Tired, Frustrated, But Also Excited

I want to talk about important serious topics. A majority of you want those serious topics. Dear Youtube, PLEASE stop penalizing my subscribers and me when I cover these topics.
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  • Cameron Moores

    I guess strong DO5 fans may be happy

  • Angélica Agélviz

    I would say he’s exaggerating...except I’ve had to activate the bell notification icon multiple times because it mysteriously keeps disabling my alarms for new videos for this. Why is Youtube being such a hardass on THIS channel, but supporting vapid content like The Paul brothers and Liza C? Its utterly confusing

  • QueenBeeNightly

    STFU AND SUE THEM FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT or something already. Isn't there a legal remedy? Sheesh.

  • Braden Purcell

    Thank you for covering the issue with @DCigs. I’ve been watching you both for over a decade.

  • Knavery

    Youtube will eventually fall by the wayside for their poor decisions, and I think it'll happen quicker than we think.

  • Marina Conriquez

    Where ever you go I will follow. Your show is the main reason I go on YouTube. I just hope it won't b the end of the Philip de Franco show

  • Maria Hollow

    This makes me so sad 😖

  • Dana Reed

    well this is upsetting because i love this channel

  • mauiturlock

    Excellent. Keep walking the walk, Phil.

  • Erik C

    Maybe because we are all called beautiful bastards. Lol...Remember we are a sensitive society now.

  • AnxiousServant69

    I met you at comic con on a trolley in San Diego. You were great and genuinely talked to me as a fan. Never forget that it is moments like this that get well to your dreams. I'm going to go subscribe to defrancoelite right now. We need transparent coverage of world events. God bless.

  • Paul Notme

    So DeFranco's making like a non-biased PragerU type thing...sounds awesome!

  • Julian

    Phase 1, phase 2 huh, i see your going the Marvel route

  • SenseiRaichuss

    It's because you talk about politics - if you talk about politics, and you're not one of their brainwashed idiotic "mouthpieces" then you will not survive.

  • LizzieBizziesLife

    This makes me so sad! I'm happy that you are growing, but I wish YouTube would support you more as a creator.

  • Potato Garrett


  • Megan S

    Ok so does that mean the new news/videos/informational stuff will be on an independent website and where do I sign up. I am intrigued and ready to watch.

  • Scarshi

    I don't know anyone who is asked, "how did you hear about us?', and the answer is ever, "I saw your ad on YouTube".

  • Philip DeFranco

    NOTE: The people featured in the video are not all guaranteed to be on the channel. We are still actively testing deep dives, solos, pairings, programming etc behind the scenes but I just wanted to give you a little sneak peek. <3

  • uk7769

    YouTube jumped the shark and will become a wasteland of network tv with Jimmy Kimmel and the Kardashitians. Congrats Susan you single handedly destroyed YouTube. Well bye.

  • I am semitdne

    Phil your content is great and I can't for the life of me find a way that it could be seen as bad . I love you and just want you to know that'll we'll back you up until the end.


    Youtube doesn't exist to serve viewers or creators, it exists to serve advertisers. When they're done I hope the site dies.

  • From The Land Of Pleasant Living

    DAILYMOTION.com is the new youtube

  • 放送181

    Now you can feel how Chinese Taipei in the world, been bullying but no counties try to help, by the way , I prefer Formosa more than Chinese Taipei, but this world force we to use it

  • Spencer Steele

    Goolag at it again.you hear about this a lot with more conservative channels, but I'm surprised it has been hitting you so hard. Sucks man, good luck with the new platform Phil

  • yonit nisan

    You are easily my most preferred method of getting informed- interesting, entertaining, reliable, relevant- thank you for all you do

  • Joy Villa

    You're the future. Youtube is not.

  • Hippo-Drones

    Be ace to see where this takes you Phil. You have outgrown YouTube, and they have failed you. Their loss not yours! :-)

  • Oh Indiapenne

    I am also interested in drawing but I am an Indian village girl.at my 17 age I got married

  • felface

    congrats youtube you just pushed out an OG youtuber who's still crushing it

  • Philip Lewis

    Thanks for not making us look bad Philly! Lmfao! :D

  • Katie Wolf

    I hope this title means I can share this and your channel with people who aren't click bate types. Please Philip DeFranco.

  • Cmac

    I don't really like ya Phil but I'm sorry it's happening. So many smaller, better channels than yours are already gone :( it's a sad state of affairs for sure.

  • Jonathan Froger

    YouTube intends to follow the same intellectual path as Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg: turn America into an intellectual wasteland that will get its a## kicked for DECADES to come. It will take decades to get back even a trace of what we've lost since these 3 entities began taking 'justice' out of 'justice' by putting the word 'social' in front of it. Goodnight, America - you had a nice run.

  • gm

    Youtube 2018:Reupload of a TV show that talks about political issues? Get it on trending!Youtube original content that talks about political issues? Demonetize and hide it!

  • Krzysztof Szumny

    Just join DTube - decentralized video platform :)

  • spritz Berry

    Title sounds like me Friday night surfing the hub

  • Taco Cat

    Hi Mr D, I have some thoughts for you, although probably you are way ahead of me on this. The way "YouTubers" call them selves YouTubers and call mainstream media 'mainstream' is the problem. Words do matter, especially when an entire class of media uses those words. Why not organize content creators on YouTube, call them something else like "New Media" and rise above YouTube. You could take your organization of New Media and 1) put together a list of issues for YouTube, 2) promote New Media as a channel or source of entertainment like Netflix, and 3) look around collectively for a new channel. This would shake YouTube at the foundation, and maybe you get a platform like FaceBook or someone who wants to come in and swipe your channel away. Does this make sense? This is just my opinion, what do you think? ;)

  • High King 115

    YouTube is Bullshit now! This channel must not be compromise by the ignorance and stupidity of other channels, and the lack responsibility and proper use of authority of YouTube. This channel is dedicated to present News!, not drama. And YouTube should keep it that way!

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