Texas school shooting suspect identified

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, has been identified as the suspect in the Texas high school shooting that left 10 people dead, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said.

Pagourtzis is being held on capital murder charges with no bond. More charges may follow, the sheriff said.
  • Brian Mack

    What a piece of shit.

  • blueblaze 98

    Gaming devices involving shootings? He stole the guns from his parents.. Why bring in a xbox? I'm no detective but I'm pretty sure you don't even know. Matter of fact, why are you trying to be one?

  • oofmine

    I want to hear those rap songs 🔥👌🏾

  • KxngCantaloupe

    I didn't know JonBro shot up a school.

  • NoNonsenseMom

    All school shootings are staged with paid actors so the democrats can use it to try to take away our second amendment rights

  • username

    *Pumped up kicks intensifies*

  • Facist Incel

    Incel Fuvking Rebellion

  • Luna Carter

    I know him i went to elementary with him

  • heyitsjordynnn

    Was that a bisexual pin on his hat?

  • Bryan D

    "He's white" If he was black he would've already dropped out of school and killed people on the streets while selling crack. 3 rap songs on his facebook huh?

  • the realG

    Weird how its never asian ,black ir latino always white.WTF is actually wrong with your kids white People and before you say black thugs and all that those thugs shoot other thugs.They dont go to school or church to kill innocents.White people are actually scary wtf

  • Manny Perez

    We start braving at school there was shooter at school gun jammed

  • Blu-Ray ANARCHY

    Always people bring up the race and victim card or the bullied card when school shooting happens plus how many ignorant people gotta say stupid shit this is why are country going to the shiter

  • Marcellous Gagot

    wtf this dude is heartless he littary killed to  many people

  • Davey gaat je niks aan

    Haha U Americans Are So Stupid Why U Folks Gone Kill Ur Own Countrys Future U People Gotta Stop Wielding Those Guns If U Arent Mature Enough Like That Bad Educated White Piece Of ShitWe Europeans Should Teach U People How 2 Be Normal And Not Murder So Mutch The Murder Rated In America Sky High🤣🤣🤣

  • Kalash47AK

    No red signals:1:44 - Has a Pentagram as background

  • Yustin J

    I have a friend that looks like him, is that a bad sign?

  • Javier Hiraldo

    Fucking edgelord now I can’t get a damn rifle

  • Aaron Mathews

    When we did code red drills in my school when I was a kid they taught you to hide out of site of the door along the wall. The theory being that the shooter will get tunnel vision and not check the rooms. I always thought that was stupid should just rush the shooter they can’t shoot everyone in a rush. But if you’re cowering in a corner your only chance is that he doesn’t pick you.

  • jordan khalil

    You know your countrys fucked when people think having a born to kill tshirt and a jacket are warning signs i mean come on man

  • jc guy

    CNN is absolute garbage

  • Elli Joyyla

    Xxxtentacion death, Florida High school shooting,Baseball game shooting, Ariana grande concert tragedy,Gaming shooting,AND NOW HIS THIS IS STUPID GUNS ARE STUPID AS FUCK🖕🏼😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰😡😡😡

  • The Mexican King

    This is why at my school there's always an officer roaming around

  • illuminati

    stop bullying each other and this will not happen often.

  • Mihovil Fister

    Meanwhile in America...

  • Chris Warren

    White males love to kill random innocent people because they have small penises, are physically and sexually weak.

  • Volker Schmidt Schmidt

    Shooter identified as "Tucker Carlsons son"DNA can not lie.

  • Miss Aden

    Next school shooter, another redneck, terrorist, sorry gunman.

  • Waylon White

    Why all dees white chillen bein bullied? Why they make our kids do dis shit? We's victims! Leave our poor shooter kids alone! Dey was bullied! Dey dindunuffin! Ehehe


    ok all you victims dump out all your shit...… oh and keep your hands up...…….. gonna be epic at a stadium when this happens...swats gonna get ass handed to them by 150 thousand drunk people … garbage conditioning.

  • TheMcGuffin

    OH HES WHITE DIDNT SEE THAT ONE COMING fucking stupid white Americans that’s why Canadian white people are better

  • JamesBoiii _

    All the other kids with the pumped up kids better run better out run my gun

  • christopher rice

    Legion of monsters - Disturbed. To think the message is still so relevant to this day

  • GreenFromNamek

    Gotta get rid of these thugs

  • Mm Israelite

    the signs: had a shirt that reads born to kill (very true, all the white male's kill groups of people in open places at random ) they all seem to be claimed as mentality ill (witch is true with all the opioid crisis that they lean on) they all go on fake book and social media sights and threaten everyone in sight and get ignored up until they kill lots of people, I mean it's the same ol' topical white male with the same ol' News with the same ol' excuses and then the story goes away until it's broadcast again, I'll wait.....until next time by Yah's will I don't bump into these lunatics I'll be keeping in touch

  • Moinuddin Goni Chowdhury

    School shootings 1998 to 2018 years. Any Students Family before admission at School they must submitted information documents they have Legal Ammunition like Small Guns, Long Guns, Riffles, etc Protection Schools Guns Violations.Thank youFoysal ISPEast BashabooDhaka Bangladesh

  • Yustin J

    Make teachers armedNews: Teacher shoots up kids in class then commits suicide

  • Pass9786


  • Pilslucht

    that wasnt a nazi symbol you fucking idiots.

  • Hamza Gujjar

    Destroy the fucking schools collages and unvristys in world no schools collages and unvristys

  • george tsatsakis

    The shooter is Greek and I'm Greek too but who should I support the blacks or the whites?

  • Luke Mason

    Pitty school shootings don't happen more often since those places are breeding grounds for homophobia, sexism, and all forms of bullying! Mass shooters are doing some social cleansing since schools and parents can't be bothered to discipline kids anyway!

  • Air Land

    A question who give them the gun you should not allow any body to buy a gun be like uae 🇦🇪 we never get hit or something because we are safe like not selling guns

  • elijah lim

    Kid: I’m being bullied Solution: shot the bully It’s sad this is their thought process

  • Bob Frank

    Instead of taking your anger out on your pillow, shots up school why?

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