John Oliver Warns Meghan Markle What She's Getting Herself Into

'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver gives Meghan Markle a fair warning ahead of the upcoming Royal Wedding.

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  • Paige Connelly

    The best part about Britain is that John Oliver could come back home and say it to the Queens face and she'd still say something like 'nice to meet you'. America thinks they have freedom of speech, but look at yourself. Trump would tweet back an insult in a heartbeat. The Queen doesn't give a fuck. Nobody gives a fuck. He can say what he wants. In fact, we insult our own monarchy more than anyone.

  • Chris Zealotes

    John Oliver...what a carbuncle on the world’s arse. I’m so glad Russell Crowe named a koala chlamydia treatment facility after him.

  • Kolton Mitchell

    So... what does kiss the ring mean in the US again?

  • mlr990

    I love that you can hear John laugh off camera when Stephen says he's best known as the voice of Vanity Smurf

  • Lily Hults

    I love seeing those two interacting

  • Vikram Singh

    This felt like such a genuine conversation between 2 people who are insanely funny and have an interesting view on current affairs

  • Rich Small

    Grand Torino, not Charger.

  • ascending deity

    These two together. My god.

  • Kilgore Trout

    Why the hell do Americans think the French are cowards or bad at war?Remember Napoleon? Remember the French Revolution? Remember the resistance during Nazi occupation?Srsly, I have no clue why France gets the blame for the Nazis when pretty much half of the continent did the same. The only ones crazy enough to frontally oppose the Nazis were the USSR, and it cost them 20 million lives. The US only appeared in the last minute to beat a dead horse and claim part of the spoils.

  • Keisha B

    My grandfather's son's name is John, and then his son's name is John, and...... hahaha

  • nufc forlife

    Agree with him on the royals but a think hes still pissed right of that the fact nobody new him in Britain and didnt rate him and couldnt give a fuck that he moved to america a still think hes not funny at all

  • nfcoard

    "He's an emotional vacuum and will die that way." That is so funny and genius. He might be the most blunt of famous comedians.

  • sharksandsheep

    I love the way The Daily Show cast introduce each other. When they call Jon Stewart a "movie star" and list his credits, it's the best.

  • Angela Baker

    ew. s&m partners, pls stop, too much pda

  • Chaotic Penguin

    talks for six hours the convention is listless

  • TLR Eclipse

    John is so refreshing.

  • no no

    What is the name of john's entering music??? I'm sure I heard them before

  • Pendar K Kzmi N

    #johnoliver's comments are golden here, in this piece. 👑👑👑🎩🎩

  • Eddie Martinez

    God i miss these 2 together

  • Lee GaryB

    7:14 I love that Colbert so obviously set up that joke, as in he took 20 seconds and almost just said "Say the rude thing" to Oliver and yet, still seemed shocked when Oliver took him up on the bait and just went for it.

  • Empire Jackson

    Starsky and Hutch had a ford torino.

  • Bradley McDaniel

    The title feels a bit click-bate: the spend the first 4 mins and then the last min talking about Trump.

  • J Bee

    he is a rude fuck.. across India .. my foot!!! just a flop a hol.. next time show some respect !!

  • Enya andthewhales

    guy fawkes joke deserved better

  • Ryan Salle

    Did they censor the 'hole' part of asshole?

  • CollegeStudent 94

    So no one is going to mention 8:45?

  • Leomerya12

    I loved the Chopin opening!

  • Pawan Adhikari

    "..thats high tea."

  • Unique And Special

    Meeting of the cucks

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