Hip Hop ' Funk ' Jazz - Ours Samplus

Well if you like Gramatik , ProleteR , Parov Stelar .. this music is for you ! Ours Samplus is an amazing producer from France , making trip-hop , jazzy hip-hop and electro swing


00:00 Ours Samplus - Spell On You
04:00 Ours Samplus - Like The Sunshine
08:25 Ours Samplus - Le Parjure
12:00 Ours Samplus - Deep Inside
15:03 Ours Samplus - Trouble
18:22 Ours Samplus - Le Bouton De Manchette
21:10 Ours Samplus - Rainman
23:50 Ours Samplus - Capture Ioiseau
26:28 Ours Samplus - Smile
29:21 Ours Samplus - Sweet Cans
32:00 Ours Samplus - Swingapour
34:29 Ours Samplus - Walk With Me
38:00 Ours Samplus - Fastajazz
41:22 Ours Samplus - Lonely Town
43:51 Ours Samplus - Softly
47:02 Ours Samplus - Joe Black
50:12 Ours Samplus - Alamo

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  • Flyers District

    I want to buy all these songs, where can I purchase them? I don't want to take them for free, you deserve to get paid

  • Mickell Pickell

    Awh yeeeee~ Cheers for the music, perfect study music to be honest! :D

  • Wilas


  • Latiniron Beatz

    Thats Music!! Thats Sound!!Thats is Love!!

  • Curious Panda

    00:00 Ours Samplus - Spell On You04:00 Ours Samplus - Like The Sunshine08:25 Ours Samplus - Le Parjure12:00 Ours Samplus - Deep Inside15:03 Ours Samplus - Trouble18:22 Ours Samplus - Le Bouton De Manchette21:10 Ours Samplus - Rainman23:50 Ours Samplus - Capture Ioiseau26:28 Ours Samplus - Smile29:21 Ours Samplus - Sweet Cans32:00 Ours Samplus - Swingapour34:29 Ours Samplus - Walk With Me38:00 Ours Samplus - Fastajazz41:22 Ours Samplus - Lonely Town43:51 Ours Samplus - Softly47:02 Ours Samplus - Joe Black50:12 Ours Samplus - Alamo

  • rel0aded0ne

    Thats an amazing mix! im soooooo chilled right now! Greetings from Germany

  • James Connell

    sweet sweet soul music

  • El Chapo

    First song gives me a feeling that i never had before


    y derrepente un comentario en español. 😁😝

  • Paulo Miguel

    Thank God for doing something so beautiful.

  • Admiral Kizaru

    anyone know rapper, who are using instrumentals like this?

  • Jheison99

    This has helped me so much to study.

  • KeepanOpenMind

    Talent continues to go unrecognized in the 21st century. This is brilliant.

  • Badboy beardy

    I can literary feel the sexiness...

  • Flamealchamist

    Is this music copyright free?

  • TjReviewz

    The fact that this guy is not as well known as most producers nowadays really says something about the music industry.

  • harvard tang

    1519 people must be deaf

  • kkroto

    Imposible no mover la cabeza con estos beats

  • Chillhop Music

    Perfect rainy day chill sounds!

  • Archie Tindal

    could listen to this all day, so good

  • Niek Pruntel

    41:22 Ours Samplus - Lonely Town2pac - Only god can judge me

  • eternity 24

    For everyone out there :You may be having difficult situations in your life, just remember that those situations are a chance for you to grow. A chance for you to become stronger! It is okay to feel insecure but don't think that there is no cure. The cure has always been in you. You've got to dig deeper and deeper to find the truth. Stop listening to you mind. Those thoughts are only lies and were made to hurt you. The past is gone, the future is unknown so live in the now to make it through.

  • MysteriousPlagueDoctor

    y a l i k e j a z z ?

  • Xristos pilamda

    Listening to this while studying physics! Am I the only one?

  • Consum Me

    I usually don't comment but this is really good music👌🏻

  • La Diskett' FunkSystem

    Real Soulfull Hip Hop..RESPECT from Paris !!

