Tillerson speaks out after being fired

Outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks after being fired from his post by President Donald Trump.

  • Bert Turbaville

    We knew Tillerson's days were numbered when the Exxon/Russia Oil deal fell through. That was why Putin demanded Trump install him as SecState to begin with. He WAS CEO of Exxon for chrissakes, and the deal was worth SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS.

  • InsideOfMyOwnMind

    I have to admit that was the first classy speech I've heard in awhile.

  • mysingalongsong

    Tillerson was fired while in Kenya...hmmmmm Kenya.......who else is connected to Kenya? Coincidence?

  • Claudia Canales

    What a class act to leave so honorably! I feel for Rex...he was always so poised but this looked like it really got to him. This is the sort of nonsense and high stress events that can lead to strokes and heart attacks. Mr. Tillerson you sounded and looked Presidential today...too bad we can’t get an ounce of this from your moron of a boss!

  • Luis Lopez

    Wish the best for Rex , he was the few sane voices from the WH staff

  • Jss m

    Man... I rather hear this man then Trump.

  • Duncan Baker

    Wow. He burnt trump's ass 50 different very subtle, and not so subtle, ways.

  • Hulkonala

    Tillerson should have said "Thank God I don't have to work for this MORON anymore!"

  • Cinders Hotash

    Now THIS is how a president should make speeches- with grace, intelligence, clear full sentences keeping things factual in calm professional manner. Rex may have left the three ringed circus, but I have a feeling this man will make a greater impact in other ways.

  • Steven Brooks

    He sounds pretty stressed and very shaken.

  • Taureg

    The proof is out there, if you are competent in this administration you are purged out

  • Aconstitutionalist Countryfirst

    Well the boat is sinking quickly...

  • joey77

    When I first heard he was Secretary of State I assumed he was there because of his Russian connections. I have to admit, he proved me wrong. He tried to do his job but I feel he couldn’t. With Trump as a boss, how could he. And the day after he spoke out against Russia. Hmmmmm. Good luck America. And please.... get your shit together 🙏🏼

  • tarmac2001

    Should of been Jeff Sessions getting fired. Rex Tillerson actually seemed to have a good steady working head on the shoulders.

  • plunderpunk2

    His sense of relief must be off the charts.

  • Leif Goodwin

    Mr Tillerson was a corporate executive who rose to the occasion, did what he believed right in very strange times, acted in the best interest of our country and did it like a gentleman, the man had a backbone.The polar opposite of trump..

  • Bb Broadus

    I hope that he is okay because he is breathing kind of hard.

  • acefighterpilot

    Rex,I think Robert Mueller has some info for you on how you can continue to serve the country. Give him a call. Quickly.

  • john richards

    Not a huge fan of Tillerson, but he's sincere in his service to the nation. A class act. Such a contrast to Trump's egotism and fake emotion.

  • Mike Reseigh

    High employee turnover is the sure sign of a shitty boss.

  • Russell Peterson

    Rex Tillerson for President!!

  • patsy stockley

    He is warning people they work for the Constitution not Trump. Unlikely hero. You know what he's saying.

  • pervertt

    Another one bites the dust. Now go have a long and meaningful chat with Bob Mueller, Rex.

  • Michelle Simon

    Tillerson is a class act.  That was the most gracious and dignified exit that I have ever seen.  I did not care for his globalist outlook, but I thought the way Trump dismissed him reflected more poorly on him than on Tillerson.

  • Simon Potter

    Is it just me or is the US being run like a game show or a soap opera?

  • Edward Kirkhope

    Work for Trump and you'll soon be humiliated. Tillerson wasn't the greatest SOS but he was a decent man. He criticised Russia and he was pushed out. Where do Trump's loyalties lie? He refused to put sanctions on Russia but put tariffs on allies. What sort of man fires someone on twitter? Answer: A man with no decency.

  • MrNado12

    Thank you for your service Secretary Tillerson. Thank you and God bless..

  • Binaj Basnet

    When will the day come when we can hear someone telling Trump you're fired👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

  • Kate Ingram

    Wow, after seeing one embarrassingly moronic Trump and friends video after another, I'm shocked and impressed to see this man speaking so professionally and intelligently. No wonder Trump fired him. What a bummer. You need to be a fellow buffoon or criminal to hang with Trump.

  • Tsnore

    "Tea for the Tillerson, steak for the..."

  • klynn martin

    So hard to see a democratic nation be brought so low. No greatness now.

  • Mark Sullivan

    The “fake news” is saying this is Trump’s fault. SO UNTRUE! Donald was just following Putin’s orders!

