Trump Celebrated His Historic Summit With A Historic Lie

Donald Trump claims he spoke with parents of sons who fought in the Korean War. The war that ended in 1953.

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  • Rudy Hicks

    Trump does not have the brains to understand anything.FAKE PRESIDENT sad

  • Noah Vale

    The North Koreans don't have fervor they don't want to get killed !

  • Christine Pierce

    👩‍🎤Dear P.M.Justin Trudeau, will you please annex the 🇺🇸

  • Sijan Bhandari

    Noooooo. (A secret, don't tell anybody). "Just wait till next term."

  • Gear 1483

    What do you say when you go to make peace deal? You bash at the enemy or suck it to make the deal go right? After the nukes are removed, USA can do right with north korean citizens by taking kim jung un out of picture. In my understanding, he complemented the wrong guy to do the right thing.

  • Talking Thunder

    North Koreans want a war. its clear.

  • CriticalListener

    "Now That's What I Call SHOVING MY HEAD IN A BEEHIVE"!!

  • albert hall

    S C is hilarious has me in tears but b honest does 1 really need a comedian 2 get a laugh out of trump i mean he only has 2 open his stupid mouth that cracks me up with all the crap that flows from it

  • Jared Beard

    Trump loves dictators because he wants to be one....

  • H Gee

    America have kill a billion people more than Kim

  • ContagiousRepublic

    Trump saluting enemy generals, but not his own. TYPICAL RUSSIAN INFILTRATOR. And of course he lied about stuff, but the lies themselves are no longer news; it would be news if he were to tell the truth.

  • Sean C

    Wait wait....I know the guy sucks with math, but 1 in 10000? Did he seriously just explain that 1 in 10000 could inherit a position and be a successful ruthless dictator?So by his estimation, there are nearly a million people in the world who could easily be dictators on par with the leader of North Korea.......

  • Johnny der Achte

    I like Cohen and his critism of Trump but saluting your enemy is just a sign of respect. Of course it is clear from his behaving he did it to make a show of himself and you don't salute in civil clothing. Every man and women who served know this, which is why Trump didn't know. Anyway paying respect to your enemy is not a flaw. Please don't go there. Don't be that cheap Mr. Cohen. Make fun of his childish "I take your hand when I want" make fun of him not knowing military protocol but do not laugh about someone because he respects his enemies. You're better than that.

  • Tania PinkSky

    Sounds like Trump is describing his first date...”he’s a funny man, yet a very strong man with a great personality” certainly sounds likes there’s potential for you guys 😂

  • Straight Up Old School

    I'm speechless how many times we've caught this guy lying.

  • Def Misanthrope

    Trump is such a small man. Only a small man would lie like that.

  • Derlin Claire

    Trump is just stupid,sorry.

  • Derlin Claire

    The Korean Dictator Kim isn,t really loved by his people,but rather feared.

  • Petyr Kowalski

    Trumps natural instincts and super-ignorance on full display here. He admires facsists, genocidal dictators and despots. He is just thinking "whats in it for me" all the time. He admires Kim Jong Un because if he could, he would rule the USA like that.

  • Mk. Rowe

    It makes sense that someone as entitled as Trump would think that a man inheriting something from his father is the same thing has having earned it. Smh.

  • geoff dearth

    There is a difference between acknowledging and saluting an opponent.

  • Evan Herrera

    Ha ha ha ha ha Kim is smarter then Trump.What a joke

  • Jean Villanueva

    Trump is unbelievably insane. He doesnt understand what he is talking about.. nor what he is doing..

  • Kinky

    Colbert now believes every lie the MSM spews. How sad is that? greed

  • Sandals Guy

    While we cannot agree with North korea's actions to its people Steven, to smother the flames of hatred with kindness by saluting your enemy is a sign of respect and their can be no negotions without a mutual respect for one another, trump is not our ideal president, but he takes the least distructive path for his actions. Remember he wont let this ship sink because hes on it to. And at the very least the captain goes down with you, great show by the way from your fans in california

  • Julie W.

    For anyone not good in math (I'm very good at math), Stephen is right about the age of the soldier's parents, down to the exact minimum age of 101 years old: You must be 18 to fight in the war that ended in 1953. Assuming the person enlisted right before the war ended, and was 18, that means the person who fought in the war (if they lived) would be: 1953 - 18 = 1935 (So that is when the person was born.) Today that person would be: 2018 - 1935 = 83 years old. That's the age the YOUNGEST POSSIBLE SOLDIER in the Korean war would be = 83 years old. So, the parents would be at least 101 years old (assuming the parents were 18 years old; 83 + 18 = 101). Even if you assumed the mother gave birth at 16 years of age, that would make them 99 years old. And that is assuming the soldier turned 18 the YEAR THE WAR ENDED. What is the likelihood of that. And he said he spoke to "so many parents". So, how many parents reach that age or older (because, in reality, it would be 1-3 years older than that, at least).

  • Jere V.

    Thank you Stephen Colbert for holding your ground and keeping the saner half in touch with the ugly truth even when it isn’t all that funny.

  • J Espinola

    Kim's also bending the fabric of space-time. No wonder they make such great buddies.


    Donald trump bending the fabric of space time? Seems like the doctor could fix.

  • polite critique

    First he said n Korea so evil we have to kill all 26 million ppl. A week later same country is no threat

  • Mark Martin

    Yeah he smarter than you. Trump

  • W. R. Bagamaspad

    Stephen Colbert executed correctly to salute.

  • christopher unfus

    That Kim Jong Un-censored joke was funny.

  • Edward Rawn

    So, Trump thinks 700, 000 of the people on this planet could be leader of North Korea??? God he's an idiot....

  • Eduardo Rais

    let us say that the government of north korea kills 1000's but your government kills millions around the planet. lybia, iraq, syria, afghanistan, africa, laos, korea, china, serbia, montenegro, el salvador, guatemala, granados, nicaragua, panama.

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