Team Trump's Absurd Defenses for Don Jr.'s Emails: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Trump administration's excuses for their behavior amid bombshell revelations about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russians.
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Team Trump's Absurd Defenses for Don Jr.'s Emails: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • Get Rekt

    So Trump's lawyer is now blaming the Secret Service for the Don jr fiasco? Looks like we can add a new level to the Trump blame-o-meter:1. Obama2. Hillary3. Democrats4. The media5. James Comey6. People who are “mean” to him7. CNN 8. Mexico9. Canada10. China11. The secret serviceIt's funny considering Trump supporters are always talking about how we need to take responsibility for our actions and not play the victim. Yet they can't seem to apply the same logic to their orange god. Because when it comes to Trump “nothing is ever his fault.”

  • Bobbybobob

    I love how that crazy Fox News lady thinks that just because she's a shitty person, it's okay for the President to be a shitty person too. Interesting argument.

  • RalfHDLP

    "I'm like a smart person" - President of the United States.

  • Rice Crash

    New kids book, spot spicy. There he is, in the mirror......turn the page.....There he is in the bushes....

  • UltraToons

    Trump embarrassing America at home and abroad! LOL

  • Saif Qalum

    "Trump thinks in cartoons" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Skankhunt42

    Imagine being so morally bankrupt or wilfully ignorant to openly and proudly support Trump. What I don't get about it is the man isn't even charismatic. He has ZERO good personality qualities. He's incredibly vain and narcissistic, he needs to constantly lie about how smart he is and how big his approval ratings are. He'll throw a pathetic twitter tantrum if there's a bad story on the news about him. How are these likeable things? Honestly? I mean you could take my favourite politicians in the world and make them act that way and I'd HATE their guts. Trump could be the most liberal guy on the planet and I'd still hate him the way he goes on. I mean imagine if Obama was this thinskinned and fragile and egotistical? I wouldn't follow him. I mean when does it get BEYOND YOUR POLITICS??! When is his obvious mental illness a problem big enough to stop fucking supporting him just because he vaguely shares your ideology?

  • John Hutchins

    " As horrible as it sounds, when they throw the large sacks of drugs over, and if you have people on the other side of the wall, you don't see them. They hit you on the head with 60 pounds of stuff? It's over. As crazy as that sounds, you need transparency through that wall." - President of The United States. Good game America.

  • Fuzzy Johnson

    "If the devil called me...."Yeah. We know you would. That's just one of the things that's wrong with you.

  • Heracross X

    Team Trump has got to be the only people I know who can look at a person who had just been shot and say that they had simply laid down for a nap.

  • Peter Quibell

    That meeting is becoming a party.

  • hilton jonga

    "I want to collude Father"😂

  • Matt Allen

    I really thought I hated Melania but every time I see her in these awkward clips I feel more and more pity for her. #PoorGirl

  • Anna F.W.

    Oh GAWD... we were joking around saying if Trump didn't build the wall, but told his supporters he did anyway they would believe him... "It's an invisible wall!" Look everyone! The Emperor's got no clothes!!!

  • Black Omega X

    Trump lies like he breathes? That's become an understatement at this point. However, it also applies to his administration.

  • Skip Muck

    I am so embarrassed by this con man, but our country will prevail, we will move on from this national nightmare.

  • MrStephen182

    So basically it's still all Hilary Clinton's fault. If Trump is still in power 2 years from now (let's hope not) I bet he will still be blaming Hilary.

  • Rita Lawrence

    he just wanted to feel a real mans hands

  • First Name Surname

    the jokes in this clip are way better than usual! so good!


    "he didn't commit treason he was simply involved in... alternative patriotism"

  • 223Drone

    Trump could bomb the families of his supporters and they will still defend him. Words can't describe how willfully ignorant Trump supporters are when presented with facts and evidence.

  • Sarah Munro

    I absolutely adore his Eric Trump impression 7:01 . I could have an entire show of that, and still be in love with Seth

  • Ani Bell

    AWKWARD doesn't begin to describe that handshake/greeting. Lordy.

  • Bob Blackadder

    I'd love to see the Don Trump Jr. defense on 'To catch a predator'. "It was Chris Hansen who turned up, not the 12 year old boy I thought I was grooming, so I'm not guilty right?"

  • Nikki Beacth

    Is it me, or Trump seems to have the hots for Brigitte Macron?

  • Vincent Moore

    well he's already been the village idiot so he's trying to be all of the other village people


    That handshake just shows the type of man Trump is. By not letting go he thinks he is imposing himself on the other person. Its why he also tries to pull the other person to him. Sign of a man who thinks he can bully someone.

