Amy Schumer On People Who 'Don't Do Carbs'

'I Feel Pretty' star Amy Schumer cringes when friends bring up their no-carb lifestyles.

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  • USARMYvietnamVET1969

    What a poor excuse for a human being, Amy is just plain nasty, inside and out.


    18k people LIKED this video tho 🥃🕺

  • Noor ••

    I can't hate anyone who makes Ellen laugh so hard 😍

  • Bushkangaroo 1959

    If there was ever a piece of Skank, I would think 🤔 she would be it!🤮

  • John Smith

    Humor? didn't see any

  • Yury Khodyrev

    It was the most boring interview with Amy I've ever seen.

  • Dachdog

    She seriously makes him laugh. That's great!

  • BasicBish

    the spotlight reference on point.

  • TheHuntsman

    People hate Amy Schumer? 🤯 Why? 🤔 I'm so out of the loop. 😧

  • Ma D.

    I feel like Colbert doesn’t want her to be funny - it’s kind of annoying to watch.

  • Emma Leyva

    I love her. Be my friend AMY!

  • adams1030

    Sometimes, Amy's comedy does fall flat. I often don't identify with her sense of humor, either. But let's be real, people who hate her and make her into this monstrosity who could never tell a funny joke... are just people who are the butt of her jokes and resent her for it, albeit sometimes subconsicously.

  • candyvodka

    Why do people hate her I don’t get it

  • Chicago LC702

    I like to watch her on occasion in hopes of seeing her actually be funny. The search continues...

  • Amanda da Silva

    Amy is why brains are super sexy! And she embodies her whit to look beautiful too.. Tnx for reminding the world how beauty really is in the real world. Pop culture used to tell us one "slim" bit of the story. Women like hr ARE beaurtiful.

  • Tutone Lyles Naranjo

    She’s a talented gal. She has a style all her own. Her performance in I Feel Pretty is memorable and deep especially the beauty contest performance. Bravo Amy.

  • Rebecca Brady

    I love Ellen DeGeneres she's a inspiration funny kind

  • Truthful Spirit- Blue Heron

    he's a tranny liar and Colbert is too

  • davidc2570a

    I give the marriage 3 years tops. Unless he had to sign a prenup, then he might hang on for a bit longer.

  • Danielle Leger

    Stephen speaking gibberish 2:06 AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

  • Erna Cooper

    Very few people these days make me laugh as loud as she does. I love her.

  • MamitaGomez

    OMG I love her. I just read the comments and learned people hate her? I feel like I started my first job in retail again and realized people were a-holes. Ah, well. I LOVE YOU, AMY! SAVE SOME PASTA FOR MEEEEE!!

  • Victoria Munoz

    So over rated! This is where the U.S. has devolved to....a loud mouthed idiot.

  • J MA

    I know so many people hate her but I like her. She seems so real and down to earth.

  • rak żaba

    Amy Schumer doesn't age well.

  • sarah sweetloli

    she is annyoing ! get why they hate her i started too !


    She is very beautiful

  • Jennifer Morris

    I wouldn’t mind some of that John ‘hold me’ action.

  • hflordawn

    I love Colbert, but he doesn't come across well in this clip. It seems pretty obvious that he doesn't care for his guest.

  • Ma D.

    @stephencolbert was so rude! I didn’t like the way he treated / interacted w her - he should be lucky if she goes back on the show for anything other than just promotion -Jimmy Fallon and Ellen were so nice to her!

  • Rick Schwab

    Hookers have more class that this thing! What a complete and totally disgusting skank!

  • Mia

    She is really funny!!!

  • J J

    4:49 Colbert laughing so hard cant talk.

  • Nicola Rollinson

    I'm thinking Amy is completely different at home, when she's not working

  • jesus fucking christ

    Fat bitches go home!!!

  • Mitchell Hammonds

    Hahaha!!! Imagine that - a fat person having an opinion about what other people eat. Classic.

  • adelin pop

    shes just plane as shit.she could donate some money 4 ppl in needs,cause she just dont deserve it. a cow with lots of guts

  • Andrei Andrew

    I hate this ...................

  • sally abed al-aal

    Ahhaahah ahahahah she killed him at the end xD

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