John Oliver Is Trying to Educate Trump Through Commercials on Fox News

John Oliver explains why he hates when people ask if President Trump makes his job easier, why he's sure he'll never meet his Lion King co-star Beyonce and reveals his plan to sneak information to Trump through ads on Fox News.
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John Oliver Is Trying to Educate Trump Through Commercials on Fox News - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Stephanie Roestel

    john is incredible adorable

  • reicirith

    This was a really cute interview. Always nice to see some mutual respect.

  • mp3 juice

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  • mallory andy

    So.. John Oliver can kneel to Beyonce but not the literal Queen of U.K... Yeah sounds about right

  • pamela adams

    I guess Steve Colbert didn't watch that before his "meadia" gag. He really dragged that one out.

  • Sarah Repp

    John Oliver is the fave. Of course he's biased but he still presents facts in a satirical way that's engaging, and interviews like this show that he's a genuinely intelligent, hilarious guy and his humor isn't solely based off of a script.

  • Jimson Bounty

  • Pat Tanackered

    Does Elvis get a pass as a paedophile so you can mention him fondly? He went after Priscilla when she was 14 years old. I know it was a different time but that's still very creepy

  • Jamie Piat

    It's the cobain elvis

  • Kamala Williams

    John Oliver is a legend...he deserves a medal for his efforts to not only provide humor while actually making a difference

  • Freedomfighter099

    This is a demonstration to prove how I Stephen Bell have been censored from making comments on YouTube completely with no warnings or reasoning whatsoever

  • great outdoors

    Don't bother--What we have here is a certified insane person running the country.

  • Rich Peacock

    yeah, the English prick who wanted Trump to stand because he knew he'd loose. Such a middle class wanker. Move to Canada SoyBoy.

  • moonlily1

    What's with his weird Beyonce thing? She's pretty and she can sing, but so what? That's equally true of Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. I don't see what all the fuss is. That being said, his weird crush on her makes me feel better about my weird crush on HIM, which in fact is significantly less weird- he may dominate my search engine entries, but I do not long to spend an evening staring at the back of his head.

  • packinwood2009

    I thought the left hated it when foreign nationals try to influence our politics.

  • Reydriel

    Elvis Drum and Bass lmao

  • Bozo The Clown

    What's so great about Beyoncé?

  • Rachael E

    Poor wittle exhausted comedians. Meanwhile 🚒 🚔 👩‍⚕️

  • Leotisone

    Dude, you,being the idiot that you are, your gonna educate Trump? He's doing a million times better than you! How are you (who'll forever be remembered as that idiot who laughed at him, daring him to run) gonna educate anyone above a third grade education? He's president of the United States and your still just making an absolute fool out of yourself! By the way, did you fork over the campaign contrabution or are you a liar as well as being a simple minded FOOL?

  • geinikan1kan

    Ah the baby king

  • Floss Man

    I just noticed that Seth said "We tape at 6:30, but we're done at 5:30." HE'S A TIME-TRAVELING WITCH! BURN HIM! (Okay, I assume he meant done writing at 5:30.)

  • Apatz515

    Don't waste your breath Jon Oliver they're fucking morons.

  • feralnerd5

    why. am. i. not. getting. visuals.

  • Adam Miller

    seth meyers dad shops at my Jos. A. Bank.

  • Philipp

    I don't know... the way John Oliver says "until they are stopped" just cracks me up xD

  • Veronica LaShomb


  • amazing entertainment

    Top 10 cross over event's

  • donHooligan

    john...distance yourself from Emperor SJW.

  • Chris Chen

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  • 6kchea !

    Oliver is the best! Him and sasha should collaborate

  • Kira Linaris

    John Oliver is a fucking delight

  • john Baldock

    Americas NEVER GET British HUMOR!!!!

  • Rick Gross

    will these idiot not even funny joke tellers just go away? They werer 1000% proven to be wrong on their election predictions. They know squat. Anything they do now is to try and save their tarnished reputations. And funny how they all conveniently forget how STUPID they made themselves look. Thats why they're ALSO fakenews

  • galetaf

    I value John Oliver’s existence more than I do Beyoncé’s

  • gemlikestardust

    John Oliver is extremely relatable. I too would feel unworthy in front of Beyoncé.

  • Blue Flame

    I forgot that I have the Donald Dumpf chrome extension. So instead of having it say "John Oliver Is Trying to Educate Trump through Commercials on Fox News" it reads "John Oliver Is Trying to Educate Drumpf through Commercials on Fox News".

  • Diarmuid O'Dwyer

    fight me john oliver u won't come fight me behind the skate park in TA

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