Concentrate Your Mind | lofi hip hop | Chillhop, Jazzhop, Chillout | [Study/Sleep/Game]

Welcome, my dear friends 🖤
This music is ideal for background music at work, while studying, playing games or just for sleeping:


by Huanxiang Heitu
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00:00 Alicks - Giants Under The Sea
02:32 dann.goghd-monsters
04:31 ?bluedoom?-I was thinking about us
07:10 peatu-whether they are in a dream
11:21 aura-memories (w aidan)
14:07 aso-good sleep. (w- middle school)
16:15 edwardmix-Go Home
18:47 wunsche-birds
20:58 a l e x-dont die
23:36 redrose.-serene moments
26:11 iamfearitself-sacrifice
28:46 nymano - i wish i could sleep

a l e x
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  • BL C

    Lots of ASMR here. Pretty dope.

  • jyotika Jain

    Am I in love with you ?? Whenever you are with me I feel so safe, happy, comfy, lovable, complete.

  • Beau Fong-toy

    Your wisdom is impeccable

  • Trust Bread

    not bad at all. could definitely come out with some cool little stories to go along with these beats

  • Alice Mone

    Anyone knows the track starting from 52:00 which ends at 54:22? many thanks!

  • Audrey Smith

    i'm drawing to this

  • Kevin Ham

    I always end coming back to this one.

  • Joshua White

    Damn this is one good playlist.

  • Lady Fujoshi

    This girl look alike Sonoda Umi 🤔❣️

  • Joanne Famor

    this is honestly so relaxing :) thank you!!

  • Dayum Greany

    does anybody here know about high liquid power chromatography, and how im supposed to annaylse that shit?


    Are any of these mixes on apple music? If not, they all should be. So good

  • veronica Li

    it is really good for the mind :) thx

  • Morning Voice

    This is such an amazing mix! Thank you for sharing it!

  • Yuzuriha Mirai

    When Zankyou no Terror's Von starts playing ;-; amazing remix though

  • HeatherChie

    It’s amazing how good music can quiet a chaotic mind.

  • M L

    Such a good lofi mix

  • Dreamy

    Good listening <3🎧Tracklist:00:00 Alicks - Giants Under The Sea02:32 dann.goghd-monsters04:31 ?bluedoom?-I was thinking about us07:10 peatu-whether they are in a dream11:21 aura-memories (w aidan)14:07 aso-good sleep. (w- middle school)16:15 edwardmix-Go Home18:47 wunsche-birds20:58 a l e x-dont die23:36 redrose.-serene moments26:11 iamfearitself-sacrifice28:46 nymano - i wish i could sleep

  • Bao Hoang

    Got a Fonte sample from Nagi no Asukara in there. I like this mix. I like it a lot.

  • T H E E Z E 1 3

    el mejor canal para relajarse, es maravilloso...!

  • cayarudegal

    This mix has gotten me through so many days and nights of studying and doing my Chinese medicine your transitions. Many blessings, give thanks for your talent and for sharing.

  • ichd

    alex dont die at 20:58 isnt very plesant in my opinion

  • EricTalwin

    Hey Dreamy I love your work, one question I cant find the "Be Yourself" mix. You tube says it was deleted. It was my absolute FAVORITE mix ever of lofi. Is there a chance I'm mistaken or its somewhere else now. because if its gone I would like to lovingly plead for you to bring it back. I love your stuff thanks either way.

  • danielXdf

    this picture is so beautiful.

  • Bilal Shah

    How do i download this beautiful track

  • Cosmic

    yo guys if you like lofi it'd be cool if you checked out my new beat. i put much work into it. feedback is always appreciated! 😃

  • Cy

    Gif version of the image anyone? Would make a gorgeous desktop background gif. Thanks <3_<3.

  • Leviathan

    transitions seem a bit clunky and the song order does not match up that well, especially since some are way louder than other. u gotta work on that ;)

  • beviol

    nymano - i wish i could sleep without eny doubt the best Lo-Fi

  • Annamarie Flores

    beautiful, thank you

  • Vixep

    29:05 did someone really sample Estas Tonne?

  • DreamerX333

    I'm pretty sure this is the best mix i've ever listened to so far, each piece is awsome on its own and all together are so perfectly in armony

  • MordGotHorde

    The first one is so emotional to me heart crushing almost

  • TheHolyDarkness

    It'd be nice if this girl had a blinking animation, but yeah. Thanks man. Her pose is nonetheless suggestive to the subconscious. Clear your mind.

  • ichd

    wtf is this comment section

  • Isabelle Perrin

    Je me sent seul , seul seul ce n'pas hier aujourd'hui j'pas de tune les gens me fuit

  • Dancingheart622

    I love this song selection. These songs are very "in the zone".

  • Apollo Brahz

    Anyone from -99BC listening?

  • Eco System

    Thoughts late at night ~

  • sixstringalchemist

    The way this girl sits just makes me wonder that there is an amazing culture in our world that practices such discipline and tranquility. Man. Japan is amazing.


    I listen to this mix every time the finals came around helped me a lot thnx dreamy!!!

  • Philipp Ändern

    Hey! Stop reading this, there's a paper due tomorrow.

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