'Fox & Friends' Couldn't Get Trump Off The Phone

The three couch-hosts of 'Fox & Friends' couldn't get a word in during the President's half-hour filibuster on live television.

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  • Angela Nimmer

    45 Is so ignorant please don't compare all Americans to it

  • Jef puckett

    Would love to hear their comments.

  • rogerio maria

    Trump and his friends still free to ... !.. Epstein Rings a🛎 ? It’s allwhite

  • Kate Brooks

    This is great, I feel like a Cheshire cat that is just waiting for the orange mouse..

  • Dave Pereira

    Fox news at that moment wished obama was president hahaha

  • Matthew Davies

    Business business business business business business

  • Stephanie Ellison

    Fox and Friends. SMFH. The two men and woman, their facial expressions. WTH was that...?? ...??(looking at my phone) I'm flying out of the country in 28 hours. United Airlines, can I change my flight to UA455, which departs at 6 30 in 3 hours and 15 minutes??

  • Miguel Leonardo

    I'm addicted to Colbert making fun of Donald Golf. He is such a make fun of person.

  • carrotjuse

    What a clueless idiot!

  • Uaine Diabhal

    My God, did someone secretly change his Rx dosage?

  • Salem Fathi

    Trump is the biggest joke of this century

  • Procyon amorim

    how would homer simpson feel knowing b cosby is a rapist... kkk

  • Just Human

    This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that dumpf was born in a gutter and has sewage in his veins.

  • Here to help

    ______Colbert makes more money than any other douche bag acting like a douche bag. He makes a very good douche bag....gotta admit.

  • Plum Bird

    Trevor Noah was funnier.

  • Jamie Reeves

    Trump's performance as President is definitely an F!

  • Kvyn Gmbyr

    Poor Bill; Just a scapegoat for all the Assho's that get away with it

  • ismybusiness

    He said business so many times... it just lost all meanig

  • Aaron

    man... coming back to see this now is... odd.

  • Just Human

    To people who voted for this stain on American history, I hope you are happy. You have ruined this country for generations to come.

  • SektundSchnee

    “Allegedly your hair...”

  • Aerin Punch

    Trump in this phone call is like meeting up with a friend you have not seen in a long time and they have WAY TOO MUCH to bitch about

  • Hei Sann

    The guy on the right got us all 4:56

  • NVR Game Play

    Plot twist: aliens put retardedness in Donald trump's food to secure earth's destruction.🙏🏼hoping for a Hollywood movie for this one😆

  • cory ce

    Making sound with the ole facehole... Can't stop laughing

  • canadmexi

    "He has more businesses than President Business!"

  • Adetunde Babs’s

    Legally he should be committed for not even bothering to get his cow of a wife a damn birthday gift, but also be committed for his shenanigans and bull crap.

  • Procyon amorim

    jon batiste's face always looks fried... maybe he smokes everyday... or maybe he sniffs cokaine... hahahhahaaahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Marvelous Meh

    I think they deleted that interview. Weird they took it down to hide how mentally unstable their President is.

  • arturoperezify

    Im disappointed that he didn't start talking about goblins.

  • Kvyn Gmbyr

    I "think " the FAKE POTUS was awake

  • donna boo

    Thanks for making us laff, during a very very dark time!!!!

  • Descent Doctor

    Trevor Noah is amazing

  • Chris Bading

    With Trump's experience over the years on corruption I'm sure he would know it when he saw it.

  • Robert Jackson

    Last year she got power tools

  • pedro baez

    At first,I had high Hope's for Colbert, then I realized that he,Colbert, is subservient to the Jew,that owns and runs,Show"Business",or, "SHOA" business, Seth,Jimmyand all the other layers night host are owned and controlled by Jew ownership of the networks,and are safe,along as they don't go against the PARTY LINE"THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION",

  • Maiya Coles

    Fox and friends Is Trumps counselor/therapist

  • Anthony Gonzales

    ur justice system sucks

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