Machiavelli’s Advice For Nice Guys

Nice guys too often finish last; they need to read the advice of one of the wisest and most realistic thinkers in the history of philosophy: Niccolo Machiavelli. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop:
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“Our assessment of politicians is torn between hope and disappointment. On the one hand, we have an idealistic idea that a politician should be an upright hero, a man or woman who can breathe new moral life into the corrupt workings of the state. However, we are also regularly catapulted into cynicism when we realise the number of backroom deals and the extent of the lying that politicians go in for. We seem torn between our idealistic hopes and our pessimistic fears about the evil underbelly of politics...”

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Mike Booth

  • Darksydesamy

    Outsmart others before they outsmart you.

  • Peter Parker

    Is this the dude tupac talks about?

  • Matt Cannon

    Finally someone read the damn book before saying what it was about!

  • Jorge Sepulveda

    yeah, you definitely shouldn't end up like Ned Stark

  • RJ MacReady

    We should take Nietzsche's advice, and be careful that when we fight monsters we don't become them.

  • Brendan Golledge

    The reason there is evil in the world is that the great mass of people don't think and are more easily manipulated by vice than by virtue.

  • Archons

    A great man this Machiavelli, a great observer. Good or bad... That's debateable.

  • the only one Mr Z

    So., Kill Everything With Kindness. GOT it !

  • Jason Odom

    Machiavelli with that shit eating grin

  • Bob Plant

    Our impulses do be nice aren't founded in religion. It's an innate, inborn trait instilled in us from evolving in groups. It's where fairness comes from too. Sharing as well.I'm not nice bc God is watching. I'm nice bc I feel bad when I'm not. These feelings can be explained with evolutionary psychology.

  • TheWinterShadow

    Actually Jesus was an upstart and in the eyes of the ruling class, a bad guy. He went against the status quo without fear and was brave enough to know the end result and even with that understanding he didn't brown-nose to save his own skin. A result which changed the course of human existence. That sounds pretty tough to me. Niccolo was a brown-noser, his book was a letter to kiss up to someone to get ahead. And in doing so, he fell back on the notion that it was normal. If it is normal, then it is just as normal for a person to be good and strong at the same time such as Jesus.

  • I'm still Learning

    Wow! Just looking at the comments so many people miss the point. This was a good video, with good advice, but actually it seemed like common sense to me.

  • Aaron Kasparov [B]

    FYI: In the recently declassified JFK documents, the FBI was tracking Martin Luther King as Communist. There are photos of MLK in Communist Party meetings all over the internet. Research it for yourself. So I laughed when you had Stalin brush MLK out of the way in your video when they were both Communists. The media will never talk about this because MLK is the Jesus Christ of our system's modern moral paradigm - and if you deny the divine myth of MLK, you're condemned as a heretic and put to social death.

  • Claude Machiha

    Nice guys finish the short run.

  • Jay Garcia

    I'll keep being nice, honest and respectful. I won't let some bullshit lier tell me how to live my life.

  • The Adventures Of ButterBall The Opossum !

    The democratic party should start taking notes. This is why republicans win elections. Ruthlessness.

  • John Posadas

    His observations might be right but to say that Christ had lose because He died in the end think again. He already knew what was going to happen and yet did not resist. He died not because His agenda is to be great or to be the first but He died knowing that you could live. To live in this world just for fame and fortune is like chasing the wind. Remember that.

  • Corey Davis

    Actually, Jesus wasn't the world's biggest loser. None of the things that befell had to happen. It happened bcos he allowed it.

  • Aaron Archual

    Not to get in an argument over Jesus, but in the belief of his Christian culture and world, didn’t Jesus overcome death? How is that defeat? That is victory in the highest form. And the fact that we are still intensely talking about Jesus and what He taught and stood for today, does that not make a statement on His “failure” or success?

  • 1headphoneguy

    “We will, Machiavelli warns us, get nowhere” because the long tongued liars, cheaters and scandalous take the kind-hearted, virtuous and wise for suckers and will use them for their own gain. Thus, you must not think yourself above their behaviour but rather use it AGAINST them

  • Andrei Ciurea

    Be NICE to yourself. This way you listen to YOUR needs and help yourself achieve them.

