Avi Grinberg, Berlin interview, 2012, Grinberg Method (subtitled in 8 languages)

Avi Grinberg, founder of the Grinberg Method® speaks with journalist Cinnamon Nippard.
In this interview (brought to you by the IAGMP http://www.IAGMP.com), Avi Grinberg explains what the Grinberg Method is and how it can be used. The interview includes the following:
What shaped Avi Grinberg's outlook on attention, health and suffering, what led him to teach rather than heal (1:13); People's role in establishing chronic pain, why body attention? (3:58); Why the misunderstanding of the true nature of fear and pain? (6:36); The body's response to fear and pain (11:52); Establishing the school of the GM (14:51); Changes & results in a learning process (15:36); For whom is the GM? (17:33); The GM and the medical establishment (19:06); Ethical conduct when teaching people (19:57); Relating to past traumas (21:47); About humor and learning (23:02).The Grinberg Method (http://www.GrinbergMethod.com) is a structured way of teaching through the body. It uses touch, movement, exercises and techniques to increase one's ability to pay attention. It teaches how to stop limiting repetitive ways of being to allow you to go beyond these limitations, move towards your wishes, and accomplish an actual change that appears in your life and body.
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