Trump Scolds Sarah Huckabee Sanders For... Being Honest

Trump was angry with his Press Secretary for breaking her oath to tell the untruth, the whole untruth, and everything but the truth.

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  • MythicTyrant

    "Could you please get him to call me and tell me what it's like to be proud of a son?" XD

  • Tired of Fools

    "Your Father is looking down at you and would be proud."? OMG How dumb is this guy?

  • Left4Coragem

    I believe the US could have elected a better president if they had chosen him on a random raffle with all the citizens of the country.:P

  • okrajoe

    Stormy winds are blowing.

  • Patrick Hogan

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks like the bully flounder from Spongebob.

  • Mystiqueivy

    "Im alright, buddy". HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

  • Willie Purdom

    Every time trump open his mouth something stupid fly out. Two guys shut him down real quick. Now, why would trump think  the guy's dad was dead, I'll bet it shocked him when the man told him, his dad was still alive. Then he wanted to arm wrestle with another guy, I loved his response, "yeah Iam alright buddy" . What a maroon we have for a president.

  • Justin O'Brien

    Tariffs sexy? Not even if Stormy tried to tariff Trumps clothes.

  • CarbolicSoap

    Let's Just Jump Into It...

  • earth ocean

    Vomit. What a grotesque. Absolutely revolting. Our embarrassment in chief makes me sick. Impeachment feels like a lost cause, as Pence would likely be even worse. No wonder the right maintain a raging hard on for these putrid meat sacks, they're trying to bring on the Apocalypse.

  • Angry Yogbuscus

    "He's still alive."

  • James Harris

    I wonder if Trump's lawyer advised him not to sign the NDA, because if it got out, Melania's divorce attorney could use it as a signed admission of adultery.

  • pixel girl

    So basically, Stormy Daniels is threatening to unleash weapons of mass revulsion?

  • TheKyubiisaan

    "I'm all right buddy" translates to "boy if you don't get those tiny hands out my face..."

  • Henrik Larsson

    Sir, the world is laughing at you Donald Trump ..

  • Comfort Ngong

    Steven Colbert, thanks for reducing our depression. You are wonderful

  • Richard Williams

    Out of the comedians who make fun of Trump, Colbert has got to be the funniest LOL

  • Nizwiz411

    so he held a press conference to sign new trade tariffs but almost left it unsigned to go take photos. isn't that just a snapshot of the narcissistic buffoon that is Trump.

  • TheWhoMe123

    Nobody else finds it odd that day after day the videos promoted on YouTube's front page are Seth Myers, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel and they are always videos bashing Trump? Are these really promoted on the basis of popularity? Everyday the highest number of people go on to YouTube to watch the monologues of Late Night hosts? I don't even like Trump but I'm starting to feel like I'm being intentionally brainwashed. Not to mention to hypocrisy...these are the same people that come on TV looking so upset about issues like bullying and even call their opponents bullies yet they come out every night and talk about people's appearance, children, wives, and sex lives in a mocking they not see that the culture they claim to oppose is created and perpetuated by what they do?

  • Sarpong Sarpong

    This is so embarrassing; he assumed the guy's dad was dead, got corrected, got quickly dismissed for arm wrestling and he forgot to sign the bill. Cant make this up America.

  • Blak

    Evil is of course at war with truth... nothing new there.

  • Adrian Rangel

    When the guy said “my father is still alive” I lost it😂💀💀

  • Janabeth P.

    "I'm alright, buddy."

  • six of one

    It's like Trump can't have a normal conversation with people. Doesn't know what to say, says stupid a 6 yr. old. Or senile.

  • Cindy Stewart

    Seriously, that's at least the 3rd time that Trump has forgotten to sign an order because of a photo op. Once is an oversight, but 3 times? (Apparently he also forgot to sign that non-disclosure agreement, so maybe that's just his default mode).

  • T-Bone

    I'm not American, so the continuous Trump related topics are extremely boring.

  • Alan Gray

    What is it with Trump? He’s a bumbling idiot who has the attention span of an infant. At the end he was acting like White House tour guide. 😂

  • kadeem s.

    So let me get this straight the destruction of the president of the United States in 2018, is going to be in the hands of a pornstar? who wrote this?

  • OzzyCoop

    That's how much respect Trump it's worth "I'm alright buddy" lol

  • William Cashion

    A lesson that Hillary should have known is: If you don't do dirt, there' no dirt to be found. And Trump should be happy that Stormy Daniels only charged him $130,000. He got off cheap.Go Mueller!

