Amy Schumer On People Who 'Don't Do Carbs'

'I Feel Pretty' star Amy Schumer cringes when friends bring up their no-carb lifestyles.

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  • ZizYoubizHERE

    "change" i LOST it

  • mel grant

    Face asking for a brick

  • Peter Bondy

    Amy is brilliant. I love her. Lucky hubby.

  • Triptmeet Kaur

    Her last word “change” hold so much meaning ....What could have said to that man who tried to made her feel little. And with that one word he was belittled.

  • a church

    Seems very personable, just dont care for her take on standup.

  • tredigi

    Don't do carbs? Really? What people choose for their diet is any of your business?For example, I stay physically active and eat everything in sight .. yes, I can see my own feet without a mirror.

  • In Places Deep

    "Not one person has ever said that sentence"I was at a conference for the South Eastern Medievalist's Association after I had just gotten out of gradschool because the conference was real near where I lived (Mississippi Gulf Coast). One of the medievalists there seemed shocked by the ocean and did, in fact, say "I saw a dolphin!" when a group of dolphins jumped out of the water just off the beach, as they are wont to do.

  • Julia

    I don't get it, why do people hate her??? she seems funny lol

  • J T

    Not disgusting enough to play that role in “I Feel Pretty?” No one ever told you that.

  • Nv Loz

    That really subtle piano at 2:10 made me think there was a ghost in my house playing the piano

  • monixed ed

    Maybe you try no carbs, so for once you won;t have two chins ::))

  • Neeraj Bangera

    She's amazing!!

  • Not the Doctor

    People hate her because they make her self aware of themselves. I don't emulate her and I can still laugh, why can't You? She made fun of so many types of people here, it was spot on.

  • Niko

    Why in the hell is a dumb white bitch famous for being dumb.🤔

  • Sophia Colon

    ok but like...amy's not ugly, she just isn't stick thin.

  • inoebene

    coz carbs is are not essential ..

  • Flibgonrt Sheglis

    For the numnuts accusing Schumer of stealing...Conan O'Brien and many others were accused of stealing jokes too. Every one of them won in court. Schumer was cleared too. Don't believe everything you hear.

  • anapat universidade1974

    She is so funny🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Adam Daudelin

    Shes not funny. That's why there are dislikes.... There you go sjws, its not sexism, its real life. If you aren't funny people are gonna tell you how it is. Easy as that.

  • Amberlance

    a land whale like schumer will make fun about people who don't eat or drink to excess and she felt she was allowed to make a ryan dunn joke to stevo - dumb fat c**t needs to pull that ugly pig head out her fat a$$

  • jahna roth

    hahaha hilarious!!!! Thanks for making me laugh out loud! I used to be an anorexic had an abusive relationship in control people don't have that, they empower themselves and Amy is empowered. Powerful people intimidate the powerless just by having self identification not identification from other people.

  • Taylor Craig Newbold

    I for one am happy for Amy Schumer. She and her retarded husband are perfect for each other. Can't wait to see the retarded baby!

  • Markus E

    Many people don't her for her political openness. Then again, many are just like her but are not that massively targeted with hate. She is funny and that's what people should focus on. Except when she jokes about the elderly and like she just did here making fun of basic entry level workers.

  • DiamondsR 4ever

    Ugly at its finest 👎🏼

  • David Savian

    Before Amy got her taint team...... I wonder if she used to put in her rider requests when going to certain hotels or theaters a taint team (supervised by Mr. T from the A Team).

  • Kim Grant

    Cabbage patch doll face

  • Amish Space Force

    Rachel Maddow interviews a whale queef

  • Alfie Bart

    hahahaha her reaction to hearing some people dont do carbs HAHAHAHA

  • Alix Yeshayahu Hecht

    She talks about her face and body and then complains when others do. She pushes her vagina onto us, quite literally FLASHING the audience in a recent Netflix special.

  • LabratDiva


  • Joel Mittelstaedt

    Fat slutty and not funny. I don't understand her fame

  • Aileen Haeata

    I just dont like her face.

  • Jayce Johnson

    Wow, did anyone notice the subtle hostility between them? Stephen was getting a little petty...

  • Pal Cadaval

    Stephen is such a sweetheart.

  • Marisa Jensen

    Rapist, that's why we don't like her. Duh.

  • Aditya Unni

    "mah stinky vejynaaah"

  • Linguistics Pundit

    I can't help but feel that she is trying too hard to be funny, but it's just not happening!! Is it just me or do people find her funny??Maybe in a world without the likes of Bill Burr, who is just hilarious, she could be considered funny.

  • Antonio Calderon

    What the fuck is the desk for tho. Do men on these ‘late night shows’ feel like they need something to establish their dominance in a conversation. Probs overthinking.. hm

  • Cecilia Michael

    Okay, this is the funniest clip from Colbert I’ve even seen!! Any makes him better hahaha, I mean I love him, but he was laughing and joking on another level here 😂❤️🏆

  • Katt Whittaker

    I love Stephen so much. The way he leans in and really listens to the person he’s interviewing. I just adore him 💗

  • Immortal Mozart

    Lol. All these “you go girl” commenters acting oblivious to the fact that she’s a comic who steals jokes to get ahead in a game where it’s really fucking hard to make it make me lol.

  • Kevin Schaefer

    “Jim, roll the clip.” 😂😂

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