Tired, Frustrated, But Also Excited

I want to talk about important serious topics. A majority of you want those serious topics. Dear Youtube, PLEASE stop penalizing my subscribers and me when I cover these topics.
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  • Philip DeFranco

    NOTE: The people featured in the video are not all guaranteed to be on the channel. We are still actively testing deep dives, solos, pairings, programming etc behind the scenes but I just wanted to give you a little sneak peek. <3

  • Ender Wiggins

    This show is super important to me. I'm sure this is the story for millions of people too. I feel helpless

  • AlphaOmegaSin

    YouTube, unfortunately, had been a mess for years now and only continues to put bigger holes in their own ship and smile while it sinks deeper

  • Natalia Carrión

    man, im just a teen so i dont have a job to support patreon or the francoelite. You are probably one of my favourite YouTubers and it sucks that youtube ends up doing this kind of things

  • Lisa Amaro

    This wasn’t in my feed. I found it because someone was talking about it. Wow. This is one of my favorite channels. We’re witnessing their demise.

  • Lokim23

    And the only reason I even knew this was up? Polygon... And thats just shit. imho. I got zero notifications, popups, etc. And even for my channel. A video I did over 24 hrs ago? It just popped up for subs... like fking really youtube?

  • Sir Wheelz

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck I’ve been watching since 2009 and I’ve never gotten tired of it. I may have opposing opinions but that’s something that this channel invites. YouTube is becoming everything it claims to want to stay away from.

  • Star Wars Junk

    If companies can complain what videos they don't want ads on, why can't i not have "I feel pretty" ads on my video! I don't want to support that movie

  • christina love

    Those first 10 seconds were the hardest to hear 😭😭😭

  • OLegendStudios - Pranks / Epic Nerf Wars

    Once Upon a Time YouTube was the greatest platform. Nowadays almost all hard-working and deserving channels are being penalized while I'm obnoxious channels that break the rules a million times - you know who they are - don't even get a slap on the wrist and continue to soar. It would be amazing if YouTube could figure something out for us - something that would make us happy but they most likely will not. Hopefully another platform will save us

  • The Next News Network

    That new YouTube Algo has ravaged our news channel. It kicked in, for us, on Nov 1, 2017. Our analytics show we lost 75% of our views overnight and the algo is still actively suppressing us.

  • BanditRants - I Make Short-Documentaries

    That is brutal. "Not suitable for advertisers & Confirmed by manual review." YouTube only wants absolute PC shit to thrive on this platform. They did the same thing to In a Nutshell, possibly the most talented group of content creators on this platform (who make elusively educational content). They're also doing the same thing to RackaRacka who reinvest their money to make insanely well made high production videos. YouTube just wants hogwash content like make up tutorials, 17 year old vloggers like Carmie Sellitto & reactionary channels who just giggle at videos for 25 minutes to thrive on this platform. Animators, in-depth news broadcasters, professional film makers, motion graphic artists, and anyone who invests more than 8 minutes of time and energy into a video gets mutilated, beaten and battered by the YT algorithm & that beautiful. This is not a platform friendly to all content creators, YouTube is a landfill saturated with rubbish, there are a couple jewels that stick out, but the sanitary engineers over at YT are quick to find the jewels and completely incinerate them.

  • Jackster

    Just move to pornhub Phil, it's simple

  • Eli Story

    i feel you phil! Youtube been deleting my videos without warning or email so that i cannot appeal the videos. Instead they make it look like the user deleted it. Once they delete the video you will get a link that says "Video has been deleted by User". They keep demonitizing my videos too! I noticed that my views went up and the pay went down. Youtube is dying.

  • MakeupLover

    Can you please talk about Dubai’s princess Latifa being held captive by her dad. Also the video she put out right before she got caught on the run.

  • Quantum Kitty

    It’s been happening to the psychedelic and truth community for years... we don’t get monetized and still do it...so they started giving us community strikes and shutting us down so we created back up channels.

  • Powder Physics

    10+ years, and 6 million subs and Phil can't survive. Ever wince #WTFU I knew the day would come where youtubers migrated off-site. We all knew. Yet YouTube did nothing. This really might be the end of YouTube as any kind of reputable platform. Have fun with all the 12 year olds

  • TroubleShot

    Day 2,477 Another big Youtuber says they're probably (but also probably not... lets be real) going to quit Youtube...

  • Gamer Grampz

    Do your best not to film any dead bodies over there! 😜 Have a great vacation... will be following to whichever platform you choose... your basically my news source at this point... then I go read stuff on my own if interested in a subject 👍

  • keenarnia

    Youtube does not care about you or any creator.

