The German philosopher Hegel believed that strange and alien bits of history have much to teach us. He believed story and civilisation do not move in a straight line, so important ideas and attitudes get left behind. Please subscribe here:
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  • Hentai

    Hegel - "you actually thought I wanted you to understand me, charming"

  • Lua Veli

    I think the point about learning from our enemies  is the most difficult one. I never thought I had enemies. But a few months ago, wenn 2500 neo nazis had a demonstration 10 minutes away from my place, I thought may be I do have some! At least from their perspective. Indeed the people who interest me the most are those whom I am not allowed to meet. So  I am very curios about what it would be like to have a coffee with a neo nazi, on condition that he won't kill me. Curiosity can be dangerous too, but thank God we have literature and we have the movies: There is an incredible movie called " Kriegerin" . The title in English is "Combat Girls." It won many awards and some critic called it " The best German movie since many years".  It is about a young girl who is a very convinced and active member of a neo nazi gang. In the beginning  you really literally hate her. ( Just watch the trailer, you will know what I mean.) But in the end , after two hours of watching her life and how and why she ended up there, you can't stop crying for her. I certainly couldn't and the next morning I woke up with a herpes on my lip.What really stroke me is that her life could be anyone's life and it could really be you too! I don't mean to learn anything from their terrible ideology, but it is always good to know what conditions drive people into such evil. We all have the same evil within us somewhere, that's why it is very important to observe and examine ourselves, in the light of what we learn from our enemies. So that we never end up like them! ( Thank you very much for this lesson as always! )

  • The Manifold Curiosity

    Hegel's prose obviously didn't work for me. I gave it a try and, without understanding most of it, I came to think of him as just a metaphysical rambler. Interesting, but too dense for me to sift through casually. Anyway, this video clears things up nicely. Thanks!By the way, there's a fellow on YouTube called Dr Gregory Sadler who does a weekly series delving into The Phenomenology of Spirit. His videos are a little beyond me at the present moment but some of you may be interested in his in-depth reading.

  • Ante Lauc

    I have read all comments and can say that in 7 minutes is not possible interpret his contribution. I have studied 45 years his books. He did help me to understand history. His Philosophy of history is the best one, because he did use four Aristotelian questions. He did give the best answers ( freedom is the purpose, volition and knowledge are means, the state is the form, etc)! Renegation ( negation of negation) is the best interpretation of nsturl and social processes. We need links that people

  • Cthululz1

    >you will never own a pastry shop named, "Hegel's Bagels".

  • Andrew Rubner

    Hegel is under-read, he is not that hard to understand if you've read Kant and Marx

  • Ibrahim Mqami

    He died the following year. lesson learned

  • DarKool373

    The more difficult the ideas, the greater the philosopher should strive for clarity. Hegel, Heidegger, Derrida, and many others have all been seduced by the romance of  the obscure, like gnostics privy to some secret wisdom only they can fathom.

  • Skippo

    I'm going to die before I figure out how to make my interest in philosophy become a way of income.


    "Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion" - Hegel

  • Jake James

    Hegel's work is an attempt at scientific analysis of the eternal present moment. He treated consciousness as having evolved through a succession of primitive forms along with the human body, and saw our consciousness as defined by the archaic structures upon which it was built. The will to dominate was his particular displeasure of mankind, to which he proposed we raise our collective spirit with a will to morality, which he believed to be fundamental knowledge a-priori, possible in all humans possessing reason.

  • Dani Abadeister

    Could you please put subtitles on your videos?For deaf or hearing-impared people, for non-native speakers who want to learn English with your lectures.

  • Alrisch

    I believe Hegel's prose is really hard to grasp. However, it is not unnecessary as some of you have argued. Hegel's work is way more than just a couple of points. He tried to critically overcome Kant's ideas in order to give us a new comprehension of the world around us.When Hegel argued about history, he doesn't believe exactly that it could be just "useful" to look back and remember something. For him, concepts and reality itself gain meaningful content through processes. In other words, things are now as they are because they were what they were.This idea is specially important for him, because points out that the study of history, in regards to the observer works as a play in a theater in which the observer already knows the end of it. Those who study history, while they do it, know what is going to happen. But the notion of knowing the resolution lets you see the intricate connection between two facts and the possibility of deeper relation between them.Through that, he proposes dialectics as a method of understanding that deeper connection between history and man as a result of history. Because he believed, against Kant assumption, that because things are not presented to us (humans) directly though our senses, it doesn't mean that we can't have access to that other side of reality (absolute).So, in his works, he tries to build reality through his method, in a way in which you can only understand the entirety by observing its entirety. Many readers and academics who work with Hegel will tell you that once you reach the last chapter of the Phenomonology of the Spirit, things just clicked, and a second reading is immediately necessary, for those things that did not make any sense suddenly are comprehensible. And that is not Hegel's prose fault, is is a particular circular way of presenting ideas at the same time than a method. A method that is not easy to understand, but is full of tools to better comprehend reality as an object which resides in society at the same time that society in reality. As Hegel said "philosophy can only be learned by doing philosophy."A last thing. Hegel was a Liberal who argued, during the french revolution, that the principle of Monarchy was the best way to care for liberty and individual rights. You can be in favor or against that idea, but Hegel thought of it because of the particularities of its time. He was profoundly Liberal.The stories say that when he was a Teacher, he used to gather at night with his students to hold conversations about liberty and the french revolution in a time when those practices were strongly prohibited. And one day, one of his students was caught and imprison for divulge Liberal ideas on a public space. As a result, Hegel and his students went on a boat, every other night, to speak to this student imprisoned to speak about Liberal ideas and the news regarding the french in latin (in order to avoid being caught).