  • Julius Hutchins

    "Your father, Herman is looking down at you"?He's still alive.Truely a classic.Lmao

  • Kuma Inu

    "He's still alive." Hahaha! What a cringe-worthy moment and what an Orange Clown!

  • I Mohammed

    He sooooo killed it 💯💯💯

  • Stephen Mungalsingh

    That steel worker! So funny and so right. Swat him away like a fly!

  • Stormcauac10

    Everyday is comedy hour with this administration 😂!

  • FriggSaga

    Those boots with that skirt... oh Sarah.

  • Erika Friesen

    Trump looks like a confused old man. Loved the "I'm alright, buddy!"

  • WhiteTigerForever25

    This was so priceless!!!! I laughed so hard!!!

  • lutascheier

    It's not funny anymore. By this time every single American is to blame for not removing Trump from office. And what about all the 2nd A people who claim they are the last defense against a tyrant government? This is tyranny of stupidity right here! Do something America. The time for observation is finished. It is time for actions.

  • The Regular Indian

    Your father is looking down LMAO....

  • Blue B

    Wow, wow and some more wow:)))) Trump is a stain on the Oval Office. And from this day forward, Trump is a stain that cannot be removed from the Oval Office and more importantly; history. :))))))))))))

  • A A

    Trump swatted away like a Fly. ZERO respect for this unfit POTUS.

  • Dehta SS

    This was painful to watch.

  • Dave H.

    "I'm all right, buddy." hahahaha

  • ziljin

    Surprised Trump didn't call Sanders fake news

  • New Message

    That pic is gonna go public.. and you're gonna see it. You'll have to google it.. You'll have to. We'll all have to. It will look like a sausage casing half full of butterscotch pudding, laying on the corpse of a mangy orange cat..And none of us will ever be ok again.


    ‘I’m alright, buddy’ 😆

  • AliceaFitness

    Loved how the gentleman dismissed the 45th. Loved it!!!! the 45th is trash

  • Tyrade Shift

    Is Wilbur alive in that vid? Trump with all 8 of our steel and aluminum workers. What a team! 😎😎 hey Trumptard! Herman is still ALIVE!! He's looking down on you saying "omg what a moron, thinks I'm dead, geeze..."


    Im just gonna try my hardest to pretend, we dont have a president for the next 3 hurts my soul just to watch lol

  • Proud Californian

    I never thought I would see the day this country would elect a child for president.

  • Judith Miller

    Trump the hypocrite! As k him where he bought his steel to build his oodles of hotels....CHINA!

  • James Frank

    Trump messed up by going after the arbitration route, it confirmed he is not only involved but desperate to keep her quiet.

  • speed0spank

    Trump is the definition of coastal elites that the right loves to toss around. He has lived such a rich and pampered life that I'm pretty sure the only jobs he thinks exist are porn star, hotel staff, coal miners, steel workers, and rich people who don't really have to work it's more of a hobby. I would be really curious if he could name like 50 jobs that Americans have.

  • brooke

    I can’t understand how people can defend Trump like no matter your political alignment and views, he’s embarrassing. Like really really embarrassing.

  • Erwin Ros

    If I got a dollar for all the times the White House has told the truth, I'd have... one dollar.

  • Luqe Prisecaru

    ahahahaa epic "i'm allright buddy" ! tip'o the hat to you mister.

  • MrMajorduck

    This would be hilarious if it was not so 'sad'.

  • twinodoom

    And this is why she never tells the truth.

  • ghostbear200123

    I'm alright buddy."💪🏼💪🏼😹🤣😂

  • Dak Lamerbusch

    But, honestly. Is Sarah even a woman??? I would not be surprised to see her have a rager when Donny starts talking about taking healthcare away from the poor.

  • seanmoyses

    I look in daily from over the pond to see what the Dotard has bull-shited away in his daily joke of a presidency. Great show, on the nail and funny.

  • MirageGSM

    Uh... you might want to have a look at the ads playing before the video. I'm not sure you want Turkish Anti-Kurdish propaganda associated with your videos.

  • Juli A.

    4:37 it is far too late at night for me to be laughing this hard like ffs i'm deadass boutta wake up my whole apartment building 😭😭😭

  • gmon78

    Donald Trump has orange balls.

  • Tony Bravo

    Lmaooooo “I’m alright buddy” the president of the US getting dismissed like a wuss

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