Aspiring model believes she's having online relationship with NBA player: Part 1

Paris Dunn said she was 17 years old when she began messaging with someone who said he was basketball player Chris Andersen.
  • Bonsai The Walking Tree


  • Ka Jao

    "370,000 instagram groupies " ABC I see you!

  • Paiz Paiz

    But she sounds so intelligent

  • Stan Smith

    Lol there’s plenty of real life NBA niggs that would’ve gladly played her in real life but she gets snowed over the Internet lolol

  • Wolfeschreit

    "i like to communicate the sexyness." no bitch you like being a slut who sells her body for money. why are people so fake these days? why can't people just own up to who they are. this world is going to hell lmao. oh wait already has never mind.

  • Asdaw W.

    Lawl gold digger got recked.

  • Ajax Ashford

    Catfish show is all rigged

  • marlene g

    I have two teenage daughters...and this shit is all on her mama. Children (which a 17 yo is) need to be protected and supervised. Her mama didn't know her daughter had this to raunchy online persona? Why not. Neglect.

  • John-Paul Nagel

    Yech! All these World Problems Hunger , Homeless, Immigrants and Your Doing a Story on ThisFucking Idiots!

  • Combat18KKKNazi4045

    ah, a 17 year old prostitute sharing her sluttyness with the world, how cute

  • Oh Yeah Yeah

    Did James Charles used to be a girl??

  • Drew Dacus

    I’m a simple man I see boobs I click

  • Frank Bowman

    I want to start a charity for clever, hairy, down-on-their-luck hookers. I will call it "The Astute Hirsute Destitute Prostitute Institute".

  • J R

    A girl could be the most attractive woman on earth and I would pass if she acted like she was simply in it for the money... Most of my very wealthy friends would agree too! It is a money pit. This idea of some savior coming to spend billions on you is for the most part a myth lol

  • MKNJ_ Media

    Omg this is sad for that Canadian girl, howeverI I don't think she was catfish, she probably accepted the fault because of luck money to live, however Chris and Paris were both adults if considering 16 yr old to pass DMV test, but u can tell Paris is a gold digger! She made that story up to get money and fame, Chris and any NBA stars they go beyond craziness bcs they can afford and most are on drugs.

  • Ka Jao

    So I'm guessing this is before being verified was a thing?

  • Dogg3r

    She was 17 then but now shes 24 and still dumb

  • Joshua Ervin

    I’ve hired better looking street hookers...true story

  • Lain TheWired

    Why should she get sympathy, when she lied about her own age?!


    Everyone nowadays is either an aspiring model, singer and/or actor... When in reality they aren't. Just because you self proclaim to be something doesnt make it true

  • Unicornix A.

    Her mom ain’t shit. She not too old to get her ass beat.

  • Anthøny Salazαr

    It’s not fair we must make a law that every man must have sex with every woman(single women only) on the earth. Kind of prostitution but legally and helped by law, law to fuck with each woman on earth

  • AttilatheThrilla

    She doing porn yet?..

  • PC Master Trends

    AREA CODE 204!!! lmfao this woman got catfished from someone in my hometown Winnipeg? bahahaha that's unreal

  • Frogturtle xd

    WHOA:23 That phone needs to be charged.

  • GreystreetNY

    The title to this video could have been SO many different things lol

  • RandomDave

    Gold digger, got what she deserved.

  • Jmmy Pockets


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