'Fox & Friends' Couldn't Get Trump Off The Phone

The three couch-hosts of 'Fox & Friends' couldn't get a word in during the President's half-hour filibuster on live television.

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  • Kathy Vogel

    Trump doesn’t have money. Putin gives him loans. Now he’s pissed. Which is why he’s president to disrupt our country. There has been corruption including the Republican Party.

  • pedro baez

    At first,I had high Hope's for Colbert, then I realized that he,Colbert, is subservient to the Jew,that owns and runs,Show"Business",or, "SHOA" business, Seth,Jimmyand all the other layers night host are owned and controlled by Jew ownership of the networks,and are safe,along as they don't go against the PARTY LINE"THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION",

  • Thai Fried Banana

    6:11-8:00 😂🤣😂🤭 I almost laughed my head off at 01:29am in a room with my roommate 😂

  • Descent Doctor

    Trevor Noah is amazing

  • carrotjuse

    What a clueless idiot!

  • HEK 293

    A thirty minute rant? What? That's insane!

  • Here to help

    ______Colbert makes more money than any other douche bag acting like a douche bag. He makes a very good douche bag....gotta admit.

  • Caroline Morphis

    Narcissism oh god what the hell is wrong with the people in the us

  • R.N V.H

    He also tried that line to melania.. No Go. 🤪 He got his wife a card. Lordt.

  • jessica M

    You think Micheal is a business man ? Hahah...takes a sip of soda after how many time he says the word businessWhy is he yelling,hahah

  • Robert Taylor

    What a world class ass...Obama had a recession and all of Congress and The House AGAINST him..and he accomplished a Great deal.and made the Economy great again...tRump had a Cake walk...a Great economy and had The House for 2 1/2 years and has Messed it all up..and is about to ruin America...

  • cocosongo1

    That’s not a phony cloud..that’s your hair...🤣😁🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣 that’s a killer joke

  • Mattathias Macabees

    Drunk on the filth of his own bathwater...

  • Steven Farina

    My seven year grandchild speaks more intelligently than this business, business, business _ _ _ hole.

  • Hei Sann

    The guy on the right got us all 4:56

  • Jamie Reeves

    Trump's performance as President is definitely an F!

  • Kate Brooks

    This is great, I feel like a Cheshire cat that is just waiting for the orange mouse..

  • Miss Tee

    And there are still people who tell us he's the biggest and makes America big again. The next president has a lot to do to clean up the garbage he's leaving behind.

  • C Gee

    Hey Don, is Mike in business?

  • Lincoln Ward

    Unikitty voice: "business business business!"

  • Richard Dastrup

    Poor little Colbert only dreams of being a news anchor. He knows nouthing about.

  • Maranda Gillespie

    He's in business that involves buisness.

  • Maiya Coles

    Fox and friends Is Trumps counselor/therapist

  • SektundSchnee

    “Allegedly your hair...”

  • Ciaera Edwards

    Somebody please call the ambulance I think I'm gonna fall into an alcoholic coma for taking too many shots when Trump and Colbert saying the word business.

  • Aaron Lovell

    In the future,..... in 2021, the network will call in Colbert. And say, your stick is old, we have to let you go. Fast forward 2030,..... Colbert on the street corner,.... I WAS RIGHT,.... well maybe so, but where are you now?????

  • HaibTshajHaib

    He's as dumb as rock!

  • Chris Winkler

    The secret ingredient is changing the subject. Love it!

  • diane whalen

    Curvey Couchlings love that.

  • Quinton Neal

    Him talking about business reminds me of the unicorn cat thing from the first LEGO movie talking about business XD

  • BLADE kano

    Does anybody even still watch this show?

  • Jody Grove

    Poor little Donnie is soooo insecure it is scary. He overcompensates with blaming others ,and or, keeps on and on until he assumes other people will believe his ridiculousness. Repeating the same old shit does not make it so

  • HEK 293

    45 sounds like a mad raging lunatic.

  • rogerio maria

    Trump and his friends still free to ... !.. Epstein Rings a🛎 ? It’s allwhite

  • Chris Bading

    With Trump's experience over the years on corruption I'm sure he would know it when he saw it.

  • Marquitta Dambazau

    Why do the fox and friends smiles look so fake?

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