Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices (Russia) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015 Grand Final

Live performance in the Grand Final of A Million Voices by Polina Gagarina representing Russia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

  • LPShannah

    I get the chills every single time I listen to this song. Polina's voice is amazing and the performance would've been nothing without her. Coming from Sweden, I must say that she was a well worthy competitor!

  • Forti

    A very special woman and a very special song :)

  • Kostyleva Alena

    Oh, my god . Her emotions 😇

  • BlueBerryFairy1

    Russia is part of Europe.Every Russian is european.None of them is an enemy. They don't want to be.And we should not be theirs.Be angry, all right, about their government, about their elders, who aren't better than ours, honestly but think about young people in Russia who open their arms and hearts to us as well.

  • postcardterry

    Russian people are very nice. I lived there for half a year and I can only say good things. I wouldn`t mind going back!

  • Nick Tempest

    здесь, в Италии никогда не забуду слезы этой девушке ... она действительно пел с сердцем в руке и для нас итальянцы эти вещи ВИТАЛИ ...... Огромный уважение к этой песни ШЕДЕВР во всех отношениях!Полина никогда не забыли крик ...

  • Fedya Maslov

    Best Russian ESC Performance of all time

  • Brian Stangu

    Imagine Asia having Asiavision half of it would be Asian Pop and the other half Arab music with bellydancing

  • Centrist Philosopher

    Beautiful young lady with a lot of talentI voted for her.Respect from the UK!

  • George Austin Tay

    If she had represented the Ukraine, she would've won easily.

  • taotoo2

    1000x better than this year's winner.

  • Manuel Fernandez

    The real winner of 2015... Makes me cry when i hear this song... Polina is the best SINGER who participated in Eurovision ever.... Kisses from Spain (and in 2016 with sergey russia was the real winner too)

  • Sanna Bredberg Jakstrand

    I'm Swedish, but I think Paulina was better

  • KalokerinesDiakopes1

    One of the best Russian entries! Polina was better than Mans or Dima Bilan!

  • Margarita Burmistrova

    Лучший голос, именно голос , участника , представленного Россией за всю историю Евровидения

  • Bandamarcial Domingosdemoraes

    Sorry Sweden but Rússia with Polina was the clear Winner! Clear as water as all of us can see....

  • Denis Bogatyrev

    Полина -лучшая певица России!!! надеюсь она донесла свой посыл до однобоких русофобов

  • M1 Punk

    Perhaps if Russia wasn't so despised, they would have won the contest this year.This performance was better than Sweden's in my opinion.

  • Supersonic

    I love Sweden, but Polina was the best and deserved to win.And as anyone can see, this girl gave 130% for her country. Big respect and love to Polina and Russia from Vienna!

  • MarcoCutz

    I'm from Sweden and I still think Polina should have won with this song. It was the best performance in ESC 2015.

  • Khánh Nguyễn

    What a beautiful song and a beautiful singer! Love you Russia

  • kasperr15

    You can see the fear in her eyes. That's why I voted for her. Russia was the dark horse en she stands there in front of 200 million people. Are you able to do it? From 2:25 till the end, she just rocks and is proud of standing there. Look at the end of her song. She almost cried. Great job!

  • Nika TV

    this girl is real winner! well done russia! from georgia

  • Eurovision Croatia


  • Emir Özdoğan

    I don't like You're The Only One. But this song. Masterpaice.

  • Rodrigo Gabaldone

    This or Italy deserved to win, not Sweden.

  • Sam My

    Sometimes I think they fake the results there are so many good songs but always one of the ok ones win. Russia should have won in 2015! Who agrees?

  • Jannek D

    Too bad she usually only sings in russian. Looks like I have to learn this language ;-) Germany loves you Polina :-) (but nobody loves us #0points :-( )

  • Anja Mejač

    I'm speechless. This was one of the best performances I have ever seen, not just at Eurovision but in general. Polina got so into the song it's unbelievable, every second of this performance is so authentic and I can see this was her time to shine. The backvocalists and the band did a great job as well, as if they were supporting her during the best three minutes of her life. I cannot believe I get goosebumps every single time I watch it. Incredible.

  • Anastasiya Romanova

    Переслушиваю через 2 года. черт, у меня мурашки! это шикарно. так чувственно. я даже прослезилась

  • EuronisionGreeceK

    Who's still watching in January 2017?

  • setheurovision94

    Polina Gagarina enters the club of Edyta Górniak, Magdi Rusza and Pastora Soler of phenomenal female performances in Eurovision.


    Russia and Polina deserved to win. Sweden cheated, they copied their song from Lovers on the Sun, of David Guetta.

  • Isa Buis

    She doesn't won because she's from Russia very unfair. She was the best and not Sweden. Love you Polina!♥

  • Nicilucky

    Россия should have won!

