Dub Fx & Flower Fairy 'Wandering Love' Music Video ( at 9 Bar in Goa, India)

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Filmed at '9 Bar' in Goa, India.
Filmed by Shaaze Merchant for Urban Beat Project
  • baron mark

    Hey🤗 i m french ´ your music got me so high in my soul and my mind’ thanks. Good job

  • Dillinger Sam

    CleverGreat music videoMore pleaseeee

  • David

    fucking hippies on drugs. Get a life

  • Max Olcat

    Curious what his setup consist of. Bomb tune !

  • Guido Tronconi

    https://youtu.be/ZtjAW-qz3_8 mediterranea downtempo!

  • Steve Edwards

    Just how good is this, seriously awesomeness

  • David Smith

    Loved seeing him live you cure my ills ❤️

  • Vectoriousis

    5:45 und dann is die Lovestory zu Ende...thats life

  • Juraj Es

    This is sosososo gooood


    Красиво, Dub спасибо за хорошее настроение, ты можешь, да бро)

  • locky lock

    I'm just a regular family guy who stumbled apon you guys while trolling YouTube, love the musical lyrical journey your songs take me on. Luvin it

  • Rieke Peters

    This tack is so damn lovelyEven after years ♡ !


    На Гоа хороша трава и девчонка определенно знает в ней толк

  • Robert Davis

    Anyone know what shoes flower fairy is rocking?

  • Elana Elana

    Salutations de Bretagne. Je vois ..! La femme prends sa liberté et bien qu'elle la prenne. Ni comet anglophone îmno soûlent bite good

  • Steven Kennedy

    That's one collaboration that makes me want to live another day. Awesomely, fucking transcendent. Thank you for bringing your gifts to this world.....from whatever world you found it.

  • Andy Trudeau

    I love you Flower Fairy!! You too Dub😂

  • Notoriously Famous Music

    Been listening for a couple years now. Awesome music! Spead that love bro

  • Gorbi

    soooooooooooo GEIL !!!!

  • kainos rendering

    Sacred Male and Sacred Feminine!

  • Jonathan Scott

    Makes me a quivering wreck

  • rog lac

    j'aime ce monde..

  • Rusmanum

    что себе позволяете?так круто

  • dj ian murphy


  • Pinaki Joadder

    Is flower fairy a lesbian Indian?

  • Green Pesto

    music is dope, we all know it but i would like to point out the social interaction between them, at the end when he says "and the rainbow is you" and when she is all cheerful, he kisses her in forehead, i like the emotional matureness behind it, he can love her and he doesn't force that love like trying to be with her and if not then he would just push her away or smth (i assume it might be platonic but damn, we man have always like first hope for more than 1 aspect of love i think, correct me if i am wrong, tho i'm purely platonical lover, sometimes sapiosexualistic). this is cute :D if ppl would be like that all over the place our home, then we would have pretty amazing evolved peaceful civilization, even hard to imagine fully how it would look like but hey, it can't be that easy right? otherwise what's there to learn? conciousness stages are there for no reason, yikes :D that's just idealising from my side but even tho it's pretty nice to have such dream, if a lot of ppl for example have same or similar vision where love and understanding each other is on the agenda, day to day living with acceptance and empathy, then damn, that would be a wonderful land to live, be and expand your awareness even more and faster collectively. but that's just surrealism, anyway we are slowly going there i think, peace xD

  • PASCAL 8881

    helo coo sound the loock chaine is pascal8881

  • Artur Larsen

    Dub Fx & Flower Fairy LOVE :)

  • Dmitry Ivanov

    Бездарная коротконогая мышь))

  • Cage

    How weird does it look when u hear them without Sound bcause they have the earphones on

  • Tina islivinginahobbithole

    Am I the only one that thinks this women’s annoying as fuck

  • Lexa Forevogreen

    Почему нельзя использовать нормальные качественные лупы и семплы? Противно слушать этот пердёж губами, и ещё противней брать в руки заплёванный микрофон после таких понтолыг

  • Denis Rodionov

    супер! смотрю и слушаю с удовольствием! put like please Dub Fx)))

  • saniyaification


  • Tomas Varzinskas

    Im always was leading my life in a tough way. on the END :?WONDER WHY IM STILL alone . Ehh you broke me twice .Because you are two and of course you are super STRONG guys Because you are belong for each other like ARTIFACT.... WILL REPEAT MY SELF EVEN MAYBE MORE and more than TWICE EVEN MAYBE MORE . I think after all what i see on the end i need to find that love . Thank you all

  • Desert Fox

    Daymn... Her voice. This is wicked. Big up!

  • Desert Fox

    These places he records at are legit G

  • THE AGES 3030 Hi son 2018.

    Haven't heard JUNGLE in years!!! Glad it's still alive. "Bad Company. The Nine" is the originator. Imo

  • Fisherminator 79

    Dub is one of the biggest talent around the world.your music ,beats,and sing are in my mind forever....This music make me very happy.BIG RESPECT Nice greetings from Czech Republic

  • hairjoos lorjeffiny

    Dub fx is my new favorite ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Overgrow


  • Hellsick cunnt

    those feet shoes scare me

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