Concentrate Your Mind | lofi hip hop | Chillhop, Jazzhop, Chillout | [Study/Sleep/Game]

Welcome, my dear friends 🖤
This music is ideal for background music at work, while studying, playing games or just for sleeping:


by Huanxiang Heitu

00:00 Alicks - Giants Under The Sea
02:32 dann.goghd-monsters
04:31 ?bluedoom?-I was thinking about us
07:10 peatu-whether they are in a dream
11:21 aura-memories (w aidan)
14:07 aso-good sleep. (w- middle school)
16:15 edwardmix-Go Home
18:47 wunsche-birds
20:58 a l e x-dont die
23:36 redrose.-serene moments
26:11 iamfearitself-sacrifice
28:46 nymano - i wish i could sleep

a l e x
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  • zio_otio

    Anyone knows where the piano sample at 16:15 is from? It sounds familiar but i can't remember...

  • jack worrall

    whats the song at 52:00

  • BeetleBUMxX

    Is that the voice of Ser Anthony Hopkins I hear on that last track? I'm thinking that is from the movie Alexander but I am not sure. I just know his voice when I hear it lol.

  • Lapsem Weaver

    What even are those funny sounds that're audible in the second song?

  • Mr. Toast

    Hey Dreamy. Where do you find these stunning backgrounds? (beside this one) Do you make the effects on them yourself?

  • christopher vinson

    While your celebrating the 4th, im working hard to this melody an writing my project for my Masters. Stay motivated/ Grinding. Thanks for the tunes......✌

  • BallisticPotate

    The first one is so emotional to me heart crushing almost

  • Lex Angea

    Everysong that comes up is even better than the other one!!!!!!!

  • Wellington Oliveira

  • Dreamy

    Good listening <3🎧Tracklist:00:00 Alicks - Giants Under The Sea02:32 dann.goghd-monsters04:31 ?bluedoom?-I was thinking about us07:10 peatu-whether they are in a dream11:21 aura-memories (w aidan)14:07 aso-good sleep. (w- middle school)16:15 edwardmix-Go Home18:47 wunsche-birds20:58 a l e x-dont die23:36 redrose.-serene moments26:11 iamfearitself-sacrifice28:46 nymano - i wish i could sleep

  • cayarudegal

    This mix has gotten me through so many days and nights of studying and doing my Chinese medicine your transitions. Many blessings, give thanks for your talent and for sharing.

  • T H E E Z E 1 3

    el mejor canal para relajarse, es maravilloso...!

  • nathan hall

    redrose. - serene moments sounds like active child

  • Joanna

    14:07 aso-good sleep. (w- middle school)Anyone knows the chords? Thank you! :)Have a good day/afternoon/night, wherever you are! 🌍🌎🌏💛

  • Rush Fudge

    Last 2 months I was listening this music for our finals and it really helped me a lot. Thank you.

  • WaxisLeVeritable

    Perfect pull of tracks

  • John Daniels

    Why bother blocking facebook shares when we can copy and paste? You don't want views? Good music, stupid uploader.

  • Jetoler

    Man i'd love to live in japan. In a place with a bunch of trees nearby, and not too many people, but a good amount of people.

  • Jasmim Pardo

    Que coisa mais maravilhosa, toca na minha alma, amo muito!🌟❤🎀

  • sixstringalchemist

    The way this girl sits just makes me wonder that their is an amazing culture in our world that practices such discipline and tranquility. Man. Japan is amazing.

  • Aguirrez Andraca

    23:36 Zankyo no Terror feelings are coming. My eyes want to drip.

  • BallisticPotate

    Shiet look at dat trees in tha background

  • Maissa Mboup

    i'm getting to sleepy to study even so i love the beats

  • miquel taylor

    This is a pretty awesome mix, thanks for the tunes

  • PM Mouri

    Thank you so much for this track! It's the best study soundtrack ever! It has gotten me through countless late night study sessions! :)

  • Perder

    Loved the terror in tokyo songs!

  • beviol

    nymano - i wish i could sleep without eny doubt the best Lo-Fi

  • Isabelle Perrin

    Je me sent seul , seul seul ce n'pas hier aujourd'hui j'pas de tune les gens me fuit

  • Kevin Xie

    I love this soo much, pls don't ever delete.

  • Beau Fong-toy

    Your wisdom is impeccable

  • Channey Brennan

    I always listen to you when I’m reading or falling asleep

  • Mihvod Zanr

    Благодарю за хорошую музыку.


    Are any of these mixes on apple music? If not, they all should be. So good

  • Jens A

    A lot of these lofi songs on youtube makes me sad.. :/ They have such a mellow vibe

  • Cabal's Victims

    Thank you for showing me these songs as I feel calm, the inner chaos in me departs, I have reasons for my existence, Thank you.

  • blacktee31

    What anime is the wallpaper from

  • Poliana Peres

    02.05.18 ////// 10: 10 me mastb joanatas hehehe

  • Stale Bread

    For some reason I want to give the girl in the Photo a tall black fur Hat while Mehter marsi plays in the background ear raped

  • Steven Yee

    Love the animation! soo aesthetically pleasing

  • Sam


  • SexCannonMusic

    That concentrated face calms me down <3

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    Love your channel so much♥️

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