Most UNEXPECTED VOICES in The Blind Auditions of The Voice

Have you ever heard a voice that you really didn't expect to hear? Here are five of the MOST UNEXPECTED voices in The Blind Auditions of The Voice:

1. Jonathan Freeman sings ‘Heart Beat Slow’ (The Voice Canada).

2. Sebastian James Hekneby sings 'Chandelier' (The Voice Norway):

3. Audrey Joumas sings 'Just Can't Get Enough' (The Voice France):

4. Tommaso Pini sings 'Summertime Sadness' (The Voice of Italy):

5. Niya Petrova sings 'Take Me to Church' (The Voice of Bulgaria):

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  • Gegham Mnatsakanyan

    who is the first singer from Canada .

  • Nikita

    Loved the german guy

  • zzzut

    Nothing to write home about, really.

  • Buğra Kaan Çakır

    Norway one is unexpented i was really shocked. He sings like a gay lol

  • Donatas Straksys

    have fun. you did well

  • Dwarf 47

    The girl from Bulgaria became the winner

  • Lennart Frenzel

    Alexander Eder has a Great Voice

  • Karen M

    I know this has nothing to do with that great cover but which shoes is he wearing at 0:54????

  • Sophie M

    Does anyone know what the whole sheet thing is like with Canada in the first one?

  • alessandra croce

    why did you stop the italian one?he made turn all the judges!!!

  • Sara Heart

    First guy has a horrible voice.

  • Connor Maunder

    summertime sadness 👏👏👏

  • Juampi Soraire

    Chandelier one I think I know that guy. Somebody else?

  • ruixonaco

    O segundo tem mesmo voz e cara de paneleiro!Nojento!E o penúltimo é outro paneleiro!!!!!!

  • J I

    Love the rift of the guitar in the first one. What's the name of the song

  • sally Bou Bouras

    Heureuse de revoir Lara Fabian

  • Marie Beaulieu

    It's The Voice Quebec. The show's only on French-Canadian tv. And this dude was awesome but didn't make it to the final... Quebec's tv show if you don't have a sad story to tell you didn't win...

  • Sarah-Ève St-pierre


  • Geli910

    Go watch Travis Cormier audition

  • YG

    1. Really shocked 😮 me ( thx for including Canada 🇨🇦) 2. Also was very shocked of his voice. Sounds like a girl. I like it 3.her voice sounds soooo cute! Love it!4. I thought it was a girl at first 😂 amazing 5. Pls tell me why her voice sounds like a boy, (I love her voice)

  • Rodrigo Dantas

    Calm down lady from France, it’s not guess the song it’s the voice

  • Truth Seeker

    Judges should be able to take their vote back if singer screws up after voting.

  • Hannah Trent

    The first one sounds like he's been smoking 15 years.

  • Talha Dabir

    Can anyone name all the songs ?

  • TheEvilGenius - Lucifer

    4:58 she can't sing in my opinion she doesn't belong in this

  • Jorge Araiza

    2nd guy looks like a young Mark Ruffalo and sings like a chipmunk

  • John Jp

    just cant get enoughcant just get enough AIR whoosh

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