Meet Titus the viral trick shot sensation | Little Big Shots Aus Season 2 Episode 2

Welcome To The Little Big Shots Australia channel!

Little Big Shots, the #1 feel-good primetime hit of 2017 is back. Join host Shane Jacobson as he celebrates a whole new bunch of bright young stars taking to the stage to showcase their passion and incredible talents. Yep, the fun is back this week, and the kids are even more amazing than ever: an exuberant and hilarious Flamenco dance group; an adorable 5-year-old Shakespeare expert; an amazing Auctioneer; an ingenious Inventor with tricks up her sleeve; a multi-million-viewed Trick Shot whizz-kid; and a contortionist Foot Archer who has to be seen to be believed!

It’s not a competition. There are no prizes. And no judges. It’s simply about embracing what it means to be young, fun and free. Children will take to the stage to showcase their passion and will blow you away with their talent.
  • It’s Slypike

    Kansas City, Kansas???? I thought Titus lived in Derby, KS

  • Jack Archambault

    Shoot on a real hoop,and see how good you are


    He is prefect in basketball

  • Zachary Bressard

    This kids form is going to be wack when he gets older


    I did not now that little big shot aus as is sydeny i love sydeny

  • JBaggett 44

    I couldn't even make one I wouldn't even get close

  • Kambree’s World!

    My cousins know trick shot Tydus!!

  • Arold Houtterseat

    Universities on the line... waiting for Titus😐😐😐

  • R2S7 Gamer

    Even steph curry wants this accuracy

  • Iwate Kumite

    Nice to see the kids performing with a steve harvey photo op every five seconds.

  • The Lightning Striker

    Legends say, This dude is the next Michael Jordan

  • bob Bob

    The new dude perfect

  • Vita Naihin

    Why isn't the kid from that's amazing on this hes like 5 and can stack like 15 dice

  • Frix Fulgueras

    Shes thebest nba pleyer

  • Feddel

    i dont know if everything in this show is scripted, or if the editing makes it super unnatural... maybe a little bit of both.

  • Geraldo Perdigão

    I wish my kids had this kind of personality. He is adorable.

  • Griffin Wirth

    Certainly a “big shot”

  • Tar KAAN

    I would not be able to get one in

  • SilentWarrior 08

    One day he will be a basketball king

  • Iwate Kumite

    That was meant to read without a steve harvey photo op......

  • Miles Gillette

    Soon to be nba superstar

  • Brady Cooper

    i love u guys ur awesome I watch ur vids love u guys!

  • Lee Felix

    I'll seriously start to watch NBA if he's already a basketball player

  • Jennifer Tuliao

    Oh my good nest the guy is so very shooter

  • Glewtt

    Next video on, dude perfect..

  • Ryan Agwat

    He look like Luka Doncic.

  • Oak Snow

    My nickname is Spunkey

  • Hamish Hart

    The first 1:50 gives me the feeling that it’s fake

  • khoahuong 176

    This boy must join team dude perfect

  • Nancy B

    Were is dude perfect when u need them

  • John Le

    Titus was in dude perfect

  • Colin Ferguson

    Who else saw that’s amazing in the intro

  • Mourya Reddy

    Pubg players will say that he is using an aimbot.

  • JJ Squad

    talented he actually born with this gift

  • Wow Kaleb

    Future dude perfect member

  • Dope Dopamine

    Did anyone notice that woman at 7:00 she was so confused🤣

  • Ethan Van Arendonk

    I bet Stephen Curry would haven't make 7 out of 8!🏀

  • EternalEcho

    It's funny seeing this as i was in the audience watching this being filmed for 7 hours.

  • DifficultyP13dood

    Dude perfect, you hiring?

  • Meatballs0012

    he mite be a basket ball player🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  • Maria Martinez

    He only missed once. Reply if you think he will not miss no more or like if he will not miss no more (jk dont like just reply)

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