  • Poksos Yodai

    ... Guys, we have to agree, Russia and Belgium are the ones giving Eurovision a minimum of interest every years.Loved this one from Russia so much.

  • Dzhonni

    Эх, Полиночка, тяжело этих тридварасов победить, но нам ли быть в печали... Ты лучшая.

  • FCN Fan 99

    AMAZING song!!!!!!! She really deserved to win the Eurovision Song Contest!!! I have to be honest: I didn't like the song "Heroes" by Mans Zelmerlöw and I didn't like him because of winning the ESC for Sweden but I think it's a good song. But "Heroes" is NEVER so amazing like "A Million Voices" and it's my absolutely favourite song!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Polina Gagarina is my absolutely favourite singer, in my opinion the best singer since the Eurovision Song Contest when I heard her voice the first time!!!! What is this for a voice and the feelings and emotions which are delivering by her!!! She REALLY REALLY deserved to win the ESC because this song is something special and it isn't a "typical party-song" like "Heroes"!! Furthermore she has an AMAZING voice!! You have to pay attention to how strong she tries to bring the emotions to the audience!!!! AMAZING song!!!! AMAZING voice!!!!!!! She's PHENOMENAL!!!!! This is so magnificent that it's impossible to mean that "Heroes" would be better than this song!!!! I like "Heroes" but in opposition to "A Million voices" it's a piece of crap!!! My conclusion: Brilliant song, AMAZING song and PHENOMENAL voice of a FANTASTIC girl!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE REALLY DESERVED TO WIN THE ESC!!!!!!!

  • WunderMakeUp

    Her song is a fucking awsome message of tolerance!

  • aris

    Боже, какой голос... Уже год прошел, а я все еще не устаю слушать💛

  • Brabus

    Я украинец,и горжусь тобой Россия! Это было великолепно! Как бы не пытались сбить с толку нас все, Россия, Белорусь и Украина- братские народы, так что расслабьтесь и получайте удовольствие от голоса Полины.

  • Tina Zejewski

    She was the winner of my heart! <3


    I am sorry Sweden but this was a lot better

  • Valentin Miholic

    No offence to Måns but this song should have won last year. Amazing!

  • Svetlana Ivanova

    Неожиданно пробрало до мурашек))) отличное исполнение)))

  • Rossiyskie innovacii

    В Литве по результатам зрительского голосования Россия была на 3 месте, а по голосованию жюри — на 20. В итоге 11 место

  • Gamer Pops

    She is better than sergey. Sergey is better than Mans... she got robbed


    2:13. the best voice of the year

  • Franky Novotny

    She really looked overwhelmed and glad to be there. Like it was real emotion in what she was singing and believing in

  • NightcoreFreak

    it's a shame that sweden has won last year, she was much better than sweden

  • mirondeturno

    she was the winner for me! way better than Sweden!

  • Vladimir Prostran

    Mans Zelmerlow (Sweden) was really good, but Polina was amazing. Russia has had many great Eurovision entries (2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2016), but "A million voices" is the best one! Greetings from Serbia!

  • Ohuevshiy Kot

    October Of 2016. I don't Stop watching Eurovision...

  • Antonia Romaker - English and Russian online

    So powerful and emotional! I LOVE IT!

  • madina hidivova

    Аж мурашки по коже.Нужно сделать это гимном Вселенной. Не понимаю как какая то х....ня из Швеции лучше этой?

  • delfin reiterin

    her voice ist fantastic and her dress wow -

  • Kᴏɴsᴛ Oɪᴋ

    POLINA !! Love you ♥ Everything was great on this entry.2nd place well deserved...

  • Belgrade94

    I didn't know that the victory would mean to her so much, we can see her emotions at the end as a proof! Please don't write any stuff here which doesn't have anyting in common with the Song Contest. I can bet that the haters know this song even better than her fans! :D If this song was from Sweden, Germany ect. you all would immediately say this will be the winners song for sure. Don't be such an assholes, she deserved it more than any other  competitor. Let's vote for her, you know it very well like me that this is the best song from this year, you just don’t want to admit it! ПОЛИНA - ПОБЕДНИЦА!

  • Jasmin Ali

    I'm Swedish but I voted for Polina and I personally think she should have WON!

  • its Nielsz

    Who is watching now the day the final of ESC 2016 will be held.

  • Lord Cervus

    Polina is many times better than Sergey. Russia could win last year, this year not.

  • Marta D.

    It was so good entry last year, it should have won, cheers from Poland 👍

  • Enceos

    Когда Германия дала нам 12 баллов, у меня слезы навернулись на глаза.

  • Dmitrii Vol

    Вся гейропа включает эту песню погромче когда едут в авто, в барах, в клубах, все её знают уже наизусть и подпевают! В Америке тоже самое! Песню шведа никто и не помнит уже!!! Зачем спорить кто лучше, кто хуже! Все и так понятно !

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