Aspiring model believes she's having online relationship with NBA player: Part 1

Paris Dunn said she was 17 years old when she began messaging with someone who said he was basketball player Chris Andersen.

  • Stephanie Torres

    Why does she look exactly like James Charles 😂😂

  • m1 Garand

    Lord please give me a son

  • Mashiro Shiina

    I know her her sister is also cute

  • Jake Orion

    I bet she lost her virginity before 14. It's a shame. People live longer now a days and lose their virginity even younger. Women need to have more respect for themselves.

  • Shooked Asdhknvxxzrh

    She thought she hit the jackpot 😂😂

  • mdlyonn 00

    If she was telling people she was more than 17 then it's her fault nobody else's

  • Donald Grab them by the pussy Trump

    There's too much money in being a thot now a days. A lot of girls are going to start young, it's kind of troubling.

  • Shane Anthony

    Shelly made a great point when she said Paris was willing to meet Birdman without ever talking to him on the phone first. That's pretty idiotic and shows you how people will ditch their common sense just to get close to somebody famous.

  • Mr. L

    People who take nude photos and send them to someone else, stupid is the minimum I would say.

  • Life Learner

    Unfortunately young woman who has no sense of her worth. A shame that is what watching Kardashian’s will do to this society

  • Ella X

    This was such a good Catfish episode

  • Simply Stella

    She looks a bit like jame Charles

  • Aspen Webster

    She doesn’t look like Kim Kardashian tf she look like James Charles

  • cmbsoldja

    Lol, po' thang.... who tf has aspirations to be Kim Kardashian...

  • Opinionated

    Oh stfu, all of the people in the comments would love to date a basketball player. What she did was dumb but don't act like saints, lmao.

  • PhillyLucky7

    She wants to be famous without talent.

  • Bizzaro Jake

    if only she had a brain. do doot do do DA do

  • SlimJimmy

    ABC is over dramatic af

  • drosefanforever1

    Which professional athletes have Facebook ??🤣😂 like cmon girl

  • Carolyn Nigro

    So she was trafficked to Saudi Arabia?? What happened ?

  • Andy Pham

    damn these ppl think they're that important to have celebs take time out of their busy schedule to talk to them...

  • Dr-Pepper

    but dang...she's still hot though

  • OG Deadeye

    She's a hoeeeeeeee, that much I know for sho'

  • Dante Bradley

    What parent let's their 17 year old daughter travel to see a boyfriend? I couldn't even have the door closed with company at that age! WTH! lol

  • Esteban_Gunn

    I will never understand why people are turned on by women that look overly made up and fake looking.

  • Becka Dillon

    This is why you always talk to ppl on the phone and video chat before agreeing to meet anyone you've met online

  • Kiera Linger

    4:17 did she just try to like that picture

  • bryan gomez

    single mom material for sure

  • Nora Peace

    Isn’t Anderson the same guy arrested for kiddy porn!? He’s sick too

  • Ruben

    Basically a gold digger got, got.

  • coliniscolin

    only getting airtime cuz shes hot lol everyone gets catfished

  • MeMe BigBoy

    does anyone know how to make a hoe in minecraft

  • susub75

    I also want to catfish hot chicks

  • Aracely Gudino

    She looks like James Charles😂😂

  • Adrianna1379 C

    What mother would let her child go to her boyfriend's house by herslef.

  • Life Learner

    SERIOUSLY!!! I just watched the rerun of this episode and the 20/20 reporter says “so what turned into an innocent (INNOCENT???) Internet encounter turned into something much more.” ALSO This girl is mostly to blame she was putting it out there and he bit. Shame on him and shame on her for being such a slut. This documents how stupid and shallow people can be and it is so very sad

  • The Truth

    Huh? They say she is 23 years old here, but Part 2 says she is 17? She wanted to become famous Kim Kardashian style. All a pretty woman does nowadays is post her pic on social media hoping some famous person notices her, but their stupid to think any of these men want anything more than a F**k!

  • Clive Bixby

    17 year old prostitute. How charming.

  • bigscrub93

    Gold digger got taught a lesson wish it ended a lot worse than it did. What a little gold diggin hoe even had to tell the news to try get her 15minutes of fame.

  • Sabrina Hernandez

    She seems like a sweet girl

  • Julia So

    I was trying to figure out who she looked like for the etire video! JAMES CHARLES!!


    another story of a internet hoe

  • Dawson Breek

    Inc ugly jealous people, that would do the same with her looks

  • Amber Spath

    I don't blame her she was 17, foolish and preyed upon.

  • Rice King4

    I hate high class goes like this! Too often times young hoes will lie to entice a bf or gf and are left unscathed . She should have gotten trouble with the law for perpetrating someone much older with a fake I.d. Is this what the world has come to when people are dating? To card each other and no longer trusting of each others word? That guy would have lost his life and be labelled for life had he not had the money for a sufficient defense. Who is to say that a fake I.d didnt appear after the fact! And she is ot reprimanded at all! She is the real sexual predator preying on guys who goes into any relationship with trust! And to add insult to injury she is a victim of another crime in which she didnt instigate!!! These young lying hoes should be on a possibly life preserving registry in their own right!!

  • Corrie Smith

    her gold diggin ass thought she hit the jackpot😂😂😂i swear ion feel sorry for her

  • Pierre McKinney

    just shows you what people will do for money. She would of spread her legs at the airport parking lot the 1st time they met. She's pretty but I still dont feel sorry for her. Lied to her mom because she knew she would approve and that she was being a little gold diggen hoe. and I bet she still is.

  • nigel nuj

    The cat fish host has a tramp stamp

  • HardAnall Jr.

    She's in porn now: paris roxanne xvideos , who would have thought

  • BS Killa

    Title should be "Fugly gold-digger is excited she's going to play someone. Gets played instead."

  • Adriano

    So she saw a guy a MONTH earlier, and now she was going away again to see a 33 year old NBA star? What a WHO-RE

  • bigart1993

    A completely disposable moron. But hot.


    Internet Gold Digger got what she deserved

  • LifeAsMegan

    She’s rly pretty, holy shit 😂

  • Sandra Dee

    is she trying to be a victim so she can get paid, 17 and sending naked photos online hey, what's up with that

  • 1970harleybike

    Bottom line..........STUPID..........

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