The Voice - Best Rock/Metal Blind Auditions Worldwide (No.5)

No.5: A new compilation of my favourite Rock/Metal Blind Auditions from The Voice worldwide
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  • masikhonzane ntipha

    Damn! The last performer is not of this world. Wow

  • maurie guya

    36:30 and 36:36 who are these men?!👅👄

  • Amanda Ellison

    And there isn’t no one that can play electric like Angus Young. Sorry not sorry

  • Amanda Ellison

    There is no one that can do what Jim Morrison did in his life.

  • Andrey Min'kovskiy

    Tom Jones!!!What was it???

  • seungwhi Kim

    02:06 와 두번째꺼 이걸 아무도 안돈다고 ㄹㅇ;;

  • mrfester42

    It amazes me that so many confuse this with great music. They're all a bunch of posers except for maybe Marc Amacher doing "For What It's Worth". He made the song his own. All the others are losers. Copying others does NOT show talent.

  • Jan Popke Bouma

    That's weird....the second guy was very good...I thought he was great!

  • Salvatore Gambino

    Minute 12:37 to 15:00.. that was unbelievable!! I don’t know who they are but I really loved!!!

  • Chii Velasco

    No one turned their seats for angelo? Stupid judges 😔

  • Moriganna Brown

    Tom Jones is unbelievable. Such a charismatic personality!

  • Juan Cárdenas Saldaña

    Tom cagó

  • G Smith

    I'm 20 minutes in the Zeppelin guy is the best so far.🤘✌💣💥🍁

  • G Smith

    I think they need new Judges. 🤘✌💣💥🍁

  • Coa Nostra

    Purple rain actually made me tear up. Probably the most beautiful thing I've ever heard 😢 Think I am in love 😍

  • G Smith

    Hats off to Mr Jones.🤘✌💣💥🍁

  • Jam Pan

    Asians cant sing or play metal, see sympan u o

  • Olay bsaysol

    What will the Voice be without songs from AC/DC😂😂😂

  • Erdeneoyut Bayarsaikhan

    Damn, the first guy SUCKS!!!

  • Tomas Engström

    whats up with the autotune on the newer auditions... sad....

  • Johan Mells

    Was that a translated version of Radioactive? That sure as f..k wasn't any English I've ever heard!

  • masikhonzane ntipha

    14.00 when the judge joined him on stage... wow

  • Boombeat 21

    Slapped is all i need for the all judges of the second singer...

  • Quintus

    00:01 Vong Dararatana (វង្ស ដារ៉ារតនា) - "Kon Bros Khos Hery" (Cambodia)02:06 Angelo Walter - "Love Hurts" (Germany) *full version: Claudia Andas - "Simply The Best" (Romania)06:25 Tom Jones - "Great Balls Of Fire" (United Kingdom) [Bonus Track]07:58 Aslaidon Zaimaj - "Show Me How To Live" (Albania)10:11 Witthawat Sankonkit (ไนท์ วิทวัส) - "Highway To Hell" (Thailand)12:35 Witthawat Sankonkit (ไนท์ วิทวัส) feat. Kong - "Back in Black" (Thailand) [Bonus Track]15:08 Kelly Kockelkoren - "Do I Ever" (Netherlands)16:59 Maarten - "Little Monster" (Vlaanderen)19:10 Patrick "Paddy" Strobel - "Rock 'N' Roll" (Germany)21:29 Sophia Urista - "Come Together" (USA)23:09 Mitchell Heidt - "Riders On The Storm" (Turkey) [Bonus Track]24:30 Ania Karwan - "Purple Rain" (Poland)26:24 Luis Ivan Díaz - "Arsenico" (Mexico)28:08 Fred Lebel - "Highway To Hell" (Canada)29:51 Viorel Grecu - "Radioactive" (Romania)31:47 Tomasz Trzeszczyński - "Jesus He Knows" (Poland)34:01 Mahalia Barnes - "Proud Mary" (Australia)35:46 Stelios Psarogiannis (Στέλιος Ψαρογιάννης) - "When A Blind Man Cries" (Greece)37:33 Erik Lindeman - "Electric" (Netherlands)39:08 Michael Eriksen - "Where The Streets Have No Name" (Norway) *official Youtube channel CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Adam Pearce - "Hot Blooded" (USA)43:17 Marc Amacher - "For What It's Worth" (Germany)45:13 Marc Amacher - "Smokestack Lightnin'" (Germany) [Bonus Track]46:38 Marc Amacher - "Mr. Banker" (Germany) [Bonus Track]

  • judy kamau

    Sir Jones brought the house dowwnnnna!!!🔥😊

  • Volodymyr Ye.

    Tom Jones is great at improvisation! The best moment of all the fragments))

  • liona walker-brown

    Tom jones is the king!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Nikolay Grin

    Where is Russia? Lol

  • Ajay Kumar Sunki

    Don't miss 12:36.

  • Amanda Ellison

    I can bet I’m one of the biggest fans of AC/DC. And I say no to the performance of high way to hell.

  • James P

    just goes to show how the rest of the world views music, so many rock and rock fans out there. judges included. yet here in the states everyone just loves that rap/r&b, pop, and the horror that is rap. need more musicians in music these days.

  • Tim Liscum

    Marc Amacher … I couldn't stop smiling... reminds me of Bon Scott in many ways

  • Matthew Key

    Not a single metal song on here...

  • Topsiekku

    tuo kieli ei sovi metalliin

  • Edinelson Lopes

    6:45 ...whats this is??? Yeah!!!!

  • Jill Bettiol

    Tom Jones killed it even at he’s age. Much respect ✊

  • miniplay laurent

    Pub !pub! Pub ! Pub ! Pub ! Pub ! Pub ! Pub ! Pub et pub !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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