Godzilla (2014) RE-Review

2 years later, I give more detailed thoughts to Legendary's GODZILLA (2014). How does it hold up?
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  • TwOne

    this film already potrays godzilla as earth/human defender,

  • Aura Wolf

    I love your version better than the actual film we got. Also the sequel was such an improvement.

  • RoninNZ

    I liked your version of the movie.

  • BagelBramble

    "Does any franchise now keep their theme anymore?"Literally the biggest franchise out thereBut in all seriousness, nice review, I personally love the movie

  • BagelBramble

    The Halo jump scene is like half an hour or more after the boy is rejoined with his family

  • Sgtnolisten

    Anyone have the original review? Can’t find it on youtube

  • Thomas Babilon

    " Godzilla " 2014 / Rated PG-13 / 123 Mins. / B +

  • jordan smith

    I did you feel about Godzilla KOTM

  • Nathan Gonzalez

    Biggest mistake of the monsterverse. Killing off Brian Cranston.

  • wyatt hatch

    That really was a criminal waste of Bryan Cranston

  • FreshRot

    I totally agree, if Bryan Cranston's character had lived, this movie woulda been great! All the other changes would only help at that point XD Growing up I watched a ton of the Toho ones and while I agreed the Tristar version wasn't as good, I still always liked it and way more than this one. Defly odd they all have to take the Alien egg infestation route, but I thought the line of baby zilla toys the Tristar version spawned were nice. Would they put that in the movie only for the merchandising? Possibly... yet of everything I have collected, I still wish I had a bunch of the different colored ones of those!

  • Sgtnolisten

    One thing I did notice about Godzilla in this one, it didn’t feel like he had a personality. Everyone was propping him up to be “Earth’s Great Balancer” but to me he just felt like an attack drone “Earth” directed at problems.King of the Monsters though? Bloody hell, he deserved the title of King.


    How the hell is his mouth like jurassic park. It's totally different.

  • lachazaroony

    Godzilla is one of those things Hollywood just cant get right. I tried watching this movie 3 times and i turned it off before it was done each time.

  • K4yr4h

    atomic bombs. thats so prefukushima

  • ShortStuff

    You're telling me you dodnt watch breaking bad ?

  • tomahawk238

    They need to let Zach Snyder direct a Godzilla movie

  • Cyrus The Great

    When is he gonna do a re review of Godzilla KOTM? Because i really didn't like their review of the movie.

  • CrabZilla

    Godzilla's movies are always controversial especially if it's not made from Toho this is what makes everything so challenging but I think they should have more Melee fight with the monsters because this is what Godzilla movies are trully about too much human interactions and trying to make it to scientifically plausible makes it not a true Godzilla movie it's all about the Melee and the reason why they call this monster Godzilla because of his hidden powers...

  • Daniel Fleury

    It's a call of duty seek and destroy mission with glimpses of monsters in the back ground.

  • deadp00l gg

    Bro you need to chill brah they focus on the humans so you no what's gonna happen or what's happening it was supposed to be more realistic so I think it was appropriate to focus on the humans you focus on the monsters to much your gonna think it doesn't make sense because you need to know what the humans are doing


    This movie is more realistic. People just can't accept that

  • Jason Harrington

    OK I don't care that this makes me a Godzilla ignoramus who isn't a true fan: give me halfway decent CGI over a FUCKING RUBBER SUIT any day. Which one is more going to remind me that this is just a silly movie: slightly bad multimillion dollar CGI effects, OR A GUY STOMPING AROUND IN A FUCKING RUBBER SUIT ON-SCREEN. Actually, I'd like to take this time to apologize to all the younger people out there-- people in their teens and 20s. I'm closer to 40, like James here. I apologize on behalf of all the upper 30's and up people who always go around complaining about CGI and pining for animatronic special effects and people in rubber suits. My fellow older people are wrong, younger people, and you are right: fuck goddamned animatronics and rubber suits. OK? Multimillion dollar CGI is almost always better than rubber fucking suits

  • Terry Bourg

    Ultimitly It was a crap movie

  • Fragadelic

    Problem is they're treating these movies like horror/monster movies rather than kaiju/calamity/monster movies. They don't know the difference.Godzilla's not the kind of monster than sneaks up behind you, says "boo" then scurries off. But they're treating him that way.

  • iakona23

    The 1998 Roland Emmerich Godzilla film was more entertaining than the 2014 Gareth Edwards film. It’s just that Godzilla and the little baby raptors seem like they escaped from a Jurassic Park film.

  • Matt the Critic

    The MUTOs always reminded me of the monster Godzilla fought in "Godzilla 2000"


    I really love this film because it tries something new. People hated the tri star and this movie because it's different. But they fucking love shin godzilla for it. I think it's better that it's dark (even tho me and most people can see it just fine) I dont think it would be good if you had your dark and cinematic movie have s shit tone of color. That's like having the terminator but he's pink.

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