  • GoldWing MusicMan

    Chances are, THIS COMMENT WILL NOT GET READ BY DeFranco, but here is my perspective on this situation...1st, people like you have come a long way in the 10 years you have been on youtube. You've grown leaps and bounds, and have put in a LOT of work building your channel. But... Like everything in this world, things are constantly evolving. And it only take a few "Bad Actors" to ruin the gravy train for EVERYONE. And lets be real about this. That's exactly what it has been. A GRAVY TRAIN. What started out as a way to put yourself in front of a few of your friends as joke, messing around, evolved into your current "newsy" YouTube style. You've watched and seen what was working and kept trying to get better at it. And as a result, and especially since you were one of the first content creators on Youtube, you hugely profited from it. What started as a joke evolved into something that turned you into a millionaire. You've had an amazing run, and I certainly hope it continues. But to think YouTube Inc, has ever cared about you (past their own needs, while building the YouTube platform), is delusional.As soon as they could attract the BIG FISH, network TV etc. what you do has become almost irrelevant. There will always be someone right behind you to take your place in the hierarchy vacuum, on YouTube. There are things you have done that you KNEW YouTube did not want you to do all through the life of your channel. Things like ditching the high schoolish opening, "Whats Up You Beautiful Bastards". But you certainly were not gonna change that, because you were selling T-shirts with that catch phrase on it, or were just simply being bull headed.The smart man will "pick and choose his battles", if he really wants to evolve. So when you know, Youtube doesn't like something your doing, WHY keep on doing it? It's like coming into someones home (YouTube), and putting your feet up on the furniture (aka Whats Up You Beautiful Bastards). They ask you to not do it (by demonetizing you), but you just keep on doing it. Phil, It's NOT YOUR HOUSE. Your a GUEST, and they can ask you to leave at anytime. I realize you have other contingencies in case they ever do give you the boot. But why should it ever come to that? Just play within the parameters of YouTubes rules and continue to rake in the bucks. If you want to go into a more "hard hitting" news format, choose to do that on your own website. Youtube can remain the gateway to that website and continue to be the cash cow it has been for you. Even if the money earned here is getting smaller and smaller... You have had a GREAT run. Almost like you had a winning lottery ticket for several of those years. Please keep this in perspective...

  • Landberg Tile DIY TV

    WILL SMITH took over your recommended status on the list!

  • T-Mans Go Karts

    ...... Yeah, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CHANNEL.... I was getting 14,000 views a day back in the summer of 2015 ... then BOOM views just started to dropping and there was nothing I could do about it. Now I'm lucky to get 2500 a day. CONTENT SUPPRESSION is what I called it also.

  • Hagan Rhoades

    They're trying to shut down the truth so they can fill the void with puppets to feed us with propaganda. Why haven't competitors popped up? They're being suppressed, bought out, or killed by the weaponized court system.

  • conkerlive101

    I love the live 2 hour content but I also really love the 10-20 minute videos of the daily news. I will gladly follow DeFranco elite but I just hope I can still get my daily quick Phil from my news dady.

  • Slapped Ham

    Thank you so much for going public about Youtube suppressing views. We've been suspecting it for a while now.

  • Gray

    1:55 like 25 editing cuts. U want us to have a seizure? but ya your videos have not been in my feed for months. have to manually click the channel bookmark

  • Yeti

    Youtube trending videos are so stupid and don't have close to what other youtubers get

  • SpaceFlye

    I like this. This needs to happen. The more big name channels that start to "abandon ship" the better. YouTube is dying. Now even Casey is looking past YouTube with his 368 company.

  • Karim Jovian Plays

    It's sad...but Youtube has changed for the worse and soon, it won't be the biggest platform it once was.

  • Natalie Fletcher

    PHIL & TEAM (My apologies in advance, this maybe a long comment)...Maybe involving an attorney when it comes to YouTube and their non responsive answers might be the route to take. Not necessarily filing a financial lawsuit (though that can be 1 component), but filing a lawsuit to change some of their policy, like disclosing specific reasons as to why a video was demonetized and/or supressed. YouTube says they are all about the creators and supporting their craft, and if it weren't for their creators then YT wouldn't exist; however, their actions to words don't sync in line. You have millions of subscribers and used to have a huge viewing per video ratio, so for these problems to occur, it's unacceptable. I know this is a very broad comment and the last thing you probably want to do is fork over money back to YouTube in a sense, but you can be the leader and voice for 1000's upon 1000's of legit creators who are dealing with the same thing. Your not on here, making videos just to talk about fake bullshit, your talking about current events. Your not sleeping in your car 30 min away from YT Headquarters, about to get a little gun firing session in so you can go take down YT, your just wanting and putting it out there very LOUD AND CLEAR to YT that you want to have a professional conversation, nothing more, nothing less. If YT doesn't start getting it together, they will be losing a lot of their main man power aka huge creators and then what. For how big MySpace was at one time or Vine, it can happen to YT just the same.

