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Chris Stuckmann reviews Godzilla: King of the Monsters, starring Vera Farmiga, Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins, Kyle Chandler, Millie Bobby Brown, Bradley Whitford, Thomas Middleditch, Charles Dance, Aisha Hinds. Directed by Michael Dougherty.
  • Noah Biondi

    The Bible>Godzilla: King of the Monsters

  • Cynicas

    Critics: tHeRe ArE tOo MuCh mOnStErSGodzilla fans: .............so?

  • RD RR

    I wanted to watch the movie for epic monster battle action and got sporadic action in between lengthy, unnecessary, human emotional motivations and reactions instead of what I went to see. I deal with and see idiotic fucktards motivated by their emotions every day.....I don’t need to go to the movies to see that....soooooooo disappointed

  • Levi Gifford

    In order to appreciate the film, you have to judge by its spectacle and monster aspect alone. In those reguards, it's fun! The human element on the other hand, is I dont wanna say BAD but I am mixed, so it is flawed.

  • JiNzX115

    C- is a little too harsh. This really is a new genre of film, much like MCU for people to just get on a roller coaster ride, that's about it. It can't be compared to actual films that focus on the aspect of storytelling. There's no storytelling in Godzilla, just a bunch of bing bang boom whacky smacky sequences.

  • Nuralif Othman

    loved the movie, there so many omages towards the old japanese movies. the theme songs, mothra dying to revive big g, godzilla blowing up like a melting pot etc.

  • Bodenlose Dosenhose

    Just seen the movie. Strong candidate for the worst film of the year. It even beats It: Chapter 2.

  • Cyrus The Great

    Godzilla KOTM actually has a very interesting plot. Long ago, humanity engaged in a costly war with Titans. It would seem that the history between Man and Titan in the MonsterVerse was more complicated than it was originally thought. Also, it appears the humans and not the monsters were the villains of the story. The third film in the MonsterVerse touches on the history of the Titans and their association with humans when Monarch goes down into the Hollow Earth tunnels to find Godzilla. They discover an ancient underwater civilization that was apparently Godzilla's home. Paintings on the walls indicate that the humans who once lived there worshiped Titans like Godzilla as gods. It's suggested that back then, humans revered the Titans and treated them with respect rather than fear and suspicion, which is how modern humans tend to regard the monsters.The redacted text in the credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters tell a very long story about the relationship between humanity and Titans, which goes back thousands of years. At the beginning, humans did indeed worship Titans, but things changed when humans somehow developed a method of telepathic communication with the Titans. These ancient humans sought to gain control over the Titans, who they believed could be used for purposes of warfare. The Titans became slaves to the humans, but some were able to rebel against their masters. As a result, a war ignited between them. Though the credits don't reveal a winner, they do say that the human survivors scattered and formed colonies all over the world, which does hint at defeat for mankind. Also, whatever happened in the war caused an event that the redacted text refers to as "the cataclysm". It's not clear what this "cataclysm" was, but it was somehow devastating enough to trigger the Ice Age, which means that the world's biggest weather phenomenon is related to the actions of Titans (and humans) in the continuity of the MonsterVerse. This would mean that the war is the single most important event in the history of humanity. The war reshaped human civilization by scattering the survivors all over the planet, forcing them all to start over. The results of the war can serve as a warning for modern humans in the MonsterVerse, since Godzilla: King of the Monsters reminded humans of the existence of Titans and just how much destruction they can cause if provoked.Addendum: Credit goes to ScreenRant.

  • predator king

    I mean while I agree with ya on the people....I like monsters killing eachother and while I haven't seen it yet....I still have hope

  • Stefen B. Echols

    I hated every human character in this movie.

  • AsapVision

    The only human characters I liked were the dad the Asian lady and Asian guy from the 2014 movie

  • Inspector Lau Kin Ming

    No offense Chris, but have you ever seen a Godzilla movie besides the original and the American remakes? It sounds to me you just like saying you're a fan of things, while barely pertaining any knowledge about said thing.

  • Cole REVIEWS

    Monsterverse Ranked1. Godzilla King Of The Monsters 2. Godzilla 2014 Reboot3. Kong Skull Island

  • Jumbonator Live

    You have developed a brain after 1998? I was like mabey you have bet then you said you liked the 2014...

  • fraz

    You make the same arguments for Detective Pikachu from this review but instead you count them as positives. In the Pikachu review you said that it not focusing on humans made sense but here it's a fucking negative all of a sudden? You dumb ass cock suckee Stuckmann. You don't understand Godzilla.

  • Gino Corbrietti

    half disliked hmmmmm? lol

  • Carnage 2018

    If this is a love letter to us g fans, I hope GvK is the giant teddy bear with a heart in its paws

  • Karanvir Kooner

    I always hated the 1998 version of Godzilla because I felt it’s an insult

  • Allen Jackson

    I agree, not a very believable or interesting plot but great monster fights. One day we might get a really good story with just the right amount of monster fights but not this time. Still liked it enough to make a 4k purchase, just what the makers wanted.

