO SO hard to sing and with a not commercial genre (popera).We could say Europe voted for a quality song while the jury voted for a commercial song that disappeared right after the show.After 2 years, "Grande Amore" is still used in talent shows in/out Europe and it became the backbone for popera groups.

  • falesTEEZ

    12 points from Israel ❤

  • Zoe Kouf

    Properly the best performance of all time in Eurovision.

  • Nural Huseynaliyev

    They will always be the true winner of mine <3 One of the best songs in ESC history

  • LAuren enfi

    2017 and still a favourite 🇮🇹

  • Gerasimos Kokkotas

    the biggest unfair in Eurovision,they should win easily...

  • giorgio ciaravolol

    if the new system of votes was put in 2015, italy would definitly won the contest

  • Elyssae

    eurovision doesn't deserve them

  • David Ayrapetyan

    They didn't just win the televote, they SLAYED the televote! 366 points, 80 points ahead of closest contender Russia, 286. Just a shame. I don't understand how the national juries, which are supposed to be comprised of "music professionals", can put such a beautiful song with such incredible vocals at 6th place...

  • Diego Perez Perea

    Merecían ganar. They deserved to WIN.

  • George Austin Tay

    I can't believe that the televoters chose a quality song fully in Italian but the juries voted for trashy dance music from Sweden... please make Eurovision 100% televote again

  • Amal Katalo


  • Lukas Kick

    i want to learn italian to understand what they sing

  • I M

    This is too good for eurovision

  • Dimitra Skouik

    they should have won....amazing


    Many Greek radios here in Athens play this wonderful song again and again.Who will remember Swedish song in future?How do people in Europe vote??

  • ShiningOrange

    I'm Italian and I don't like Il Volo but I think our song should have won for once :(

  • Mantas

    Who's listening to this after Portugal winning?

  • Nasia Georgakopoulou

    Performances like this one happen only one AMAZING AMAZING <3

  • Mega7thsun

    this is why this so do not need to understand Italian language.... to love their music...

  • Rena Chen

    sigh .... Italy deserved to win in 2011, 2015, and 2017. Sigh

  • Henrik Larsson

    Three handsome italian guys singing this .. yes yes yes !!

  • Mihajlo Ðorđević

    This is sooo better then Sweden! Europe on drugs!

  • LF FL

    Italy is a superlative country with lots of beauty. They make unbelievable good food, unbelievable beautiful supercars, have unbelievable nice women, nice people, nice mode, unbelievable history all over epochs, unbelievable nice citys and nice culture. So unbelievable musicians and music too. What a Country! What a band! Wish you lots of luck.

  • Ain

    Did any Hetalian think of Seborga, Veneziano and Romano singing this song together?

  • Abdullah Akyıldız

    İtaly Should've Won😔

  • Evgenia Pap

    The best song ever in Eurovision song contest..ITALIA AMORE ❤

  • Adriana C

    I will never get over the fact that they didn't win 😭

  • Helina Arena

    Debieron de haber ganado😍 Vaya voces❤

  • Pierluigi M.

    They are like Hillary Clinton. They won the popular vote but they lost the contest

  • Niki91-HR

    One of the best songs ever :) Not only in Eurovision but in general :D

  • Desi Esc

    These 3 men are wayyyyyy too good for Eurovision.

  • Maria Pal

    Thank you Italy for participating in eurovision................. kisses from Greece!

  • Γιώργος παπ

    Italy was the real winner in Esc 2015!and I believe this song is one foe the most amazing songs in Esc! I hope italy win one of these years! I love italy and the people there , I have come there many times!congratulations from Greece ♡ keep on and wish you the best!

  • divinavis elf

    Best eurovision song ever for me. Viva Italia. Love from Greece <3

  • Aresinia

    Italy won the televoting but the juries' votes dropped them to the 3rd place. A year has passed but it still pisses me off :D

  • Maria

    This is real music, Il Volo make my heart sing!

  • Edinson Cavani

    Francesco gabbani will take revenge!!

  • Elena S

    Still watching this performance, still listening this amazing song.... Thank you (from Russia)

  • Arc 1


  • Anna Munari

    After the results of 2017 ESC I've understand why Il Volo didn't win. Lake of music taste in Europe. Peace.

  • Nicole

    Eurovision doesn't deserve Italy's entries.

  • Aaron

    The most incredible performance in Eurovision, the real winners!

  • EXO Matvik

    Dopo più di un anno sono ancora sorpreso che la canzone non abbia vinto. Sempre di più mi chiedo, ma perché in questa competizione schifosa la giuria deve scegliere il vincitore. Migliaia di persone in più hanno votato questa rispetto Alla Svezia. Ma alla fine al ESC conveniva, in Svezia sono così bravi, così ordinati, così determinati a organizzare la competizione. Una vergogna, una vera e propria vergogna. Come la Russia nel 2016, meritavano loro ma alla fine ha vinto l'Ucraina, Questa competizione andrebbe rifatta da capo. Speriamo che per quest'anno vinca una nazione dominante del televoto, altrimenti smetterò di vedere la competizione

  • MJ Altos

    I got chills all over me..

  • seemly83 Cipriani

    Waiting for Gabbani's revenge !

  • Marije Roozekrans

    They totally should've won, what a sound!

  • RedStone 2:16

    7 months later and jury's robbery still makes me sick

  • Pireas Piraeus

    The biggest robbery in Eurovision history !!

  • ♥ profεssioηαl fαηgirl ♥

    Italy is robbed. R O B B E D

  • Manuel Bonilla

    People was really blinded by Sweden´s mapping

  • Krosmur

    Honestly i think this is the best song of Eurovision history , this is pure good music

  • Umut Ulaş Dursun

    This song deserved to win. Greetings from turkey

  • L!na StiFf

    I'm from 2017 and I hope that Italy will win this year

  • Anna Efimkina


  • Nguyệt Huỳnh

    2015: Should have won2016: Should have been in top 102017: Should have won or at least in top 5Why !!! Why Europe ? Italy has been so underrated :((((

  • Mkhitaryan's Girlfriend

    Italy Should send these guys for every year :D ❤️

  • Omul Fara identitate

    Best song of the eurovision history! It s disappointing that it hasn t won!Greetings from Romania❤

  • Jelena C.

    this is so beautiful wow, the most beautiful language in the world. greetings from Serbia

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