Pee Tape Allegations; Paul Ryan Retires; Trump Attacks Mueller: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Trump's allies ramping up their attacks on Robert Mueller and Paul Ryan's decision to get out of Washington.
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Pee Tape Allegations; Paul Ryan Retires; Trump Attacks Mueller: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • KingOfMadCows

    Paul Ryan is leaving Congress so he can spend more time trying to take away his family's health insurance.

  • Joseph Simpson

    I honestly thought this segment would end with that clip of a younger Seth.

  • spelunkerd

    Who would have predicted that electing a narcissist with a huge number of allegations hanging over his head would be good for the country. He is obsessed with his own image, how can he possibly focus on his job? How can we be assured that decisions about Syria, North Korea and China will not be ploys to deflect public attention from his personal problems?

  • Tima & Dukes


  • Sparckman

    Paul Ryan ends his career in a high note LOL. Republicans and the fake morals LOL

  • KingOfMadCows

    The piss from Trump's Russian prostitutes could be splattering on the side of Sean Hannity's face and he'd still defend Trump.

  • speed0spank

    Fox News is literally state media at this point. When Trump is gone we should make laws about government officials coordinating with media outlets. It's not what a democratic country needs.

  • Trinidad Botello

    So....Is everyone ready for the pee tape to be released? It's gonna be another super crazy day in America, when the tape is released.

  • Bluecho4

    Once again, Sean Hannity engaging in the current right-wing rhetorical staple: deflection and Whataboutism.

  • Ekkie101

    The Republican tax plan is working exactly as the Republicans wanted it to work. Prop up the rich and screw the rest of us. That's Republicanism 101.

  • Gamezinvaders

    Paul Ryan will be remembered as the man that brought the Twinkies to the people. (In exchange for their money and healthcare)

  • Man Beadle

    Any bets that Paul Ryan will be back at some point to run for leader of the Republican party? He gets best of ALL worlds here. Pre election he criticised Trump (Trump will have one of the worst critical legacies of any President in history), but left him alone during term, eventually saw some of his more Ayn Rand inspired thoughts regarding the economy including pressure on the idea universal health care, lower taxes for the wealthy blossom. He's gone away now to 'retire' and be a family man (very noble, give the man applause). Trump has been a useful idiot to him, he'll return and people will lap it up. Hillary played the long game though and it failed, I wonder how it's going to work out for some of Trumps group who are laying in the wings waiting for the vacuum.

  • bnose202

    You're in trouble, I mean urine trouble

  • BÆN

    I actually have coworkers that STILL support this administration and argue about how good it is. I just don’t talk to them about it anymore.

  • Henry

    Runaway you smirking coward

  • JetHawk222

    I swear if this pee tape is real and gets released Seth and Colbert are gonna have a fucking field day roasting this orange president.

  • Lee Maxwell

    This was one of Seth's best commentaries that I've seen; he has reached Jon Stewart level of clarity.

  • ATrafPRO sAm

    5:19 😂😂😂"Did you aim high or were u high when u aim"

  • passionpourelegance

    Faux News, especially the likes of Hannity know what they are doing. Oh they KNOW! But in order to brainwash as many people as possible, cause as much damage as possible and gain more power over people, you need to gaslight the hell out of them. For faux news that's like breathing air. Gaslighting is an extreme form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target's belief.This tactic is mostly used by people with severe personality disorders like Narcissism, sociopaths and psychopaths. Looks like faux news hired the right people for the job. 😩👿👹

  • A H C

    Sure, Paul Ryan is leaving the House, but watch his smarmy ass come back in a few years and run for Senate or Prez. Politicians rarely give up power and go away for good, no matter the scandal or pathetic record.

  • metheus108

    I find it sadly hilarious that all of these Republican politicians who were all ready to 'dig in' and 'do the hard work' during the 2016 campaign period when they thought it was all going to be Clinton email and Benghazi hearings for impeachment for the next 4 years. As soon as it became clear the impeachment hearings were probably going to be for a Republican president and his staff they jumped ship. Jason Chaffetz didnt even make it 6 months into a Trump presidency. Gowdy, Flake and Ryan are bowing out without just quitting. I guess, in a way, Trump really is clearing the swamp.

  • Chico Dust-E

    Trump never looked more like those troll dolls than when they put up the don king Trump lol

  • Tyrant-Den

    Trumpites are all like: "everything is going fine, Muller isn't finding anything." Yet everone who would know for sure is jumping ship.

  • SilkSatin Paradise

    Instead of having political debates, why don't we have candidates set aside time to solve an actual problem & then let the public decide who solved it best?

  • don christie

    Sean HANNITY is NOT defending Drumph. Sean HANNITY Is WORKING for Drumph!!

  • Tiia Mannix

    Oh my god they're STILL using the "But Hillary" defense? Even if Hillary was crooked and corrupt and the Devil herself, that doesn't mean Trump isn't too. It's just a "look over there!" defense.

  • V D

    I actually forgot about the whole illegible notes on the margin of the tax code. That was such bullshit.