  • Sacred Atheist

    Can you do one on Christopher Hitchens?

  • Hegeleze

    "His work is confusing and complicated when it should be clear and direct..." ::Sigh:: Why can no one fathom that clarity and directness are NOT automatically the best modes of communication in every area? Also, this mindset dismisses the fundamental question which should be asked - why write with obfuscation? By dismissing this question you miss out on all the rich history of politics and the rational tradition in philosophy. Just as Plato's interlocutors are turned away unless the truth is palatable to their own senses, the rationalists turn away all those who don't have a philosophic drive - ON PURPOSE. Whether you agree with this or not would be an interesting discussion, but chastising Hegel for not following your ideals is insane.

  • zmunk

    if you came for the boobs 2:55

  • Graham Loines

    I discovered that if I could identify and silence my reaction of annoyance and resistance at reading what appeared to be the same sentence only structured slightly differently over and over again, and then learned to not try so hard to keep all concepts from the start of a paragraph, in a place in my mind where I could consciously remember them all and follow the the links and associations that were being made, then suddenly, reading a page became like the written equivalent of a magic-eye picture of the kind that forms a 3d image when you disengage your standard focus reflex and allow the edges to blur... Not in a pictorial sense like using text characters to render an image but within my mind the words moved at a pace and weren't hel back then a blurring of meaning began to take place and I learned that it didn't matter if the concepts fell away into the back of my awareness as they would be contained in the next sentence too... the writing style was doing the job normally done by the 'working memory' or biological version of 'RAM' in the brain which, instead of doing that task as per usual, my conscious awareness had the image of some simple but definitely 3 dimensional geometric shapes forming. It was quite unlike any other book I read and I really wish I had not tried so hard to force it to make sense at every step in the standard way, when I first picked it up, because that was exhausting! If you follow my meaning..!

  • James Graham

    Guff. I've studied Hegel for decades. This is verbal incontinence.

  • Yoodj C.B

    I felt a little offended when you used "La Liberté Guidant Le Peuple" d'Eugène Delacroix to represent nationalism. This painting is a symbol of the French Revolution, it is about people taking back their freedom from their tyrannic king; so yes there is a patriotic side to the picture but it most certainly is not nationalist.

  • FLCL

    I think I like Hegel. I'm going to read some of his books.

  • E K

    Greece can teach us community? A society entirely dependent upon slavery can teach us.... community?Thus far, this channel seems to give undue value to past ages, romanticising them beyond any possible reality.

  • iggypopshot

    I loved his hair style as much as his brain.


    One tip for you:Get a de-esser. Run of the mill basic audio production stuff. Those harsh sibilants are a tad bit unpleasant and distracting to listen to.

  • Jared Bly

    You clearly haven't read any Hegel.

  • Underground Skeptic

    Can someone please explain how the idea of community is lost in the modern age? Thank you.

  • Mir Haque

    You guys left out the ELEPHANT in room: his influence on both Communism (Left Hegelian) and Nazism (Right Hegelian). And his worship of state and disdain for individual rights. In fact, looking back Schopenhauer got the last words (and his vindication) when he called Hegel "a monument to German stupidity.”

  • okodorifuto

    You guys at School of Life, thank you for your hard work putting all of these videos out there. Whenever I see an upload from you guys I giggle like a little kid cause I know it's going to be great! Muchas gracias!

  • guy deborde

    Hegelian taught us so much more. He taught us about systems and how to create and maintain those systems. He taught us about social media and trends before anyone else as well I believe. Especially with indespensable terms like Zeitgeist.

  • borja palmero

    Even though I know little about Hegel, I'm quite sure that one of the most valuable lessons that his work can teach you is the fact that we need each other to know what we are and develop our "true" self-consciousness. This video should have explained this as well.

