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Welcome, my dear friends 🖤
This music is ideal for background music at work, while studying, playing games or just for sleeping:


by Huanxiang Heitu

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00:00 Alicks - Giants Under The Sea
02:32 dann.goghd-monsters
04:31 ?bluedoom?-I was thinking about us
07:10 peatu-whether they are in a dream
11:21 aura-memories (w aidan)
14:07 aso-good sleep. (w- middle school)
16:15 edwardmix-Go Home
18:47 wunsche-birds
20:58 a l e x-dont die
23:36 redrose.-serene moments
26:11 iamfearitself-sacrifice
28:46 nymano - i wish i could sleep

a l e x
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  • Leandro Coli

    Que hermoso y relajante :3

  • SS salgado

    nani the fuck.. umi!

  • Philipp Ändern

    Hey! Stop reading this, there's a paper due tomorrow.

  • Cherin

    When Zankyou no Terror's Von starts playing ;-; amazing remix though

  • UndeadAngel0896

    Definitely my favorite mix. It always brings peace into my mind and surroundings.

  • yepisuredolikecats

    Give to me a ladder to the clouds. Let me build my house into them. Let me glide over trouble. Let me sleep. Leave me at peace.

  • Yashsavi Sharma

    Waah Ustad Waah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anatomy Greys

    이 유튜버 님은 디스코드 자동음악재생은 안하시는분.. ㅠㅠ

  • Ange Ortiz Felix

    the only thing you have to do is you getting ready to go to the bed whatever you want to go God is there hey tell me

  • Matias Gallardo

    I just had an eargasm in the start of the first song 😍

  • Pineapple Express

    i bought this one of my old friend for drinks in my room, in old days we use to smoke weed together, but then he was busy with some courses and studies and jobs now he is back in hometown, and after 4 years we were together i offered him drink, we drank then i made my joint and offered him, he hasn't smoke since back then we use to, we talk and laugh for long time, but then when he started to get high, it was epic, we were talking so many things now i mean more now after a while he was talking with someone on phone and while high he was laughing and shit, he was talking to someone on phone and i was near him on a chair my feets were on the bed near his hand, he started massaging my thumb in a playful way he didn't mean it, he was talking to someone on phone, he didn't thought nothing, he was a simple man, but fuck man here i was feeling very sensual, i mean no one has ever touch my feets and massage them and rub them since i was born, it was very sensusl man, i know he was high and he didn't know but my feelings went far out man, so i guess i am gay(oh and everything happened while i was listening to this track) i said bro can you rub it, and he started running i was acting normal too, but deep down wtf it was such a sensual feel when he rub my feet.i guess i should gay

  • Bao Hoang

    Got a Fonte sample from Nagi no Asukara in there. I like this mix. I like it a lot.

  • Acrosstheclouds - Cours de Kanji

    came here for the picture

  • armepos

    i hear a mix of VON, but i don't see them credited

  • An-Ordinary-Anomaly

    kudos for making a great mix I use for studying.

  • Beta Hax

    nice mix of tracks - crisp and clean

  • Joanne Famor

    this is honestly so relaxing :) thank you!!

  • David Molinaro

    16:15 really dope music and great for concentrate. Thank you, you make my day better.

  • w. rand

    Obligatory deep philosophical comment!! Appropriate expression!!Now give your fuckin thumbs!!

  • UmbrellaBear

    I have a big organic chemistry test tomorrow, and this helped calm my nerves. Thanks Dreamy :)

  • Bryan Josue Oropeza Rios

    Good intro bro, was amazing

  • Sly Wolfe

    Kudos, this made my day

  • jyotika Jain

    Am I in love with you ?? Whenever you are with me I feel so safe, happy, comfy, lovable, complete.

  • gRAPHiKael

    This is my type of asmr.

  • Archit Narang

    Mikasa is contemplating the next phase in life now that all the Titans are dead.

  • Queen Caza

    Finally got the perfect playlist for studying !, thanks so much 😁

  • Alice Mone

    Anyone knows the track starting from 52:00 which ends at 54:22? many thanks!

  • mars009

    Whoa, I was deep in coding for the hour straight. Thanks for the great playlist!

  • Dreamy

    Good listening <3🎧Tracklist:00:00 Alicks - Giants Under The Sea02:32 dann.goghd-monsters04:31 ?bluedoom?-I was thinking about us07:10 peatu-whether they are in a dream11:21 aura-memories (w aidan)14:07 aso-good sleep. (w- middle school)16:15 edwardmix-Go Home18:47 wunsche-birds20:58 a l e x-dont die23:36 redrose.-serene moments26:11 iamfearitself-sacrifice28:46 nymano - i wish i could sleep

  • DannTC YT

    o soy yo pringao que no recuerdo si este mix se repetia apartir del minuto 31, porque yo recuerdo que continuaba sin repetirse la hora entera

  • Devon M

    I always end coming back to this one.

  • Robert Harrison

    during this time i was able to set up terms of service check box page for my app. Thanks for the motivating vibes <3

  • Keith Rice

    Anyone here ever just freestyle to some of these about life? Depression? A broken heart? I know I can't resist sometimes

  • Yashsavi Sharma

    Kindly let me help you or you will drown, said the monkey putting the fish safely up a tree.

  • Trust Bread

    not bad at all. could definitely come out with some cool little stories to go along with these beats

  • Morning Voice

    This is such an amazing mix! Thank you for sharing it!

  • Δreamer

    Me: Mom can I have internet?Mom: To listen to music while studying to relax?Me: YeeeeesssAlso Me: Listens to it while playing games like a BOSS.

  • Dunkit691

    kawai can i please get more of that hentaiii!!

  • Amanda Ifver

    so I was sitting at school and I was going to draw a little bit. So I ended up with this song that I thought was 5 MIn but it' a hour, so I notic that now When I was going to put on a new song. Am I stupid or what

  • Sibabalwe Tshandu

    This feeds my soul as I'm studying for exams...

  • Joshua White

    Damn this is one good playlist.

  • Green Tea Hot Wings

    What anime is that girl from?!

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