Concentrate Your Mind | lofi hip hop | Chillhop, Jazzhop, Chillout | [Study/Sleep/Game]

Welcome, my dear friends 🖤
This music is ideal for background music at work, while studying, playing games or just for sleeping:


by Huanxiang Heitu

00:00 Alicks - Giants Under The Sea
02:32 dann.goghd-monsters
04:31 ?bluedoom?-I was thinking about us
07:10 peatu-whether they are in a dream
11:21 aura-memories (w aidan)
14:07 aso-good sleep. (w- middle school)
16:15 edwardmix-Go Home
18:47 wunsche-birds
20:58 a l e x-dont die
23:36 redrose.-serene moments
26:11 iamfearitself-sacrifice
28:46 nymano - i wish i could sleep

a l e x
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  • Dreamy

    Good listening <3🎧Tracklist:00:00 Alicks - Giants Under The Sea02:32 dann.goghd-monsters04:31 ?bluedoom?-I was thinking about us07:10 peatu-whether they are in a dream11:21 aura-memories (w aidan)14:07 aso-good sleep. (w- middle school)16:15 edwardmix-Go Home18:47 wunsche-birds20:58 a l e x-dont die23:36 redrose.-serene moments26:11 iamfearitself-sacrifice28:46 nymano - i wish i could sleep

  • Cozy

    never been first, have a feeling this is gonna be a good mix

  • Random Kanji

    You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.

  • Rootdancer

    Do you have editing experience man cool intro

  • redrose.

    Thanks for featuring me :)

  • Crazy Scorpion

    Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart

  • Umfy

    I've been sleeping to this so i can't tell how good the music was but that was a decent nap D:

  • Merens

    yo dreamy how are you doing this fine day

  • Ian Seraspe

    That perfect posture, though. 😢

  • iamfearitself

    Thanks for featuring me in your mix :)

  • lola lulou

    Im having the most important test in my life tomorrow, listening to this really calmed me. Thank you Dreamy!

  • Estrés Creativo

    ❤️ March, 7th. 2018 ❤️

  • stream_error

    Alicks/a l e x is such a great great artist

  • Grace Lange

    This is good for my soul.

  • Sad Salt

    How am I supposed to concentrate when this music has me in the clouds?

  • young dreamer

    Beautiful so far :) thank you for all the great stuff you do.

  • Lemourne

    Serene Moments had Terror in Resonance samples, hell yeah

  • Eleanor C.H

    really beautiful thank you 😙

  • YouSander

    I really like me this picture <3

  • Ikigai

    There are no words to describe how I feel listening to this. Thank you!

  • itsjustlyric

    every new upload is added to my favorites thank you :)

  • Marcelo Wohlgemut

    Perfect is little to describe it

  • Brion Allan

    Your channel has become one of my new favorites for this year. :)

  • Schubi961

    What Song Starts at 33:30? It Makes me calm everytime <3

  • Boomshakalocka02

    Love it how this vid got only ONE dislike. SMh, Lucky.

  • 「bluedoom」

    What a cool mix ♥Thanks for featuring me, dreamy c:

  • foucketboucket

    any mix posted by you is really good tbf

  • Marvindao And Company

    love it lov love it i can't listen to another video or music love itttttt. Ty :)

  • Tulip Yellow

    Loved this for my morning yoga flow today. Thank you.

  • Stéphan GRC

    4:39 best animated 2017 romance drama Nagi no Asukara

  • Nuwan Sam

    Thanks! Now I can listen to music while doing homework!

  • Alton Song


  • Christy Lee

    Wow this is gorgeous! Love the visual effects you added to the art <3 Subscribed!

  • shiftfwd2033

    Simply Sublime. Thanks for the mix!

  • Loki PJ

    woah this version of Von by Arnor Dan is really cool (23:36), that's one of my favourite songs

  • Gabriel Windsor

    The pic is from some anime? I feel like this girl deserves a story for herself.

  • Darik

    peatu-whether they are in a dream where can i download or buy it?

  • JapanischErfahren - einfach online Japanisch lernen

    Man, I love this playlist, but that song starting from 21:00.... wtf? Sounds like some wailing guy that just lost his testicles on a beat that consists solely out of a stapler clicking twice per second. Always have to skip that crap. xD

  • reham

    always appreciate ur uploads, thanks a ton for the good vibes

  • FatGuyLilCoat

    I want to burn my house to the ground

  • The Spirit of Momma Jin's Tae Monster's SugaKookie

    Just by the first song.. I loved it

  • Quintillion

    the one by bluedom, i was thinking about us.... is amazing... but most of these other ones have too many piercing, industrial/mechanical, and abrasive sounds or are trying to be too abstract and disconserting

  • Cacti Gaming

    Your editing and thumbnails aren't bad, well done.

  • Said Almeida

    I´m sure this is the best channel ever

  • Marina Tezak

    The "?bluedoom?-I was thinking about us" song is a nice cover of Nagi No Asukara's "Fonte" song.

  • Alaa H. M.

    This is amazing! Helped me calm down and focus on solving a really challenging assignment. I am glad I stumbled upon this. Thank you! 💖💖

  • Blu Krow 22

    yo, this is dope, drink some coffee and draw to this.✌

  • Sayuri Eden Sabal

    Absolutely luv this mix. Play it all the time🌅

  • Skyler Wade

    This just makes me drift away

  • WhyRPG

    26:11 the most fire one of them all

  • M. Alicia

    4:55 is it the music in Nagi no asakura ?

  • da randomator

    The image kinda reminds me of when I lived in Indiana, Good times.

  • Degu Girl

    I absolutely love this so much... Just so calm and amazing... This is definitely the best lofi mix I've seen on Youtube lol... The songs here are just perfect and they combine to create a lovely chill atmosphere...

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