  • Phillip McConnochie

    The balance is 'bending the rules' not going all the way to the extreme, everyone who succeeds always bend the rules a little or a lot. Some of the world leaders were ruthless, they didn't intend to go out of their way to be nasty' , they just did things ruthlessly. Machiavelli didn't see the 'wood for the trees' in this regard.

  • Kyle Foss

    This is why capitalism and general business are changing the world for the better. People who do wrong will gain advantage temporarily, but will lose in the long run. People won't want to work with those that cause trouble and can't be trusted. Not because it's "wrong" or "bad", but because in the long run it just doesn't work. There's hardly difference between evil and stupidity, and as people are learning this more and more, those that do wrong will be exposed and die in the free market. Chose to be good, not for goods sake, but because it is smart.

  • Intuit Now, Suzanne Bishop, MS

    Also good to study . . . "The Art of War" . . . The finest among us, the Libran, knows how to get what we want, but with style and grace.Know your enemy, but it is also a natural law to serve others, and that serving others reflects back to the giver. So, it is an aware person of service to others that wins out and achieves their goals. NOT at any price but at the price that is most appropriate for you.

  • dsalvat1

    In order to fight and destroy Trump, you must become Trump.

  • Jabba Dah Frog

    Imagine how powerful the world could be if this was imbraced

  • Europod 2014

    True psychopathic western advice.

  • Besto2000

    Lol it sounds like he’s talking about the left

  • Factual- fan

    Sorry, Jesus is not a loser, I got saved in 2004...stay blessed all.

  • DuoDynamo

    Chaotic good at its finest.

  • Libertarian Immigrant

    To say that Jesus was a pushover just proves you are poorly educated. Jesus himself used violence when it was needed, and he also encouraged his disciples to buy swords in the future, because he was talking about the future persecution of Christians by the Romans. And later on in the days of persecution, there were instances where the Christians would resist Roman oppressors with violence. So to say Jesus was teaching people to be weak is actually retarded.

  • William Rosa

    I disagree, if one were to adopt ruthless traits from bad people then niceness is destroyed and the person is no longer nice. Imo.

  • vicky sahdeo

    Thank you for breaking it down,...and thats exactly , why I am 30,and never had a woman..because I am too nice. And all I do is have good intentions and read books to be intellectual and Intelligent. the way...whats books it Prince.??.

  • xveiar //

    Jesus chose his life. for you to him call him a loser proves you don't know his purpose .

  • Joe Mitchell

    What does it profit a man if he gains the entire world but loses his soul? ....I think I prefer to follow the Man from Nazareth.

  • Stratocaster65

    Sounds to me like they are describing Progressives/Democrats...

  • ponggolese

    It's okay, I don't mind losing as long as my conscience is at peace.

  • Master M

    This is so wrong... Now even Hitler could claim he had good intentions, or what he thought were good intentions and what he did was just the mean to an end. Nero burned Rome to make it better and so on and on. Stalin created a more productive and stronger country but before that a lot of people starved and he justified it with his ideology, or what he believed was good... USA today acts as the "good guy" while bombing cities and making chaos in the world but it is all for economical and political gain. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and that is the first mistake people make, thinking they are better than other people and they are the ones to impose on the others their view of what good should be like... Stop labeling things to good or bad, that only helps to good being misused for bad purposes. USA isn't a good guy it made a lot of chaos in the world misusing the "good intentions" for their wars that actually made things worse for people in Libya and other middle eastern countries... The worst kind of people are those who do bad things, allegedly in the name of the good or what they thought is good, and while doing those bad things they call for more bad things to be done in the name of good... So basically every evil can be rationalized, to an extent, by good intentions which is very bad for civilization... so this video is promoting misuse of good for more wars and chaos. laws should be the merit and USA broke a lot of international laws by attacking countries without un support and what's even worse it made a dangerous precedent so now other countries can also claim good intentions while attacking countries... USA isn't governed by good that's evident from its wars and also from it not doing anything when its allies are doing bad things or violate human rights... So far the promise of good has been used the most to make people do bad things. And people should know not to go to war on false merits of doing good, US people got played like sheep a lot of times like that... But I understand, mighty powers are at play...

  • Joan Clayton

    The Prince doesn’t disrespect the Bible like you do. Your atheist bent is showing. Now I’m questioning just how accurate your other videos are.