  • Cynthia Mann

    Awesome job Seth Myers! Everything you said was spot on.

  • aprilwearsgucci

    Remember when Republicans attacked President Obama for wearing a tan suit and loving spicy mustard.

  • He Richard

    can you guess how much that tape is going to cost netflix in blackmarket

  • Chris Molyneaux

    Paul Ryan will forever be remembered as a spineless coward who allowed his party to be hijacked by far-right extremists, just so he can pass a tax cut for corporations and the richest 1% - and then bailed when his party needed him most.

  • CSharp

    Thanks to Colbert I can't look at Paul Ryan without thinking "Crossfit Dracula". LOL

  • John Arruzza

    Paul Ryan , weak . Never was effective , trump didn't ruin him , he never had a chance . Sad for America , our leaders are punks

  • aprilwearsgucci

    Paul Ryan not running for reelection because he knows he would lose. Coward! The blue wave is coming!

  • manbtm1

    Never understand if Trump is so innocent, why would he even be worried about Mueller investigation, if you have done nothing, no worries, as no proof would exist.... pretty basic

  • kirikagure

    Paul Ryan really has no backbone. It's astounding that he can actually walk.

  • Duc Rider

    "A great record to run on" ??????? What the hell is Ryan smoking?

  • Gorilla Jones

    Ryan is a weasel of biblical proportions.

  • CheeseReaper22

    I'm pretty sure the Porn Industry would go out of business if that pee tape gets released. No XXX video could ever 'Trump' that. Pun definitely intended.

  • Sara Armas

    does anyone else think Ryan resigned so he can run for president in the next round?

  • Chuck-U Farly

    What we know about Paul Ryan; He is the biggest liar in Congress. He is also one of the most corrupt members of Congress. He doesn't care about anyone else but himself. He lied about being fiscally conservative. He lied about raining in government spending and balancing the budge. Ryan is leaving because he know he will get his ass kicked in November. He never did a damn thing for the people who voted for him. Ryan was the lapdog for the rich.

  • Stannous Flouride

    Has anyone else noted that now that East European trolls are not actively trying to corrupt our elections that that the ratio of thumbs up to thumbs down votes has become increasingly lopsided?After one day the ratio on this clip is about 36:1 And Colbert, Maddow, & Noah show similar results.Just an observation.

  • aprilwearsgucci

    Sometimes I watch Hannity just to see if his head going to exploded. Hannity is so far up Trump's ass, he's going to turn orange.

  • Ted McCarthy

    The harlots will do what no else could ... bring down trump.

  • Agent Fungus

    Paul Ryan says, "Let them eat Twinkies."

  • Julio Juarez

    When will trump be kicked out of office??

  • SteelStringD20

    God. This news cycle has been a marathon sprint. Its so hard to keep up.

  • aceofbass95

    God damn I miss Obama. At his worst he was Trumps neutral

  • ivan tan

    Hannity will platform dive into the pee is trump wants him to.

  • risa dolce

    I really miss the days when Seth made fun Eric😢

  • liberty Ann

    I would need a warning if it's about to be shown. I don't want to see.

  • Deja Voodoo

    Let’s not forget that Trump has a fake Renoir hanging in his penthouse. Everything he touches is fake and a lie

  • Ricci

    His life work was talking money and healthcare for the middle class and giving it to the rich, including him.

  • victor buttigieg

    Trump always reminds me of Montgomery Burns and the three eyed fish....

  • Hazzycakes


  • Jedi Revan

    What accomplishments? They can't even pass a budget.

  • EmpireSun

    Paul Ryan makes me ashamed to be from Wisconsin.

  • Vinson

    Eddie Munster was wondering what happened to his little brother...we all are.

  • Coco Brown

    Remember when trump said he’d always run as a republican because they’re so dumb.....maybe peeOTUS is an evil genius bent on exposing how idiotic the Republican Party is. He ups the anti by the hour and they just stand there.

  • GREY Wolf

    Good riddance to the Koch brothers puppet Paul Ryan.

  • sidd joshi

    Well, Golden showers.. explains how Mr President maintains his complexion...

  • Jean Jackson

    The Russian s have made tapes back long before Mr Trump went to stay there in their hotels.........look up history , The Russians have been known to tape everything that went on in their hotel rooms. It's nothing New! Russians are sneaky, be wAre if you visit their country, especially their Hotels! Warning! Seriously....

  • Mike Bastoni

    Ryan jumping out of a sinking ship save him self so he can come back run for president 😭😭😭😭

  • Harry L

    Clog up the toilet and leave the dinner party 😂

  • HOF Excuse Maker

    Lmao why do they keep bringing up the Clintons? They're irrelevant to this presidency.They have absolutely no effect on Donald and his job, but he keeps bringing them up..

  • Clinton McRobert

    Is the country prepared for the billions of dollars it’s going to cost to rehabilitate those who see the pee footage or a Stormy snap of his peener? There will need to be an emergency alert system set up of loud sirens beforehand. It’s probably another hideous biological weapon in the wrong tiny hands....

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