The Voice - Best Rock/Metal Blind Auditions Worldwide (No.5)

No.5: A new compilation of my favourite Rock/Metal Blind Auditions from The Voice worldwide
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  • Dimitrios Ofidis

    Get the hell out of those shows look what they done to the second guy they have bad judges bad ears. If you have like the second this much talent try alone not from shows they judge you 4 or 5 singers is wrong, people like what they see and hear we like it and I see the comments that 100% of us here saying he was very good... try to sing to people not to fucking cameras or show if you get what I'm saying only God judges pff...

  • Chavezoid

    I just love it when Tom Jones breaks into those improvs. Legend. 6:24

  • cherokee williams

    The great ICON Tom Jones blew it up!! Love him!!!

  • Merrida100

    Michael Erikson has a PURE voice. Wow, it's so clear, crystal clear, crisp and beautiful.

  • Akhoto Lohe

    Second one who the hell are those judges, afraid to turn for him cos he is better than them. What a shame

  • Nunu M

    Pain in ass, the second guy is the Bomb! these judges are assholes 😤 the true talented guy, amazing in all even.

  • Leiberg

    29:50 Holy shit! :O I got chills!

  • Cleuber Barbosa

    Tinna Turner, bad...but AC/DC was incredible!!!

  • Hrundl Gamer

    These types of programs need a lot less judge and a lot more act.

  • Merrida100

    WTF? I mean serious WTF? WTFFFFF? Angelo Walter was SUBLIME he was PERFECT. Those judges were total idiots. Were they all on their periods or something. He has a well trained voice with wonderful control. Picked a very good song. They're idiots. I PRAY he was picked up and has gone on to be a successful musician. WTF is wrong with them!!?? Idiots the lot of 'em.

  • ผู้บ่าว บุรีรัมย์

    00:01 สัจอธิฐาน - Clash Thailand ??

  • Imheadstrong

    Metal is an English thang! Exclusively.

  • Chavezoid

    12:35 that's what i call a JAM!!!

  • Avitar Magnus

    purple rain girl was the only true exception

  • Mandi Ferrer

    3:26 & 3:44 - is that Overdriver Duo ? heheh

  • Chuck Hickl

    Tom Jones, damn near 80 now, showing the youngsters how it's done. Go on now Sir Tom!

  • essolitaire

    That Angelo was great

  • Cuemessiah Ortega

    Don't dis respect Chris with this shit ,fuck nigga I do better drunk

  • Delightfullydemented65 PMRChater

    Lost me forty five seconds into it...

  • Marco Bomprezzi

    Lot of good singers but the last one is Epic. Seems like John Belushi's soul has decided to come back....

  • Gary Richmond

    That last guy was singing damn good I think

  • Brandon Smith

    There's no way that Asian dude can maintain that voice for a full concert. He was prolly horce after the two he sang for the show.

  • Eric Hinojosa

    Wow highway to hell straight garbage

  • Aleksandr Sergeevich

    Круто у них там,а у нас в России только попса и пидоры,в основном...

  • Merrida100

    Mitchell Heidt YES YES YES!!

  • TruthSurge

    do people believe these singers are not post-processed before the show airs? There's CLEARLY aural exciters and compression and eq added. 10:46 omg... what a fail.....

  • Quintus

    00:01 Vong Dararatana (វង្ស ដារ៉ារតនា) - "Kon Bros Khos Hery" (Cambodia)02:06 Angelo Walter - "Love Hurts" (Germany)04:15 Claudia Andas - "Simply The Best" (Romania)06:25 Tom Jones - "Great Balls Of Fire" (United Kingdom) [Bonus Track]07:58 Aslaidon Zaimaj - "Show Me How To Live" (Albania)10:11 Witthawat Sankonkit (ไนท์ วิทวัส) - "Highway To Hell" (Thailand)12:35 Witthawat Sankonkit (ไนท์ วิทวัส) feat. Kong - "Back in Black" (Thailand) [Bonus Track]15:08 Kelly Kockelkoren - "Do I Ever" (Netherlands)16:59 Maarten - "Little Monster" (Vlaanderen)19:10 Patrick "Paddy" Strobel - "Rock 'N' Roll" (Germany)21:29 Sophia Urista - "Come Together" (USA)23:09 Mitchell Heidt - "Riders On The Storm" (Turkey) [Bonus Track]24:30 Ania Karwan - "Purple Rain" (Poland)26:24 Luis Ivan Díaz - "Arsenico" (Mexico)28:08 Fred Lebel - "Highway To Hell" (Canada)29:51 Viorel Grecu - "Radioactive" (Romania)31:47 Tomasz Trzeszczyński - "Jesus He Knows" (Poland)34:01 Mahalia Barnes - "Proud Mary" (Australia)35:46 Stelios Psarogiannis (Στέλιος Ψαρογιάννης) - "When A Blind Man Cries" (Greece)37:33 Erik Lindeman - "Electric" (Netherlands)39:08 Michael Eriksen - "Where The Streets Have No Name" (Norway) *official Youtube channel CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Adam Pearce - "Hot Blooded" (USA)43:17 Marc Amacher - "For What It's Worth" (Germany)45:13 Marc Amacher - "Smokestack Lightnin'" (Germany) [Bonus Track]46:38 Marc Amacher - "Mr. Banker" (Germany) [Bonus Track]

  • Leandro Mascareñas

    6:25 que bestia hermano

  • Fitri Annisa

    Marc amacher Pure Talented

  • Reece De Leon

    The Voice: Do you want us to wake up the audience before you audition?Some poor soul: YesThe Voice: queues the legendary Tom Jones for a song...

  • Merrida100

    Tom Jones is the king! Well technically he's SIR but man, he had it then, he's got it now, he's a powerhouse and still easy on the eyes! LOVE that man!

  • khandoker rony

    WTF!!! Why the judges did not selected the 2nd guy??? Assholes.......

  • Michael Wills

    Guy sings foreigner hot blooded I feel is a fail

  • Eros Backup

    Ooooh the audioslave guy!

  • Brandon Smith

    There is no other that can compare to Chris Cornell, don't even try. RIP.

  • Delightfullydemented65 PMRChater

    This is a spoof isn't it? Either way, pretty bad...ugh.

  • Timster D

    Fred Lebel - "Highway To Hell" was spot on!!!! That guy should just join ACDC!

  • Chuck Chuck

    Angelo Walter did a great job, disappointed that he didn't get a chair turn. He has a very good future in music, just keep plugging away at it.

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