Machiavelli’s Advice For Nice Guys

Nice guys too often finish last; they need to read the advice of one of the wisest and most realistic thinkers in the history of philosophy: Niccolo Machiavelli. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:
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“Our assessment of politicians is torn between hope and disappointment. On the one hand, we have an idealistic idea that a politician should be an upright hero, a man or woman who can breathe new moral life into the corrupt workings of the state. However, we are also regularly catapulted into cynicism when we realise the number of backroom deals and the extent of the lying that politicians go in for. We seem torn between our idealistic hopes and our pessimistic fears about the evil underbelly of politics...”

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Mike Booth
  • John Doe

    The way this world/society is structured, nice guys DO finish last. Jesus and nice guys may finish first spiritually, in the long-run. But that doesn't get you very far in THIS world. It's a tough road

  • Eeen Ang

    Yea Jesus, you loser.

  • GloriousInquisition

    But if everyone, who considers their intentions pure follows this advice, the world is filled with more tyrants than before.I agree up to a point, but doesnt almost everyone consider everything they do as something, thats done "with good intentions".If I go to any lengths to bring to the world what I consider "right", arent there an unnumerable amount of people, who consider me one of the worst influences this world has ever seen... and in the end are they really all wrong?

  • Josh Danao

    Sounds like Donald Trump. The Baddie I mean. The Manipulator, the Liar, the Womanizer, The Idiot, etc.

  • thomas mang

    Martin Lutter king fail and Joseph Staline win ????Jesus life is so desesperate everyone knows it ....Machiavel theory is true in short term but ont in long term.

  • DrunkenRampage

    2:23 Sure, he was thinking about Jesus but he mentioned Girolamo Savonarola.

  • Xaris

    Communists were fully aware of all that and having been applying them for more than 100 years

  • Young Mitch

    Kindness is a tool we use, when we try to envelop our ruthlesness, (because it basically carries a higher level of precedence than showing no kindness.

  • Dre The Giant

    Berserk's Griffith is a fine example. Well... before you know what😂


    The problem is Machiavelli's interpretation of the life of Jesus was flawed; he did not grasp its purpose.

  • Treeman

    What about the whole Gandhi thing? did his non violent protests work? I cant remember

  • CyndiLu Stone

    sadly, one becomes what one practices.....Jesus did not lose. The real Yahweh was a warrior.

  • Sivuyile Jonas

    I can't believe I just heard that Jesus was one of history's greatest losers!!! WOW. I don't know how to react to that

  • pimdubi du

    I think he has reason but for his time. Today it is not the same world and we can only bypass the wall in front of us by helping each other, and being connected to the problem of our neighbor.

  • Roberto Torres

    Why is youtube censoring this video?

  • Leandro Napoles

    We should be more like Donald Trump. Cough, Cough- I mean Putin.

  • R Rajan

    Were Jesus and Gandhi failures?

  • Abdul Ghani

    i wish this save me a lifetime

  • Phillip Thomas

    At the end of the day skills my friend win!!!nice guy or wicked (job skills)I'm a super nice guy and learned selling skills now I'm armed!!! Lol nice guys can finish last because he's being well nice sometimes

  • canal Dani loira

    Minha monografia do Curso de Direito foi: A contribuição de Maquiavel para a política e o Direito!

  • cristian sierra

    Hola, buenas noches.¿Porque cuando he descargado los videos no me aparecen los subtítulos en español?

  • JCI1990

    you dont have to overly exhale while talking

  • Kantako Karamoko

    Oh finally we get to hear of Tupacs producer Machiavelli. Pac used to shout him out in each song wow.

  • Constantin Luciu

    Wow !The punch line at the end !

  • citizenbane1991

    but why would anyone whos good at these kids of things do it for something good

  • Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

    You amerikan fucks no call Vlad the Impaler nasty

  • A New Love Official

    There are so many nice guys but most girls friend zoned them and end up with bad boys who gave them a miserable life. This just proved that you can't go wrong with being a nice a guy because those who finished last will get the complete satisfaction in life.

