Venezuela: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the devastating economic crisis in Venezuela and enlists the help of a large bird who bears a striking resemblance to Wilmer Valderrama.

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  • Jorge Augusto Moncaleano Saenz

    I'm from colombia and take with humor your comment about my country...sorry for the ones offended but is even truth, drug lords took the country, full of ignorants and the "easy life" way to live...

  • End of Heart

    Please cover the Duterte administration in the Philippines

  • Eric Londaits

    I don't know if the CIA gave Chavez cancer, but there were probably some powerpoint presentations with that concept on them. They sure had a lot of ideas of weird stuff to do to Fidel Castro.

  • 2ShyShy

    I'm so glad the stupid costumes are back.

  • Reiff Roseman

    What about the Saudis?

  • Jason Giusti

    Supremely disappointed

  • chiefmojobear


  • Claire Knight

    Lol remember when Bernie’s people went crazy for that one bird too?

  • J. Kelly

    my Sunday night lunch break isn't complete without John making me sad about life

  • Jintaro Kensei

    Venezuela isn't the holder of the world reserve currency. This is what awaits 'Merika when the dollar goes down the shitter.

  • Marcela Anamaria

    Usually I respect your videos because they show the other side of many situations but, this time, it was more of the same.Guess I couldn't expect you to talk about how this economic crisis is in part because of US sabotage to Venezuelan economy because you may lose your job.

  • Mario

    This way of covering Venezuela's current situation is not only poorly researched and propaganda oriented, but also insulting towards victims and viewers. I am above this BS!.

  • Mike D

    Get your research together, John. Love ya, but today Empire Files debunked nearly your ENTIRE piece.

  • A Non

    I’m kinda disappointed the bird didn’t say everything in spanish. I can read subtitles!

  • eakherenow

    Your Venezuela is the Venezuela of our government presents before they go in to take their resources.You're a sell out Oliver,I've unsubscribed.

  • Ritwik Banerjee

    A few strange things (and by strange, I mean straight up lies) about this episode:1) No mention of the US-backed coup attempt in Venezuela in 2002. If a country supported an undemocratic coup against you just 16 years ago, it would be reasonable to expect how the population reacts to the opinions from that country about democracy!2) Only 3 countries shown where the US has done some horrible things, when the number is 17 (out of 33 nations in Central and South America). The total number of coups and assassinations is over 50 in the last 120 years!3) The "political opponents" barred from running in elections (shown at 15:33) have an interesting historical role in the 2002 coup attempt. The first guy, Henrique Capriles, was a part of that and openly met with the coup leaders. A rather undemocratic chap! The second guy, Leopoldo Lopez, was directly involved in anti-government violent protests that resulted in the death of 43 civilians. The third charmer in that picture is Antonio Ledezma, who was discovered in Feb 2015 to be the orchestrator another coup attempt that included plans to bomb civilian targets and media outlets. In any other country (especially the US), these guys would be serving lifelong prison sentences.But somehow Venezuela is undemocratic because they are not allowing such actors of violence and straight-up terrorism to run for the presidential elections?Oh, I almost forgot to include the bit about rabbits ... among the top ten countries that produce rabbit meat for human consumption are Spain, France, Germany, and Belgium. Here's the most interesting part ... according to the 1990 data from the UN Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO), guess where the USA was placed in the list of the top rabbit meat producing nations?P.S. For more details, see the debunking video already linked in many other comments. I have simply added source information wherever I found it lacking in that video.

  • Pamela Ospina

    What he said about Colombia is a lie, I prefer when he’s funny with his facts straight.

  • lazyperfectionist1

    Ah. Can a pun be ironic? Surveying the population of Venezuela so that, on their behalf, you can give Maduro the bird! I see what you did there.

  • peter buckley

    Watch the Empire Files debunking of this video if you really wanna know what's on in Venezuela. They dude have a leftist bent, but everything in the video is completely factual and able to be researched.

  • Putin Puppet

    Even you, John, are too much of a neoliberal colonialist to disagree with the Trump administration, as well as other Western hawks, on Venezuela. Congratulations.

  • edifying

    Need to view the Empire Files rebuttal, among others, of this propaganda. John Oliver=Neoliberal mouthpiece.

  • Waffles The Wookie

    1:36 future wife. And I mean the apathetic schoolgirl and not the blonde conservative future 3 time divorcée

  • Skypup

    "Jonestown juice cleanse" omg!!!!

  • Keen James

    John Oliver is pushing pure US propaganda.

  • Bijan Rezai

    Wow who knew John Oliver was a bourgeois pig pretending to be an actual progressive...oh wait I guess we all knew...

  • Inivican

    This is reactionary propaganda. How is it that John Oliver is able to ignore the economic war that is being waged upon Venezuela by private oil interests? How is he able to ignore capital flight? How is he able to ignore the vested interest the USA has had in undermining Venezuela for being an independent Latin American country? How is he able to ignore the 2002 d'etat that the USA helped organize to attempt to overthrow Hugo Chavez? John Oliver deliberately engages in strawman arguments to misrepresent the progressive movements in Venezuela. #EmpireFiles

  • Carl Tabs

    John, that Colombia 'burn' was uncalled for. Not for nothing, but Venezuelans are finding refuge in Colombia.

