Fox & Friends Cold Open - SNL

Steve Doocy (Alex Moffat), Ainsley Earhardt (Heidi Gardner) and Brian Kilmeade (Beck Bennett) interview Hope Hicks (Cecily Strong), Louis Farrakhan (Chris Redd) and President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin).


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  • MythicTyrant

    "Sweet little house elf." XD

  • WhatDoesThe FauxSay

    Reality would be like... Fox suggests conspiracy, President watches and later mentions conspiracy, Fox reports that President confirms conspiracy.

  • john jay

    What's interesting is that there's nothing there... not a sign of being different on stage or life... for its act, whatever he says, does or behaves. What you see is what you get... with Trump. He is same wherever he goes... Hard to say he is any different when he runs for 'love' for 'campaigning' for his beloved unconditionally 'adoring' followers- flawed just like him to their core. Good actors are hard to come when they're acting on stage... pretending to be the persona and full character of who they're representing on stage. Not with Trump... and one could say he's the 'real deal' one of a kind- totally his own flawed-character self!

  • Lola Bolarianista

    Chris redd sounds just like mr moseby lmao

  • Private Account

    Alec Baldwin does Donald Trump so perfectly I can’t tell the difference

  • arlekiel

    Its sad, and not funny, when you realize this IS WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS... on the biggest democracy and super power of the world...

  • alexvalora


  • US Patriots Unite!

    "Nunes trying to earn his freedom" hahaha

  • David TheFlower

    Chris Redd nails it again!

  • Ivan Correa

    Fox News has zero credibility.

  • hockeyfan131993

    They actually went easy on Fox & Friends here, they are actually way worse.

  • desertroot.

    Fox and friends are the most disgusting lying and corrupted fake news in the planet.

  • SodaBoy628

    5,244 conservative snowflakes disliked this video.

  • Athena Davis

    "every day feels like when a group of strangers suddenly work together to push a beached whale back into the sea" OMG

  • Jeff Beck

    Baldwin getting so good at Trump he might even outdo him in 2 years. :))

  • Elsa Blair-Salerno

    Lol always a good laugh 👍🏻😂

  • bicknell67

    Lol the "I Dream of Jeanie" speech.

  • NIC Sicko

    "BOOM TWEETED ! MAGA" Actual USA politics in 2018.

  • soldofpol

    When I first heard the name Fox and friends I assumed it was a kids show

  • Joe Simon

    For real, this country is screwed

  • StevenC32

    Trump is the worst President in the history of western civilization.

  • Texas Made

    Im still convinced the media,SNL and late night shows wanted/helped Trump to win (all that free airtime) so they could have 4 years of comedy gold.Sadly all this funny haha comes at the cost of the less fortunate americans.

  • Suzette Figgs

    Live from Texas it's Saturday night! On Monday morning, SNL please keep us laughing!

  • Eric Brinkman

    "Nunez, my little elf, so close to earning his freedom." Haha, nice Harry Potter reference! 5:35

  • NOMcSame08

    This is less ridiculous than the actual call he just had with them

  • Bluefang64

    Usually I try to watch these and click away because I feel insulted for my opinions... this was actually really good, keep up the good work.

  • John Doe

    Trump made SNL Great again!!!

  • birhan2006

    Of course Fox is the single most promoter of idiocracy in America

  • Tony Guillen

    Russian bots working hard on the thumbs down button 😂😂✌🏼

  • Mr Hi how are you

    my mind played tricks on me with this thought it was watching fox

  • fazapops

    "Better than Martin Luther King's "I Dream Of Jeannie" speech" LOLOLOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jon Hurt

    Soooo maybe its time to lay off the propaganda a bit no?....

  • Shonok Rohan

    I miss the old SNL cast

  • Win Dias

    A skit isn't supposed to resemble life. This is just too close to reality

  • brainchild

    This is bizarre. SNL has Alec Baldwin (as Trump) going on a weird rant on Fox and Friends. Now its April 28th, a day ago Trump went on a weird rant on Fox and Friends. SNL our portal to the future.

  • tutenkharnage

    Turns out when you’re a criminal, the FBI is “biased” against you! No one could have known this!

