Aspiring model believes she's having online relationship with NBA player: Part 1

Paris Dunn said she was 17 years old when she began messaging with someone who said he was basketball player Chris Andersen.
  • Alli Spenceley

    I ain't say'n she's a gold diggerBut she ain't mess'n with no broke nigga

  • Nic B

    57 seconds in and I already think she kind of deserved it. No sympathy for attention whores and social media make-believe models.

  • Coffee

    Its funny to me that “Paris” wasn’t the fake part of her name

  • jerricette

    She is lying! Seen this show on a crime channel!

  • rachael namanya

    It's NEV from Catfish! yayy

  • Maribeth Z

    Man, she's "fullbodied" for 17.

  • Nic B

    She’s dating Don McLean now? Yuck.

  • Rozy Cantsay

    She’s a narcissist & gold-digger, she believes what she ‘hopes. LOL. She is 💭 💰 💵

  • Maribeth Z

    Remember her name! Future false accuser in training. Come on some class!

  • Sheila Lewis-Lorum

    The rest of the story???

  • sherry liles

    Wow I hope shelly gets extradited to Colorado & gets what she deserves. That's a SORRY ASS EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING

  • Chantel Thompson

    this is a bad presentation @abcnews you should include a link to the next video instead of making people search your page. it's annoying.

  • el fino

    Shes trying at least.God Bless her Tramp Ass lil ❤

  • tripplesix x

    You dumb bitch lying about your age. You deserve to get what ever happens.

  • Khalid Hakimi

    Pffft, gold diggerrrr

  • wrexshunt

    She won't be happy in the end when her big daft boobs start to annoy her

  • Patti Carey

    Stupidity all around

  • Teslandia A.

    Its a scam then he will ask her for money

  • Thomassé Maryse

    Well, just 17 yrs old and doing all these stuffs on social media. She is taking Kim Kardashian as an example, LOL ......!!! Thought Kim Kardashian is very rich, still she has a fake body, from toe to head. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • TheGr8stManEvr


  • Paul Rayfield

    Ha ha gold digging girls bitches all of them 😈

  • jrodt9

    I'm laughing even before i press play lol

  • Cinders

    Omgwho the hell does this? You pack and travel to another state to meet someone you have never met before. Simply frightening!

  • Haley Canizales

    She looks like James charles

  • Hello RotMG

    Why won't ABC News put the link to part 2 anywhere?Its never on the next playlist either.


    She looks like James Charles.

  • John 3.16

    Vomit inducing Jezebels.

  • Jayson Jasareno

    Your easy sending nude photos to a person u didn't even saw in person

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