  • Guido Anselmi

    Can someone explain the Jim Jones Juice Cleanse to me? I didn't understand that one.

  • I Chthonic

    Extremely disappointing episode. Did not expect this kind of blatant dishonesty from this show. The information John Oliver cites is from extremely biased sources like Transparency International (who funds them? According to their own 2012 annual report ... Exxon Mobil, Shell, Citibank, etc.). As long as US corporate interests are hurting other nations, killing "their" people, and meddling in their affairs, slanted and biased coverage is fair game, it seems. John Oliver, you truly have become an American, and it didn't even take that long for you. Congratulations.

  • paxwallacejazz

    Watch leftists debunk John Oliver's Venezuela episode. I am An Oliver fan. But this episode is way off it seems. The people trying burn the country down are right wing.

  • ThirdClass Hero

    Venezuela desperately needs our help, which is why I've been pooping in jars and mailing them there. Those people can't make a respectable turd bomb on that diet.

  • Josefo

    Do an Special about the presidential elections on MEXICO

  • Luluș Ione

    Imagine being so cute, a starving nation can't fathom killing you. GO RABBITS!

  • AncientAndroid古安卓

    Is 'socialism' the magic word to make right-wing lunatics appear or why are there only idiots in the comments?

  • Kyle Kraus


  • Scotty McScott

    Oh Christ, he really is going for the old, tired argument that it's a result of mismanagement, corruption, international interference, etc, et al. It's the argument that socialism/communism hasn't worked because it's never been done correctly. Perhaps the inevitable mismanagement, corruption, and even international interference is a large part of the reason communism will always fail. Not a wence toward government appropriation and nationalization without any compensation, just a discussion of how it could have been sustainable if not for X and Y. Stop apologizing for a horrid system, which brings nothing but failure.

  • Dashiell Leeds

    The Empire Files debunked this video thoroughly. John Oliver has really disappointed me these past couple years.

  • kurisu7885

    Just putting this out there, when Chavez was in office he had a video game banned in Venezuela because he thought it might inspire an uprising.The specific game was Mercenaries 2, which took place in Venezuela.

  • Marcos PS Arruda

    Shame on you, John Oliver, for this fake news reporting! I plead that you watch the reply to your broadcast by Empire Files, and reply in another of your programs. If you don't, your honesty will be stained and questions like "Who paid Oliver to issue this report, and how much did he get for it?" will make sense. Sorry, John, your often ironic reporting is seriously misleading and serves well the USA predatory interests in Venezuela and in Latin America.

  • Bryan Leggo

    As a supposed progressive voice, you have a responsibility to not mislead your viewers who don't bother to research how wrong you are because they're only getting their (mis)information from comedy shows or the perpetually biased and hostile MSM that has always attacked Venezuela Also watch Abbey Martin's reporting from there. If anyone here believes John here then they should educate themselves by watching the video below that debunks most of Oliver's claims. It may not have many cheap jokes about bananas and birds but it does address the economic policy and realities with a depth that Oliver never achieves.

  • sivoism

    I've lost all respect for John Oliver. The level of dishonesty in this episode is so stunning, especially knowing he and his staff are capable of honest and high quality content.

  • Stefa

    Colombia are currently the ones taking in many of these Venezuelans and giving them medical attention and shelter. Edited spelling error

  • Jesse Torres

    John, whenever you're going to give President Trump any ideas, good or bad, you really should use the Catheter Cowboy to explain them.

  • Apachu Geronimo

    Chavez kick all this oil stealing USA and european factorys out of Venezuela because the Population of Venezuela become tooooooo low Money from the Venezuela oil. so the USA and european Union and them friends do sanctions on Venezuela and dont buy the oil from Venezuela and the cia destabilize Venezuela in the Underground still today.Chaves was first real president that want give most Money to the Venezuela People and maduro go Chaves way and ist a good and human way. but the rich assholes in USA and europe want earn all the Money alone. and now 15 or 20 years gone and the tv dont talk how all Problems come to Venezuela they think all People allrdy Forget what happen but not all did countrys on this world destroy Venezuela and kill Venezuela Babys with hunger only because chaves want give the poor People in venezuela a home and enugh Food.TEXACO, DEA, BP, TOTAL........ ARE NOTHING THEN BABYKILLERS. USA, EUROPE ARE NOTHING THEN BABYKILLERS.SHAME ON YOU USA , SHAME ON YOU EUROPE I HOPE ALL YOU POPULATION DIE IN A ROW WITH CANCER.GOD ALLAH JAVE JESUS PLS KILL ALL THIS GREEDY EUROPEAN RACE WITH CANSER. LIKE THEY KILL CHAVES WITH IT.