  • sneezer beezneez

    I have been a long time lurker of this channel, I just wanted to comment and let yal kno how much I appreciate you guys and gals who work to put up these videos! It has helped coup better with my self and all that is around me! Philosophy is awesome!!

  • Luca Zanetta

    I quite like the presentation in this video, but I honestly can't accept the fact that not one time the Spirit is mentioned, aside from just the title of the 1807 Phenomenology. And what about the importance of Religion, by which Art receives its truth, or Philosophy, which ultimately gives truth to the entire life of the Spirit, for example?

  • Rita F

    Hello creators of this video, I want to say that many concepts are expressed badly so many times they result as wrong. I'm really sad to see my favourite philosopher misunderstood

  • Satoshi Chomsky

    I think the "Hegelian Dialectic" needs its own video.  On this topic, this video leaves me still confused....

  • Zoe Lyons

    Who painted 0:44 because mmmMMM

  • Jakub Vico

    Great video, but i believe everyone with decent set of neurons who ACTUALLY picks up one of his book recognizes for what a bunch of nonsense he is about. I believe if you are not able to convey an idea clearly and simply in common language, without the need of countless interpretations, then you don´t really know what you are talking about. Hence, the mess on paper equals the mess in mind. Sorry, no amount of fancy made-up words in going to make up for that. Please, people think for yourself and don´t just accept any nonsense the teachers are trying to shove up your throats. Challenge them, give them a hard time!

  • Fuzato15

    2:11 hegel was right.I consider myself a right-wing dude, and i have an ultimate disgust of Socialism. However, I've read some of their works. And i find some interesting insights in seas of bullshit. The most brilliant of it is Gramsci's hegemony theory. You can control society by controlling people's ideas.

  • Fenix SestJedan

    Any chance of doing David Hume? : 3

  • Edgar Kretschmann

    You guys are on the top of a mountain, with an idea so fresh and in need as never before. I just hope that as many people as possible can enjoy and make good use of this condensed and well interpreted wisdom you sharing with the world. Good job good people, please go on informing :)

  • hbilbeisi

    You guys need to do one of these videos on Hannah Arendt

  • Bryan Hitchcock

    Hegel challenges us to stretch our understanding of language to a point where it nearly collapses; to simply say he's hard to understand is not identifying the problem of his's deferring it. This is a deflationary statement, which is far more detrimental to philosophy than esotericism.

  • Connor Creegan


  • Xavier1927

    this channel is pure trash

  • Anoir Trabelsi

    Can you make a video about scientific modeling? Please. We need videos about epistemology in general. Thanks!

  • Phill Φ

    its not just hegel who was a bad writer  its quite common philosophy usually the best philosophers in my opinion can express their ideas in the simplest terms possible its all very well having a great idea but if the masses don't understand it whats the point . similar to how some artists hide behind symbolism or post modern ideas and give the viewer no inclination of what it is supposed to represent and leave high and mighty

  • Haydar Sayar

    Thank you for teaching and telling these important ideas and philosophies.

  • Richard Wolf

    I read The Philosophy of History and found it a quite delightful read.

  • Will Ferrous

    This is definitely worth the wait. Bravo!

  • 5retsam

    thesis antithesis synthesis. this process is left out entirely in your description.

  • Samuel Champion

    Hegel made explicit the evolution of mind, in this way he distinguishes himself for the humanities. The lasting contribution is that most of us now agree that gender is a social construct. This isn't to say that gender is a social construct because of Hegel, but that Hegel writes from the perspective of a consciousness that is aware that it is 'itself' in a process of evolution. This is meant to free us by showing how 'mind' evolves with an internal logic of its own. Thus, Hegel serves all of us as an exemplar of 'mind' explicitly asserting its own sovereignty, distinct from physics, chemistry, and biology. Hegel accomplishes his project through the use of a self-referential writing style - speaking authentically about 'things' requires at least a tacit reference to the subject that is experiencing some 'thing'. This point is made explicit in Hegel's writing. His philosophy then becomes a reformulation of history in accordance with a explicitly self-referential awareness. Hence, Hegel represents absolute idealism; and, we understand idealism as a specifically historical feature of 'mind' in 'spirit'.

  • Amici Nybråten

    I wouldnt' exactly say that we are moving in a less open way as with regards to sex, at least not in Norway. It's really more of a constant back and forth, and adaptation towards new technologies and ideas.I would rather say that more people are embracing more diverse forms of sexualities and sexual practices, and that sex is becoming more and more an open topic which we can talk about with our friends, our social network contacts and our families.Sex is simultaneously becoming more personal, that is, we focus more on ourselves with sex toys and pornography available, but at the same time becoming something that is more easily relatable between people.I don't really think this development is gonna stop, and I personally don't hope for it. I think that people becoming more personal with their sex, caring more about themselves, and at the same time becoming more social about it, is the right way forward. It allows us to relate more and understand each other more.

