John Oliver Warns Meghan Markle What She's Getting Herself Into

'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver gives Meghan Markle a fair warning ahead of the upcoming Royal Wedding.

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  • Eric Charles

    He's so annoying, her Majesty is so graceful and shows the world how to be a true leader of a nation, God bless the Queen

  • David Idiart

    "Insolent little bastard."This breaks me every time.

  • anxious dog

    Stephen here looks like he either really hates doing this interview or like he'd rather just be talking to his old buddy John in private, I honestly can't tell.

  • Zephnia Mukwa

    Republicans have a fundamental problem when it comes to ROYALS. Do they see the ROYALS as their nemesis?

  • Peter Williams

    The British cut and run leaving the French in the lurch and yet they still blame the French.

  • Guinea Pig Everyday

    I dont get that last joke doe? What’re they talking about?

  • pedro correa

    Yes, they could have put up more of a fight. It's not like they lost a huge part of their adult male population in WW1 whilst you british wankers were protect from Hitler by the fucking English Channel.

  • Chad Colledge

    Can anybody else hear John laughing off stage at Stephen's Vanity Smurf comment at around 0:16 in?

  • Amy Park

    john oliver always takes the center for any interview he's on, just sort of naturally. He is leading the conversation, he is initiating all the jokes

  • Chase Boldizs

    Miss seeing these two interact!

  • Anne Suire

    Also putting the French down is a little old!

  • Deng Madhel

    Another Emmy for John Oliver

  • Pippin Hart

    John Oliver is a chaotic good trickster fae

  • flori

    For the Americans: we do have a military parade but it's more like what you'd expect to have seen in the 1790s. It's called Trooping The Colour and it's great fun

  • Harsha Ghungurde

    John Oliver's face at 6:50 is priceless.

  • secretaryandactress

    I love you, John Oliver...!

  • manish khajuria

    It's really weird to kneel down in front of an adult

  • Ward McCreery

    I wish someone had told Diana that her position more like royal brood mare!!

  • Adamo Sgrignuoli

    Watching Colbert trying not to laugh is priceless

  • LOWE sonia


  • DarkLight523

    8:13 Had a flashback to all the times Jim from the Office would look directly at the camera.

  • manish khajuria

    I believe John Oliver

  • Julie Sperber

    The audience know nothing of the British way of life! Haha!

  • Anne Suire

    I don't really care for John Oliver!

  • Nolan Cash

    I love john Oliver on his show but off the cuff is so much more brutal!

  • Shawn Shiraz

    He wanted a parade because it's a display of power and status. He perceives our country as an extension of his own ego. - Sincerely, Shawn Shiraz, LPC

  • Maria Hammarström

    Stephen Colbert and John Oliver. Now add Dara o´Briain, and I will actually die laughing.

  • Miranda Wance

    Well if Mick Jagger could get a knighthood even after having an affair with Princess Margaret(in addition to being anti establishment ), I can't see why Oliver can't get it.

  • s mcb

    John Oliver reminds me of Ben Elton

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