  • Ip Holmes

    Perhaps Machiavelli was right. That nice people often finish last. However, I was inspired not by the content of this video but by the phrase in the scriptures written more than 2000 years ago. "those who are last will come first, those who are first will come last". I would not give up being a nice guy just because it can help me in this world. I would rather succumb than become one less inspiration. One less angel of this world.

  • R S

    Firstly, Jesus' message has reached all over the globe, inspiring the greatest countries and values that we all enjoy the benfits of. Seccondly, Jesus was not just nice to everyone; He frequently criticised the religious leaders and even drove them out of the Temple and pushed over their stalls. But most importantly Jesus came to suffer and take the pain on our behalf so we didn't have to. His teachings weren't so that we could have a successful life, He said that we would face persecution and troubles for following Him. They were about being good, loving and living objectively moral lives; the benefits of which lie in the acts themselves.

  • W TL

    First of all, Christ Jesus was not a loser, because the story did not end at the cross. Christ rose from the dead and His resurrection turned the world up side down. Jesus Christ as God knows what man is, and when He was on earth, Christ used His words of wisdom to change man’s heart from stone into flesh. He did not have to use force to fight His enemies, but used unique sayings like loving your enemies and pray for them. Christ changed the Roman Empire into a country where mercy ruled over brutality. Christ as God showed to those who came to arrest Him in the garden where Christ and His apostles did all their meetings, that by one saying from Him, He can wipe them all. We read that in the Gospel of John 18:4-6Then Jesus, knowing all that would happen to him, came forward and said to them, “Whom do you seek?” They answered him, “Jesus of Nazareth.” Jesus said to them, “I am he.” Judas, who betrayed him, was standing with them. When Jesus said to them, “I am he,” they drew back and fell to the ground. So all of them fell to the ground. That only one thing to tell you, that Christ can use His power to defend Himself, but chose not to, because He came to die on the Cross to save us from the slavery of sin and the wrath of God on all who choose to reject Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Christ will come again to judge this fallen world, but His coming will be without mercy.Without Christ this world is in a mess.

  • Chris Hoang

    'Machiavelli' and 'nice guys' never thought I'd see that in the same sentence other than for 'Machiavelli's advice to dominating nice guys'

  • GAMMODE 1992

    This video is ridiculous what the hell he's talking about...In reality generally speaking bad people go to prison Of course people who are too nice will go nowhereeverybody know that, but those who have a good balance have an unrivalled social advantage...The secret is to be nice direct and be focus in life to achieve our goals in the most productive way

  • Just Smile

    That's why I kinda like Hitler. Yes, he was a crazy maniac that indirectly killed a ton of people, but he was also a brilliant politician and a charismatic man.

  • The Professor

    So far we have 52.7k possible Hitlers (thumb up) and 2.6k possible Jesuses (thumb down).That's why this world is looking like this.

  • Ryan Wensel

    Good people.. like Dr King.. um

  • Bacchanalia

    Point of the story, don't let your kindness be taken for weakness and don't let anyone step on you.

  • fiestavee

    The most concise, clear description of a liberal I've ever heard. Brilliant.

  • Alexandros Papaioanou

    I did not like the part jesus was kicked. There are so many other ways to make a visual point. Please change it.

  • Sea Dog

    Jesus was not a good example to use in this context. He lost when he died, but he resurrected and proved to the world that he is God. A true loser is one who wins the battle but loses the war.

  • Razor Blade

    Didn't understood a single word he just said¡😕🙃

  • MJ Cello

    Matthew 16:26 26 What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

  • RJ MacReady

    I call bullshit on that tool Machiavelli kicking the image of Christ. Show some respect.

  • C

    "I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves." - Jesus

  • MB Porter

    don't be a beta cuck.

  • RingofRae RoR

    stupid, you can be well intended, you can have principles, you can be kind and still be pragmatic and achieve big things. there are countless examples of that... sorry I call this Macachiavely stupid, I don't think he minds if I'm unkind to him, anyways, he wrote that stuff quite a while ago, it's totally useless, at least...

  • maria Orfanidou

    jesus christ is the most powerful figure that walked the earth

  • Nicklas Ratzka

    in fact, jesus christ is the most successful person ever because of the way he lived.

  • Mozey X

    Eh I better be nice, I care about my afterlife.

  • Jordan Galloway

    Doing this will not lead you where you think it will. It's very stupid advice...

  • Samet Asl

    Ok but where is advices?

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