Saudi Arabia’s Shifting Story About Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance | The Daily Show

Saudi Arabia tests out an excuse for journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance, Trump latches on to it, and Michael Kosta weighs in on the mechanics of mutually beneficial lies.

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  • Syed Mohd

    Why so many people talking about Jamal Killing. How about This Mass Killing in Iraq, anybody say about this: Please watch closely this sincere Words from George Galloway.

  • الحسني

    In a June 24, 2014 editorial, Gamal Khashkji said that the practices of the Islamic state organization, the slaughter of prisoners and the cutting off of the heads of soldiers is an effective military tactic. This journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was carrying a submachine gun in Afghanistan with his friend Osama bin Laden Which is defended by the Western press JKhashoggi/status/492460771872235520

  • Kimany Thompson

    Why aren't people talking about what's happening in Yemen ??

  • cheetha123456


  • الحسني

    The campaign launched by New York Times and the Washington Post against Prince Mohammed bin Salman in defense of Jamal Khashoggi. Who is Gamal Khashoggi? He is the former friend of Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan ........ and the current Turkish spy Who is Prince Mohammed bin Salman? He is the Saudi Crown Prince who is leading a fierce and cruel war to purge Saudi Arabia of all forms of terrorism, extremism and extremist ideas. Is Prince Mohammed bin Salman worthy of this dirty campaign led by the New York Times and the Washington Post? What the New York Times is doing is supporting terrorism, supporting al Qaeda and supporting the killing of Americans You have to be ashamed of yourselves The New York Times has become the official spokesman for al-Qaeda and the terrorist regime in Tehran, which hanged minor children in the formations

  • Lavita Maiko

    Poor jamal Saudi Arabia Craezy and Evil

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  • AlbanianDentist

    i wonder why isnt your black ass allowed to speak about the murders done by Mosad? You are just a puppet whose ready to entertain the public with whatever lie your master wants.

  • Alieu Njie

    If he died during interrogation, why dismembered him then

  • Dee Bibi

    Ohhhh myyy Trevor 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • El Rick

    He entered in one piece?? Poor choice of words.

  • Michael Wlazlinski

    Idris elba cant be james bond. James Bond is supposedley based off of Rhoald Dahl. Dude was a womanizing spy tryin to get american women to be for involvement in some war.

  • Ericalane B

    Why did you guys stop reporting on this? We must keep it in the light to find the truth of what Trump or US will do.

  • Random Person

    Being an establishment shill, I'm surprised this guy even covered this.Maybe the bosses figured a little bit of coverage is warranted?

  • iloveyouzion1

    100 billion dollars...and the story of war in Yemen and the Rohingya where?

  • Uwe Reichelt

    time that those saudi subhuman cavemen go back shagging goats and eat camelshit. what a barbarian islamist shithole. Those assholes have no industry, no economy.... nothing but oil that was by surprise under their asses. the world should (and will) stop any trade with this criminal shithole called saudi arabia.

  • N G

    This whole thing is just layers upon layers of hypocrisy. Btw, while Khashoggi was no symbol of responsible, honest or progressive journalism, the way the Saudi government went about killing him does illustrate how the Saudi Royal family operates like a terrorist state. And also, the hypocrisy of Turkey of quickly dismissing the king of any involvement. But worts of all, when Trump and Trudeau are asked about their countries selling of billions of dollars in weapons to the Saudis (weapons with which they have killed thousands of innocent people en Yemen and that are confirmed to be US and Canada made), they BOTH look the other way and say that in that respect, Saudi Arabia is an ally. They describe this murder as "barbarity"', which it is, but have turned a blind eye to everything else the Saudis do, claiming they are strategic allies, both economic and political. It's truly horrible!It seems like the only decent one in this story is the widow.


    Kosta is not even funny.

  • kristoffer stambs

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  • Grandpa Dan

    Fack da Sawdies (Boston Accent)

  • Keira Buckley

    Hitler did the great for killing all the jews in Germany. Because they are bone of contention in world. They are destroying the world with their dirty mind. They have occupied Palestine now they want to occupy all the Arab world for their greater Israel and petrol resources. They have killed millions of people in the world but still they are innocent in the eye of world. The world is the place of peace if there is no jews in this world. Jews are using the agenda 21 for the destroying this world accept Jews.

  • Naa Antwi

    The question is why does US want to sell ammunition to Saudi..theu may be friends now..who knows what will happen in 10/20 yrs all abt the money right....the chickens might come home to roost..

  • Charlene -

    How is this supposed to be all funny?He is mocking and rude

  • Fran Tackle

    Dust got blown up from a fragrant breeze Hammer fist , hammer fist ,left chop Jeff's left butt cheek was obviously wounded . The sting from blood and sweat made my eyes blink , he found my weakness I realized. I screamed out loud in pain once ....... wtfu movement

  • Eden Vasev

    The whole thing is just yet another proof that if you have enough money and political influence you can get away with anything even a cold blooded murder

  • D Rai

    Whahah this Kashogi was a fanatic wahabi muslim! Not a free leftist! Washington post took jihadi on there payroll! Forget to investagate his past?? Muslims killing each other who cares?

  • Alex Wyckoff

    If Idris Elba became James Bond the world would be a better place

  • george cushing

    rouge killers like brenann./clinton&bush .who tries to put old 911 funding sauids back in charge after trump told new prince overtheow 911 funders trevor noah pushes to put in charge again


    DID this douche bag of comedian just implied that he is ok with thieves hands cu off nowong fully well that it violates geneva conventions of prisoner rights and effectively encouraged it what a fucking idiot

  • Matloob Alam

    Saudi regime like Egyptians and UAE, trained and protected by MOSSAD-Israeliis and C.I.A-Americans and serving their Patrons' interest in the region, is notoriously known for using the so called Wahhabi Islam and Shariah for shutting up and silencing their critques...They are also used by their patrons for many other dirty works like financing a number of Anti-Government Groups and Guerillas like PKK in Turkey.....

  • loyese Rasch

    weak attempt at humor, thought to myself when will this end? then told myself, hmm you know what the monkey said when they cut off his tail? it won't be long now. .

  • george cushing

    trevor Noah pushes to put mccian&lyndsay ghramn...clinton saudis back in charge the ones muller helped~ escape Florida after killing 3k Americans..CORPORATE PROPAGANDA

  • Casper G

    i mean he died in turkeyand the turkish blame someone elsemaybe turkey did it

  • Josef Saiedi

    so what's so funny about Solomon 102 and anti-magic day?

  • zeeshan haider

    The western society claiming to uplift the women when it speaks about women liberalization its nothing but a disguise form exploitation of a body deprivation of a soul and degradation of a honor. The western society claiming to uplift the women have actually degraded her to be the status of “concubines”,”butterflies” and “mistresses” which are mere tools in the hands of pleasure seekers and sex marketers heading behind the colorful screen of art and culture...thats your shit literally dun dare you all shit to any country while you belong to the worse one...

  • Josef Saiedi

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  • george cushing

    kasshogi /huma&911 funders killed 3k americans is Muslim-Bhood they have plan 100yrInfiltrate usa gov(holyland terror trial) Arab spring/iraq planned before 9/11saudis pay USA to kill assad frees newMexico jihadis school shooters

  • Kenneth Correa

    I wish Jon Stewart was back because I think he would fight for Medicare for all.

  • MusicforMe123

    I knew Trump would be brought in sooner or later.

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