Star Trek Discovery Lawsuit | Things Get Personal смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 kinogo

Anas Abdin's Plagiarism lawsuit against CBS, CBS All Access, Netflix, and Star Trek Discovery continues and CBS continues to drag their feet. Along with this, things have gotten personal with Anas. Upon the passing of his father Anas has received a fresh helping of abuse from "Star Trek Discovery Fans." Something familiar to these parts , bring it by the way. This goes beyond sanity so I thought it was time to bring all of our new friends here up to speed. Anas Abdin is a hero to all independent creators and wether you are a Star Trek Discovery or not you have to admire the fact he has never asked for a single penny of crowd funding while taking on one of the biggest entertainment corporations on the planet for what is in my opinion an open and shut case. We all know things don't usually go the way of the independent. Doesn't mean you don't fight for what you know is yours.
Star Trek Discovery Updates:
Midnight's Edge:
Overlord DVD Anas Abdin Interview:
Messy Desk's Orville:
Rekieta Law:

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  • Thor Boysen

    Hoping that his mother dies too? Man, whoever wrote that is nothing but disgusting human scum!

  • Wrath Wraith

    It looks the writers have gotten so lazy that they don't even bother processing the concepts, ideas, situations taken from other sources and bringing their own approach on them to the writing table. The similarities are shocking, and far beyond what could be accepted as coincidence or inspiration.

  • Xavier Jones

    MAAAAN Kept Standing up for the Legacy, Discovery isn't Trek, Thank you for all you do...

  • EMS 76

    skip all the bullshit and get to the part about the merits of the case. enough bullshit and rambling.

  • Belsnickel

    I do not understand how. this cannot be a slam dunk for Anas. CBS absolutely sucks, dorks.

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