Saudi Arabia’s Shifting Story About Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance | The Daily Show

Saudi Arabia tests out an excuse for journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance, Trump latches on to it, and Michael Kosta weighs in on the mechanics of mutually beneficial lies.

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  • John Doe

    MAKE AMERICA TRUMP AGAIN!Trevor Noah = BLACK IDENTITY EXTREMISTS. so, the national mall is about attacking white teenagers. when i heard about this video, i thought it was going to be a bunch of out of control catholic teenagers randomly attacking innocent people. instead, i see some teenager simply standing there. i guess that the current agenda of making false accusations of racism against whites includes bulling teens. who the hell is Trevor Noah to characterize anything that white teens wear as being racist? i guess if they was wearing hoodies all those a**hole black teens in those "KNOCK OUT GAME" videos it would be OK with Trevor. calling for violence against teenagers of any color is unforgivable. Trevor should be fired at the very least. at most, he should be charged with reckless child endangerment and jailed. all that Trevor Noah has proved is that he is a piece of shit racist, that would like nothing more than to physically assault white children.

  • Meme

    acording 2 this !! u r not welcome n Saudi Arabia u ediot

  • Dubai Trans

    I can’t laugh when I comes to the murder of this decent man. I’m so sad 😞

  • Muneeb

    Saudi People are Good, Even among the ruling family of Saudi Arabia many of there Family member are good but King Salman & Prince MBS are Criminals and the most Hated Persons among Muslim Community all over the world. They both had killed Khashoggi. & they are murderers of Many people in Yemen. World must Punish them both.

  • ** **

    Who care he is not even American. ..not around the world! Only journalists cried.

  • Trance Trance 2


  • HS Peresah

    I heard fart noise 2:06

  • Naeem Ameril

    Everyday the Israelis killing thousands innocents palestinians, why the U.S didn't investigate and condemn these morons for killing innocents people ?

  • Rob Eror

    I see every videos of you after 10 seconds you release it .Will you do videos about Ethiopia

  • Nasir Saleh

    How do you expect a murderer to change a society people who sent prophet out of town if he now turn to the children of those who give an accomo

  • Saliu Oloye

    Can't everyone be aware that America is trying to put problem between the 2 country

  • oskar columb

    A little too light hearted based on what happens to the guy ....

  • Aleem Pervez

    we are living in the world of "realpolitik".........where assassination, killing, death, kidnapping and murder is very common................Americans are happy they will blackmail the crown prince and coming king of Saudi Arabia for a long time............American toppled 124 governments after WWII in different parts of the world and assassinated many world leaders..........Muhammad Bin Sulaiman will prove a better puppet for Americans.....

  • Mallas Herra

    Suomi mainittu, TORILLE!

  • Asad Ali

    Saudi's are not muslims. They are salafi, wahabi which is the most distorted and damage form of sunnis. They are father of ISIS, Taliban and alqaida. Trump is just using saudis for their own benefit just like milking a cow.

  • Tazabi Mna

    I think we should apply this Saudi Arabia rules cutting hands to the ex Ethiopian government officials 🤔

  • sunshine201063

    love how trevor makes american news palatable.......

  • Suryansh Gupta

    Trevor’s Saudi accent sounds a lot like his Russian accent.

  • Kalid Dalu

    So are we all gonna ignore that fart at 2:05

  • Trance Trance 2


  • SG NTest

    Jamal Kashoggi was a Muslim brotherhood member who promoted theocratic rule and hung out with Osama BinLadin for a decade.He was a terrorist sympathizer and his death isn't really a bad thing

  • Monica Geller

    They have underestimated Turkish intelligence. Someone must be stupid doing this in Turkey.

  • leuk515

    Turkey is like dude we’re conservative but we’re not that conservative I say BS Saudi dick move!

  • Mickey McGowan

    1:16 in relation to trump logic posed in another segment you did about saudi arabia and the murder if your uncle was a detective then you have great detective intuition therefore you sre basically a detecive. Solid trumpian logic right there

  • uphill248 uphill248

    I really thought the US was going to step in and do something good about it? Just to give his family Justice...

  • PrincessMegan Elsa

    😳🙄 So He found guilty of the murder Anybody know ? ? 😳🙄

  • Jord Beets

    god this man is so un funny

  • Jeremie Lendo

    President Trump knows only the business logic. The ethic doesn´t matter. He forget that as world´s leading country, the USA have a moral or an ethic example to show. That means also "America First".

  • Shatter Star

    MBS : Motherfucking Bull ShitSaudi will get away scot-free because they have two of the most important things in the world : oil and loads of money.

  • Mel Goodwyn

    Who ever was apart of this investigation needs to investigate Nipsey Hussle’s murder. Geeez. That was awesome.

  • Maqtal Samatar Salah

    What is Saudi doing? This is where Baitul Haram is found. What a disgrace to Islam

  • Somali Badassery

    If you think that US will punish Saudis for killing Jamal Khashoggi you’re idiot!! The US would have punished Saudis back in 2001 when they bombed your country and killed more than 3000 in hrs.

  • Captain Noa

    I from fucking Finland 🇫🇮 shut up

  • uphill248 uphill248

    Who do you think was in those plans on 911?

  • Ahmed Ali

    Yea the Saudis should be blamed and told that it has consequences to kil journalists or bombing Yemen and saying its collateral damage ( just as the word was invented by America in Iraq) Trevor what about isreal who are killing indiscriminately in the occupied west bank or Gaza or is it a red line or about anti BDS legislation in the USA forfeiting your first amendment rights Trevor at least open up on those subjects and show how how the democrats and republicans both in the Senate and congress fear the AIPAC isreali lobby group which is foriegn but never registered as such its ISREAL first then America second or is that a red line or show how American preachers preaching Christianity in the streets of Tel Aviv are treated by this so called democracy and about the five MOSSAD GUYS HIGH FIVING EACH OTHER AS THE TWIN TOWERS WERE HIT or why did 3000 jews working in the twin towers not go to work that day lets make fun of that also but maybe your bosses won't allow you

  • Satnam Randhawa

    Ider m ad dekh rha h gov ki make me believe it is using my money in welfare

  • Trance Trance 2


  • Sarah

    They were cutting him in pieces while his poor finance was waiting for him in the car.

  • Yash Bajpai

    Well what to expect from a country who is openly giving funds to a terrorist abetting country

  • Anthony Mascarenhas

    They are animals and mbs is a mfo. Fuck nobody will what trump said

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