How Fox News Reacted After Sean Hannity Revealed as Michael Cohen’s Mystery Client

Before a Monday hearing, Donald Trump adviser/lawyer Michael Cohen's lawyers indicated that Cohen had three clients in 2017: Trump, Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy, and a mystery third person who wished to remain anonymous. When it was revealed that the third client was Sean Hannity, this is how Fox News reacted live.
  • Mike Perkins

    Abominable administration.

  • John Here

    Now that this Cohen is about to enter his cell for 3 years.... Who is still there to say it was fake news? And that trump only gets the bests?Look at all the indictments and guilty pleas around him... You can't deny that. Not mentioning all the investigations pending. Watch the SDNY... You have been tricked by DT all the way!

  • JB

    Imagine that, a Fake News host tied to a dirty lawyer.

  • David Howard

    And Hannity survives. The Fox network covers it up and the rest of the "mainstream" media are too gutless to do anything.

  • Rob Dim

    Lock the traitors up!

  • Pohai Abihai

    Ha , Ha , Sean Hannity will keep kissing ass for thrumpturds , and see how this ends

  • Russ

    Poop. 🍊 poop. 💩. Orange 💩.

  • A Will

    They never show tuckers reaction it was priceless!

  • Nicki nurse

    Fax news is BS propaganda & anyone who works here should be forever shunned by real journalism

  • roberto Amador

    Oh hannity disgrace. They coming for you. Karma is a bicth.

  • Marcus Edward

    Common Sean, how many 9f them did you pay off. Are they prom star, play mate or someone in your industry.

  • zombie wire

    Hannity is up Trump rump...Love to see him go to prison.

  • David A

    Shepard Smith is a silly, sick snowflake: Shepard Smith is a huge hypocrite. He is droning on now (January 17, 2019) about how the government shutdown is Trump's fault. Then on a following segment he is covering the El Chapo trial and THE FACT that El Chapo paid the mexican president (Nieto) ONE HUNDRED MILLION dollars to keep his drug and human trafficking businesses open and free to operate!!! And this douche bag Shepard Smith is not in favor of better border security? SHEPARD IS PLAYING TO HIS BASE OF retarded, anti American, illegal immigrants and otherwise very low IQ idiots, that I presume FOX wants to add to their "fair and balanced news"?.. Maybe a balance between ignorant a holes and thinking people?

  • theartisthasarrived

    sean hannity...sean calamity

  • Rocky Olsen

    What we knowNon Bias take. Cohen has had only three clients in the past years. One being Trump, ( Stormy Daniels). Two being Elliot Broidy RNC finance chairman ( Shera Bechard) Third Sean Hanity (. ??).

  • Claude Williams

    The real first lady of America incestuous insanity homo hannity is a punkass white supremacist asshole PERIOD

  • Nicki nurse

    sort of? What news station says this when reporting a fact?

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