Tillerson speaks out after being fired

Outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks after being fired from his post by President Donald Trump.
  • 西門吹雪

    You need to hate China to get a job from Trump



  • Vicia

    Win the people who KNOW what their doing leaves or get fired ... it really makes our County look like dumb asses . ESPECIALLY win the other Countries have worked with each other and also know the fuckery from the inside out ... WHYYYYYYYYYYYY 👀

  • LegalShield Barbara

    Correction< proud, and speaking the truth>

  • Talluri s.prabhakar

    Rex is excellent secretary of state

  • miguelito lee

    made in china hats and banners... doesn't that bother you?

  • For what its worth?

    You did a good job Rex.

  • Randy Swails

    The DEEP STATE is not politicians.They r clowns the REAL DEEP STATE controls with a rod of iron. Their job is 2 keep t morons at each other's jugular veins. Trump is using Hitler's playbook 2 obliterate the checks and balances that the FOUNDING FATHERS wisely built into the Constitution. We r screwed. We do not pass GO & we sure as fuck do not collect $200

  • Otto Olsen

    this man would be 1000 times bette president then trump , he is well spoken, serious and seems to have the right temper, calm and controlled . while trump is non of the things ( just a joke)

  • 2027850

    You fools, Trump has a strong base and the Republicans aren't about to impeach him no matter the outcome of Mueller's investigation.

  • patricia delgado

    To little to late, I give you some credit for speaking out

  • rajaee aliakbar

    Best option against dictatorship regimes all over the world come to new office

  • Eternal Life

    Now that America has a lunatic in the White House.


    It's difficult to understand American english

  • joseph rellama

    Tillerson you aren't a CEO anymore, you are to follow the presidents order and not cook your own soup

  • AlphaOne

    Rex you spoke against Pakistan for the guy who fired you. Hope you think about this before you speak again

  • Dwight Stones

    Rex Tillerson is pure class. What a refreshing change from Hillary or that dope John Kerry.

  • Justice

    I thought he is doing well in the Trump administration. Especially when his stand against China is so strong. Like saying he will boot the Chinese out from those islands reclaimed on the South China Sea. Now he got himself boot out first ! Sad.

  • Gilbert Conner

    the only one that spoke up in that house of hate and despise. great patriot.thank you sir and fuck trump.

  • news amid

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  • Tony Johnson

    I haven't watch CNN for over a year so I thought I'd turn it on this morning and take a look. I was on the floor laughing at what a disgusting loser panel they slap together with militant black woman snarling at Trump about black people's rights the disgraced mayor of Detroit almost gleefully hoping Trump's presidency is adversely affected and a whole cast of Looney liberal leftist nobody's whose opinions are stinkier than their buttholes. CNN is without a doubt the most disgusting low-life loser fake news d**** Depot Dustbin media just pure entertainment about how crappy a cable news channel can be keep it up fake news Real Americans are laughing their asses off at you and all you loony leftist scumbags never forget kids liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  • Carol Weiss

    cnn swims in a POT FULL of pigs DIARRHEA. cnn is the essence of DIARRHEA: FAKE NEWS, DIVISION AND HATE. take it as a COMPLIMENT cnn.- lol

  • SunTrib Fashion

    Why Trump still did not fire Jeff Sessions? He is too old to lead...

  • Tony Adair

    CNN is nothing but LIES and FAKE NEWS!!

  • bobyee1972

    The smartest thing Trump can do is fire himself

  • LegalShield Barbara

    I am so proud od Secretary Tillerson soeaking the truth and stand to the value amd and integrity!! Thank you Mr. Secretary Tillerson!!

  • Bev Power

    Rex Tillerson just go away quietly,you just were not able and comfortable to do the job ,I NEVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD LAST AS LONG AS YOU DID

  • Doug Millar

    Tillerson knows business, how to broker a deal and knows the value of good relations with other nations. Tillerson (for the sake of the nation) should run as Rep. candidate in 2020 replacing Trump.

  • Adam Jenkins

    you know something is wrong when there are so many resignations and firings in House Donald. #lockhimup

  • Anonymous

    So odd that trump hires people, then fires them & in this case, one of his best, Rex Tillerson . . . smh

  • 2027850

    Tillerson learned that the U.S. Government can't be managed like Exxon.

  • WindSolarHydroHuman

    That speech was pure fluff, pure rhetoric. Nothing highlighted in it is/was put into practice in this White House, for instance: Defend the constitution? (a joke or what?) 😒 Work with and respect current allies? (Seriously?) 😅🤣 Are the queens of whiningdom making this place a better place for the next generation??? (uhh...) 🤔🙄 Highly questionable... We'll let History be the judge of that one but is not looking very pretty so far!

  • Pa Bar

    Rex was right... the president is a moron. Check #RexWasRight on Twitter

  • Thomas MacKelly

    You almost got your exxon oil deal with Russia. Almost. winkBetter luck nextime bud.

  • Sylvain Paquin

    I respect this man for his integrety.

  • 5-1-1-0 UN23

    Click my YouTube Name and watch my YouTube Channel how augmented Boko Haram Freaks and Hamburg cell Germany blocked me 30 years to learn a profession and tortured. We want our HUMAN rights GG12 UN23

  • Mubarak Widaa

    you were a good business man, but foreign policy isn't for you, at ease.

  • Charles van der Hoog

    King Donald is absolutely a top-rated comedian. Highest TV rates ever. And nothing a comedian says need be taken seriously which is quite a relief. He is really funny, always good for another round of roaring laughter when he walks on stage for another soliloquy. I watch his live show almost daily. The Americans call his reality show The White House, but as there are many whitewashed houses in the world, elsewhere it is called The Greatest Burlesque Show on Earth, featuring King Donald in various roles. Come see his top performance as Master of the Firing Squad.

  • Joe John

    You are too intelligent to work for a MORON


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