Amy Schumer On People Who 'Don't Do Carbs'

'I Feel Pretty' star Amy Schumer cringes when friends bring up their no-carb lifestyles.

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  • runrockwater

    how did i even almost finish this interview it was pretty boring. Wats with ppl n carbs thou, i like not being hungry so i eat watev my body needs. The headache, forgetfullness and lightheadedness isn't worth it

  • Dan Graphic

    Cabbage Patch face...

  • BoxingBird

    all these libtard comments about how men hate her forget that other woman find her cringey and unfunny too. sexist bastards smh

  • Ranjit Sandhu

    If a lot of women tell you you're beautiful, you're probably fat

  • lucaboden

    I suspect she smells like baby powder and IN N Out animal style farts in the elevator.

  • Ye Yeet

    I think she has a funny personality, I just wish she wouldn’t feel the need to steal other jokes. She’s funny enough on her own. She had so much potential but she’s made too many mistakes without owning up to them for me to like her

  • Aparna Agarwal

    Amy is awesome.Let's spread love for amy instead of supporting misogynist who like spreading hate.

  • Flower

    Amy Shumer was mad funny and gorgeous and she still is. I've been so annoyed by the brainless hate fest heaped on her for what ever reason, it never was really clear to me. I guess genuine people are a threat to many. And it's not like she was trying to cover anything over, she knows what self deprecating humor is, she turned it into art. I'm glad to see so many agree with me

  • Elma Okeanska

    I see Jennifer Aniston in her.. Sth about gestures, facial expressions

  • Gulzat Matisakova

    Smart, badass, funny, unapologetic

  • Jarvis DuBois

    love her. love Stephen, keep it up!

  • Dorathi Catalano

    Hey silly people she made it to acting. What's all the hate for? I have actors in my family big ones. I'm from Music NYC dad Vinny Catalano. All (for your info) pop music is company supplied record Labels provide by only writers. Pay off stage performance for life tacking credit on them as writer performer. See? I was there! Quit sweating it kids.

  • M Lo

    Seriously why do people hate her. She's amazing. This interview had me all happy about what a funny, fun and lovely personality. She's very real too. Stop the hate!

  • Joshua Hancox

    Everyone saying she's not funny...but I hear everyone laughing? Lmao grow up

  • John Doel

    congratulations Amy schumer we are so happy for you love 🐝 beetle Heartbreath

  • jogabrata Talukdar

    I am having pasta now while looking at this

  • Reshme Subramaniam

    3:23 Pretty much my reaction too. CARBS is LIFE. i work out and eat well, but i love my pasta and rice and bread.

  • Lázaro Murad

    I saw the movie and maybe Amy's character was kinda on a manic episode megalomania body dismordiais to name a few. Anyway, the movies sucked, love Amy though

  • Eric Toribio

    She looks Mormon here. 😂

  • Aquila Nona

    God she is so gross in every way!

  • Eric Ryan

    Amy scares insecure men and women, period. Grow up, she is great.

  • vikkihottie55

    I know I don't personally know her~~But what I have seen about her, I just don't like her and she is not funny~~~

  • Dermot Murphy

    Another waste of space. And very little talent and not a good role model.

  • Flower

    I can't believe fat shaming is still relevant to some in 2018

  • Kick someup

    Maybe like gender and family, the word comedian means something new in 2018. But in my day it meant people that were funny. if this is the future of comedy, I can't but feel sad for millenials never who will never have the good fortune of experiencing good humour bringing true laughter and joy as we did.

  • Ash Ketchum

    Adrenochrome, not even once.

  • Bob Lo

    Whats her talent? Being unfunny?

  • Albert Elnen

    I have high blood sugar, so I have to control my carb intake.

  • booboobrinn

    I do carbs (pasta & rice) once a week...It bloats me out & makes me very depressed...I do miss it thou x

  • Bean Machine

    Amy : My vaginaaaAudience held at gunpoint 😂😂😂😂

  • reality check

    Amy Schmer is a sickophant who're, just like Cobert !! Hahahahaha SCUMBAGS

  • Jen McPherson

    I highly recommend her book, 'The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo', which I read last year. It's not what I would normally read, but I have never laughed so much whilst reading a book. Reading it, I was struck by how hard Amy Schumer has worked to reach the peak of her profession and how genuinely grateful she is for her success. I found the chapter about her father's multiple sclerosis to be especially moving. She seems the type of person who would be a great friend who would rock up to your door when you are feeling down accompanied by wine, pasta and a bunch of comfort movies. Haters gonna hate.

  • creator

    This girl has no sense of humor.She reminds me of one of those whiny know it all brats. Did her parents pay for her to get to come on this show. I hope she doesn't get paid to waste air time this way.He obviously had to force his laugh, cause she isn't funny.

  • Miles North

    She's the fat chick in the group always giving it up to the fat guy in our group.

  • John Doel

    hello Goldie hawn and Kurt Russell and family my dear friends, one of my favourite movies is ,big trouble in little China love 🐝 beetle Heartbreath

  • Sisipo Mbandlase

    "Sir I'm not constantly grinding, and you watch yourself" 🤣🤣

  • MemeLivesMatter EU

    If you find amy Schumer funny then you won't be alive to listen to bill burr's jokes.

  • niamh sheridan

    People don't hate her for no reason. She steals jokes from other comedians.

  • 4 ever

    So Amy just got arrested ....Prayers that Amy repents of her rebellion.Rebellion is equal to witchcraft. KJV.Her hair is really pretty here though.

  • King Cyrus

    This is the trending disgusting women that always talk about vagina right?😝😝😝

  • Joe Smith

    I use to pull bitches like that.

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