  • paradoxdesigns

    We're due for a new platform.

  • Bowdon

    Is there a reason why you base everything around the youtube website? You don't seem to have a website domain of your own, or at least what you display in the video info. If you are serious about making your own brand then surely the aim should be to move people gradually off youtube and head to your own site!?Maybe you have your own website. I just don't see it.

  • Hayden Unsell

    Well it looks like it’s time to move platforms againSee you on the flip side

  • Sergio The One

    The PDS needs to survive! It’s important for YT to have serious content too! What can we do as audience to reach YouTube and ask them to fix this? 😯

  • Logan Burnette

    The only difference in your thumbnails is how high you raise your left eyebrow above or below the other

  • Jeyson Gonzalez

    It's true Phillip, I haven't seen your recent uploads anymore even though I'm subscribe.

  • Philippe Vincenti

    From one Phil to another, thanks for considering your bretheren

  • Revivalism HQ

    Why does one of your reporters look like he on crack

  • Johnathan Buckhouse

    I will follow you anywhere!!!!

  • Jack Berczi

    I love when people complain about YouTube...on YouTube. It's so weird to me, it's a show of severe passive aggression towards one's boss (in a way).

  • MidNightMoon

    YouTube is such shit right now, it's is sad that they're killing huge creators

  • New Message

    Move to Bitchute and Twitch, I told you long ago that Youtube will only get worse.

  • Michał Marczewski

    youtube is abusing their monopolistic position and that's a fact. i'm happy more and more creators start to realize they're being screwed over, not to say plain-ass used.

  • Catherine Pundmann

    This breaks my heart I hate to see this happen to such a YouTuber

  • iopred

    Many of your videos are getting a million views. Seems like you're doing alright to me.

  • pancake frenzy

    I think there's is also a huge problem with recommended videos, the ones that show up below a video your watching. Only 3 Philip videos showed up in there. That out of 15 videos, click on another channel, and majority of the recommended will that creators videos.

  • Matthew Segreto

    Do you want some cheese with that whine?

  • Mizunokage1

    I don't want you to leave...but I guess that means I get to open a new tab...I'll go where your content goes mate.

  • David Kling

    How are you going to post this new content?Whenever you talk about how YouTube is messing up, I keep thinking about how this is a great opportunity for a new site to pop up and do things differently, so then there is competition. As it is, YouTube pretty much has a monopoly.

  • Shawn Wesson

    The Philip Defranco Show can’t survive and yet c*nts like the Paul Brothers somehow are still thriving like a cancer. YouTube needs to get their sh*t together and stop hitting channels like this THAT ACTUALLY MATTER! Love You Phil Team! I’m wishing you guys the absolute best!

  • Bruce Crossan

    Please don't bring back fan video reactions. That was always the part to skip over. It is an awful idea, and only supports those egotistical few you would see time and time again on the old movie reviews and so on.

  • Joe Johnson

    He's laughing all the way to the bank.


    Phil I’m proud of you. This is super huge news.


    You guys, he is really talking about what is happening to Its Poppy and Titanic Sinclair. Its been freaking out Phil and he can barely sleep at night as a result. We will keep you posted on his fragile condition as it changes, on a NEED TO KNOW BASIS.

  • Pre Willi

    Wait does anyone here know about the world and how it might end

  • Dwayne Johnson

    Honestly phil I don't know how yoh didn't see this coming and in some part your reluctance to try other platforms have you here but you'll be alright you're phil

  • TimmyTechTV

    Time to move platforms Phil!

  • frowniegilmore

    What happened to "stay humble hustle hard"? The video title should be called ""Tired, Frustrated, but also Whining"

  • Natalie P

    This is literally the only source of news that I trust...sad!

  • Darin Schemanski

    Hey Phil. Just so you know I've been subscribed to you for years. About a month ago your videos stopped showing up in my feed. That's when I realized I was unsubscribed to the channel. I definitely did not unsubscribe. Wtf YouTube.

  • fsmetal

    Google is slowly killing this site, and they have been for a long time

  • Evelyn Stephens

    I don't want new hosts!!I'll honestly just stop watching if there's new hosts

  • Evelyn Stephens

    YouTube used to be such a beautiful thing.Now?It's awful.

  • Stupid Brick

    Float plane is a platform created by linus tech group a youtuber thats pist with youtubes demonotisation. That seems to hve the potential at least to work if enough creators used it

  • TheTravelingClatt

    As a creator I’m affected by some of the same things you mentioned in this video. I will stand behind you Phil! Much love from a long time subscriber.

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