Machiavelli’s Advice For Nice Guys

Nice guys too often finish last; they need to read the advice of one of the wisest and most realistic thinkers in the history of philosophy: Niccolo Machiavelli. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:
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“Our assessment of politicians is torn between hope and disappointment. On the one hand, we have an idealistic idea that a politician should be an upright hero, a man or woman who can breathe new moral life into the corrupt workings of the state. However, we are also regularly catapulted into cynicism when we realise the number of backroom deals and the extent of the lying that politicians go in for. We seem torn between our idealistic hopes and our pessimistic fears about the evil underbelly of politics...”

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Mike Booth #TheSchoolOfLife
  • Kel Zel

    Since love and fear can hardly exist together as said by Machiavelli himself let us just charecterise these two doctrines into two separate world. One set of ideology in favour to live with love and goodness regardless, and another chosing to live by instilling and spreading fear. Now tell me, which side would be peaceful and which bitter?Of course, the former peaceful and latter bitter.But we live in a surreal world where evil is a counterpart of the good. But our human values and morale lies not in spreading fears that eventually spread more evils further but reminiscing on the foundations which lies in uplifting and promoting the good. It's sad Machiavelli's teaching suggest Jesus a loser and support on tyranny like behavior Jesus Christ taught humanity the greatest love there is by dying on the cross for us all He is the greatest winner because He is resurrected and is alive He is the way, the truth, and the life come to Jesus and find your peace.

  • Marr 1

    Have an on/off switch, be equally nice as you are able to come crashing down on something. Be good hearted but despise corruption or manipulation. Speak up when needed, be assertive when needed. It's a really briliant mentality to have

  • Nicolas Delgado

    How tf is this age restricted

  • KILLuminati Yeshua

    Yeshua is not a loser

  • Sacdaddy esq

    How to be a sociopath

  • Mike programer

    G funk homey compton

  • Ruben Soto

    I'm thinking of a story where the devil destroys everything. But in the aftermath of that destruction, a single lily sprouts out of the midst of that destruction bringing life to the planet all over again. This is the Christian symbol. Good will triumph over evil, because God has already won the victory. So, sorry, bad boys, your demise is written in the stars.

  • Lone Farmer

    It worked for the Prophet Muhammad, in proportion to his means, he was rated the most successful of person in both religious and political fields. His examples of kindness and humble nature inspire much of humanity 1400 years later.

  • study politics

    Never be too good to do the right thing

  • AnthonySFM

    Jesus Christ the looser? He had religions based on his teachings, kids are named after him, people all over the world consider him the king of kings...yeah he life sucked while he was alive, thats was the trade off for becoming the most influential guy who ever lived so far. I wonder if Jesus Christ will ever be forgotten or erased from the history books, so far it doesn't seen that way.On the other hand Machiavelli was a genius but ask any millennial who he is, they will answer...2pac.

  • Tom Spencer

    It is strange that people here seem to miss the point: That there is no set morality for the ruler if he is to do his duty to the state. He is also addressing Princes not business men or other fools. Machiavelli addresses the superiority of Republics over Princedoms in another work, but the same principles apply. And that is that sometimes you must do 'evil' to prevent something worse. A good ruler does bad things because they are necessary. A bad ruler does bad things for petty reasons and creates enemies where there were none. Does that last point sound familiar?

  • Hypatia4242

    This channel has made the curious decision to promote stoicism (acceptance of suffering) and Machiavelli, who looks at suffering as strategy. These are mutually exclusive. Anyone who embraces either a sense of martyrdom (Christianity) or indifference (stoicism, Buddhism, Hinduism) can achieve remarkable progress for humanity through accepting suffering in life or learning to be indifferent to it for a greater good. Machiavelli's strategy, on the other hand, only advances one's own material outcomes. It does not change the world. Can anyone think of a single scientific revolution, health advancement, or artistic wonder came from a Machiavellian? They are just little piss-ants, chasing gold and power.

  • Pretentious Arrogance

    Why is this age restricted?

  • William Estrada


  • guscaldas3

    It is a very powerful message. The only thing to add, perhaps, is that Jesus was only a loser from one narrow angle. He was a winner from a much broader perspective. To think that one man alone could go against an entire flock of brainwashed and Savage individuals is ludicrous. Jesus message survived. His words of wisdom are a fundamental part of Western society. To call him a "loser" is naive and misguided.

  • Shayan Mikaeili

    Integrating the shadow self is not the same as selling your soul or integrity. what of moral victory? bliss of an open heart? the beauty that resides in purity and so on? I rather be Tesla any day rather than Edison. However there are things to learn from negative entities.. I do agree with that. caring for the self and self respect/love are good things to learn any day. also negatives seem to enjoy life. that's a good thing to learn indeed.

  • Vesty Steiner

    so basically, they're talking about Danzo

  • Selassie West

    take what you want give nothing back

  • richard murphy

    The best lack conviction the worst are full of passionate intensity W. B Yeats

  • Ron Winters

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Keep one eye on the prize, the other on your sword. Never trust an honest man. If at first you don't succeed, blame the companies biggest asshole.

