Meet Chloe Kim, the Snowboarder Who Makes the Halfpipe Look Easy | NYT - Winter Olympics

Chloe Kim was an emerging force in snowboarding when she qualified for the 2014 Olympics at age 13, and she continues to win.

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  • Darlene Greywolf

    Watching !!! Pure poetry in motion! I envy her! I can't even walk a straight line without watching my feet so I don't trip myself!!!

  • Sling Shot

    What's the name of the soundtrack in the beginning? ANYBODY?

  • papillon

    Raw talent + 100% dedication + 100% support + engineering = Asian level

  • charlie orosz

    She is the flying squirrel!Except she's after the gold,not nuts!😁

  • Phantim3dx

    Asian father approves!

  • SirBenjamaica D.

    Whats the intro music?

  • mech5 fab

    I'd like to see her on a motorcycle ASAP.

  • Bob smith

    "Kelly Clark's raw power" like what, 100 lb deadlift? What does power have to do with snowboarding?

  • 최Boyoung Park

    Chloe the gold medal champion! No one can deny her perseverance and hard work day after day practicing. Legendary Korean American girl and we're all behind you to the end! So proud of you Chloe Kim

  • Rene D

    Spectacular in the air, WOW !!!

  • jaelynasamoah

    her dads skin is so nice

  • charles pitter

    Hey donald trump this is america

  • Lianna E

    Was psyched to see her before Olympics started! Glad she's had so much success Chloe Kim is definetly an athlete I'll watching more

  • Eva Wu

    the dislikes are from the jelly people

  • G YamBal

    If it’s not on Fox, I’m not watching.

  • Laura Spalding

    That's an Asian man. Wake up sleepers.

  • jbee

    Love how the dad used his engineering skills to teach Chloe techniques!

  • Sandara Puanani

    "She's just cruising but it looks so flawless, so magical!

  • Mr. Rogers

    She is a spy for North Korea

  • Mr Person01

    My only worry for Chloe is injuries. Hopefully she doesn't get plagued like Lindsey did cause this girl can get us gold for 2 decades!!!!

  • diver dave

    She's a sweetie and i hope that Shaun White starts training her so that she can start throwing down a lot higher quality tricks !

  • Red Leader

    I'd give her the full pipe

  • Erin Lee

    Aw she's so cute!! Love her

  • Jayme Lonokapu

    Now the South Koreans are going to rule snowboarding for the next hundred years! Lol she’s awesome and to do it in South Korea must be really awesome for the parents.

  • Charlotte Yi

    Congratulations Chloe!!!!!!

  • Muhammed Asghar

    Oh look, a real life Kaori Nishidake.

  • Scott

    So her dad planned her life for her. Cool.

  • kenamaro

    Your great !! Congratulations on the gold !!!! 🏅🏅🏅

  • Ryloh Calzone

    can we please stop pretending and promoting this feminist trash?female are not, and never will be, better then men at any sport or physical activity. accept it.

  • Steele Stevens

    She is on Shaun whites level no joke!

  • Martin Holmes

    I am rising to see her performance.

  • jonas smith

    Picture that 13 year old --- qwilfyy for CANDAS hockey team ---

  • gjaddajg

    Why do we praise mediocrity just because it happens to have a vagina?

  • Litty Titty

    Why is everybody on her nuts right now ? Similar to shaun white Im not a shaun fan but what he did for snowboarding is unbelievableEverybody is making a big deal out of her 1080‘sShaun was the first one to throw double corks on a regular basis in halfpipe The risk alone you have to take for that is crazy The comparison ist just disrespectful to Shaun And than again Who really cares about woman in any sport ? I wanna see the best of the best I‘d rather see a double cork 1440 than a 1080 Simple

  • Swagger Guru

    Congratulations! Words of wisdom, "I always compete with myself, how can I do better than my last run." Check out "Aquarius Indigos"

  • Banana Cream Pie

    Hello Shaun white has been doing this for years she is not THE snowboarder she’s just good.

  • R&R Studios

    She's on time for kids

  • Arya Kareem

    She got an awesome dad 👍

  • jon jones

    this Indian girl is amazing!

  • Maggie Dunn

    She is so cool and pretty!

  • Bobby Knight

    I know this is an odd place to say this, but I'm looking for a boyfriend. Yes, I'm male, and need a partner. Any of you guys interested?

  • Majesty D

    shes cute , being small asian like deff helps her both sides of the spectrum, speed , light agile

  • Semi Colon

    Compare her to Elizabeth S. From Hungary

  • taylor trash

    this would be so much better without the bro vocals

  • Gel Bilb

    Humble and Enjoying what she is doing :)

  • Jonatan Figueroa

    Chloe is absolutely beautiful !

  • Jecily Juliana Escorpiso

    "It's just common sense," he says. I think it's mind blowing.

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