Fox & Friends Cold Open - SNL смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 kinogo

Steve Doocy (Alex Moffat), Ainsley Earhardt (Heidi Gardner) and Brian Kilmeade (Beck Bennett) interview Hope Hicks (Cecily Strong), Louis Farrakhan (Chris Redd) and President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin).


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  • TopTier Originals

    Daily motivation on Instagram @toptier_originals

  • Johnathon Snyder

    How funny would it be if it was about hit a sitting president used his power to fix an eclecticion, but wait he’s black so it’s ok

  • Duro boyss

    FOX news loves to kiss the orange

  • Mary Dragonee

    the funniest part of all of this is how beck's character is name brian KILME ade

  • Ethan Rogers

    Donald Trump is a CRIMINAL and a TRAITOR!!!!!!

  • Gary York

    I love my President. TRUMP 2020!

  • Blake Winn

    god does snl suck and lefty dick all day long

  • Courage Karnga

    "Hello! You're watching Fox & Friends!" And if you are, you probably have no friends.

  • MoreDanFilms

    Lmao "that guy just made salads"

  • John Baker

    Really if Trump doesn't drug or drink what makes him act that way

  • 12Radius

    BIG MACS IN BED And Diet cook

  • john bucki

    Heidi gardener is so hot

  • tripjet999

    Baldwin's "Trump" just isn't very good. They should being back Darrell Hammond, who is SO much better!

  • J C

    0:43 that evil smile is so eerily perfect

  • Bryan Wofford

    Hurray for Saturday Night Live and cast! You remain to be the greatest. Endless thanks for the laughs (and uncanny realism). I totally love it! ♥

  • Bob Belson

    Interesting, - The economy doing well , foreign policy working and they play off the white house people as dumb. Fawning all over Farrakan again while making all white people look dumb . What happened to the 80s . These idiots today have wrecked what could have been a real rainbow coalition instead they devolved into identity politics to try to win any election ...

  • TheBlarggle

    Heidi looks fuckin' good.

  • New York New York

    I hear the laugh track but I didn’t laugh once. If you are going to mock something make it’s somewhat funny. I can laugh at conservatives but this wasn’t funny at all

  • 9enius

    Funny cus it's SAD!

  • Linda Moody

    Too good to be true.This is some seriously funny stuff. Republicans love their politicians dumb as a bag of hammers so they got the dumbest and most corrupt man on the planet, Duh Donald. I still love you Russ.

  • Robin Ofloxly

    Worst attempt at humor I have ever watched.

  • susan hatfield

    Is it true that Hope Hicks worked for Ivanka?

  • Francisco Fernandez

    Fox and Friends....only WAY uglier

  • My Name

    Becks Kilmeade is fucking brilliant. Just perfect.



  • Liza Tanzawa

    4 second ad or I won't buy it!!!

  • Repins Watson

    Why did they show actual footage and not do a skit? This is SNL right? Am I missing something?

  • jbgrooves

    Sorry but that dress is not short enough to be a true pariody of Fox & Friends.

  • bigart1993

    Yes, Fox News is that stupid.

  • Brad Knapp

    Boy, SNL predicted the future on this one. Trump called in to F&F and rambled incoherently for 30 minutes on live television while the Fox crew looked on helplessly.

  • Tlc Tlc

    The real White House of WDC . . #1 rated reality show in America. Starring the donald drumpfs and their COLONIZER friends

  • portzblitz

    The last ten seconds are incredible.

  • edgar pinochet

    I'm a trump supporter. But honestly this is funny and we should take time off politics to laugh together.

  • shyt37

    I'm not sure why Trump supporters would dignify this garbage with comments. It's ludicrous and not funny, and seeing as the show never had a singular sketch that paints any story about President Trump in an almost positive light, why bother responding at this point?

  • Handsom WhiteDevil

    1:22 fbi out of control or fbi out to troll?

  • Alan Doughty

    For something even more humorous search "CNN election night coverage 2016!" Priceless

  • Astronaut Mike

    Oh my god, their close ups reveal their uneven nostrils lol Too much fun going on over there. Lmao

  • Joe Weis

    Fox News is fake news !

  • BigBwoyTing

    This isn't too far from the real thing. They should rename it the Trump ass kissing show.

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