Florida school shooting suspect appears in court

Nikolas Cruz, the suspect in the school shooting in Florida, is being held without bond following his first court appearance.

  • Sarah W. Fox

    I honestly hope that they remain in jail the rest of their life for taking the life of 17 people and forever changing the lives of all of the students and staff at that school, as well as their family and friends. Monsters like this should not walk free on this earth.

  • Steve Lion

    Cuddling with a killer how cute. Must be satan's wife

  • Marnes Mum

    His lawyer is pissing me off - putting her arm around him to support him - fk him, he cowardly killed 17 kids.

  • abdi

    how can you defend him?

  • Ramin Outdoors

    I really wish they don’t execute him, because if they do it would take less than 5 minutes to do, I would rather he get raped and sit in prison for seventy years, Day after day.

  • Darkalan YT

    Why would you kill 17 people... They had a lot of time to live being 14 and 15 years old. He should get a death sentence


    if I were a brother of one of the kids that died I would wait and find out witch prison he's going to end up at and go commit a minor crime and file down a spork and kill him.

  • Slappy McSlapnuts

    Wow mass murder is really trending this decade

  • Jonathan Vazquez

    This is just another case that will be forgotten in 2 months, and the government will cease to do anything about gun laws.

  • Itz Renox

    Patty mayo gonna get this dude

  • Andrew Aldrich

    Public execution, douse him in gasoline and light him on fire.

  • Makaveli ThaDon

    Give him the heaviest and most slippery soap

  • elias

    I'll beat the shit outta him

  • the man

    why dont we just all take part in slowly torturing him? like the good old days in the 1600s

  • Lathen Blissit

    He deserves the death penalty if you kill over 3 people automatic death penalty

  • Keylani Styles

    If this was a Black man, he would've definitely not have made it out of there alive.

  • Gods Gift

    what’s do you do with a violent dog ? You put him down. What do you do with a violent human? You give him 3 meals a day in a prison like San Quentin with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge free dental free medical t.v cell phone and all the other perks that the prisoners get through paying off the guards

  • Chris Chastain

    It's terrible yes, but I highly doubt gun control would do anything to prevent this.

  • Niko Kovanen

    Thanks God i live in Sweden and not in crazy USA

  • John Hancock

    He's going to get raped in jail. They're not even going to wait for him to drop the soap, they're going to smack the soap out of his hand!

  • Jayden YL

    He was a trump supporter

  • vector6977

    Maybe its time to protect our kids better than we protect our paper currency.

  • Leaked Videos

    He has a couple missing chromosomes, like if you get it

  • D RD

    The people in the comments is the ones I wish were killed

  • Dem Morales

    He should be decapitated on t.v. to set an example to anybody who wishes to commit future terrorist attacks.

  • petro062

    It's our own people shooting us. Not the outsiders. Wake up. What more can we say?

  • The Tru Way

    Will he get the Death Penalty?

  • Sans Skeleton

    I could talk to him and calm him down and tell him to never do it again buuuuuutttI’m in Australia

  • Dan BAKLAN

    Better run better run outrun my gun.....

  • Rishudun1337

    Nikolas is innocent, he was sick. It is the government's fault who allows guns to be sold to sick people.

  • tigergreg8

    Seeing the Lawyer with her arm around his back pissed me off. It looks too much like she's consoling him and it makes me sick. He stands there with his head held low, but he sure as hell didn't hold his head low when he was murdering all those kids.

  • Kit Raphael9X

    He should not be executed but be forgived, what does execution going to do to help anyway. You say kill him for the safety of others then youre selfish af smh

  • Jimmy Leo

    this killer is white like milk...he is caucasian...he is an Americano killer...send this white trash to jail

  • كيبوبية Kpop

    Will become as famous as Justin Bieber 🤔

  • JCSAnimations

    Just waiting for the guns in a gun store to hop up, steal a car, and start shooting people. Remember kids, guns kill people. You should click on read more. EDIT: I cannot believe almost all of you actually thought that I think guns kill people. Only a few of you realized that it's sarcasm and I understand that guns DO NOT kill people.ANOTHER EDIT: I give up.

  • OverTheRainbow

    I hope he rots in hell.

  • Jonathan Johnson

    Grand Theft Auto Generations with steady supply of porn on tap. Wonder why this is going on... common sense has left

  • Jamie Jobs

    I feel so sorry for this guy. He was obviously just reaching out for attention and help and they force him into court with no bail like an animal, I hope he's doing ok

  • steve var

    Most likely this is yet ANOTHER fake event pulled off by the homos in the CIA and FBI

  • Batya Wolfe

    He should be known only as "the shooter" and his face should be blurred. We should not make murderers into celebrities.

  • Superb Gemini

    The guy in the green shirt stares at him through the entire video. He must really want to hurt him

  • Teddy Bass

    Throw him of a building blind folded.

  • Zico Amukwaya

    White boys play GTA 5 too much

  • Katie Garland

    I can't wait for him to die.

  • EnlightenedLotus

    Death is easy...prison is hard

  • Flying Irishman

    I say Death by Firing squad. He shot to death innocent people and i believe the only form of justice suitable for this crime is Execution by firearm. Live by the gun die by the gun motherfucker

  • Lahno

    if he was black he would've been shot by police right then and there...

  • lily bondarenko

    When will people wake up!!! Children growing up in broken homes playing down right demonic game whatch all kinds of filth and dirt, and you expect them to be humble angels!?? Oh yeah guns are the problem???? You take guns away he still would do something crazy like burn the place down and yes there are plenty of cases of that.

  • killeranthony 11

    Lmao now the fbi gonna be looking at all the comments on YouTube

  • Peter Sierra

    Ah.. he’s just a kid..

  • Lochmantay

    How could you even be the defence attorney to him, absolute idiot.

  • Mary

    There’s one question I have to ask; Why kill innocent people? Just imagine they woke up prepared for school happy that they’ll be back home well and alive then all of a sudden mother, father or their siblings gets a call that your loved one is not alive. This world is really getting bizarre every single day. You can’t trust people at all. People walking around yet their hearts and mind have some insidious agenda.😕

  • steve var

    I honestly don't know but would bet if researched ,we all would find that CNN is yet ANOTHER deceitful kike owned news station

  • OwPe

    how was the defense attorney patting/rubbing his back!?!?!?EDIT:Thank you for your input everyone and likes. My standpoint stays the same, its her decision to do that and i feel like it was really inappropriate. After all, if it was me he would get a beating!

  • Adrian dargence

    make america hate again

  • Brian Lib

    I would put him in a insane asylum

  • Barry Soetoro

    Nikolas Cruz is a patsy who was tricked into participating in a 'drill' which went live. This is standard M.O. for these NATO sponsored operations. The same is happening in Europe.

  • markmarkmark

    This man is a terrorist.

  • crunk4124

    nah let him live. i want prisoners to take care of him

  • Zilch

    The shooter was Hispanic, not white, so you annoying SJWs can stop with your racebaiting agenda.

  • Dman Boarding

    There should be a special punishment for mass shooters if caught - years of torture

  • JR N

    The 23 billions wall wasn't supposed to save us ? I thought it was the answer to all our problems?

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