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Chillhop is back in 2018 with a fresh look and sound for the Essentials series.
We're excited to keep developing and exploring the sound spectrum this year and for this first Essentials release celebrating the start of Spring we gathered 22 artists that have been killing it lately to compose an exclusive track that fits the Spring mood.

These 22 tracks can be listened to via your favorite digital music platform and can also be purchased as a limited edition double 12" vinyl.
This year's artwork for the Essentials compilations is done by Brazilian illustrator Mauro Martins and perfectly compliments the music on the record. The vinyl comes as a gatefold so you can enjoy the artwork in its full glory.

* We ship worldwide.
* This is a limited edition vinyl.
* Hand-numbered

00:00 Cap Kendricks - The One
03:28 J'san - good morning sunshine
05:57 Juan RIOS - Azahar
08:22 HM Surf - Swix
10:17 Ruck P - Spring In La Coruña
13:55 Stan Forebee & Kyle McEvoy - Kensington
17:13 Birocratic - Handsome People
20:07 OTESLA - Carbon
22:35 Monma - ManaTree
24:57 Leavv - Tomorrow
27:48 Cloudchord - H'okay (feat. Soul Food Horns)
30:00 FloFilz - Blue Orchard
32:15 mommy & snowglobe - taipei rosebuds
34:33 illiterate - Moonshine
37:25 Aso & Middle School - Tomorrow Never Knows
40:44 City Girl - Eowyn
43:45 Joe Corfield - Wildflower
46:13 Psalm Trees - Wherever You Are
48:20 plusma - troubadix
50:32 Toonorth - Drop Top
52:38 Robot Orchestra - Thinking of You
55:50 deeB - Morningview

🙌Follow the Artists:
Cap Kendricks » https://soundcloud.com/cap-kendricks
J'san » https://soundcloud.com/iamjsan
Juan RIOS » https://soundcloud.com/juan-rios-beats
HM Surf » https://soundcloud.com/hmsurf
Ruck P » https://soundcloud.com/ruckp
Stan Forebee » https://soundcloud.com/stan-forebee
Kyle McEvoy » https://soundcloud.com/kylemcevoymusic
Birocratic » https://soundcloud.com/birocratic
OTESLA » https://soundcloud.com/tesla77
Monma » https://soundcloud.com/monmabeats
leavv » https://soundcloud.com/leavv
Cloudchord » https://soundcloud.com/cloudchord
FloFilz » https://soundcloud.com/flofills
mommy » https://soundcloud.com/beatsbymommy/
snowglobe » https://soundcloud.com/snowglobesounds
illiterate » https://soundcloud.com/illiteratebeats
Aso » https://soundcloud.com/aricogle
Middle School » https://soundcloud.com/yungmiddleschool
City Girl » https://soundcloud.com/citygrl
Joe Corfield » https://soundcloud.com/joe-corfield-1
psalm/trees » http://soundcloud.com/psalm-trees
plusma » https://soundcloud.com/plusma
Toonorth » https://soundcloud.com/countbazzy-2
Robot Orchestra » https://soundcloud.com/robotorchestra
deeB » https://soundcloud.com/deeb

📷 Visuals
Artwork by Mauro Martins » https://www.mauromartins.com
Animation by Cancollective »

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Spotify / Bandcamp » http://chillhop.com/listen
Discord » http://discord.gg/chillhop
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  • phuvinon keomoukda

    it's make me feel good just listen this and do some work

  • Tanisha Ellerbe [Monaco MS]

    This is perfect for the classroom!!

  • Ricky Morty

    Birocratic is pure 🔥

  • Maalik Rahim

    this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨


    Acho que os brazucas são os que mais curtem um lo-fi <3

  • Louna Jushpe

    WTF 28:08 reminds me so much of "My favourite part" by Mac Miller and Ariana Grande...

