Venezuela: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the devastating economic crisis in Venezuela and enlists the help of a large bird who bears a striking resemblance to Wilmer Valderrama.

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  • skyemars7

    Thank you for this video guys! I´m one of the over a million venezuelans that fled the country because we had no future or food there. You caught the essential out of what´s happening there and now around 10 months later is WAY worse. We need voices like this so we´re heard. Tomorrow there will be a concentration of people protesting against Maduro´s illegitimate presidency. We´ll see how that turns out. Please stay there for us, and thank you!

  • Ki Rex

    Chile = Capitalism (no advantageous natural resources)Venezuela = Socialism (largest oil fields in the world)I'm not implying anything but just saying.Sidenote: Scandinavian countries have free market economy (capitalism = free market economy). *Ignore the last message if you know it already

  • coolbanana165

    Sassy Popeye slayed Infowars, then slayed my heart.

  • Juan Andrade

    Let see if you can find the involved countries. There is a country that claims to be the priest of capitalism, the free trade, the free market, democracy, human rights, environment care, and so on and so forth. However, you may find these small inconsistencies: Free trade: Yes, but this country is a lover of “trade agreements” that allows it to screw other economies. Free market: Yes, as long as “this country” wins the market battle otherwise it imposes sanctions, embargoes, tariffs to the winner, etc. Democracy: Yes, but it has established and support dictatorship governments all over the world; besides, its “best friend” is currently the bloodiest monarchy in the world. Besides, in this country you cannot bribe a policeman; but the same act is legal when it is provided to a politician, even more, it has its own name “lobby” (in third world countries it is illegal to bribe a policeman as well as a politician). Human rights: Yes, I already said that its “best friend” is currently the bloodiest monarchy in the world and it is also the only country that hasn’t sign the human rights agreement of the Organization of American States (BTW guess where the headquarters of the OAS is?). Environment care: Yes, although guess what is the country that withdrew from the Paris Agreement and didn’t fulfill Kyoto protocol. Peaceful: Yes, although it has more than 800 military bases in more than 70 countries (weapons for preserve peace is like f**k for preserve virginity, right?) Capitalism: Yes, in this country if a person gets into bankruptcy, it is its fault and since this is a capitalist country he/she is in his/her own; however, if you are a bank, an airline, a car maker; i.e., a “too big to fail” then socialism philosophy will be applied in your favor; so the definition of capitalism is: “monopolize the profit and socialize the losses” a revolutionary concept, isn’t it? Finally, this country’s slogan is that socialism has failed everywhere; however, it has never let socialist countries to define their faith, have you ever think why a country so rich (with a lot of money) as Venezuela has its people starving?, let us imagine that you have a lot of money but the bully of the neighborhood don’t let you get to the grocery store, and then the bully claims that is a poor guy! Disclosure: All the characters in this story are fictitious.

  • kimaya krystal

  • Jolie Nivea

    The problem over there is not socialism. The problem is corruption. Politicians are not working for the people. The same was happening in my country so we elected a hardcore that would probably kill, if he could (don't worry, he can't) anyone that steals money that should be going to hospitals, schools, roads, etc. We had presidents that had man-made waterfalls in their houses (Collor) paid with public money. Bathroom taps made of gold (Collor), airplane track built at his farm with the public money (Sarney). This has been so bad here that a politicians slogan was "steals but gets things done" (Maluf). I could spend hours here telling you guys what happens to a country after decades of public money being stolen. What made things worse in Venezuela is that they got a dictator on the top of the corruption. It has nothing to do with socialism.

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