  • dan sheppard

    Balance the nice with being the controller and dominant one simple like the yin and the yang

  • dim

    in russia we have expression "добро должно быть с кулаками" what can be translated like "good must be with fists"

  • Freakin Yatch

    Synopsis:Use evil methods, learned from evil people, while telling yourself that you're good, which eventually changes who you are deep down inside, to bring about the change you used to want, into the change that now mirrors those evil people because what you come to realize is that power is everything, which affords you a better life, which corrupts, that inevitably continues the status quo of evil, or even makes matters worst. Spark Notes Version:Stop trying to be good and be evil so you can be on top.

  • canal Dani loira

    Y love you Maquiavel!😍Forever.

  • Lorenzo Williams

    Prince is about having a fork tong.

  • Osbye Cad

    The beginning was a good description of trump

  • deb santos

    No longer applies today eversince the west and democracy came about.

  • dumbforester

    If you read about saints, especially the founders of the religious orders, they were often very active and industious people... saying that only anti-Christians are capable of achievements is really overlooking history of Medieval Europe... Read about Bernard of Clairvaux for example

  • Craig Resnianky

    Machiavelli is must-read material for any contestant on Survivor. Too many of the players try to be Moral Orel while playing a game that is dependent on deception.

  • Common Sence

    Jesus was not a loser..that comment made this video trash!

  • el que no conoses

    Very stupid Veri stupid how can he Say that Jesús is the biggest looser he's retarded just for that n it's very evil video

  • xXMx_G4MINGXx

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely, fighting monsters increases the chance of oh becoming one of them.

  • Soso Mama

    It’s the ‘Blessed are the meek.’ Idea, from the Beatitudes on the book of Matthew then. Which is ‘Blessed are those who have dangerous weapons, know how to use them, but keep them sheathed. Like Peterson would say. That works.

  • Damian Jones

    I enjoyed that, thank you, I'm off to go smash up a bus shelter or something lol

  • James Schultz

    The Democratic leaders in America need to watch and follow along... We must, for example, counter the nonsensical fear-mongering on the Right, by striking fear into hearts with the FACTS of what this criminal trump regime is doing to this country.Does anyone for a second believe Trump would not abolish the Free press if he could?!? This wannabe Fascist dictator is getting his way because of a feckless Republican Congress, who are many of them coconspirators and aiding and abetting in obstruction of Justice.History will look back at this time in America as deeply shameful

  • N

    The argument was too Either/Or. We know a lot more about ourselves now than we did 100 years ago, let alone 500. Every tyrant from Stalin to Mao to Castro were all solitary and grotesque figures who destroyed their own countries for their own selfish gain, ie; they were losers. Concerning Jesus, no one who sacrifices his life for the future is a loser. He's what the Christians made him, a Savior. And this is coming from someone who's not a Christian.

  • CJ Nable

    This video just made me smile.👏👏

  • wwe creative redesigned

    Basically we need to fight fire with fire

  • Dtreatz

    Do you want to know who listened to Machiavelli?Erik Killmonger....he listened to Machiavelli.

  • Zayan Watchel

    Why is this age restricted?

  • Vieno James

    This is not true. You can be nice, forthright, and good intentioned and achieve things in the world. I’m not quite sure why everyone still believes the only way to success is through devious actions.

  • govindraj baliga

    nice guys simply act to be like that

  • jerryjday36

    Lol get your shit together... this video is trash and extremely inaccurate. If you believe what this video is saying I have some goods you cannot live with out

  • Brett M. Elliott

    Machiavelli wrote "The Prince " to save his was from the ruthless and extremely powerful ruling family of Florence whom he had offended.IT'S A COWARDS EXCUSE TO BEHAVE AND TREAT PEOPLE BADLY.YOU MAY WIN....BUT YOU ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE A LIAR AND A CHEAT , INDEED A LOSER.

  • sadman sakib

    Hey that sums up to JAMES BOND!

  • AK

    Don’t mean people get their way because nice people let them? Not because they are mean, per se? I’m aware “mean” and “nice” are general terms.

  • TrangDB9

    Be righteous, but not too nice.

  • Steven Yourke

    There was only one Christian and he died on the cross. Nietzsche.

  • Paul Thompson

    So this is total bullshit lol. And no man is truly good. Only God is good so you don't have to practice being evil. Men just are evil, this world is descusting. And it's dying. The greed of men will be the earth's destruction.

  • Pepé Le Pew

    damn it,he is the real demon.that makes being evil is not interesting anymore.

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