Concentrate Your Mind | lofi hip hop | Chillhop, Jazzhop, Chillout | [Study/Sleep/Game]

Welcome, my dear friends 🖤
This music is ideal for background music at work, while studying, playing games or just for sleeping:


by Huanxiang Heitu

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00:00 Alicks - Giants Under The Sea
02:32 dann.goghd-monsters
04:31 ?bluedoom?-I was thinking about us
07:10 peatu-whether they are in a dream
11:21 aura-memories (w aidan)
14:07 aso-good sleep. (w- middle school)
16:15 edwardmix-Go Home
18:47 wunsche-birds
20:58 a l e x-dont die
23:36 redrose.-serene moments
26:11 iamfearitself-sacrifice
28:46 nymano - i wish i could sleep

a l e x
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  • Makenzie Johnson

    Idk if it's just me but 34:00 is seriously giving me Inception vibes. Like the last song, where they're waking up on the plane... Do you hear it too?

  • Justine Madigan

    I have a G O O D F E E L I N G about this....

  • Tricky Nick

    I'm sorry but the Peatu song is dreadful

  • Random Ryul

    My finals are next week and im like studying everything only now 😀💔 but good thing i found this music, i enjoy studying because the music keeps filling me with this energy so peaceful and calming. Wish me luck lol 😭


    Thank u for making this it helps me sleep.

  • tanaya moholkar

    Is it helpful while studying?!I need some beats to study to!

  • XD_TiredBoi_XD

    my back would kill if i had to sit like that for an hourthe mix would sooth the pains though <3

  • Lophee-kun

    oh, thanks, now I can study effectively ^-^

  • Cleon Walker

    Very relaxing, this is on point!!!

  • Javi Javi

    qué aburrido, bored bored bored sex

  • Natalie LeJeune

    by far my fave mix for studying

  • pdxphreek

    This is helping me get through a rough morning at the office, thank you for this great playlist!

  • Ahil Mitrev

    0 0 IT'S === AMAZING!!!! agreed

  • Sen Yeun

    Surrendering to these magical beats made me realize I don't have free will. Only when there is total emotional freedom and not one subtle distortion within my body-mind vehicle, I am able to understand free will a bit better. But then it's not us that directs that free will as free will just IS. I love this earth and everybody on it. Life is an adventure, don't keep yourself small by fears and limiting perceptions. Live your life and be kind to all around you, even if they are not. True Intentional Kindness is the Gate to Life. I Love You

  • rasta turtle 13

    That intro feels like when I'm stressed and I smoke weed

  • Brandon wetzel

    Thanks for making this Lofi mix, currently I'm having trouble deciding what I want to do with my own future and it doesn't help that people are pushing me in directions I don't want to go down. This mix is helping me out a lot thanks and please make more of these wonderful mixes

  • Dreamy

    Good listening <3🎧Tracklist:00:00 Alicks - Giants Under The Sea02:32 dann.goghd-monsters04:31 ?bluedoom?-I was thinking about us07:10 peatu-whether they are in a dream11:21 aura-memories (w aidan)14:07 aso-good sleep. (w- middle school)16:15 edwardmix-Go Home18:47 wunsche-birds20:58 a l e x-dont die23:36 redrose.-serene moments26:11 iamfearitself-sacrifice28:46 nymano - i wish i could sleep

  • Nour Houda7336

    Concentration de la conerie...

  • djef ardeur

    lay down, close your eyes an VIBRATE!

  • Enrique Antonio Mena Caviedes

    Llegué por la imagen de esa hermosa joven concentrada... no me atrae este estilo, pero ella me fascinó...

  • aditya tewari

    I wish i had a blunt RN!This is so calming.. Just feels like I'm diving into some other world.

  • Ignacio Catalán

    lol Serene Moments is a remix of VON from by Yoko Kanno

  • Makenzie Johnson

    Am I the only one that gets Inception vibes from the song at 2:32? It's very similar to the song that plays almost at the end of the movie.

  • Smitty werben man jensen

    1 and only lo fi i can listen, love the first part

  • Kennedy 2028

    the girl in the photo has the tranquil energy I aspire to acquire and radiate.

  • Broken T

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • Random ice Lol

    Yoo this for Friday 🎧🎶🎵🎼🎹😴

  • Dicer

    Good remix made me untiltable in league even when I lost 15:4 supp and my adc 16:4 and we had afk top since min 5 I didnt want to kill myself good job

  • Heather Frank

    Giants under the sea is one of my absolute favorites... I got so excited when I heard the introduction. I would just loop the one song on youtube to study a while back. Just discovered your channel and I absolutely love your mixes, keep up the great work :)

  • Datenshi Yohane

    Umiiiiiiii, best girl from Muse

  • /Momokochii Smuthie\

    I just can't, the name of the first music is so- CALMING??

  • Rob

    this playlist is amazing.. track 2 hits me hard

  • Edwin Peralta

    5:16 brings me back to a past in my head/Life

  • I couldn't think of a name

    i legit have so much work to do but im too lazy so now im stuck here doing eveything last minute. seriously school sucks😭

  • Big Neuton

    Kyudo is a beautiful martial art. This background art was well done. Thank you for this and thanks to the artist as well.

  • Viridia Von Bishop

    fuck I love these songs but the way these are called makes me cringe so hard and the fucking anime thumbnails ugh.great content tho

  • Johnathan. Aviles

    Still listening to this in 2019

  • Kimberly Perez

    One of my fav mixes 😍

  • Faze kotori,arusu,mayuri & Ellen itsuka

    I just love the calm and chill songs.

  • Fat Cat

    Ok guys imma relax how about you?

  • Sergio Ortiz

    The second song sounds a lot like "Fonte" from Nagi No Asukara OST

  • Ana Wimmer

    do you have any accont on Sportify?

  • robotpanda77

    What does the scroll she is reading say I wonder?

  • Haloheld

    So much love arround here in this music and it spreads into the commentsI love u all <3

  • Nirot the Wanderer

    Watching a video to relaxYoutube: so, you want an ad for a scary story app, right?

  • Arthur

    My soul Like this. Thanks for this moment.

  • koro titan

    This is the best mix i have seen on this website so far. Well done!!!

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