How Fox News Reacted After Sean Hannity Revealed as Michael Cohen’s Mystery Client

Before a Monday hearing, Donald Trump adviser/lawyer Michael Cohen's lawyers indicated that Cohen had three clients in 2017: Trump, Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy, and a mystery third person who wished to remain anonymous. When it was revealed that the third client was Sean Hannity, this is how Fox News reacted live.
  • Newland de Winter

    Another "nothingburger": what does the fact that Hannity was a client of Cohen, have to do with anything else? It certainly is not exculpatory evidence for the Stormy Daniels circus, or anything related to the President. Looks like a lot of smoke up a skirt to distract the public from a real issue.

  • Wo0dy Woodstock

    @SSWon't the Great Shawn talk to you? He talks to a lot of other Bozo's.Make America Sane Again!!!Indict, Impeach & we'll Vote.Wo0dy

  • Robert Cerney

    Shep needs his fudge packed.

  • great outdoors

    We all know Hannity is as big a criminal as pervert Trump

  • Jerimiah Mervyn

    Conservatives are so woke we could never be played. We know that anything they don't agree with is evil and whoever is disagreeing with them is an evil fascist commie socialist! Trump is MAGA by taking your tax money involintarily and spending it on arming places like Saudi Arabia that fund ISIS, and using the perpetual created boogey man of terrorism to increase military spending. That's the good kind of Socialism! Not that evil Leninist socialist shit of taking care of our own people! AMERICA FIRST! MAGA!! GO TRUMP!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🖕😲🖕

  • Adam

    White people problems

  • Gene Canoy

    Unfortunately, we all knew that Sean Insanity Hannity is a scum Trump licker! What's new...

  • Triggered Becky28

    "He stood up and named him as ...wait for it.....wait for it...wait for it....🥁roll please... 💣SEAN HANNITY💣 Bah ha ha hahahahahahahaha"Moving right along"...No Bitch stay right here...This just gave me life.🤣🤣🤣

  • John Williams

    Shepard Smith is an alleged male Megyn Kelly.

  • Stratos H D

    Cohen indictment and all the dirt that he know will bring down Spanky Spurs, Hannity and all this crap.

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