The German philosopher Hegel believed that strange and alien bits of history have much to teach us. He believed story and civilisation do not move in a straight line, so important ideas and attitudes get left behind. Please subscribe here:
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  • Giorgio De Chirico

    I can’t help but see Foucault’s ideas within Hegel’s.

  • Jamal Robertson

    Might be by the 2020s-uh.... lol

  • William Tusing

    "Learn from what you dislike" touched me

  • Arus İnger

    nasıl bir Türkçe altyazıdır o arkadaş

  • Noel Heyden

    the problem occurs when trying to read Hegel in English. The German Language has inflections which help one keep track of subjects predicates and clauses. Without these it is hard to read but very rewarding anyway. There is a lot more to Hegel than this video can show.

  • 2jrencmorgrente z micul j uldurbure

    i wundur f hagul & puscul wd hv bn frndz.

  • Happy day

    Philosophy is the best thing humans have invented. Love you hegel from Saudi Arabia.

  • DJ Yung Hoxha

    This is an extremely reductionist and idealistic attempt at conveying Hegel's core teachings. This does not represent the writings and theories of Hegel at all.Hegel does not promote a historical eclecticism, like this video suggests, but a dialectic approach to the understanding of history itself.Hegel did not think in terms of good and evil, he thought of the world as a system created of contradictions,whose internal instability leads to changes over time, for example, just like a sprout will grow into a flower overtime, and shed it's characteristics as a sprout, through a constant development of traits that oppose the former state. it needs both states and exists only as a state between these two.Kids, please actually read philosophy, don't just listen to what this channel tells you. This is some real bottom-tier explanation of Hegel's philosophy.

  • Gulag

    The most liberal interpretation of Hegel i'll ever see in my entire life.

  • Jason Ladue

    I agree with Hegel 🤔

  • D P

    3:52 ironic memegold


    O:10 rotfl flying Hegel

  • John Nash

    You need to explain how Hegel proved that God exists, that God is an ultimate reality

  • SS Ubermensch

    Nationalism TerribleYou must be Jewish !?

  • luckydad420

    this is what i’m saying


    Hegel's idea of the state was very idealistic. He saw the state as a march of God on earth,a final culmination of all societal institutions. This idea of his was misused by the Nazis when they took power.

  • Kanga Kid

    Quite Brilliant really

  • gianluca girotto

    Philosophy has, as all science, its own language. And this video gave me cancer

  • Avik

    Mourinho bought me here

  • Julian

    Hegel confirmed me a similar thought i've had about history. Hegel's view makes a lot of sense, but i see history also in another way. The pattern of history is like this: A - B - A - B - A (ad infinitum). This means that a particular period of history is characterized mostly by something opposite to the previous one.. For example: compare The Middle Ages with the Rennaisance. The Middle Ages were characterized by things like theocracy, superstition, fear, extreme faith, centralized power (kings...), etc... but then we enter the rennaisance, a period in which the values of the Ancient Greece were reformulated, and ideas like humanism, antropocentrism, art, science and progress were central for the public life.But.... what happens after the renaissance? baroque period. And values like faith, the divine power of gods, and obscurantism were back. After the baroque period, the Enlightenment, and... again! progress, science, reason, philosophy.... coincidence? i don't think so.

  • Ikke Jå

    I am trying to learn English, by south Brazil

  • avinaba singha

    In an universe of confusion

  • Xaris

    Hegelian Dialectic = Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis

  • Debby Fadahunsi

    Are these his beliefs or his theories

  • sirurugly

    the absolute worst video on Hegel ive ever seen, and that's saying something

  • John O'Neill

    The truth of reality itself, therefore, is the Concept. (This is the sense in which Hegel is an ‘idealist’.)

  • sirurugly

    Hegel wasn't a bad writer, you were a bad reader

  • Spideysenses67

    Am I the only one who noticed Daniel Bryan at 3:41?

  • GTS

    Hegel's writing style sounds like Philosophy's equivalent of Henry James's final phase.

  • 새로운대한민국

    This is a really great summary.

  • eliadedorne

    Mary Wollstonecraft please

  • Robert Draxel

    Only you at School of life can invent institutions for mood and consumer education... ;)

  • aKa Donut

    Why be proud of where I come from? I ain't gonna mix up with those people because they are so unlike me. And also, I come from planet Earth... why care for my country?

  • Jack Lloyd

    Schopenhauer on Hegel: "He exerted, not on philosophy alone, but on all forms of German literature, a devastating, or more strictly speaking, a stupefying, one could also say, a pestiferous, influence. To combat this influence forcefully and on every occasion is the durt of everybody who is able to judge independently."

  • SS Ubermensch

    Nationalism TerribleSterilization or lynching, which do you prefer ?

  • Umut Köprülü

    Google translate bile sizden daha iyi çevirirdi.Bu kadar hatalı bir çeviriyi utanmadan nasıl paylaşabiliyorsunuz?

  • Ricky D

    Hagel didn't have the advantage of knowing about our overlord, natural selection. He was practical and seemed, like a lot of Germans to have a lot of compassion to other culture, open minded. He was hamstrung like all philosophers since Darwin, with not knowing how the world really works. Close though.

  • planksip®

    One of the criticisms of Hegel is that he is impenetrable. Apparently, Hagel tapped into a weakness of the human mind where incomprehensible pros automatically lend itself to a higher level of credibility especially when it's written by someone in a position of influence.

  • John Ansett

    "It will be painful and slow" - yep that's the truth.

  • Bhargavi Suhas

    According to Hegelian Dialectic, thank god it's 2018 and 2020 is just 2 years.. Eagerly awaiting...

  • D P

    4:22 art has a purpose

  • Andre Zabala

    I feel that u vaguely explained the Hegelian dialectics


    I still dont think yes man is the synthesis prove me wrong

  • Mr Rosso

    Your voice is distractingly clear :) Thank you for this video! Hegel had some really good ideas! I agree with pretty much every point you summarized :) I wish more people could try to find the grains of truth in their enemies positions

  • Jeff Doe

    He kind of looks like Geoffrey Rush

  • Gurdeep Singh

    I here because of JOSE MOURINHO :)

  • The Turkish

    ❤️🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤️will come Communism to our world

  • Ricky D

    So Hagel was the first to identify Jung's archetypes. Sort of.

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