  • VRexG

    so much better while high off that good good

  • Lilac Calandra

    It's 1:30 ish in the morning where I am and I heard birds chirping not realizing it was in J'San's "Good Morning Sunshsine". I immediately stopped typing the paper I'm finishing up and ripped off my head phones in shock at birds chirping at this time. 😂😂🤣This mix is awesome and helps me to get my work done. Thanks for uploading! 🎵🎶🎧💜🙌🏽

  • Mklther Henrique

    This compilation here... Could be Better...Chillhop really missed the mark with this one... It starts out with a total summer banger "Takin You For a Ride" probably everyone's favorite song... Nice groove, beat and so uplifting. (Shout out to "By the Sea Side" Gr8 one too) But from there on... we start descending and by song 10 we're on a complete nosedive... This is a SUMMER compilation tell me why then... we have songs like: Lakeside; Stuck and Saydee...So many songs were the atmosphere doesn't exactly fit summer... And even songs I like with uplifting beats, have weird and sad sound effects...Personally, I enjoyed it overall but maybe because I live in the southern hemisphere...This one does not have the summer vibes.

  • Highz On The Track

    https://soundcloud.com/highz99/been-livin-final-3RHYMED OVER A CHILL HOP BEAT WOULD APPRECIATE THE LISTEN THANKS!

  • Apollo Gray


  • Amy Holcomb

    Incredible frame art and animation! Love the flow and themes.

  • Matthew Razau

    👏best playlist ever, chilling with your miss at the beach watching the sun set.......oh wow

  • VRexG

    Robot orchestra was honestly one of the great ones

  • bubbl

    Love the playlist ...

  • Chillhop Music

    https://chillhop.lnk.to/spring2018IDWe are extremely happy to share with you our new compilation today, thanks to the artists and for your support so far. If you want to put your hands and the wonderful gatefold vinyl before it's too late, click the link above !

  • RosePetalz

    This is a note for me dont mind this lolJuan RIOS azaharRuck P Spring in la corunaKensington

  • Stephon Brooks

    Track 12) FloFilz (Blue Orchard) makes me want to play INFAMOUS on PS4. Just that Vibe and Flow of the San Francisco Scene.

  • Amanda Tate

    Am I the only one that hears a fart at 2:04? haha, These are great study jams! Thank you for putting this together!

  • Legend Does Stuff

    Your compilations are the only reason I have a 4.0

  • Brenda Krick Morales

    I was playing this for my 8th grade students today. I find this kind of music helps me focus. One of them said that he likes it, too. That's high praise, they can be very picky about music.

  • Somya Gomes

    I wanna download this plissssss

  • Wild and Spicy

    ❤️❤️❤️Can i use it?i will tag you !

  • NintenBoi65

    03:28 - Dat Birb Tho...

  • Adam Musielewicz

    great stuff Chillhop!! Pay Me Soon!!!

  • Sammie J Sun

    Study with this music ing. Thank you :)

  • freddy Vega

    WoW my life is Changed, i love this channel!!!

  • Nyakallo Bridgett Mosia

    perfect for studying. perfect for chilling. bless you!!

  • Aurora Borealis

    Thank you. This helped me stay motivated while studying for the MCAT.

  • Widey xyz

    and it sounds just as good at the end of July in a ragin heatwave here in the UK......chilled to da max...

  • Elena Migliorini

    Somehow I find this more summery/autumny than the summer one which I find more springy.... But wait, it's just the first song

  • Happiness Recipes Explainer Videos

    Such a chill music to listen to while working :)

  • Diego Velanga

    Why there's no playlists like this on Spotify user?!

  • Derrick Barnett

    Wow, I just discovered this today and I am hooked.

  • Dank Zappa

    This is absolutely fantastic. I relate to music much better than I can with other people, and this has me feeling a wide array of emotions; this was a beautiful way to start my morning.. Thank you for sharing this. I'm so glad to have discovered your channel.

  • AddisonSmith

    Check out my new lo fi beats just posted them on my channel

  • gheo luc


  • Varimba

    This design is just perfect on acid. And the music is awesome too. Thx

  • Patrick Laiti, CPA

    So many good mixes but this one is cream of the crop!

  • eihluj jimenez

    great musiv vibe and great visual design 💕💕

  • Cam SB

    less than two weeks til they drop the Fall Mix??

  • aesthetic/ BabyyMSP

    I love there music so much and im always listening to it lmao

  • Tetiana Sluchak

    It is perfect! Thank you!

  • malika owens

    608 people suck frog dick...great video. Love the singing bird <3

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