  • Carl Tabs

    Hey wash your mouth before you speak of Colombia with south america's highest economic growth % in decades. John, I invite you to do an episode on how Colombia is exiting it's dark past and leading in south america.

  • mrsolu

    I'm from Colombia and cocaine is the second currency Thanks to senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez.

  • ranivus

    John Oliver is misleading. He's misleading exactly because he filters out the most absurd parts of a narrative and lumps and obfuscates the remainder. He does it even when the absurd parts are not a representative slice. His research is also not as deep as he presents it. He usually focuses on "official" and "establishment" sources without challenging their veracity and their inherent biases, and sometimes he seems to not even consult the opposing viewpoint. He also fails to follow-up on moving stories once the original narrative is proven false. He's particularly bad when dealing with non-US stories. His segments in Brazilian politics and the lead-up to the bad-faith impeachment of the president in 2016 is a very good example of this. It's a real shame because he is a talented comedian.

  • rgartful

    It's unfortunately not hard to plumb the depths of malicious stupid that John Oliver and his staff revealed in their program on Venezuela. You really cannot get your news from these political yokels. They try to learn to about these topics in a few days relying on the very people with evil intent toward the Venezuelans and hopes of enriching themselves beginning with 'whores to the US government' spouses and such. All the while they are pitching screenplays for We Love You Sally Carmichael IV to Hollywood execs who write in the margins, "More sex, John!! More sex!!".

  • A Harreld

    Venezuela's economy is owned 2/3rds by 'private' industry, with many of the crises being produced on the one hand by sanctions from the US (which has deeply impacted their oil industry) and on the other by the private actors who have been doing things like destroying food, hoarding it in warehouses, etc. So this situation has been intentionally manufactured. The main mistake of Chavez was not his management of the oil industry (again, that has been massively sabotaged via US based sanctions), but by the very fact that he didn't seize other core industries, making it so powerful persons and corporations could literally sabotage the food supply in order to spiral the country into its current mess.

  • Rui Basilio

    there's an economic war being waged on the country

  • bench175

    I used to like Oliver. Now I see he's an idiot.

  • Gopher Don

    Who else waits until 2 in the morning for the new John Oliver video

  • Richard Nderitu

    I began watching John and thought he was conscious of American empire and influence globally. I really didn't think he was this ignorant on facts about Latin America. I'm from Africa thousands of KMS away and I seem to know more than this guy.

  • J Mora

    American propaganda is garbage! Venezuela has oil so now it just needs some "freedom."

  • alex gon

    Oliver you disappointed 😞 me with this video total propaganda from EEUU.. Wandering if TRUMP pay you or CIA...

  • Lioseia Nishina

    heh can't post a link in comments now huh? See Empire Files - Debunks of this episode. Last Week Tonight is just another misdirect.


    When you're about to go to sleep but you realize John Oliver just blessed us with Our Lady of Perpetual Venezuela.

  • Leslie Cox

    TFW liberals reflexively ally themselves with right wing maniacs...Easily the most poorly researched, context free, and pro-imperialist piece ever produced on Last Week Tonight.

  • Celebrimbor Blue

    This is really disappointing, You're just another neoliberal shill, Oliver.

  • Neeraj Bisht

    I just watched a empire files video debunking john oliver and man its was socking I thought john oliver never misstated facts and was unbiased but man I was wrong truth of the matter is john oliver and his team gets his news like us from different media outlets and they can be wrong i think we should listen to both sides of the story before forming our opinion

  • J Scott Hatcher

    give it a couple of years... we'll see trump eyes tattooed on forheads.

  • Moises A

    I am disappointed at John Oliver. I have loved most of your clips but this pure propaganda. Go to Empire Files for the break down of this video. Please people get informed corporate media is all ready betting the war drums.

  • Blinded sheep

    Y’all wake up. Oliver didn’t tell the complete story. This is mainstream dishonesty. I used to like John Oliver, but he’s now a moderate at best. Watch empire files where John Oliver is debunked. Watch it with an open mind and the reality of who controls this show

  • Rael Nidess

    John Oliver - Confirmed & knowing shill for imperialism & Empire. Thankfully, the truth-tellers at Empire Files have posted an excellent take-down of the myriad half-truths, distortions, and outright lies Oliver uses to legitimize a 2 decade regime-change operation by the U.S. government (one lie being that there's no regime change operation... puuuleeezzzz!! - remember 'The Usual Suspects'? "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist"). See Mike Prysner dissect & debunk just about every sentence Oliver says: Oh look YouTube won't let me paste the title or URL of the YouTube video from Empire Files named "Leftist Debunks John Oliver's Venezuela Episode... so find it yourself and become informed.

  • cstuff

    foxtards have a mental disorder that stops them from understanding reality.

  • ImGRIM

    WAIT! the guy in the bird that... Is that who i think it is?Edit: IT IIS HOLY SHIT!

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