2018 Winter Olympics Recap Day 1 I Part 2 I NBC Sports

Take a look back at some of the biggest moments from PyeongChang on Saturday, including Lim Hyo-Jun winning gold for South Korea in short track, the start of women's hockey, ski jumping and more!

  • Eastsidedirtykid

    Oh yea well I successfully grabbed my phone with my toes and DIDNT DROP IT.

  • YoSneeze

    is there a 44,449th viewer medal? :D

  • Zach Shult

    A whole piece on this miraculous team coming togetherOh btw they got spanked 0-8 soooo

  • ED

    356th, yes I'm from the future

  • Natalie Marie

    These people are amazing and have talent! I can not even go down a drive way with out being worried to slip and fall on the ground. :P

  • 교회새로운

    NBC needs to apologize totally wrong comments on Korea history in Opening ceremony. I am so disappointed as Korean.

  • Lois Loon

    Worst coverage ever. Loved the Korean-Swiss women's hockey game. It was like a bad high school team beating a bad junior high team. So glad they showed the whole thing. NBC sports is even worse than its News.

  • Drew B

    Winter Olympics >>> Summer Olympics

  • Nathaniel Petricca

    Damn that girl got some White teeth

  • Bergen Pohl

    “Respectable 18th place” uhhuhhhh

  • iMenschikow

    The country with the most guns in the world is not able to win a medal in Biathlon. xD

  • Chris Tso

    Who adds players to a team with no practice? That asking for a loss.

  • Shep Leonard

    I've got an idea that would make the Olympics on NBC a hundred times better how about it NBC tells the commentators to shut up and let everyone just watch and enjoy the Olympics. We are so tired of hearing non-stop Chit Chat that has nothing to do with what's going on at the time. Like the luge the whole time they're talking about how you can tell the difference and each Riders set up by the sound it makes going across the ice but they never shut up long enough for you to actually hear that. It's gotten so bad everyone I know says they just turn it on to mute so that they don't have to hear the senseless commentator babbling.

  • cleosmom7

    I think you should show the medal ceremonies no matter who won the gold. We want to see these gets get their dreams!

  • Bob Risse

    Kind of shocking we can't win a GUN event.

  • FieryImmortal

    When there’s people half the world away skating like it’s their second nature and your trying your best to stand on the ice without falling

  • Sea Cool

    Really Americans have never won a medal in a sport involving shooting? No way...

  • Anonymous Australian Brony From the UK

    I missed the beginning on TV, thanks for these videos.

  • ervin otankis

    Tho I’m sorry just let it go out to you get your email please send us the text please call thanks for coming today I know you’re going in and out of here and you want me a early y

  • Kingston Ofori

    Ma’am Biney should’ve represented Ghana that’s where she’s from

  • Nick Roosevelt

    In case anyone is reading this, what I want is not talking heads or slo mo. I want just actual speed highlights. And please call them highlights so that I can search for them.

  • Scott Doppelfeld

    I love watching the winter games because the US doesn't dominate a lot of events and its much more competitive.

  • The Pretentious V.D.

    So basically everyone’s kicking our ass this time around

  • Michael

    All set to watch then who appears...Katie Liar Liar pants on fire Curic....that blew it for me guess I’ll have to record and fast forward thru that wenchs’ fakery. Damn!

  • LunarX

    Disliking every NBC video regarding the Olympics due to their terrible quality for providing the service.

  • Yondaime Minatozaki

    Some of these sports are weird af

  • Haka Lau

    I guess winning wasn't a priority for the Korean team.

  • David Badia

    Oo she messed up a bit. She definitely said something she wasn't supposed to

  • Patrick Strackman

    I read about biney at school

  • Valentina Queen of the Valkyries

    If N Koreans want to defect.. this would be the time!!

  • D Rock

    Those women in those tights makes me achtereekte

  • Trini steamusic


  • Louis palko

    21st..... why... why did I even bother typing this comment

  • Christopher Green

    Wheew Julie Donaldson is super hard on the eyes wow what is going on with her face. NBC Sports should really employ American Korean for they're Olympic coverage instead of this lady. For a couple reasons.

  • Puppy강아지



    pause at 1:25 and thank me all day long

  • wizbs910

    It was horribly inappropriate comments that NBC's Joshua cooper Ramon mentioned about Colonizated Korea by Empire of Japan during 1910-1945 His words are hurting so many Koeans still. He must apologize.

  • Erica D'Ascenzo

    Dear NBC: Give them a freaking chance to BREATHE when they're done with their event! My goodness it's so disrespectful.

  • P Con

    Well it is becoming clear that South Korea is the number one country in the world

  • Jonathan Zhao

    the bronze medal guy's name though... 0:31

  • Patrick Demers

    Semen with that bronze

  • Bob Risse

    Isn't that amazing how two diametrically opposed societies can function.

  • Peter Bryant

    Ooooooh! Julie Donaldson! Va va voom!!

  • Alan S

    Russian athletes under the OAR name. That's gotta really piss off the Democrats in America. How dare the Olympics slight their comrades from Russia

  • hyeok ahn

    Do not watch Pyungyang Olympic

  • billy kobilca

    Nbc sucks.... terrible. Show the OPENING CEREMONY FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T HAVE THE opportunity to tune in at 8..or can't afford your extortionate fee to watch.

  • Bama Blacc


  • Bennett Koh

    Is it just me or did she burp at 0:50???

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