Aspiring model believes she's having online relationship with NBA player: Part 1

Paris Dunn said she was 17 years old when she began messaging with someone who said he was basketball player Chris Andersen.

    "Aspiring Gold Digger believes she's struck gold with an NBA player"There ABC, I went and fixed the title for you

  • Nilly K

    At 17 I was home with my parents, my mom would have never ever let me go on a trip with a guy I was "seeing". Haha I didnt even have a bf back then.

  • victor macheli

    Nasty Whore. tipical Gold Digger. Yeah goes out of her ways to get Fuck for Gold. Prostitute.

  • Amanda Melendez

    She was 17 and wanted to date a 33 year old 🤮😫

  • UncleRufus A. Bastardson

    And Paris was on her way to Denver . Thinkinking she would shmekle down a couple quarts of multimillionaire B-ball player . Then she would be living the life of the rich & famous.

  • Bere Flamenco

    She look like James Charles

  • Christopher Warner

    Isnt this girl's real name, Paris Roxanne? Unless it's just a look alike

  • Gifs Facus

    Big hole pusy at 17years old.


    fucking you see.she had a boyfriend but still went to go see him.she is a lame and women are lame.they will do anything for free stuff.the prostitute could have been walking into a murder trap.what a lame.and her parents are super lame.she aint saying shit anyway.she looks like a porn actress.a face full of make up and you can see that if she slipped up for one moment she would put on a ton of weight.fuckin lame.prostitute,she might as well do porn.THE BITCH DIDNT EVEN SPEAK TO HIM ON THE PHONE FOR FUCKS SAKE.

  • Cadance Romero

    okay but why does she look like a female version or James Charles ? 💀

  • chocobonita

    Here a thot, there a thot everywhere a thot thot

  • Rusty LeAnn

    She’s underage and yet no one is talking about that. Girl where are your parents

  • Grey Love

    and she's honest you gotta respect that😁

  • Laurence Kim

    i hate the way this sliz bucket talks through her fake smile . . .

  • kaykay alllove

    Am i the only one who thinks she looks like James Charles?

  • Andrew Dow

    WOW..Mon lets her 17yr old daughter jet of to see a boyfriend online a month ago.We now see where Paris gets her Moral Compass from.

  • brnape707

    tits and ass no brain  easy access to the crotch if you rich and famous

  • The Troll Of Central Park

    Got what she deserves

  • Brynlee Hassan

    She looks like james Charles twin but she's the prettier one

  • Ian MD

    if you're dumb enough to believe that you deserve to be fooled. also she looks like the type of person that would fall for such obvious lies

  • Sri Yantra


  • Nina Koch

    she looks like she‘d be good for porn💁🏼‍♀️

  • Simon Papst

    Hoeing her way through life

  • johnny greco

    Typical dumbass girl these are the dumbass girls that all of us guys are talking to at the bars nowadays it's the same type of female scandalous shallow and has no common sense

  • nypad5

    the moment i saw that area code i was like NO way this catfisher is from Manitoba ... hahahahahaha!

  • Ghiwa Nasserddine

    she looks like the girl from justin biebers baby music video

  • L Smith

    Just a bitch that wants men to stare at and drool over her sexy body and then cry about her pictures being online perfect example of a stupid girl.

  • NetGuard

    I remember this girl used to live stream on lol

  • Crystal Olvera

    She still has the pictures of this case

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