Fox & Friends Cold Open - SNL смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 kinogo

Steve Doocy (Alex Moffat), Ainsley Earhardt (Heidi Gardner) and Brian Kilmeade (Beck Bennett) interview Hope Hicks (Cecily Strong), Louis Farrakhan (Chris Redd) and President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin).


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  • Ziggys Tardust

    "Hell no, white man. Hell no."

  • George Burdine

    Was this a state of the union address or what.

  • TopTier Originals

    Daily motivation on Instagram @toptier_originals

  • Edgar Leiva

    That is the worst impersonation of President Trump. I apologize to the President, but in 2020 I'm voting for anyone running against President Trump, so alec baldwin impersonation of him will cease.

  • Dale Blake

    Chris Redd play's Dank on Netflix's show disjointed. He is hilarious on the show.

  • IDontKnowWhatToNameMyChannel

    SNL, I came to watch a comedy show, not Fox News.

  • Michelle Adams

    I am a Trump supporter and i thought this skit was funny. But then I read the comments and I see no one commenting on that POS Farrakhan on here and how racist he is towards everyone who is not black. But everyone jumps on the fox and friends show and President Trump. I feel bad for you all who live with so much hate in your heart

  • Peremalfait

    The ministry of comedy has given approval to this skit. Laughter is suggested. The guy on the right looks like Martin Short.

  • Steven Butler

    Hillary 2020! Just to see her get her ass kicked, again!

  • El Professor

    Fox and Friends....only WAY uglier

  • Handsom WhiteDevil

    1:22 fbi out of control or fbi out to troll?

  • ramcharanreddy gudi

    The original fox and friends was funnier tho. Where is fact checks, we loved them


    Ironically this Fox & Friends video By SNL isn't far from the TRUTH, actually SPOTON. You know before the trump invasion/Takeover of America I kinda liked FOX NEWS I liked how neat it was everybody on the news was really good looking well groomed and in great shape I guess that was my insurerity in my self wishful thinking but I can overlook all that good production and great screen colors by the way because they have turned out to be in my opinion a government run network for trump. So until trump's dog and pony show is over I systematically tune out FOX and anything they produce I see FOX and I CLICK!.

  • Rip Peep

    The girl in the pink dress sounds like Laura lee

  • Connie Johnson

    Not being picky but Heidi Gardner has Earhardt ALL WRONG, Earthardt doesn't have one smile in her cold body. has anyone seen a smile on that body. she looks like she doesn't like the men on either side of her. Plus Earthardt having arm movements or gesters? I say no

  • Brandon Allen

    Trumps face doesn’t look like that.

  • Christopher Barber

    lol louis farrakhan... also, this comment section is bananas

  • Lets PlayTV

    SNL does a Morning Joe Sketch and people are like "That's cool that they make fun of all sides." SNL does a Fox n Friends sketch all comments are pure hate flowing out of tiny cuck-brains.

  • Phantom surfer

    The idiot show Fox & Friends is so stupid its hilariously.

  • Joe Weis

    Fox News is fake news !

  • Scott Anderson

    I bet it is so uncomfortable working with these pc poofs

  • MoreDanFilms

    Lmao "that guy just made salads"

  • Liza Tanzawa

    4 second ad or I won't buy it!!!

  • Courage Karnga

    "Hello! You're watching Fox & Friends!" And if you are, you probably have no friends.

  • Duro boyss

    FOX news loves to kiss the orange

  • Amy Alice

    Yep. That checks out. 😊

  • Goldenrod636

    This is what I watch when I have trouble falling asleep!


    THIS dude is a legit idiot  // Fake POS president, fake supporters,PUTIN'S puppet bottom line ///  Graham needs to be locked up with the rest of the Republicans

  • John Baker

    Really if Trump doesn't drug or drink what makes him act that way

  • Joker Biki

  • Animelytical

    "They say there are only 7 billion people on Earth, so where the other 3 billion come from? I don't know, illegals?"🤣Am I on the Fox News YouTube?

  • Gary York

    I love my President. TRUMP 2020!

  • J C

    0:43 that evil smile is so eerily perfect

  • lilkhalim

    Cecily looks realy beautiful here.

  • Ethan Rogers

    Donald Trump is a CRIMINAL and a TRAITOR!!!!!!

  • susan hatfield

    Is it true that Hope Hicks worked for Ivanka?

  • 9enius

    Funny cus it's SAD!

  • lazerbeam134

    This sketch falls apart for me because Louis Farrakhan is known to the Republicans and Fox News. He is one of the weapons they employ to discredit Democrats and at the same time downplay the likes of Richard Spencer. The difference is Louis Farrakhan is irrelevant to mainstream politics, whereas guys like Richard Spencer are defining the Right wing now.

  • taylor trash

    this show sucks now. no edge

  • 12Radius

    BIG MACS IN BED And Diet cook

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