  • El Rico

    Machiavelli was a prime teacher of sophistry .. deliberate manipulation of anothers mind... should the other allow himself to be so manipulated.

  • Chris Porter

    MLK Jr. wasn't a good person, either. He was a communist and an insult to the cloth.

  • tutu beast

    The wicked never win. It may seem like it for a moment but karma always catches up.Trust me Jesus life was not a failure. He has a whole religion devoted to him.

  • Keith Wiggins

    They're not winning, they're taking over the world and tearing it apart. This isn't success, it's a petty food chain.Hence why every country, every business, sees other people as nothing but commodities. The strive for success supported a fuck-you-got-mine future.I may not be a Christian, but this was Jesus's real point; the only winning move is not to play. Humans may be winning, but mankind as a species that is worth anything, is losing.His death, was simply showing how shitty we've become.It's a a future of looking behind your shoulders everywhere you go, questioning even what your family tells you, bottling emotions, exploiting even children, and in every method possible, killing people.But sure, fine, praise works like The 48 Laws of Power as some kind of self help book so that we can raise more useless tyrants, shitty bosses, duplicitous politicians, and corrupt corporations. Call it being a realist, "I need to get shit done." Can't beat em, join em, "I want my money."

  • Unicorns and Compliments

    But in the end and by all means what matters most is nothing matters at all.

  • Wally Kaspars

    I'm satisfied to be a misanthrope. I hope a deadly disease rapidly wipes out half of the world's human population. Because most humans are a waste of flesh, blood, and bones. They only occupy valuable space, use up valuable resources, and reproduce more of themselves.

  • ikano BG

    In the short: be a devil

  • Paul Rogers

    Yet he died broke and powerless. Also, Jesus is held in much higher esteem to this day than any other man in history.

  • I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    Yeah yeah. How do i get them the adx facility in colarado?

  • Eli Cohen Cohen

    The United States of America has a good president in the form Mr Trump... the Chinese trade war is the right way,but the United States must be ruthless.

  • 13 Str8up

    im nice guy and i dont want anything exept netflix chill and some poker in quite atmosphere but i gotta defent my position as well

  • Aminuddin Ansari

    I think it says nice guys think but they don't do ...and bad guys do and get but they don't think

  • MrServingSize

    Life’s golden rule: Do onto others before they do onto you

  • El Rico

    Machiavelli's take on Jesus ... aka Christianity was sorely lacking... but in the end, on his death bed, he did beg to be accepted into the One True Church... and he was.

  • Dushmanu Munkinboy

    How is Jesus a loser if he started one of the greatest most followed religions in history?

  • Black Shark

    To defeat hell you have to become hell

  • Dr WGA Labriskagni

    Well time to be Ed Gaines

  • Arvind Jain

    Darwin prevails all time to come Machiavelli is only for instant

  • Fer Rosas Córdoba

    Good job sponge...but wait one minute ...Maquiavelli was a nice Guy !!! So... ??? XDD

  • Beherith

    Greetings from Brazil

  • John Warner

    Machiavelli also wrote his discourses on ten books of Livy and that paints a rather more rounded picture of him as a political thinker.

  • Polarcupcheck

    The school system these days is the role of the passive. They never learned from this. I guess nobody wants to admit some kids are simply bad eggs who like to harm and destroy.

  • Mr. Blunt

    So you’re saying Jesus did it wrong?

  • Brave Wang

    Fuck me, that was written and imparted with more clarity than the several classes I took on ACTUALLY READING THE PRINCE #wastingcollegetuition :( LOL

  • J M

    Lol @ Jesus being the greatest loser in history :D

  • Mikhael37

    Are you listening Democrats?

  • Nolan Froese

    Ummm..... how did this get flagged?

  • Nicole M

    Really good intro to Machiavelli, who keeps popping up in my Uni studies! This video was a really good resource to get me started.

  • Zweet Zeke

    Rest In Peace Mr.Shakur

  • Xcap

    Basically this is saying you can be nice to people but dont be a pussy and let assholes walk all over you. Know how to tell those people down without feeling bad for doing nothing but respecting yourself

  • tribudeuno

    You have seemed to forget that the book the Prince was written for the Medici, who ultimately rode Machiavelli out of town on a rail. There are no old empires, dictators fall. Have you ever asked yourself why that is? There are quantum mechanical reasons for this. By the use of force, there are quantum mechanical effects that move through the universe non-locally, meaning, outside time and space. Such actions are self-defeating. This is a really goofy video..."You must never THINK of conquering others by force. Whatever strains with force will soon decay. It is not attuned to the Way. Not being attuned to the Way, its end comes all too soon"...Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

  • - Sean -

    Jesus isn't a loser. He could have ended all the humiliation and suffering in just a peck of a finger but He didn't because it was His choice and it was His love that made Him willing to die for us. It wasn't men that put Christ up on that cross. It was God's love for us that we may be saved through Him. He defeated the grave. He defeated death.

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