Meet Chloe Kim, the Snowboarder Who Makes the Halfpipe Look Easy | NYT - Winter Olympics

Chloe Kim was an emerging force in snowboarding when she qualified for the 2014 Olympics at age 13, and she continues to win.

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  • dexxhunt

    Great job kiddo,Congratulations!So Cal STAND UP lol 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • conceptcs

    Gold medal! Team USA, Team Chloe!

  • John Scott

    I tripped on a rock and landed face first in a puddle skating in the skatepark

  • Matt.Cook.Oregon

    Ultra instinct Chloe Kim

  • Steve

    if they make another snowboarder game, she will be my first pick

  • Natsumi Atsuko

    i misclicked on this video, and didn't intend to watch it - i didn't even know what i had clicked on.But as soon as i saw her snowboarding i couldn't look away. I watched the whole thing.She's incredible!!!

  • Jeff Mao

    This makes me want to hit the slopes


    Love that an Asian person got to rep America.

  • diane gonzalez

    absolutely unreal.....beautiful... a continuous flow.

  • Mina Gurung

    Congratulations Chloe Kim for your gold medal.....

  • Sarah S

    Immigrants and their second generation are awesome <3

  • jude con

    Go Chloe ...congratulation on your win and represent La Palma, CA 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Analise Brah

    Okay, not only is she dope. Her skin is flawlesssszz

  • Lukas Guderjahn

    Nice video except for the pink text on white background.

  • Much Dutch

    Awesome father to encourage and use his engineering background. Great family effort. Glow Chloe!

  • Smittymanjensen II

    And people say Asians can’t do sports

  • KoopaKoops Jr.

    You deserve a churro. WHO’S WITH ME?!

  • diane gonzalez

    I actually had to watch it twice 🏅❤️❤️

  • IamTheWarriorGirl

    Team USA! Best Gold 🏅 Ever! Team Chloe Kim 👍

  • Mimosa E.

    This is art! She's so graceful and powerful at the same time. What an amazing athlete!

  • Chris S

    Yaaaa.... her life is about to change

  • Hypest Cloudy

    Shaun white also makes it look easy

  • Amanda Anderson

    So proud of you Chloe!! Get it girl!!

  • NismoFury

    All American 100% rednecks can't get passed the fact that Asians can be 100% American.

  • We Are Fairy Tail

    Why. Do. People. Have. To. Bring. Race. Into. Everything.

  • Fly solo 28

    Only the greats make it look easy. I feel I can do this but I will definitely break my neck or fly over the half pipe.

  • Travis Takamori

    Man! From Chloe to Red, USA must have a garden where we grow Olympic athletes, like snowboarders, swimmers, gymnasts, etc.! Watching the Olympics makes me so motivated to go out and try snowboarding again, only to be slapped with reality like the past times I tried.

  • Cheyanne Howe

    I’m so excited for her. Definitely a lot of natural talent and a dad who fostered it to boot. I like her personality too. None of that hokey fake bro’d out personality that snowboarders tend to adopt. (I can say that, I’ve been riding/involved with the sport for about 18 years now.) Really really happy for her.

  • KC Luu

    I love the irony of how a Korean American is representing the United States in Korea. I'm sure her family and friends on both sides of the Pacific are so proud of her. She's going to be a star for a long time.

  • Huh What

    Koreans replacing all players lol...eSports and Sports.

  • mike hunt

    And yet again the Asians win. Game over.

  • UMA Q

    Can u ride a full pipe tho????

  • peach tea

    She’s so amazing! Congratz Chloe! 💕

  • B Griffin

    I live like 20 minutes away from where she lives

  • Efemral

    I got out of bed without falling over once.

  • DanielSS

    No shade but why are women’s skill so much behind the men’s. If you watch what Chloe did and then any man in the Olympic halfpipe competition it’s not even close. The level of skill is so far beyond it’s ridiculous. I just don’t understand why there is such a divide in skill level. Two 1080s wouldn’t even qualify you for the men’s comp, that’s like warming up for them.

  • John Tatum

    great style points for that smile...goooo Chloe!

  • Charlatan

    Hey Trump supporters (so-called patriots), you have no right to cheer for or celebrate Chloe's gold medal win because she wouldn't have made it and been able to represent U.S with the Trump's merit-based LEGAL immigration, too

  • Unicorns and Dragons

    Chloe is the female version of Shawn White ❤️🔥

  • Caribou Luu

    When does she turn 18? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Sandara Puanani

    "She's just cruising but it looks so flawless, so magical!

  • AdoptABlackCat

    She looks way older than 17 though.

  • VeronicaDay

    I love her soo much already 🥇🏂♥

  • Gordon Graham

    Awesome! Congratulations Chloe!

  • gec cec

    I want to BE HER. So awesome, and so powerful. Keep it up, Chloe!

  • diver dave

    She's a sweetie and i hope that Shaun White starts training her so that she can start throwing down a lot higher quality tricks !

  • AHS 786

    She was a hq trivia correct answer

  • Mr. Rogers

    She is a spy for North Korea

  • Daniel Heyward

    These Korean girls bring game. LPGA tour is full of young Korean girls.

  • Brad Edwards

    Great story.  Great family.  Go get them kid... congratulations.  B

  • iheartBTS Jungkookie

    Congratulations Chloe ur amazing and sooo talented. I wish I could do half the things u have done. So proud team USA ☺️

  • Harry Singh

    daaaayyyaaammmm gurl!!! thank you for gold Chloe!

  • Soochul Song

    she can ride on my pipe any day

  • phych

    That smile is contagious

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