Trump Celebrated His Historic Summit With A Historic Lie

Donald Trump claims he spoke with parents of sons who fought in the Korean War. The war that ended in 1953.

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  • Glitters go

    Please send Trump on a vacation to NK.....dont worry....he wont come back. He has the brain of an earthworm.Someone should put a stick of dynamite up his ass.

  • Honest Opinion

    North Korea Concentration Camps kills constantly babies by beating them to death, by letting them starve to death or just bury them alive. The lucky ones are aborted. But do not worry, torture starts when they become kids. It is funny that Evangelicals are silent and have not condemn Sex Predator Trump for praising cold blooded Killer Dictator Kim Jong Un. The Church is turning its back to God's teaching (Matthew 7:15). Evangelicals Republicans are silent because evangelicals share the same views of Kim Jong Un. STOP GIVING MONEY TO THE DISGUSTING CHURCH EVERY SUNDAY!!Can anyone please let me know what is the position of the disgusting church about abortion? Does anyone actually remembers what the Bible says (James 2:14-26)

  • KInky

    Colbert now believes every lie the MSM spews. How sad is that? greed

  • Geekmom D

    Please, dear universe, don't let him try to hand things off to Jr.

  • Vikingsandra

    Unbelievable man, hahahaha I love his Russian accent 😄

  • amethyst48

    Trump's lies are now so far out there that even drunks and addicts are saying "BULLSHIT"

  • Emma Hanlon

    I honestly have no words.

  • albert ardis cohn

    #45 you lie like a horse fly.

  • Mathis Mertens

    content object park iqkygn eating consult sensitive powerful pass now no.

  • Joey Collins

    So my general question is... Will Trump's bro mance go the same direction as the last one? Cause we are headed for nuclear war if so.

  • Derlin Claire

    The Korean Dictator Kim isn,t really loved by his people,but rather feared.

  • john Blair

    Trump is the most popular guy at school.

  • Derlin Claire

    Trump is just stupid,sorry.

  • Phillip M.

    Actually, the NK General Saluted Trump!

  • Ozan Dikici

    the one&only north korean love story for americans...:)...

  • Chris P

    When a higher ranking person returns a salute, it is a means of dismissing the saluting person from their stance. The same situation applies when a troop says a salutation to a superior. He remains at attention until it is returned, then steps back and does an about face. If the junior troop is a criminal, the officer or SNCO would still say "good afternoon" back, so as to dismiss the troop.

  • Jo C

    Kim must be laughing his ass off

  • Kallie S

    Over a thousand dislikes? The Russian Bots must be working double time

  • junglechick13

    But of course you can play the spoons! And cue "Spoon Man" please

  • Suzette Figgs

    Fantasy dictator league.

  • Mark Martin

    Yeah he smarter than you. Trump

  • Alfu Miah

    Jim is smiling like Being infiltrated and attacked by an enemy communists state is somehow a joke to him. Why wouldn't Lying Jim be ok with Don Fibbing watch him Deflating lying misleading and distracting clearly to insult our intelligence disgraceful administration anyone attacking our DOJ/FBI should automatically be considered as traitors enemy of our state and democracy.This is just another Trump publicity stunt to attract his enabling base. The recent polls are absolutely questionable. DJT administration and state sponsored Fox media are creating a path to a deep stateThey're all traitors selling our country Obama made us strong and great these lot are literally Looting and Raping our country holding the Republican party hostage to get away with itMAGA Make Americans Great Again - America has always been a Great best beautiful amazing unique country its these Trumpant Trumpsters and their criminal mob Don administration in the white house that give us all a bad name, RAT Rudy U say president should pardon Traitors to clean up the investigation at this early stage of an open investigation innocently seemingly literally blatantly obstructing justice to signal criminals to keep quiet that helps your client while publicly whining to us to accept your dirty lying crooked Don is the victim here. Give Us A Break RAT GIULIANI ALSO RUDY I've heard your arguably lawless openly traitorous undoubtedly questionable suspiciously corrupt defensively irrational irresponsibly stupendous blatantly dumbfounded actively biased recklessly degraded shamelessly legally challenging illicit illegitimate selfiish blah blah them vs us opionated b/s babble on State sponsored Fox TV clearly objecting justice your defensive babble is evidently crooked corrupt acclaimed critically criminal behaviour intellectually broken defensively indefensible ridiculously argumentative nonsensical B/S blah blah Trump the victim extreme point of view mostly critically impotent defiantly bordering on pride above the law boastful power. You always spew ridiculously bull crap natter when speaking on opinionated state sponsored Fox media why is that? Hmm I wonder? It seems to me you're either criminally complicit or irrationally madman crazy, you can only do it on Fox because they're complicit too allowing you to get away with it. Only on fake Fox news is this nonsense possible, that's why you do it on fox knowing you're able to get away with it on communist Fox TV. Sure, you still come up with irrational opinionated b/s views when you're on mainstream real news media but you don't seem to dare spew the same crap you do when you're on trumped up trump Fox tv FOOL Scumbag DJT and his administration are undoubtedly absolutely traitors some knowingly conspiring and others misled to conspire against America and American democracy... To accuse our FBI/DOJ of corruption and to give Russia a pass is not just unpatriotic but also very much unAmerican, how can any of us believe a single thing this administration says let alone the situation in North Korea knowing the blatant lies and cover ups ripe with this Presidency. The Republicans have changed to a party of Republic0ns and RepubliKlans... At war with our allies and befriending our known sworn enemies seems odd to me! Racists and traitors are known to hide behind the flag so Mr Trump We See You Man I guess when you’re considering war with your allies you need Mad Dictators in your corner. I’ve been saying this from the beginning and I’ll say it again “why wouldn’t a traitor befriend enemy combatants like North Korea (communists) this whole thing is nothing more than a huge publicity stunt for DJT and that at the expense of American democratic freedoms they’re all in it together”. The wall and North Korea are both cash cows for Trump and co. The Popular Vote

