Florida school shooting suspect appears in court

Nikolas Cruz, the suspect in the school shooting in Florida, is being held without bond following his first court appearance.
  • Clifster

    school shooting happend the day after my birthday

  • Madern Omden

    The people in this bullshit comment section are so stupid that they'll probably become school shooters themselves. Just wait and see...

  • Ciara Henderson

    See Nick's faimly could still see him untill he dies but the children who died, their family could NEVER see then again ...rip

  • Wallace Bell

    People kill lots of people if they have a loaded gun! No gun, no shooting!!! End of story!!!

  • Asad Abdulahi

    No point off having a lawyer you know your getting a life sentence or death

  • Fried Rice

    I hope he fucking burns in hell

  • Emmanuel Rego

    America is a fucked state. People blame Cruz’s so called “mental issues” for him killing the students. If not the so called issues, then it’s the fact that he bought a semi auto “military” rifle to kill innocent kids. People these days are too soon to judge, always finding some sort of scapegoat to blame for something. Fact of the matter is that people fail to mention the fact that perhaps these school shooters have gone through some trauma that may still haunt them (ie bullying). You can say that they could have gotten help, but that won’t do jack shit in today’s world. America’s gotta fix their education system before they “ban firearms”.

  • Cherry

    I think it’s stupid how people say “how can that lawyer defend him”. It’s just there job the Miranda rights say “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO AN ATTORNEY . IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD ONE, ONE WILL BE APPOINTED TO YOU BY THE COURT.” the lawyers don’t have to agree with them they can think they are the most evil person in the world but they have to defend him it’s just there job. Like Ted bundy(one if not the most evil serial killer in American history) his lawyer said “Ted was the only person in my 40 years of being a lawyer that I would say that he was absolutely born evil,”

  • PopCorny Mccain

    #FreeNikolasCruz Maybe he was setup

  • GangsterFury

    non of you understand the kid he was probably going through every hell of day getting bullied besides they should help him not death penalty its just wrong.

  • Cube Moment

    ignorance and violence go hand in hand.

  • Tony P

    Was that worth it do you feel good now, I know you might get bullied but violent won’t make anything better

  • Anonymou5_20 Gaming

    I wanna see like camera footage of hime

  • Roberto Moreno

    Hes a good guy, he was just killing pieces of shit known as people

  • Stacey Victoria

    Jeez all these people being mean to him it’s not his fault it’s because of how he was raised yes he made a very bad decision but still I’m not gonna lie I do feel kinda bad for him

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