Chill Study Beats 4 • jazz & lofi hiphop Mix [2017]

Thanks to all 1 million of you who share the love for this music. ♥
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🎧 Tracklist: (* = Unreleased)
0:00 idealism - Both of Us
2:10 Keem the Cipher - [BLOSSOM.] (w sugi.wa)
3:58 Jhfly - Crossings
* 6:42 invention_ - skyrateºº
8:32 leavv - Home
10:28 Allem Iversom - Without You
* 11:23 sugi.wa - pianos
* 12:58 Kendall Miles - isla bella
14:47 The Deli - Moonlight
17:10 j'san - this feeling's too good
* 19:01 baaskaT - Guttered
* 21:30 invention - dw3ll
23:06 Allem Iversom - Held
* 24:40 arbour - red
25:55 nohidea - you dont have to cry
27:31 Joey Pecoraro - Your Favorite Place
31:31 falcxne - Reminisce
* 34:53 Moose Dawa - Bravo
36:03 Keem The Cipher - [DESIRE.]
* 37:58 Moose Dawa - Chances
40:30 Pabzzz - Together
* 43:06 invention_ - brzzy bump
* 44:56 Philanthrope - ID
46:22 nohidea - Apple_Tree
47:37 nohidea - falling down (ft. shiloh)
49:13 Arbour - elusive
50:46 Philanthrope - Hope
53:05 leavv - within
55:47 mt. fujitive - lullabies
57:19 TESK - Green Stamps
59:57 TooNorth - long nights
1:01:26 TESK - Floating Vibes (ft. Philanthrope)
1:04:21 slr - break
1:05:15 The Deli - Everyday
1:07:20 Flughand - Peninsula
1:09:41 Allem Iversom - Tallgrass
1:11:08 Axian x J'san - Autumn Leaves
1:12:50 Philanthrope x plusma - in hamburg
* 1:15:02 delt - sayonara
1:16:32 sugi.wa - senorita
* 1:17:48 leavv - reminiscence
* 1:20:23 Kupla - New Beginnings
* 1:22:10 idealism - dont say a word
1:24:34 Kupla - Saudade
* 1:27:05 walterwarm & cowode - mountain top
1:28:24 nohidea - thirteen. (w- idealism)
1:30:42 KUPLA x Philanthrope - Evening Tide
1:33:09 Keem The Cipher - [REVIVE.]
1:35:00 badsummer - floating
1:37:03 invention_ - vscrl
1:39:20 Idealism - last time
1:42:12 Juan RIOS - Pine Trees
1:44:59 DRWN. - Estate
1:46:47 Tusken. x Philanthrope - Mr.Toast
1:48:46 fujitsu - motions
1:50:38 nohidea - misery
1:52:59 Bassti - Melanin
1:54:16 j'san - rest & be thankful (w I Eat Plants for a Living)
1:56:23 The Cancel - Can't You See
1:58:42 BeatBoxBandit - One Last Thing
2:00:35 Philanthrope - TheEnd (ft. Fujitsu)

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📷 Photo by Louis Raphael

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  • Chillhop Music

    Greetings to every one sharing the love for this kind of music, you're awesome. Thanks for 1 million subscribers. ♥

  • DragonStar1776

    Do your homework! And real quick! Is it me or does this feel like something Pamaj would use? (The music)

  • QT Gaming

    What did the librarian say to the kid?Read More

  • Jay Rozedowns

    Hey you. Yes youStop reading the comments. And go back to studying or to your homework.Lets make a deal. when you've finished your homework or study'sI'll let you read the commentsP.S enjoy your day/evening or morning

  • Spookey

    Like if you study Right now :D ( If you Do Good luck ) <3

  • peetey897

    I don't know what it is about this music but it is truly mood changing. I feel better about everything when this is playing. Life feels better, everything feels more doable, I don't feel as overwhelmed. I've been listening for a few days and I've done tons of homework, done laundry, cleaned - this music helps you feel like taking on the world.

  • DxvidGaming X3

    "Maybe I can stay and find some other nice people, who will like me and accept me for who I am"

  • CherryBomb

    Studying is short for students dying

  • TheGhostOfMountAkina

    don't even have any homework or anything to study, just chilling in my bedroom at 7:05 PM thinking about life. That's the way it should be.

  • AleKSander

    Thank you so mutch for making this! <3 And if you are reading this stop scrolling and study/ do homework ;) You got this! <3

  • Bear Rider

    I cried from the stress of school and this actually lifted my spirits a bit

  • Hulio Dos Santos

    Right at the beginning "kiki's delivery service" who remembers this? <3

  • Alistocrat

    The photo + music reminds me of landing in an airport at night and seeing the city lights fill the darkness. Feeling disconnected from what anyones doing down there. Like you're looking at them externally, from a different perspective.


    Something about the first beat is so touching and soothing

  • SinzOfGreed


  • liam holloway

    I have listened to this playlist time and time again, it never gets old. It's too bad I can't download it due to it being 2 minutes over what normal Youtube mp3 converter's can handle.Keep pumping out great music Chillhop

  • FaZe accting actions

    I was in class but in the beginning I thought I was going to get in trouble because it sounds like your headphones are unplugged!

