Trump's Lawyer Michael Cohen Wasn't Expecting Company

Trump's attorney Michael Cohen had his office, residence and hotel room raided by the FBI. Ugh, Mondays!

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  • mayada kazim

    Just love this show 😍 and crazy about colbert


    How do you fit $130,000 in your pocket? That's thirteen bundles of $100 x100.TAINT possible to pay that out yer pocket lest you got really big pockets. FBI should be searchin for his bib overalls. maybe?Oh Stormy bring back those sunny dayees.

  • claronium 780

    man taint is so sexy!!!

  • Cecilia Moncada

    You are George Soros puppet- One World Order puppet!!!!!We will defend America from guys like you!!!GOD BLESS AMERICAGOD BLESS OUR AMERICAN PRESIDENT❤️❤️❤️

  • ClareBearPhD

    This is serious. They'll have to send the files to Taint Team 6.

  • Marvin Luginbill

    Don't brige You might be NEXT

  • bigpigslapper Oink

    Love your monologue, you are funnern hail. I notice you said while you were on vacation, you didn't think of Trumps penis. Are you thinking about it now that you are not on vacation? I had to burn you on that. :)

  • Kiran Patel

    Please mr president porn star must be registered in Wall Street so people like U, Rudy Sean hannity Ted Cruz can invest in share market so your buddies can make money like $130000 per one transaction

  • SarahJ67

    I should not eat Cheetos while watching this.

  • Emrecan Taneri

    I swear to God John Baptiste and his annoying shrieks are the only two things wrong with this show. He is the band equivalent of Jimmy fallon, just sit down play when you are told and shut up

  • Edward Ames Castellano

    Woe to the scumbag who capitalizes on America's failures while berating those caught up in its failures

  • David A

    OMG CBS 69 minutes! What have we come to.I love 60 Minutes because of it's honest and detailed reporting ( yes there have been a few mishaps) but I don't think I can watch 69 Minutes. Not these days. Yikes

  • Vijay Surya

    when Karma doesn't like what you're doing.

  • Leotisone

    Boy the stories you and Podesta could tell, huh Colbert

  • EDUSA Diaz-54

    MexicansAreGreat Again!Nuff said bitch!

  • nahid shaar

    The law according to Godfather's Tom Hagen. the Corleone family lawyer AND ADOPTED SON. Equal Michael Cohen is a secretive holly business.

  • Kinky

    Hey Stephen - When are you going to have truth teller Jimmy Dore on your show? Oh yeah...let me guess...NEVER? Sold out!


    Just here for the roasting on POTUS!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ricci

    I don't believe any of trump's associates ever dreamed they would be in such deep, yet well deserved, sh*t

  • Lester Walker

    my vies on Senators Rubio Portman and the NRA

  • HorseMuse

    What you organs want......Freudian Slip! 😝😝😝😝😝😘

  • altitude illume


  • Lanita Grice

    Did anyone else have to watch the PragerU 5:21 minute infomercial about how cops are the heros and politicians and activists are the bad guys before they could watch Colbert? Just because you put a person of color spouting right-wing BS about how cops don't create fatherless families (ask the children of all the unarmed black men murdered by cops about that one), doesn't make your ad okay, PragerU (whoever the hell you are).

  • Jason Allen

    Because it's Taint Ethical and it Taint Legal 😂😂😂

  • Michael Bender

    loldid nt think zzzzzzz lol

  • Syogren

    Trump: "You'll have to ask Michael Cohen."Muller: "Okay."

  • Fran Tackle

    I'm eating marijuana treats and figuring out how to save humanity . Magnetic propulsion is the future of all energy when used in the correct manner wtfu movement

  • CButtonshaw

    Miss Daniels, Donny-boy just ADMITTED ON CAMERA your NDA is completely null and void. Tell your story away

  • Idahosuz

    I got the brain tumor from birth control pills

  • Joe Math

    Christians in the USA are becoming increasingly IMMORAL because of donald HUMP !!!!!!!!

  • Dak Lamerbusch

    Michael Cohen is in prision.

  • D Chase

    You are either very naive or just plain stupid to believe Michael Cohen wasn’t expecting some ball to drop on him. After going through Trumps entire campaign team,family, aides, cabinet, and even you think for one second a savvy New York attorney and life long friend of the President would not know he was a potential target at some point???? You liberal idiots are so consumed by prejudice and hate for this President that you have absolutely no rational in your thinking. Everything that you people have called for or endorsed, forced, and manipulated to take place ....starting with the fake Russia collusion, to a special council being appointed has failed miserably in finding any wrong doing by this President. However, what you people have caused to be unearthed is a seriously corrupt Democratic Party which had infiltrated via pay for play to weaponize individuals in the U.S. intelligence, law enforcement, justice and State Departments to do their dirty deeds. So, who’s the dummy’s here? It appears the only people going down due to these investigations are the very people you all support. You know the old adage....Be careful what you ask for!

  • Sara Hamidi

    little did we know cohen has tapes of trumps talking about the pay off!😁

  • Work4Love3000

    Taint team. One small step away from being all up in your ass!

  • Being Frank

    The Judge, Kimba Wood, who approved the raid was chosen by Hillary to be Bill's Attorney General, but she was nixed because she hired an illegal alien as her nanny. This same judge performed the wedding ceremony of the Nazi collaborator George Soros to his third wife. George Soros also donated money to Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and most things anti-American. A few connection to say the least.

  • jack handy

    Stevie is such a demwhore that its embarrassing. Stevie is half ass politically intelligent, and wrong and lying about most of that. Way to go libtard tv.

  • Willis Peterson

    It's funny the late show shows this B's instead of real problems trying to distracted us with

  • Kinky

    Hey Colbert - we wish you wouldn't come back either since you've sold your soul to the corporate devil. Whatever happened to Colbert Nation and your doing GOOD? Now you're just another sold-out goddamn shill for the Military Industrial Complex. Shame! Shame! Shame!! Shame on you!!!! you greedy sonofabitch!

  • AwkwrdPrtMskrt

    "CBS is a conservative network…"I don't feel it judging from Stephen's show. You sure you weren't watching Fox News, Mikey?

  • graham982

    How about a new CBS show called Cooking With Chipolatas

  • Foxnews 91

    not sure but Trump Laughs As Obama Finds Out Exactly How John Kerry Helped Kill The Iran Deal


    He will be known as the first president to be nicknamed "SPANKY" in the history books! Lol!🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅

  • steve deola

    77 is better, you get ate more

  • Sunny Day

    It a comedy badman show...maybe we should keep T for the giggles....NO! Impeach him..

  • Idahosuz

    I'm listening. You make me laugh, as I recover from brain surgery.

  • Sayak Das

    What are they laughing about 'taint'? Taint means tarnish, right?

  • Atticus Finch

    Don't come back cornholebert poopstain clinton yeast infection

  • Mo A

    NDA!!! Michael signed an NDA Trump forced on. Anything that you do i don't want to know. in fine printed letters.

  • Geoffrey Davis


  • AHDBification

    I really wish he wouldn't take shots at Stormy. She's the hero we need right now.

  • Bob Brua

    your show sucks a johnny carson wanta be

  • Firefly Guitar

    The same guy who invaded Iraq based on fake WMDs is now doing it again. There is almost zero chance the Syrian's used chemical weapons: they are not that stupid.

  • Fred Rumbolt

    Stephen dont give up your day job because your not one bit funny'more like a clown or bimbo .lol ha ha .

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