Ed Sheeran & Travis Scott - Antisocial [Official Video]

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  • Ma Ry

    Ничего не понятно, но мне понравилось

  • camorra herbst

    next stop heavy metal pls. feat. matthew barlow in an dantes inferno like song. ty

  • Azim Qureshi

    2:55 Travis last time letting you eat his fries

  • Γιώργος Ασμάνης

    Producer to Ed and Travis ; What for a haircut do you both want in the music video ;Both of them ; YES

  • Justin Lunak

    what a ugly mo fo get um sheeran!!

  • Wrecker '56

    I want Ed's T-shirt that he's wearing in the diner!

  • Jazmin Gomez

    onestly ed just wants frikrn views

  • Steve Smooth

    Check out my remix... https://youtu.be/xIwZhvb_UoI

  • Kaleb Wieland

    It's harry potter all over again!


    only hear for travis

  • Axel Pace

    At 2:20 travis licks his lips never realised that 🤔


    Horrible music from Ed Sheeran 😥🤔😕 pls subscribe my channel you get better deals 🤣

  • Justin Lunak

    ogh ya banger this marks couple yrs since cvs fuked me lol r i p jaime... this a banger

  • Tahira Lee

    Edward scissors hands

  • Hayley Foster

    Love the music video 💕

  • Marko gonzales pacherres

    Where is the jokes about Travis saying yes hahah

  • Ayhan Aliyev

    What a fucking tune!

  • Draco Barland

    From the ad! Any1 else?

  • Mike

    DJ Khalid’s album was pure ass


    Why is he suddenly so edgy

  • Ulysses

    Love this new energy Ed.

  • T Whyz3

    If you think this is awesome like this comment !!!!!!...Listen to this leave a comment, like it and subscribe .. thx 👌👌 subscribe to my YouTube too at T Whyz3 https://soundcloud.com/t-whyz3/money-counter-freestyle-promo

  • ifeelaloneasahuman

    Wonder if this'll be in 2k20?

  • NeymarJR skills

    Its hard focus on the song so much is happening oin the video

  • Marta 2028

    0:55 my eye hurts so bad right now XDD

  • Madison Belcher

    he’s just making songs with everyone now 😂

  • steven goulding

    Do you Like DAGs !!!!!

  • Whale

    I thought that skeleton Ed looked good but that damm Afro look sicko mode.

  • Ben Hallam

    Is it me or is the kid in the dentist chair the mini ed from photograph?🤔

  • Jesse

    Ed's dropping songs left and right

  • edwina Jenkins

    Does not fit Ed at all

  • Hannah Simon

    Not gonna I’ve been so confused by Ed Sheerans musical progression. Who remembers when he actually played an instrument

  • Shrek Wes

    I like how whenever Ed is singingTravis be like: yah! or its lit!


    Travis was on that kid cudi 2:03 “Mwooahh”

  • Ecreip Regnisselb

    I love how creative the new Ed Sheeran videos are.

  • Patrycja G

    + 2 points for me bc i saw them both live FUCK

  • Ramon Lopez

    https://youtu.be/cmTpN9hXXS8 😈😈😈🔥🔥

  • m4d

    Spoiler alert : Ed will be collaborating with Shawn Mendes in his next single releasing at the year's end. Thank me later. Peace! xx.

  • bloody

    Who heard the song when it first leaked?

  • Rasmus TM

    Wtf is this video... Reported

  • William Molin

    This song is so fucking bad, the worst song ive ever heard


    who tf spits out a damn fry because it's cold???

  • Alex Gilbert

    Travis Scott: so Ed how many hairstyles u wantEd Sheeran: hold my Beer

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