2018 Winter Olympics Recap Day 1 I Part 2 I NBC Sports

Take a look back at some of the biggest moments from PyeongChang on Saturday, including Lim Hyo-Jun winning gold for South Korea in short track, the start of women's hockey, ski jumping and more!
  • Jonathan Zhao

    the bronze medal guy's name though... 0:31

  • Bob Risse

    Kind of shocking we can't win a GUN event.

  • Valentina Queen of the Valkyries

    If N Koreans want to defect.. this would be the time!!

  • Bob Risse

    Isn't that amazing how two diametrically opposed societies can function.

  • Jimmy Alexzander

    Look at all them steroids users :D

  • D Rock

    Those women in those tights makes me achtereekte

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