Il Volo - Grande Amore (Italy) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015 Grand Final

Live performance in the Grand Final of Grande Amore by Il Volo representing Italy at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest
  • Sofia

    2019, still mad they were robbed

  • ESC Kosovo

    They are back again in 2019

  • Alex Fernandez Voroneanu

    i don't like this song. Is bored

  • kosmas talasidis

    It's good but why there are Greek statues? 🤔

  • Erin Uy

    Il Volo's in the Festival di Sanremo 2019! THERE MAY STILL BE HOPE!!! Now we PRAY that Italians vote for them again. Because can anyone imagine how EPIC the intro would be for Italy in ESC 2019, if Italy chose to send these three beautiful men to represent them again? (AND HOPEFULLY WIN THIS TIME!!!)Edit: also, ESC '19 is most likely going to be in May, so I'm banking on the possibility they're not on tour somewhere, or they'd have to rearrange their tour schedule to accommodate this... I mean how well-accepted were they when they went in 2015? A LOT of people went nuts when they lost the contest (but slayed the year's televote)...

  • Einfach Besser

    It was THE BEST Eurovision song ever!!!!!!!

  • hose maria

    I’m still salty over this injustice....... anyone here in 2019?

  • Abrahán Sáez Sánchez

    Buenas voces buen tema,cantada en italiano,sin duda la mejor del festival.

  • L' Arte della Crescita Personale

    Chi la sta ascoltando nel 2019?

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