I turn a Stainless Bolt into a Combination Lock

In this video i'm turning a stainless steel bolt into a nice little combination lock.

I was always fascinated by those antique combination locks. I really like the design of them. A few weeks ago I bought one from eBay, but it turned out to be a cheap fake copy. I was really disapointed. Well if I can't buy one, then I make one myself. It was quite a challenge to get all the parts done and fit together, but the end result speaks for itself. I'm very happy how it turned out and I'm glad I made it.

I hope you like my work and the video.

Huge thank you to all of my Patreon and PayPal supporters and specially to:

Arthur Beaulieu
prahS Prods
Micky McKay
Adel AlSaffar
Alan Hanson
Amanda Taylor, Esq
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Zachary Grimes


00:00 intro
00:10 cutting the bolt in pieces on the lathe
00:53 making the side plates of the lock
02:14 making the first pin, shaft for wheels (fix side)
03:46 making the second pin, upper shaft (fix side)
04:37 making the third pin, key (movable side)
06:33 making the fourth pin, upper shaft (movable side)
07:16 TIG welding the pins and side plates together
07:35 sanding and polishing the welded parts
07:57 filing the slot for the secure ring
08:16 making the wheels with numbers out of brass
09:16 etching the numbers with ferric chloride
10:52 knurling the whells with the numbers
11:48 making five tiny springs with 0.3mm spring steel wire
12:20 showing the five steel balls
12:24 assembling the wheels with the numbers
12:44 making a secure ring with 0.8mm spring steel wire
13:13 assembling the secure ring
13:21 showing the finished combination lock

Time and costs of this restoration:

I was working on this project over 2 weeks
$5 stainless steel bolt M20x70
$40 knurling wheel
$2 printing the numbers
$15 steel balls and spring steel wire

My camera:
Panasonic HC-V180

If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

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Thank you for watching :-)

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  • J진

    i told youyou are crazzzzy👍👍👍

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    Trabalho sensacional meus cumprimentos desde Brasil

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    you have done great job but i must say your hands are very beautiful and clean too.......

  • Enzo 79

    You have golden hand mate!!!

  • Basheer Nada

    We neeeeeeeeerd new videoWhere are you????

  • Timothy White

    ... and now I know your combination.

  • M Slopez

    Esta bien realizado y acabado de joyero, pero lo que más envidia da es la cantidad y la calidad de las herramientas que usa...total para un candado que puedes conseguir por menos de 4 €!!!

  • Ren Star

    Wow you have talent my friend.. that machine is bigger than my apartment here in California.

  • Maksim Maksimych

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 keep going !!!

  • Lipasfly MoonCraft

    When you will upload a new project? I'm waiting so long. 🤗

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  • sunshineIT

    you should build a lock for the lockpickinglawyer and bosnian bill ;)

  • Lisa Yarost

    Are you perchance a tool and die maker by trade?


    Классная штука, гараж таким закрывать

  • Youtube Addict

    U just need spin and hear the click sound to open, easy to hack but a beautyfull lock

  • YuriyAk67

    Цена вопроса -115р. А по твоему методу?

  • Igor' Smolyaninov

    Замок с одним кодом. Просто красивая игрушка. В общем кружок ачумелые ручки.

  • Fisher Leung

    does it mean that only one combination is allowed?

  • Jesus Hernandez

    Super épico muy buen vídeo

  • Mikola Chopovcі

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  • Troy Adamson

    I only watched the first couple of minutes when that's when it reminded me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. You remember, the one where they were in a lumber mill/factory and they were making toothpicks. In order to get ONE toothpick they would put an entire tree on a lathe and make ONE toothpick. Same thing here. If he wanted to make pins for a lock, why not just buy steel rod of the correct size?

  • Floyd Rose

    это называется из одного болта?

  • Maks dentist

    Я сам зубной-техник,и примерно наша работа такая же,автору респект,лайк и подписка конечно же 👍👍👍

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  • Australian Gamer

    Yep completely made from a bolt, just ignore the welding (adding material) and the damn MASSIVE PIECE OF BRASS not to mention the springs and steel ballsThis video is completely clickbait

  • Konstantin Sherstnev

    очень подробно и аккуратно,супер

  • Lash LaRue

    genius. I feel old and stupid after watching these.

  • Celtic Whisper

    You could make a stainless steel bolt from the shaft of a hammer and then turn it into a combination lock.

  • S P

    посоветуйте, чем и как лучше делать травление металла , не используя электричество

  • Justin Mather

    Now you have to give it to the LockPickingLawyer for him to test.

  • Vankar Sameer

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  • Fakhar Bhatti

    sir you are leagend.You made this lock even better then the lock factory

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    I'm speechless. You are a master!!

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