Texas school shooting suspect identified

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, has been identified as the suspect in the Texas high school shooting that left 10 people dead, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said.

Pagourtzis is being held on capital murder charges with no bond. More charges may follow, the sheriff said.

  • Dr Shaym

    According to Mass Shootings and the Media Contagion Effect by Jennifer Johnson and Andrew Joy of Western New Mexico University, published by the American Psychological Association in 2016, those who engage in rampage shootings often have power and revenge fantasies, and seeing other rampage shooters become famous thanks to media coverage encourages emulation. While things like mental illness and bullying play a role, Johnson and Joy argue, “identification with prior mass shooters made famous by extensive media coverage, including names, faces, writings, and detailed accounts of their lives and backgrounds, is a more powerful push toward violence than mental health status or even access to guns.” They also point out that it's a popular trend among rampage shooters to send messages and photos of themselves directly to the news media.

  • HumorBagel

    FYI the next school shooter will likely watch this video right here on YouTube, seeing what he/she will become. I wish news outlets wouldn't romanticize infamy like this.

  • Mikey Sean

    Stop making murderers famous.

  • DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG

    The church group he attended obviously did a lot of good....

  • TheGerthax

    Shame on youtube for trending this video. The thumbnail boldy displays the shooters face proudly. Shame on youtube for trending the shooter. You gave him exactly what he wanted

  • Just an innocent Pomegranate

    I regret reading the comments...

  • TheCuckThat'sOpenlyACuck

    Can we not give this person fame, it just encourages more school shooters

  • gee gee

    Y’all really surprised by this tho.....?

  • 5000 subscriber without a video challenge

    What inspired you?= Thanos

  • SuperSportRob95

    “Clean slate”....kid wears a trench coat everyday with nazi emblems but no alarming indications! Gtfoh

  • flash flood99

    WAIT! Before you scroll down into the depths of hell/ comment section, there is an abundance of racism and stereotypical comments in there.May God have mercy on your soul....

  • ww2 colorizer

    That was a ww1 iron cross....not nazi

  • Nom DePlume

    Youtube should take this off trending. Very irresponsible. Videos like this that give infamy to the shooter only increase school shootings by inspiring more.

  • bass reeves

    this guy is going to be flooded with love letters from crazy white women.

  • C J

    Of course he's white 😕

  • Ash Greninja MLG pro gamer

    3:09 Minecraft creeper head why does he have that?

  • Freakboipapi2 Snapchat

    Another white guy not surprised

  • HikikomoriGamer

    Nazi and Commie. Classy.

  • Saving/ me

    The white community needs to figure out why are their youth continues to shot up schools and churches? I'm scared...

  • GoodieMartin

    I love how NA brainlets have to associate everything with race and religion. All these "he was white" or "it would be diffrent if he was black" comments lmao

  • Our Founding Liars

    This guy was a real jerk

  • Baazaar

    all of this and cnn still blame it on the video games 5:10

  • Jairus The Adventurer!


  • Mike Manthe

    Why is it always the depressed white kid!

  • Bapǝrr Towǝll ᄅᄅ

    Its sad that stuff like this has become the regular. R.I.P 🙏

  • Guns Of Boom Gameplay

    Dude why are all the shooters white young males?!?

  • kim wolf

    they are literally listing his accomplishments …..wtf

  • Kelly Shenanigan


  • FlimZ

    Anyone else not surprised??

  • FaceTheFist

    Stop posting shooters faces

  • Finngfl Hi

    He tried to blame it on an Xbox

  • Black Panther

    It's always a white male kid lol

  • Johan Friedman

    Shame on CNN man, shame on all these news networks. Parents have lost their children and you glorify their killer by covering it. After the Paris terror attacks European media stopped covering the lives of perpetrators of terrorist attacks. This strategy should implemented with regard to spree killings here in America. Way too often these killers are portrayed as sympathetic or put upon. If you kill children, you are undeserving of sympathy, period. Pagourtzis was not some tragic outsider who couldn’t find his way, he was Khalid Sheik Mohammed: the perpetrator of an unspeakable crime against the American people, totally unworthy of glory or sympathy.

  • Moldy Goat Cheese

    I know this isn't the time or place but, why does he have a creeper mug? IS HE A CREEPER MURDERER?

  • CZ Media

    Thank you for focusing attention on this animal instead of the victims. You're great and that's why you're top in the news game.

  • Matthew Lang

    HOW DARE YOU! I hope you realize that when you put the face of the shooter out there you're no worse than the people who commit these crimes in fact by putting the face of the shooter out there you are putting these people on a peadastole and getting the insane ideas of these crimes into the heads of young Americans

  • Nodent

    STOP covering details of who, what, how of these incidents, it only educates the next wanna be shooter of what to do and not do to increase carnage. >:(

  • Name not found

    “Typical Teen”>Wears trench coat>Wears Nazi symbolsWat?

