Germany v Sweden - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 27

The reigning champions left it late but Toni Kroos' free-kick deep into added time secured victory for Germany against Sweden.

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  • Kyle Walker

    Kronos saved Germany’s life

  • Dilafruz Raximova

    Champion in the world TONI KROO👏S

  • fares

    i think if they finished the game with a draw, they would have probably won against korea ... too bad, that kroos' freekick was gold

  • XxWolfThe KnightxX

    Germany played bad this world cup but i dunt know why

  • Blubblib

    Berg should have a penalty!2 - 2

  • Coolkid189 Ur gay

    What a goal by kroos

  • Miguel Rezzadori

    Reus and krossnicegol

  • Ivan Thai

    1:42 for a good goal.1:49 for another angle.

  • Gustavo Leon

    Germany should have won the world cup

  • Sharshi TheUnicorn

    Kroos was amazing!!!😘😘

  • Daviid

    An injury for Rudy and a red card for Boeteng and Germany is down by one and still beat Sweden

  • Berin Thavons

    Where is Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

  • Momo De rep

    should have been atleast one penalty for sweden like wtf germany did not deserve to win this game

  • Georgythegamer zz

    Sweden is better than germany bc they came longer

  • Stewart Isaac

    5 extra minutes dumb unfair

  • Tsoulfas Niko

    I thing Ronaldo learned Toni Kronos free kicks

  • Demian Lopez

    Toni Kroos the best player in germany

  • Johan Johnson

    The commentator was screaming his throat out

  • bo ss

    ye!!!! Germany win I hate sweden

  • Racerton 4566

    Ola toivonen goal was a funny not goal..... (LOL)

  • Joschka Kalisch

    When Kroos scored, I literally woke up my whole family...

  • Rachana Karki

    Kroos goal was a dream goal for germany 888

  • m

    this commentator making me cry man

  • Bhavisha Raicha


  • Muhammad Saifullah

    germany is the best team

  • Sapamkamala Devi

    Why did Germany only this match

  • Sharshi TheUnicorn

    Reus scored finally!!

  • Muhammad Arslan

    Miracle from big Toni

  • Dilafruz Raximova

    Omg very very fantastic goal👏👏👏👏👏❤💝💝

  • Nicole Vargas

    Where's ozil? Please Reply

  • Jack Livingstone

    Sure you beat Sweden. But your play was dirty and horrible and you barely won. And by the way, how does the bottom of the division feel?

  • Hasan Mahamud

    Jitta kon bal da falili korea to nash dilo

  • Sujon Khan

    Garmany miss you 2022

  • Fardin Hasan

    I think for their jersey they win

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