  • Isaac Mesquita

    muito legal cara gostei

  • Hanicrash Hecter

    Tengo dos temas con estos pedazos de beats.!!!saludos Stay See.

  • Sergio DATOC

    I remember Casey Neistat everytime I hear music like this.

  • Nick G

    Swingapour is my favorite!

  • Sain_X

    Master piece Ours Samplus - Le Parjure

  • beans101

    they say sales they say skill they say sales leads you to another antidepressant pill they say your not worthy they say you no good i say lets make fire throw more wood leaders dont show the way all they try to show is a fake glamour parade sick of hearing the same ol story same pitch same lie stick with my company get paid goodbye doesnt make cents no dollars they must feel on top of the world with a big fat smile when we the ones pointing our finger to dial my voice needs to be listen to i wanna show the magnetic field either plus or minus oh how great can we be if we combine us then compare We to them did we the egg come first or was it the hen im getting up to date on facts im sure we sick of working hard for the man and breaking our backs old literature once said We the people lost our foundation of wanting to be greedy over breaking bread our society made up of individuals who want more now then ever We the people need to stand up or be bound on our knees forever our talents God given only one name to believe in out of our circle is what we need to step in our bodies clothe insecurity need strong will no immaturityThey say sales they say skill they say sales leads you to another antidepressant pillthey say your not worthy they say you no good i say lets make fire throw more woodi am a born leader raised motivator give no fucks about someone talking i shake a haterchew em up like a now or later sick of working for jerk offs masterbaters why is it sucha crazy idea to rise up lookin at a bigger picture no wonder the poor get more poor and the rich get richer will confidence faith get me to where i wanna go gotta look up for the right direction or else ill move slow probably trippin on every corner should be only blind to whats behind me no need to look back not a pharisee prophetable to my undenying words ill make my path straight whether it be my mind my direction to contemplate aint worried about the future because man revenge is best served cold but they know im tryna to light up a fire in youThey say sales they say skill they say sales leads you to another antidepressant pillthey say your not worthy they say you no good i say lets make fire throw more wood

  • Wally

    18:43 I just wanted to learn and now I'm automatically shaking my head. The exam tomorrow is definitely saved :D

  • Quitest

    fcking rito my game crashed

  • Enigmas Of The Universe

    I wonder why music like this haven't surpassed Bieber on all charts possible.... Just comes to show that the majority is not always right !! That's why I truly believe Democra'z'y is an easily exploitative and hollow political ideology....

  • It Maniac

    Just fell in love with the songs.Great work.


    Can I use this music for my vlog?

  • Jack044

    L unico commento italiano 😄


    Damn I can't get past the first song

  • Maxsander Luiz

    it's amazing .... =) ....I Don't Knew it until yesterday... I'm loving thisHigh quality

  • Chris Hartford

    warn the surgeon generalmy chemicals are gettin thru while i operate heavy machinery impregnate every thing in the room.cause and effect. the duality is serendipitous to my regrets. pay check isnt big enough to support the child support. can we change the deck? alanis morriset. se la vi ironic. if only i were iconic then maybe i could get away with choppin my ex into a thousand pieces with an oven mit that holds the cleaver. unless it didnt fit.. and they say money cant buy happiness. crock of shit. my last argument with my chick was completely pertainin to drainin the bank account from 34 dollars all the way down to 18 over a pack of cigarettes and a 99 cent rip it plus tax now aint that some shitn?.

  • Tim McKee

    My new favorite album to study to.

  • Danny Canon

    Holy Hell! Beautiful Beats. I did a fashion shoot with this playing in the background. Everyone loved it! Going to be playing more of your stuff in the future.

  • Pahan Gulyaev

    Музон тащит-просто бомба!!!Всем ПРИВЕТ с Донбасса!!!

  • bolsonaro

    a aquele beat do Cone Crew

  • Chill Jr.

    26:30 is the best so far...

  • Martinus Olk

    Thank you mery much, this is genius! :)

  • SamWuzHereVlogs

    That Big L sample tho!! Respect


    i love weeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

  • Dmitriy Ivanov

    Respect from Russia!Cool beats!

  • Ismael rodriguez silva

    Exelent music, good job. I love this mix

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