  • Woody Guthrie

    +The School of Life Ok everyone is singing this channels praises, but I would like to offer you my critique :)This channel, the 'school of life' has its own philosophy. Even though it is hiding behind the ideas and the thinkers it is presenting - quite masterfully i have to admit! (the presentation) - even though it seems impartial, there is an emergent philosophy here, which in large part lies in its form and the approach of its creators. For instance, one problem of this project is that it is very anthropocentric. Philosophical ideas are discussed mainly in terms of their relevance to everyday life. Philosophy is hence reduced to a mere source of self-help tips. And not only that. Self-help tips for bourgeois westerners. I wont go into detail here, but their treatment of eastern philosophy for instance is deeply problematic. Their treatment of socialist theory too. But the thing is this: Ideas are stripped of the passion and the fire and the revolutionary spirit of the original thinkers, and are presented in a watered down fashion, ideal for people to pick and choose what they like. These small videos are easily consumed, easily digested. But Philosophy is meant to twist our insides and turn our stomach, it is meant to attack a part of us, a part of our society, it has to challenge us, to shake us firmly, make us feel uncomfortable. Foucault and sartre and camus were not sitting politely on the self waiting for our majesty to browse through them and "pick and choose what we like" they came bursting through the front door. Behind their work there was a whole life time of struggle, intellecual and spiritual restlessness, intense experiences and strong convictions, that gradually forged the coherent picture that they presented to us. And of course one could criticize this channel on the basis of just having a succesful business model that commodifies, moisturizes important ideas, difusing them, and removing their subversive potential. So I find this channel to be very bourgeois in its approach. Very western. And of course I am aware that its limitations arise from its form. It is a youtube channel. It could not be progressive, subversive or revolutionary. But i think my critique stands even if you take it for what it is. It could be better. How? By recognising its limitations. By stating those limitations to its viewers. By being brutally honest about its seriousness and its place in the system. By making it clear that philosophy is an important lifetime pursuit, and these videos are to philosophy what popularizing videos are to science.

  • C York

    I had forgotten his interest in art.  He just may be my new go-to-guy.  Well done.

  • Jennifer Taylor

    I have come to embrace and love philosophy thanks to this channel. My philosophy professor in graduate school was a long winded blow-hard who relished the sound of his own pompous emissions.

  • Daddy Longstroke

    problem, reaction, solution

  • Solo Nobre Concern

    I do like Hegel, but every time I've tried to continue reading his "Phenomenology of Spirit", I can't continue because of his writing style.

  • Prashun 'PC' Chakraborty

    ..... Did I just see Daniel Bryan at 3:41, professional wrestling and philosophy don't mix some party poopers might say but I think that's far from what the actual product is.

  • Chris Wade

    The book used at 0:28 seconds looks a lot like an LDS triple combination set of scriptures.

  • Heather Wignot

    can you make a video about jose ortega y gasset?

  • Ben Stannard

    Do a video on Immanuel Kant.

  • rose water

    You should do a video about Judith Butler or Simone de Beauvoir

  • Flap Jack

    Can you make a traditionalism or Julius Evola video? I'm curious about it

  • Karan Dharaiya

    Thank you SO much School of Life for making this video! Best channel on YouTube.

  • Will Orr

    Daniel Bryan! Thats so cool you put him in there. Love the videos, very intelligently stated and all of those extra little picture gems are a great addition. Thanks for making them. I imagine them being a lot of work.

  • Shrekshya Khadka

    can you do Bertrand Russell??

  • Karlos B.

    A proper comprehension of the Hegelian philosophical corpus revolves around understanding Kant, Heraclitus (specifically him of all the Presocratics), Parmenides, and Spinoza (Fichte and Schelling optional but recommended). Essentially, the gist is that opposites are CO-POSITING, or CO-INSTANTIATING. This is furthermore logically necessitated- but not by the logic you know as "If Socrates is a man, than he is human". The DIALECTICAL LOGIC is precisely that opposites MUST exist to contrast the other. So, hot NECESSARILY co-instantiates its opposite, cold owing to the very nature of heat. Then, as they are SUBLATED (Aufheben), what results is a term which doesn't just 'unite' them in some sort of synthesis, but rather acts as a new perspective, in which the preceding moments seem 'immature' or 'lacking' compared to the current perspective.Something the video might have saw fit to point out about Hegel's metaphysics is precisely that what is real is not merely 'abstract ideas' suspended in some mental reliquary, but the concrete (konkret). It seems ironic merely because Hegel's philosophy is so obfuscatory that it would appear more 'abstract' and 'removed' but Hegel actually means the opposite.


    Very important views on art.

  • opiumshuffle

    student intelligence is so grim these days.

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