  • Maikeru Noshijōka

    Congrats on your 1 mil subscribers. Now get to 10 mil

  • Connor Lewis

    I feel asleep with my music on and woke up to this playing at 2am, it was nice, i felt lost

  • Alexis Gonzalez

    thank you guys so much for this chill music, it means so much to me and it makes me visualize of me being at my best and being inspired. I hope everybody passes their tests and did their homework to get it done and also thank you so much for tis honestly, I hope that 2018 will be the best year and with this kind of hip hop chill music because this is absolutely amazing. this helped me alot to strive and to reach for my goals and for my destiny and to go on more adventures too.gonna be getting the homework done always and I hope you all succeed as well. my words cant explain more of this awesome chill style here for real, il be staying tuned always and hope that you guys reach your goals and your destiny too even if this is mainly about studying and homework and all but oh well lol.

  • Chill Ambition

    Nice one i also post some on my channel

  • Finn Schermer

    47:37 That's the hardest sample XXXtentacion has ever used

  • TaeKookMin Unnie

    honestly such a vibe <33

  • TheRaven Aristocratic lord

    The first song reminds me of, peace and love on the planet earth from Steven Universe.

  • MoondAilurophile

    This has managed to make college a lot easier to handle

  • Hip Dozer

    🙌 🙏 Congrats guys ! 🙏 🙌

  • Kristen W

    i work at a dog kennel and the pups and i really enjoy these songs!!

  • Cupcakes Love Gaming

    OMG Kikis delivery service

  • wintermelon읜터메론

    Have been looking for playlists to play whenever there's busy nights I have to fill in for school works or when I just need to set everything aside and think- your channel Chillhop, so far, has been a great contribution for compiling this for people like me, thank you 💕

  • Adrian Aguayo

    Thanks ChillHop for saving the end of 2017 for me❤🙏💪✨ i hope 2018 can be my year in Chill Hip Hop music instead of depending on someone to save Rap/Hip Hop because y'all kinda already did with this chill ass music.. Y'all are amazing and i follow y'all on Spotify and Instagram.. Thank you guys for making this vibe enter my life and be a part of me, i mean it lol..❤🔥✨

  • Michi Lee

    I love that Kiki intro man!

  • X

  • ツ!Vyperziin

    Goularte passou aqui ^_^

  • Sayuri Takenaka

    Wow was literally just reminiscing about Kiki's delivery service and what's the first thing on the mix? KIK'S DELIVERY SERVICE. Some serious witch craft right there.. 🤯

  • Mr.Misterman

    17:10, is that D'angelo????

  • Godawful Gaming

    can someone send me the link to the background picture !

  • Blake

    When I listen to this style of hip-hop I usually see myself sitting at a table in a nice studio apartment in LA or NYC Manhattan and just chillin and doing nothing.

  • Randy Bazile

    My favorite on this playlist is sugi.wa - pianos.

  • MissAngelicone

    Working towards my teaching credential online. Chillhop Music coming in clutch. Maybe incorporate in my classroom when I finally become official. Gracias!

  • Name 1 Name 2

    Ugh. Opening up the chillmix on a track with lines from a movie I loved as a kid. The feeeeels. I came here to relax, not stress about how much of my childhood I wasted.

  • 주원김

    Im korean. Highschool 3th grade student. Im always thanks to play this video. Also i can improve my score in test. Thanks a lot😁😁🇰🇷

  • Dont let me down

    Thanks Chillhop music for saving me from a revision breakdown <3 Who else relies on these mixes to study? 😂😂😂

  • The Jones'

    Floating on a cloud of bliss

  • Beau Bacon

    That's so weird. I was listening through headphones and the beginning conversation sounds like it's happening from outside

  • Dubble Bouble

    Gotta listen to this since the radio stream got taken down. feels bad man

  • Maria Clara Rosa Rosa

    That's great... could you guys do a part 5? These beats are oerfect for studying. They relax you, but doesn't steal your concentration.

  • Fun

    The best music of the word!!

  • Darksavage

    anyone remember these songs from the live stream?

  • Spaceifiy

    omg this gave me goosebumps <3

  • Caiden Freimann

    this is so so SO beautiful.

  • lucia ugwu

    27:31 fav song on the playlist, idk why i but i get a sense of nostolgia for some reason.

  • Aisling Nally

    I literally love this, like this is the only thing keeping me from burning my books.

  • Sgt.peeps

    Really good keep it up with that shit

  • Nanna Gornitzka

    I love this music a lot <3Nice beats and very chill. I find this music soothing for studying, reading and such. It really calms my mind and helps me think. Very inspiring and enjoyable music <3

  • Samuel Guerra

    Hola amigo! Te hablo desde latinoamerica, me encantan tus albumes y tu recoleccion de ellos.Sigue asi sacando las mejores canciones para tus oyentes!Saludos a ChillHop Desde Colombia! :)

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