  • Andrea Brome

    This presidency is just filled with scandal smh

  • Delete D

    The “father noooo” joke gets me EVERYTIME. What am I? Seven??

  • Michael Rivers


  • Ad Wat

    'If the Devil called me to give me info on my opponent, I would be on the first trolley to hell'..........WTF.....

  • Dara Awe

    A good leader takes responsibility for his actions. Always with the blame game. At least take responsibility for something!

  • Cookie Monsta

    Donald Trump thinks in cartoons... LMAO

  • Joselyn Grey

    Next thing he'll be saying "l build the wall, it's just invisible , that way we'll see the drug dealers coming."

  • chris sto

    Love the, "I'm not crooked, just incompetent" defense.

  • Divine Marcel Okwara

    Like father, like son. Family of shameless and pathological liars. Both Trumps are both liars of the highest degree.

  • Iryna Stepien

    Nothing is too stupid to be true. LOL!!!

  • Curtis altschul

    Regarding the handshake ... this was the second 'marathon' handshake. The first was won by Emmanuel Macron. If you noticed on this second video presented by Seth Meyers, Trump clearly was seeking to control the handshake. Then, of course, was the NYT interview from this week (7/17/17) where Trump claimed that Macron loves to hold Trump's hand. Trump is such an egomaniac that he must win all aspects of handshaking.

  • Jack Colton

    Trump is the biggest gift to comedians since stools, microphones, and half empty glasses of water.

  • SunGold

    Trump: "I'm like a smart person." Like a smart person the same way a donut is "like" a bagel. Similar shape, less nutritious.

  • Michael Kingsbury

    The Russians set them up and they took it hook line and sinker, case closed

  • clydefrosch

    where's the fire? check trumps pants

  • Marshall Culver

    Fox News is continuing to distract the old white republicans from the issues at hand, Russian hacking and collusion with the Trumps.

  • Vinky

    Even Melania is like WTF is this maniac doing?

  • josuecuevas98

    How do Fox News people keep defending trump and his team

  • Morten Jensen

    I love Macron! He just trolls Donald like it's no big deal!

  • Benjamin Peterson

    first the truck now the fire truck you Americans seem to have elected a 5 year old

  • Over The Spectrum

    Did anyone else think Melania seemed to be as weirded out by that handshake as us?

  • Seth Brousseau

    Wow, I seriously laughed out loud multiple times in this. Great reporting and great writing!

  • Sherrie Thomson

    7:43 is that a new slang term for it? You say "airways," I say, "ass"

  • Slap One Beats

    omg that part about eric under the stairs killed me

  • Karlicia Berry

    Yikes! Fox host says she would deal with the devil to get dirt on her opponent? Christians are you watching, are you listening? This could not be spelled out clearer.

  • Pete Bates

    You are doing your country a great service. Keep up the great work team Late Night.

  • Will Mengarini

    Dear Mr President: If you never shake hands, you can claim to have solved the health care crisis. Remember, it's not the germs we exchange NOW that matter (they're usually harmless), but the ones during the next epidemic.

  • 1977cyn

    Trump doesn't know what Transparency means. He heard it from the speech writers who wrote Don Jr's statement on Air force one when the news broke about the meeting. So when Donald Trump went to talk to the media at the back of the plane he used it the word Transparency regarding the wall but in the wrong context.

  • Pseudonayme 77

    I need a laugh. Any Trump supporters wanna tell me how he is a really good President and very intelligent too?

  • Bart Misiewicz

    "Father, nooo!!!"

  • Super Woman

    forget about impeachment, soon the whole Trump family will be in prison.


    What an embarrassing time for America...

  • MistyWolf

    It's like the illusion is shattering. I see less and less trump's supporter comment each and everyday. They all went to their safe place. Fox's channel.

  • Mitch Jones

    I haven't seen a "fake news" yet, could someone just say it so I know I'm still in trump land. thank you.

  • Jeremy Johnson

    That dude shaking hands is crazy.

  • ShuffMomo

    lol he got hit with 60lbs of drugs lol

  • Manuel Robles

    OMG, I could watch Seth Meyers ALL DAY.  Seth helps make Donald Duck not look as horrible and dangerous to the world.  GOD HELP US!!!!

  • just me

    Listening to Jeanine talk about being on the first trolly to hell, just makes me realize that in order to defend Trump you must sell your soul and go to hell. SAD! 😥

  • Brenton Bowen

    I love that Macron just f**ks with Trump every time he meets him. It's so easy.

  • Toni Mills

    Thank You Seth - keep fighting the good fight - what a bunch of treasonous bastards they are!

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