  • musicmaster101

    Good man good luck and thank Goodness you no longer have to be humiliated by the orange man, your win

  • Jacob Keller

    Putin had him fired since they didn't get the sanctions lifted.

  • Susan Stone Salas

    I had a confidence in Rex, as his love of country seems quite obvious, I'm deeply saddened and shaken by this absurd firing, by a " US president" who seems to only care about himself and his own propaganda.

  • Free Thought

    I see the sheep here still do not have a clue.

  • Freddie Congote

    He sounded very Presidential yet he was full of emotion, good luck to you Mr Tillerson.

  • DNS Media

    Good man but in the wrong place.

  • SxmRadio

    say what you want about rex, he stepped up to the job

  • ntwana twakwa

    "Patriotism does not mean serving the president but serving the country" Frank Roosevelt. This man feels the weight of that what is happening in the WH in his voice. He has never been belittle in public like this since he was a young boy.

  • Anyweather Never ever

    Damn, I seriously respect this guy. He was the most competent in the Trump team and the only reason I could see him getting fired was that he wasn’t a yes man to Trump and pointed out issues. Thanks tillerson, I had my doubts from you not having any foreign policy experience outside of business trading but you are a great citizen & have lived up to your title the best you could!!!

  • Getapetahome

    I had no idea he was working this hard, and cared this much. Not bad for an oil exec. I guess he was on the right path for America and Trump is having none of that. We need to fix this fast. Get the toddler out of the driver seat before it crashes America over a cliff.

  • Stephen M

    You can say what you like about this guy, but he was one of the few guys in the administration who acted with integrity and competence. It appears Trump only wants sycophants around him who dont question his ridiculous agenda, just like in Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia.

  • warren michael

    is it me or does he sound like he needs oxygen ?

  • Sean Mehegan

    This dude actually sounds like a decent human being

  • nashi nash

    Poor T-Rex Fired via Tweeter by King of the Twits.

  • WHM

    Tillerson, you're a classy guy.

  • MegaLacedup

    Tillerson got fired right after he criticized russia. Trump only wants to be surround by cult followers aka yes men,

  • Tony Raffetto

    I half expected him to run out and yell "Im freeeeee!"

  • Asmobia

    So who is the next Secretary of State Putin will assign to us?


    Tillerson, you are free. You survived. Thanks for the efforts you made under the worst circumstances this WH has ever seen.

  • LadySinaria

    The American government continues it's dysfunctional spiral out of control while the rest of the globe looks on wondering when and if it is ever going to end and what will be the aftermath.

  • Robert Chiusano

    The White House has more of an employment turnover than McDonalds

  • Drizzleize

    Good riddance, Exxon mobile Russia division CEO. GTFO.

  • l'enfante terrible

    Trump doesn't want ideas, he wants compliance.

  • Izu- Biafra 2-4-7

    Tillerson begone, Trump is the president, there no two president at a time, please wait and see how you do from here,

  • tonicrvnts

    Why is America allowing all this madness?!!!

  • SmileER

    Think twice before saying anything anti Russian in the Trump Administration. You might be next on the chopping block..

  • pepe6666

    he's not a crazy person. there's detail & thought here. this is why trump doesnt like him.

  • etcetra etcetra

    It's widely reported that Rex Tillerson was not an efficient leader in the State Department.While it may be so, the blame should pointed at the very same guy who appointed him in the first place.....Well, it is true......elect a clown, you get a circus.....

  • Semantralist

    Such a reasonable sounding man. I wish we knew what actually went down between Trump and Tillerson. Regardless of that, I am not looking forward to the new Secretary of State. Oh boy.

  • Jonathan schaefer

    Rex I didn’t like you, but you do not seem like a crazy person.

  • righteousification

    looks like he was an honest man who tried so hard to do his job. sincere and honest and who wanted to serve his nation

  • Anthony Lightsey

    Ok, when Tillerson was hired EVERYBODY said it was because he was a friend of the Russians, now he is fired and CNN tells us that Tillerson was fired because he was too tough on Russia???? No wonder why Democrats are mentally handicapped.

  • kevin taylor

    Looks more Presidential going out than Trump staying in. Tillerson is no saint but fired via Twitter? That's some real Asshole stuff...smh

  • breath holder

    Trump knows how to run a business , people who don’t know how to run a business will find him aggressive.


    Good riddance !!! He was a biggie in the swamp ... Keep draining the swampThere is no 1st without the 2ndLong Live The Republic

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