  • Chris Beach

    I hate to say it, but if all these news stations would stop covering these School shootings. Then I would about guarantee that we would have less and less of them, they sit an talk about them months on end and these kids gets ideas in their heads. I'm guessing back before tv existed that there were hardly any school shootings at all. The world we are living in is being torn apart my race, politics,and social media. It will only keep getting worse. The big problem is there is nothing at this point anyone can do to stop it... If a person wants a gun they'll get a gun, gun control isn't the answer.

  • Danny Devito

    Can we not show these monsters faces. It only encourages more people to do this.

  • quiet me

    If these gun blaring students were bullied, the bullies and their parents should be thoroughly investigated and punished. Including witnesses that can testify against school officials that didn't do nothing with the bullies. The schools should be shut down until they get rid of bullying and until they get security guards and metal detectors in every single school. Think about it ONLY all this can get rid of the violence. Also think about it, plenty of people are denied a job everyday. It would give people that want to work ,a job. Keeping schools safe and giving people jobs. I would not send your kids to school until it happens. If I was harassed and bullied at school I wouldn't go no more. It's not worth the abuse. They make it mandatory for your kids to go to school but they don't make it mandatory to stop bullies. You can't go to school and be bullied too. It's not going to work. Schools and parents need to step up.

  • you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together

    why do school shooters always look like school shootersEDIT: these comments under this thread are atrocious, i wasn't talking about their race.

  • T.J. Gregory

    If he were from the middle east, he would have been on a watch list a long time ago, but sadly since he is Caucasian everyone simply ignores him. There was plenty there to begin to investigate this poor kid.

  • BBplay z

    Well, crap now there's gonna be protests to take away guns. 30 years ago shcool shootings were not as easy to find out about but now with 50 differant channel 7's It spreads like fire in an Arizona feild.

  • Amtrakfan2009


  • Brandon Reck

    After a bit of research, I found a bit of info about the whole situation: -The shooter was Greek. Edit: No shit people, Greek = white (unfortunately)-He stole a shotgun and revolver from his father, the father claims he didn’t know until the shooting occurred.-CNN, once again, plasters the face of the killer not only for views, but they’re giving what he most likely wanted: publicity/short fame before trial. This then starts a “monkey see monkey do” effect. -One of the deaths was a 16 year old girl who reportingly denied to be the shooters girlfriend after he asked her out. She was one of the first victims, as she was in the art room, which was one of the first rooms he entered. This also could have been a motive.-He hid explosives around the school prior to the shooting, meaning that he had more planned out, but luckily they were not detonated and were disarmed.

  • Think About It

    Don't give to much details about this shooter, or else it will encourage others that they will get the same fame and attention out of wrong doings.

  • kregg 34

    Stop posting shooters faces and sharing their name

  • DoodlZ8u

    Quit making them famous. You're part of the problem.

  • Ryan Dill

    The next insane murderer that wants attention or too spread their insane message will see that when this shooter killed kids at a school their name, ideas, social media, writings, music etc... Were plastered all over the news and trending pages everywhere..further incentivizing the next perpetrator to plan or carry out their plans. Sad CNN continues to do this seeing that it's obvious they are contributing to this more than helping. It is certainly possible to cover this without sharing the shooters photos, messages, social info etc. Very ironic they will be quick to blame NRA or uplift voices that blame NRA for these shootings ,but will not adjust their own coverage for the same motives they attribute to the NRA...more money. Hmm feels ironic is CNN putting money over kids lives by doing this ? I say yes.

  • workwillfreeyou

    More Big Pharma! The damage from Big Pharma in the U.S.A. can't be fixed!

  • Prince Rupert

    Get his face off the thumbnail! You are giving him exactly what he wants!

  • Doctor_Darling

    Yes. Keep posting their faces all over the place. Making them martyrs. You're part of the problem, news. But luckily for you, the more tragedies that happen, the more views and clicks you get.

  • Ethan Chen

    Please stop showing the shooters face 😩

  • Jmonkley

    "Typical Teen" Wtf this boi wore a trenchcoat with nazi pins everyday

  • patrioticmarine87

    Buy showing his face, saying his name, and talking about his life, you are giving him exactly what he wanted. By doing so, you are encouraging the next school shooter as well. You should be ashamed.

  • TekenBitchslap

    These white people be shootin everythin up all the time bruh

  • levi langmade

    The comment section is cancer. I've never felt so bad after reading comment section

  • Omnivale

    There terrorist, and nothing more

  • Logan’s Iife

    Was he Obsessed with columbine or something I mean Eric and Dylan was in the Trenchcoat mafia and I’m pretty sure one of the shooters was wearing a born to kill shirt

  • Kraine

    Youre creating possible copycats by posting his picture everywhere idiots

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