Netta - TOY - Israel - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2018

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Netta will represent Israel at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with the song TOY

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  • Spawnet

    Next gen, solidarity, self-irony? Nope. This isn`t good looking. Remember about health and beautiness. Maybe music is fine and even great, but visual it sucks.

  • صوت الشعب

    Big hug from ❤Morocco ❤

  • Noming HD

    ,,I'm a beautyfull creature" ... Ahmmm... I don't think so.

  • Patrick Kealy

    Much love from Ireland 🇮🇪

  • Edgars Peter

    Hey 88 mil. Wow, this is record Chicki-Chicki 🐥🐥 Greetings from Azerbaijan ❤️

  • ccadd30

    This is music? BarfThe Human race is doomed...

  • Ana Luísa Carvalho

    parece uma galinha ser repintada nem mereceu ganhar nenhum voto de portugal para si vc fez batota e sim a outra de vestido grande devia ter ganho

  • Ronje

    This song is so werid :D

  • たまさぶろう

    It’s just too bad nobody knows nothing about Eurovision in my country but everybody knows the song Dschinghis Khan, the song that came out of the 1979 Eurovision

  • Mancuboi

    I'm late to this, but why the hell is Isreal in Eurovision?

  • Çiğdem Aksu

    1:00 Ve Türker burda mı??

  • Đor Đe

    OK, 5 months after the release of this song.. I get it. I get the hype because this really stood out from the crowd and no wonder it got the popularity and went on to win the contest. Still not one of my favorites of ESC 2018, but I get how it won. Haha

  • karanlık kral

    kahrol ısrael ama muzık guzel serefsızler yapmıs

  • Mariana Sousa


  • Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg IS THE BEST

    It's not really that bad, it's kinda cool and pretty funny too.

  • Luffy the legend

    نتقابل يوم القيامة يا عاهرة إسرائيل

  • Zizejpallaside Jest the best

    Smart phone’s is so inteligent because i work in IPhone and i we have Newe plane(iPhone 11 ) (I just kidding

  • esc 2019

    Eurovision becomes popular because of netta thank you israel!

  • Xerxes

    Ist hier jemand von Freshtorge?

  • Marcelx2x

    I came back here just to dislike

  • Vorld Craft Play

    Супер пупер клас она божествена просто класс я люблю эту песню

  • burrito kitten

    HOW DID THIS WIN EUROVISIONshe just did some generic hip hop

  • Eduard Krasikov

    Ну что ж ты страшная такая ты такая страшная Ты не накрашенная страшная и накрашенная.

  • Tom Stark

    How did this thing win the euros ?

  • dzhessi_ lin

    Братаны руский есть?!😂

  • Eurovision Song Contest

    Add or download the song to your own playlist: along with the karaoke versions: buy the official CD:

  • 69PoloW69

    Still looking for that beautiful creature. Great song tho!

  • Valya

    Я одна тут говору по українськи

  • Fernanda Valle

    Proud of Israel 🖤🖤🖤⚡️

  • Cassbob

    Le kitch à son paroxysme

  • farshore

    Toy is this week's Number 2 song on US Billboard's Dance Club Song Chart .....Congratulations !


    בסוף ביטלו את האירווזיון בארץ?

  • Kitten

    boże jaka ona jest brzydka...

  • SolarAutumn

    I cant stop listening to this its so catchy wow


    OMG amazingLOVED GIRL

  • Loloclasher Lolo

    Как это победило ?!!

  • HurricaneHarveyWeinstein

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn∴

  • rayray MSP

    I keep repeating this song!! I love it so freaking much!! XD love you Netta 😍

  • Mary T

    I'm not your chicken 🐔🐔🐔

  • karanlık kral

    2.58 kızı bılen varmı

  • Jhovani XD

    Love from Mexico 🇲🇽 🐥

  • Anzhela

    Курица неощипанная. бесит жуть....

  • Aida Mahanova

    You look like Vanilopa from the "Wreck it Ralph"😍

  • leonard gjata

    You will be not the real winnwer .

  • Twirarist

    Hungary was way so much better than this :v

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