  • SPIDERMAN Forever!

    Shin Godzilla sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laserdemon Frostmage

    Godzilla is a film franchise that can be interpreted in a handful of ways BUT APPARENTLY people here only would like to see them in these following ways: Japanese (or a lot of them at least) see it as a film about how humans deal with “godzilla situations”, Americans (or a lot of recent fans at least) see it as a monster action film. My honest viewpoint is that it’s an OK - bad film. It has pros and cons and frankly a lot of people here would focus on the negative side usually because they lean or prefer the human part AND the political commentary of the concept of godzilla’s prescence. What I am kinda saying to the comments:You all don’t have to be shitters of other opinions on this comment section jeez. It’s like a huge dumpster fire here. Shitters create more shitters and eventually just cause a massive shitstorm.

  • Stewie

    Totally agree, the story was very very stupid. Plus there is no suspense at all, nothing is at risk, some little made-up Mexican village? And the needless exposition and bad dialogue. The 2014 movie is vastly superior. Example: on the train with a nuke heading for the tunnel. That was suspenseful and built up to a good scene. Nothing like that in this film.

  • SPIDERMAN Forever!

    My fav movies of 2019Endgame, FFH, KOTM, Dark Fate

  • 3 ngàn

    What a bunch of butt hurt

  • Afraid of Dolls

    Not every movie needs 'the human story' with all the character arc tropes. It's good to just step back and take a look at the bigger picture, espeically if its about giant monsters.


    Wow. This review makes me want to unsubscribe!

  • TheNapski

    Now if they had the story line and cast from the first movie combined with all the monster sequences in this movie, we would have the best Godzilla movie EVAH!

  • freedom&conscience

    A plus. Yes, acting were so bad..but the bad ass monsters fighting scenes were truly jaw dropping 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Angelita Ramorez

    My only problem with the movie is that it had way too focus on the humans. It should have been balanced. But nope it was 80% humans. Godzilla once again being left in the background. This is his movie, not the humans. When will legendary and Warner bros will get that? In godzilla vs. Kong I expect a better balanced movie. If it's gonna be a 2hr film then I expect 40mins of humans and the rest will be all godzilla and Kong.

  • Breakdancer/ Nerd

    If humans are gonna be in the movie, the i expect a good narrative for them. Nearly everything relating to the Monsters is what saves the movies but, two things that I don’t like about the Monster aspect, Mothra and Rodan barely have any screen-time, and I wish there were more scenes that show Godzilla and Ghidorah rivalryOverall I think it’s goodSo 7/10

  • William Buchanan

    This movie was great. Don’t know wtf you’re talking about

  • Yasin Bozkurt

    Who on fucking earth watches Godzilla for the plot or humans? I’m watching Godzilla movies since I was a little kid and this movie gave me everything I expect from an epic Godzilla movie.

  • Alex youtube channel

    Random person: I hate Godzilla 2014 because there's not enough godzilla Random person again: I hate Godzilla 2019 because there's too much Godzilla Me:What are you talking about?

  • Jake Niehaus



    The main characters are good and the antagonist is well done, it's really the side characters that are bland as hell. Plus, the fact that there's not a lot of plot isn't at all a problem in a godzilla movie, or monster movie of any kind, my grade:B/4 starsP.S like Detective Pikachu and Dumbo(yes I'm serious) I feel like this is a movie that REALLY doesn't deserve all the hate it gets

  • IKEA

    Regardless of how "bad" the movie went , Godzilla will always remain iconic , in the community and outside the community .

  • CyberKnight_Miky

    I kinda disagree on your topic. Yeah the story and the film isn't perfect, but most of us fans dö care of an improvement to the 2014. While it's beautiful and Gareth Edward do get the monsters, but the protagonist felt bland, not enough Godzilla scenes (while many Godzilla films do cut away him, but are interesting which comes next), and they cut away to humans that aren't interesting at all. Example like the final battle, almost one of the best if they didn't cut away to Ford Brodey multiple times. The reason why they have many monsters is because the three others if you cut out Godzilla are the three of "the Big 5", which never was potraid in the big screen by US stand point. Yeah few are disappointed, but remember it's Godzilla's 65th anniversary, just like Final Wars is his 50th anniversary. More caos, more risks, wish too that there's more developement but they were humans that are watchable. While this point is not relevant but make a point, like how Shin Godzilla is. Sure no main characters but that is the point. It was a metaphor of Japanese bureaucracy screwing up everything back in Fukijima Nuclear disaster, tsunami and earthquake. Their decisions cost every single life to be lost. While 2019 message isn't clear, but it is mostly of our choice's that got more worst to our world and need to be fixed, and try to stop King Ghidorah to overthrow him off the throne of being King of The Monsters. Yeah It's not "the best", but it is an improvement and a blast to see again.

  • Starlight

    This guy is just full of bullshit.

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