Hip Hop ' Funk ' Jazz - Ours Samplus смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 kinogo

Well if you like Gramatik , ProleteR , Parov Stelar .. this music is for you ! Ours Samplus is an amazing producer from France , making trip-hop , jazzy hip-hop and electro swing
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00:00 Ours Samplus - Spell On You
04:00 Ours Samplus - Like The Sunshine
08:25 Ours Samplus - Le Parjure
12:00 Ours Samplus - Deep Inside
15:03 Ours Samplus - Trouble
18:22 Ours Samplus - Le Bouton De Manchette
21:10 Ours Samplus - Rainman
23:50 Ours Samplus - Capture Ioiseau
26:28 Ours Samplus - Smile
29:21 Ours Samplus - Sweet Cans
32:00 Ours Samplus - Swingapour
34:29 Ours Samplus - Walk With Me
38:00 Ours Samplus - Fastajazz
41:22 Ours Samplus - Lonely Town
43:51 Ours Samplus - Softly
47:02 Ours Samplus - Joe Black
50:12 Ours Samplus - Alamo

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  • A u b r e y

    sTuDy MuSiCSuNnY sUlJiC

  • Rachit Shrivastava

    amazing collection of songs. Loved it.

  • João Pdr

    Essas musicas tem direitos autorais?

  • Alexander Postma

    So cool even my parents like it!!

  • Flappy Ramama

    Is this free to use on streams

  • Wendy Liem

    Cece Meri dan Wendy dan Koko Acen

  • Pieterjan Tilleman

    This is a very nice bundle of amazing tracks. Funny enough, I find the 2 last songs the best! Well done

  • Riders To Fly 2

    Hello I have a YouTube channelPlease subscibe and Like Thxhttps://youtu.be/t20zDY4nTt0

  • First step Investment


  • sebastian gondel

    this video has been seen 32M times, while the most seen video from Ours Samplus has only be seen 168k. We should support them, their music is awesome

  • Doktor Krok

    32 Million views. Wow.

  • First step Investment


  • gurll 1234

    Lonely Town is the best!

  • Repo Original

    Danke ty for this Sounds

  • Miss Vainilla

    Hola a todos y a todas. Graciss X compartir. ☀️☀️☀️☀️👽👽👽👽🛸🛸🛸🛸🌬️

  • mayank yadav


  • Stay See

    Similar vibe collectionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGrlWhzf9uU


    This is just too goooooooood.

  • Debra Tanner

    I listen tothis about 50times and inever get bored strange emotions off wen.I.was kid songs memory s

  • Wendy Liem

    Pakai Jersey PBFC jalan di pulau Kumala Tenggarong

  • Hamid Saib

    Even better than what i wanted

  • Wendy Liem

    Cece Meri cantik sekali by WENDY dari Samarinda


    Awesome song scale of 1 to 10 i chose 10

  • ᴊᴏʜɴ ᴀʀᴛ

    Tracklist00:00 Ours Samplus - Spell On You04:00 Ours Samplus - Like The Sunshine08:25 Ours Samplus - Le Parjure12:00 Ours Samplus - Deep Inside15:03 Ours Samplus - Trouble18:22 Ours Samplus - Le Bouton De Manchette21:10 Ours Samplus - Rainman23:50 Ours Samplus - Capture Ioiseau26:28 Ours Samplus - Smile29:21 Ours Samplus - Sweet Cans32:00 Ours Samplus - Swingapour34:29 Ours Samplus - Walk With Me38:00 Ours Samplus - Fastajazz41:22 Ours Samplus - Lonely Town43:51 Ours Samplus - Softly47:02 Ours Samplus - Joe Black50:12 Ours Samplus - Alamo

  • Mehdi Al Take

    i like it when its 1.5 times faster

  • Rhita Filali

    I listen this song , i dancing ( i am french )

  • Darrin Gindratt

    This is some good blunt smoking music

  • Carl

    this play list is too fucking liiiiit


    Hip-Hop is extraordinarily undeniable... without it, I truly wouldn't exist. 😲 How about you? 😏anyways, I am only juss writing this cuz I enjoy this approach... not bad (I prefer to mix stuffs up, lol) - if you appreciate lyrical ish (picture Nas+ Emienm + Kendrick) then you'll appreciate my YouTube channel.... if you really do not love it then it includes a money back guarantee 😂😂 like I guarantee any the money I've spent on my videos, I WON'T get back 😌#dopeHipHop who's #BetterKid?


    if you love this you might appreciate my youtube channel 😎 🤙 i swear i gots that dope hip hop all day long... i pretty much really do not know any thing else!

  • Jack Manuel Desinor Hernández

    I have to say, when you compared this style with Grammatik, proleter, etc... I thought you were perhaps exaggerating. Yet you're style is as fresh, indeed, my friend. Congratulations on so much swag dawg! In other words, THIS IS FIRE 🔥

  • Wendy Liem

    WENDY LIEM rap hip hop dan Cece Meri jazz

  • don vanluka

    Brazilll, isso sim que é música.

  • Rógere Wanderson

    I don't know why I love this, but I do. addicted

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