WS - People Are Attacking Self Driving Cars!? ft. Steve Greene & DavidSoComedy

It's Weekend Scramble!

Idiot Getaway -
Cars Attacked - - 7:40
Illegal Camping - - 13:06

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David So
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• Hosted by Tiffany Del Real
• Commentary by: Steve Greene, David So, Joe Jo, Bart Kwan, Geo Antoinette
• Edited by Devin White:

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  • better wATCH OUT it's dangerous

    I am so in love with Tiffany's hair omfg

  • Alta

    Tiff with the Kate gosselin vibes


    When I was young I used to think big foot was real now I only believe in dragons


    Joes shirt said kumite I love that movie

  • AmethystEyes

    The experiment that Geo is talking about is the Stanford Prison Experiment. It’s really interesting if you want to look it up. I haven’t heard of the one Steve talked about, does anyone know it’s name?

  • darius rogers

    Thought Tiff hit her hott peak. Nope. She got hotter

  • Lupetea a

    My uncle when he was younger and was a thug, he escaped a helicopter by hiding underneath an abandoned car😂

  • grace ke


  • ragii

    Tiff lookin like a Mexican Aunt.

  • taraelizabeth _

    Geos style is never inbetween shes either looking amazing or like a grandma

  • Daryl Augustine

    Geo and Bart has a Mexinese baby


    I wanna hear joes story how he escaped cops on foot lmao

  • Jasminee.Joyy

    I watch you guys so much that it’s like I’m buddies with y’all

  • Mckenzie Patnaude

    Finally caught up!! I was watching videos from 2014!!🤣

  • smgofdvld

    sir what happened? idk this car just crashed into me . do you know who it was ? it was the car 🙄😅


    Not even gonna lie, Steve Greene got me wanting a Mini Cooper

  • kitty k

    how does steve drive a mini cooper and he's like 6'5 ????

  • Arianna Silva

    I think Steve meant the study where it was Prison guards and Prisoner study. If not where was the slave study at I can't find it.

  • Nigger Faggot

    Who else watches jk news videos over and over

  • Kahuna _007

    I saw the video from the first topic a few days ago on reddit s r/funny I almost died laughing

  • Wavy Waves

    Tiff looking like a proper MILF.

  • Alexander

    What do i do if the car attacks back?

  • Tomaso Cava

    Bs Geo. You guys always park on the street. Remember, we're watching your vlogs

  • BlueMoonTrue

    the amount of times you've seen Bart and geo working out in their garage gym with doors wide open and music loud. their three huge ass vehicles parked on the street. with a massive empty know the neighbours gonna get itchy about it. space hoggers.

  • Mana/Mara

    Cars don't kill peoplePeople kill...CARS!!!


    I️ don’t know why but I️ have a strong feeling something scandalous is going to happen at jk

  • xHiRaKo_27x

    Steve better stop picking on our girl Tiff.

  • Kevin Saxton

    Those damn self-robots😂🤣🤣

  • jasen ratnam

    The Stanford prison experiment

  • Nicanor Mercado

    David would tear apart and steal from a food delivering robot. Anything for food. Lmao.

  • cr1m1nalspeed

    Tiff is so stupid with her reaction. Casey could’ve damaged Geo for life if he would’ve panicked and peeled out on her foot

  • MaBallzItch

    i miss julia being the anchor telling the news.....

  • Dutch Eve

    What David said about we're not doing evil things because there are consequences, I think so too. But it reminded me of how many religious people see atheists. Cause I've heard that so many times from (mostly) Christians. I'm not running naked in the streets killing and robbing people. There is such a thing as laws and having a conscious. Besides, it's way too cold to go out naked now. lol

  • MsAsh3070

    You know we watch your vlog, right? We've SEEN you park on the street and we've HEARD your loud ass gym music. How can you then turn around and say that you don't do these things in another video? It's the same situation again as with the dogs barking in the apartment. If your neighbours are always complaining about your behaviours even when you move and get new neighbours, maybe THEY'RE not the problem.

  • Jennifer Gomez

    When Steve said “He’s a beautiful man” I immediately thought of White Chicks 😂

  • LostValley

    Steve found Brendan Fraser at the bottom of his grandma's freezer

  • Vincisomething

    Tne experiment they're talking about was reviewed to be extremely biased because of the type of people they used as a sample. And people have been using that to say humans are inherently evil or have evil within them that come out, which is not true. People are shitty because they're shitty and people are good because they're good

  • Dirty Dozen

    Wow DAMN Tiff....That color hair really suits you well. You look freaking beautiful. Casey is a lucky man.

  • Owen Wolfe

    Don’t think David knows BMW owns Mini Cooper

  • Corina Valdespino

    Love hearing news from you guys


    E-40 - tell me when to go

  • Nathani Da Rocha

    notification squad where u at? <3

  • Kahoobb

    Faze Rug got in trouble for parking cars into his own parking lot and he lives in a HOA so i thought they were talking about faze rug lol

  • Byte_Royces

    Tiff is my new crush lowkey

  • Will Charles

    Nicest thing they have ever said about a black Person the black panther is changing the world. Wakanda forever🙅🏾‍♀️

  • musiclover4136

    This is some I, Robot shit right here haha

  • Santiago

    Detroit Become Human all over again they also did that video with Steve.

  • chase miller

    dude.. robots are scary ! boston dynamics are pushing the envelope EATR consumes humans for fuel

  • Dusk Insomniac

    Loving the longer vids!!

  • chris2no2mames

    Plz make Steve an actual member of JK

  • Kninja X

    David needs some therapy man. Been watching this channel for years and he is always angry.

  • sweetstax3

    Is Tiff pregnant? She sounds progressively more stupid in each newer JK news video...

  • Amber K

    i have had my foot run over 3 times all by a red car. one i was in flip flops. that hurt

  • dallon weekes makes me dallon weak

    Me and my English class watched the prisoner project and it really showed how when we’re giving power, it corrupts us.

  • Jam

    I wanted to hear how joe escaped the cops

  • david delgado

    steve wearing a goddamn sia coin shirt...

  • SpaceIsAmazing

    Im early..but gotta stay relevant


    Can we just take a moment and think about how pretty Tiff and Geo is on every jk new btw tiff's new hair color is slaying

  • Amber The Great

    Am I the only one that thinks their chemistry is off ??

  • Nicole Kim

    wait why did they get rid of "it's weekend scramble"?

  • Syeda Chowdhury

    Legit love it when joe laughs so cute

  • Jericho Garcia

    I like it when they all yell weekend scramble !!!

  • The Potato King

    Steve is talking about the Stanford prison experiment and they had to stop it on the third day because it got to out of control like ‘prison guards’ ganging up on a ‘prisoner’ and beating them when the rules are not to harm each other. There’s a movie about it on Netflix called “the Stanford prison experiment”

  • Lee Marty

    "Well during the holocaust"... wow

  • Adolfo Cepeda

    XD robot equality hahaha, im sorry :')

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