How To Carve a billiard ball into a SKULL

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  • XxBannaGirlxX

    I love how this guy tries to fit in with the millinals

  • suicidle zombie

    Ack a DHMIS reference!!!

  • Commentator Bro

    Bobby, you should do ramen noodle art

  • Frank's world

    When I listen to this shell I can hear Billy ocean.

  • Roze Walker

    I love you too Bobby!

  • why live

    At least I'm not the one playing with my ballsWere having fun here

  • why live

    Ok we are back with muh balls

  • Gacha Galaxy Hybird

    Hey Duke your so awesome if you can give me a shout out thx AND I SAW YOU ON TV ON "RIGHT THIS MINUTE" that's AWESOME

  • itarfer

    Please carve Jenna Marble's dog kermit out of Irish Spring soup

  • Aj Stidham

    You should put miniature 8 balls in the eyes

  • Daily Cup of Justin

    Wait.. were you in the Denton mini mall?

  • joshua arnold

    What TF was that on yo lip 😂😂😂

  • Billy Burt

    Wicked cool, Bobby. So you're giving away a hand you made in 2091... KEWL!Billy

  • Alicia Jones

    i need that skull 8 ball in my hands like right now it’s so perfect and would look so good in my car or my room or just all in all in my hand being carried everywhere

  • Ratchet c

    Would make an awesome shifter knob. Everyone has the 8ball shifter or a skull shifter, but I've seen no 8ball skull shift knobs.

  • LaserGadgets

    5:02 maybe my girl is right and I AM a nerd...I see an iron man helmet .____o

  • Lisa Taylor

    Got you followed on tik tok lol

  • Takayah Couch cox

    “We are back with my balls” lol

  • PUBG 420Friendly86

    I'm on tic tok... instant dislike 🤣🤣

  • Copenhagen King

    That would make a really badass shifter knob

  • MidnightGamer

    mmmm snas? I think more like swap papyrus cuz he still says puns but it looks more like him.

  • Moore8Ball

    As an 8 Ball myself, I enjoyed this.

  • O

    Iono if you know, there was something on your lip

  • Dev

    Now make it a gear shifter

  • The ParanoidOne

    Have you ever tried making Loki’s mask from “The Mask” featuring Jim Carrey?

  • Marc B

    damn man you are a great artist

  • Elise

    How much time did u spend in this piece ? (Sorry i’m french)

  • Noe Blaze

    "we are back with my balls" 😂😂😂why

  • Isabella Campbell

    The skulls voice changed

  • Brian Cullinan

    Cool, now embed it back in to an acrylic ball to have a skull 8 ball.

  • Abir Ben Ahmed

    I feel like a proude daughter i've been admiring your art and telling everybody to go subscribe to the channel because of how much i appreciate the hard work and time you put into making each piece and nevertheless your funny personality you are a living massive ball of positivity i love you so much i've been here watching your videos since before the first 100k please know that we appreciate your work very much THANK YOU

  • Rhys McGooch

    My dogs name is Winston and this video was uploaded on his Birthday!

  • قائد الشر The Black Devil

    That is a fucken great job

  • Jack Graf

    I’ve never seen someone so childish besides keemstar. Not gonna lie there about equal with how dumb they make there selves look. What an embarrassment.

  • Josiah Carlitz

    Very cool!! Do the red one too, of course it won’t stay pink, it will be red when you polish it.

  • tmnt rid sonic fan

    Your art is awesome i wish i can do that

  • Bobby Duke Arts

    You could also follow me on Twitter @bobbydukeart but only if you want more puns, dad jokes and the answers to life the universe and everything. Or not, whatever it's cool. Yaaaay!

  • Tom F

    When you have a ball and you curve it.Does it make it a curveball?

  • Autumn Osterberg

    You got that joke from don’t touch me I’m scared😂

  • Mckenna Atkinson

    Can I will this skull in a giveaway

  • tricky74000

    If you boil a funny bone, it becomes a laughing stock. That's humerus.

  • Kaylee Raine

    i want to marry this man

  • Jan linke

    2091? On your hand. Is that the date?


    Bro keep your camera away from your face

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