  • Anonymous Browny

    The thing that's really funny is that this actually happened, but the real thing was SO much funnier and surreal... and kinda scary... so scary

  • Faith Rada

    How ironic that now, two months later this actually played out on FOX News... but they couldn't get Trump to hang up!!!!!! HAAAHAAA this world is freeking surreal. : 0

  • Soulbeautifulme

    OMG whoever writes these sketches deserves a raise LMFAOOOOOO

  • Summer Haze

    So SNL really predicted Trump calling into Fox and Friends... Wow shockingly disturbing!!


    That Diet Coke should have been twice as big just to emphasize the small hands..

  • Graeme Mudie

    And now it's actually happened!!!,,,

  • Adam Wintetbottom

    Remember when snl was bipartisan and funny?

  • drslappytittles

    havent seen SNL for a couple of years, what happened?

  • Gowri Narayani

    Wow. Watching this now, snl predicted this was gonna happen two months ago.

  • tony james

    What makes this so funny is it's basically a true reflection of Fox & Friends.

  • bg6b7bft

    I hope they recycle this bit tomorrow.

  • Cindy Weir

    You know what's insane about all this...It's true!

  • Kellie MC

    What happened between DOJ, FBI, DNC, the Obama Administration, an intelligence director and actual Foreign Agents includes multiple felonies and violations of the 4th Amendment of many Americans. If they can spy and make up things about a presidential candidate and others (whether you like him or not doesn't take away from the importance), then what rights do we have as regular citizens to privacy under the constitution? This is beyond politics and should not be watered down by a comedy show.

  • Michael B.

    When will they do a skit on the freak shows at MSNBC and CNN ?...Oh wait, we already laugh at those networks 24/7....They are comedy,I forgot....That's why nobody watches them

  • Goat Men

    I like how they deleted so many comments on this video, because no one is allowed to speak. Their strawman speaks for us.

  • Margo Mania

    This is why I LOATH SNL: I can honestly tell you that the numbers and facts pushed by the media/ Hollywood don’t add up. I’m a politically independent, believe Trump is a baffoon: However, I agree with many of his ideas and disagree with several so far. I am an independent thinker (avid reader) and am flummoxed that so many people don’t see what’s going on in the US and the world - TV and the internet have allowed for massive bias and brainwashing to occur. We are truly living in a dystopian society. Who needs science fiction - we’re living it! Ever read Atlas Shrugged? Well in our case “John Gault” is those of us who see beyond the insanity. Fight the swamp! George Washington once said that a two party system would destroy this country because each party would do anything to stay in power and not make discussions best for the citizens of America. That is exactly what is happening - the hunger for power is what is fueling this insanity. Trump is not really a Republican and both parties hate him because he makes decisions based on his rationale, not party leanings which is fantastic! That’s what we want in ALL offices. I wan’t non “politicians” running this country. It’s not about reading - it’s about reading between the lines.

  • Sebastian Šikl


  • robert salazar

    Oh My God This Is So Dead On Fox And Trump That It Makes Me Laugh So Hilarious! LOL Hahaha LMFAO Especially The Way They Kiss His Ass And How He is An Ignorant Lazy Fat Whale Laying in bed getting All Of His Misleading Information From Fake Fox News And Infowars Although I Did Think SNL Went To Easy On Trumpski And The Laughable Fake Fox News But Was good But When I Really Think About It And Everything else That Is Going on Its Fucken Scary That This Is Happening In The World's Greatest Democracy And That This Imbecile President Traitor Spy and Putin's Puppet Is Getting Away With It All And Doing As He Pleases This Is So Disgusting! Trumpski And His Crime Family Along With His Minions And Those That Conspired With Him Belong In Prison For Treason!

  • Athena Davis

    im getting my daily intelligence briefing...from who?...from you guys!

  • Robert Phillips

    Sad And just happened.

  • Pierre Cardone

    You guys need to do this again - it was great!

  • Aaron Benitez

    The sequel to this if based current events, should be interesting

  • Anjali J

    This is so real. Amazing job. The orange is smitten by them.

  • Rubenxd

    I don't understand how people can make fun of the memo if it literally came from the FBI. People are so fixed on hating Trump that they won't look any other way.

  • M J

    Remember when SNL was funny.

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