  • Talking Thunder

    North Koreans want a war. its clear.

  • Michelle K.Rowe

    It makes sense that someone as entitled as Trump would think that a man inheriting something from his father is the same thing has having earned it. Smh.

  • Chris Kline

    The Orange Turd may need a a crowbar to dislodge his tongue from kim's butthole. Can't get that image out of your mind can ya, you're welcome.

  • JEDIandMUSHplayMC

    G-d I have not seen anyone use the troll man in ages.

  • roflcopterkklol

    Trump has a point.. the people kim took out are the ones that wanted him out of power, you really think those people would be better to deal with than kim? he seems more reasonable than his father or grandfather.

  • G. Love 64

    We are now in crazy town ... and it will not end well people .... trump and his toadies are such douches .... what a bunch of dicks ..

  • rpbsjy

    Ignoring the math issue, if he wants us to believe that people on the campaign referred to him as 'President', then Kim Jong Un was right, he is a dotard. And if that little vignette wasn't prima facie evidence for Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, I don't know what is. The 25th Amendment will be referred to in the history books as the "Get out of hell free card".

  • Straight Up Old School

    I'm speechless how many times we've caught this guy lying.

  • jwd0808

    It's time to invoke the 25th... Calling Un anything but a murdering dictator is just plain ludacris!!!

  • Kyoto DeadBoy

    Previously undiscovered shape 😂😂😂😂 Im sorry fam that was funny as shit

  • Fulgrim88

    It's pretty simple actually: Trump is a textbook narcissist. He CRAVES adoration more than anything. Too bad that in a democracy (or what remains of it) you'll have people who don't like the stuff you do, and media that will report on your lies and blunders. Dictators don't have to deal with that. They can MAKE people "love" them (or else).It's why Trump insults long standing allies (because they don't pamper him) and gets all dovey eyed and, well, jealous around murderous dictators. He doesn't give two shits about the US, NATO, or the world at large, all he cares about is that his base praises him. If someone does not praise him, he instantly devalues them, be it the "fake news" media, the "dishonest" G7 etc. Because if someone is fake and dishonest, their opinion doesn't matter and Trumps fragile self worth stays intact

  • Jason Reeve

    127yo and still alive??? only in america... you crazy bastards

  • aditsu

    Funny thing is.. the trololo guy was Russian.

  • Gear 1483

    What do you say when you go to make peace deal? You bash at the enemy or suck it to make the deal go right? After the nukes are removed, USA can do right with north korean citizens by taking kim jung un out of picture. In my understanding, he complemented the wrong guy to do the right thing.

  • James pratt There are actually a ton, that being said IDK how many are married to one another and have direct access to the president....... Still more people over 100 than I expected.

  • Brlan smithPisaturo

    No you're funny Steve. not. you p o s

  • Sarojinidevi Thambapillai

    I love to see bill Maher Steven Colbert together same stage make jokes about. Trump ma be organized hit man both them

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